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MSGVB Chapter 46

Not Unhappy

Translator: Hua

Chapter 46: Not unhappy.


Jing Xun got into the car. The car bypassed the lawn to the lined road, and drove slowly away from the airport runway.


When passing by Shen Bohan, Jing Xun glanced out through the window.


There was no melancholy, only bafflement.


So why did the scum gong come to the airport?


The landing position of the private jet was still a distance from the general civil aviation. If nothing happened, there would be very few people staying near the runway. The scum gong appearing at this time without his friend group meant that he was waiting here on purpose. 


So here’s the question.


Was he waiting for Shen Yijin, or was he waiting for him?


Or was he waiting for both of them?


In fact, the scum gong must have known about him and Shen Yijin, which Jing Xun had guessed earlier.


After all, they just went to S city, even if the news spread slowly, Shen Bohan should have known by now.


But Jing Xun didn’t expect that the scum gong would come over and wait at the airport on purpose.


Also, what’s the matter with his tone of catching adultery as soon as he came up?


The fact that the other party rightfully thought that he was only angry with him, and that he should stand on his side…..really made Jing Xun speechless.


Thinking back about the situation just now, the car had already passed by the scum gong.


The sky gradually darkened, and the wind was picking up outside.


The cool breeze rustled the green leaves on the lawn. In Jing Xun’s peripheral vision, Shen Bohan seemed to get rid of the bodyguards and was chasing in the direction of their car.


Eventually, that person couldn’t catch up with the car. Soon, through the closed car windows, the scum gong figure was no longer visible.


But to be honest, Jing Xun didn’t sympathize with Shen Bohan.


The humiliation that the original owner received in front of his group of friends was far more than just this.


Besides, the scum gong didn’t treat him as a human being. Not to mention the emotional abuse, he didn’t know how many times he had cheated while mixing with his group of friends….


So, how on earth did he have the confidence to acquiesce that he would forgive him?


Moreover, he had clearly told him no less than five times that they no longer had anything to do with each other. 


In the face of such a person, Jing Xun inevitably felt very angry.


Not for anything else, but he was simply disgusted by the other party’s self-conceited attitude.




Fortunately, Mr. had expected that he would come and called some bodyguards in advance.




Forcibly shifting his thoughts from the worthless scum gong, he recalled that Mr. didn’t seem to have said anything after getting in the car. Jing Xun couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and fumbled around the car seat. Finally, he touched Shen Yiiin’s hand on his leg. 


He held the hand, shook it slightly, and asked, “Sir, are you angry?”


Shen Yijin didn’t move.


He just shook Jing Xun’s hand back, and a low voice came from the side: “Why do you ask?”


Jing Xun subconsciously looked at him.


At this moment, the sky outside had become darker.


Street lights everywhere in the airport were lit up, but very little light from outside could penetrate into the car. Even if there were, he still couldn’t make out Shen Yijin’s expression.


Jing Xun tried to explain: “Because just now the scum…..because just now your brother…”


In fact, he had been very nervous just now.


He thought, after knowing that he and Shen Yijin had met the family head, Shen Bohan would get a clear understanding that there was no possibility between them, and would never pester him again.


But in reality, that scum gong was more stubborn than he thought.


——Not only did he not disappear of his own accord, but he even sought them out!


As a matter of fact, Mr. was always on the verge of blackening, waiting to be ignited.


The scum gong is digging his own grave!


From the look of it, Shen Bohan intentionally drove a wedge between him and Mr. For a moment, he pretended to be close to him, saying “Stop making trouble”, and yelled “Senior”.   


Seeing that he didn’t respond, he turned his spear again and started attacking Shen Yijin, saying that Mr couldn’t like anyone at all bla bla bla. 


……what a joke.


Mr. doesn’t like anyone!


Is that what he said?


Jing Xun had read Shen Yijin’s psychological reports, and he should know much more about this aspect than the scum gong.


But the main thing was that the relationship between him and Mr wasn’t as shallow as the scum gong had thought——there was no need for love between him and Shen Yijin.


It’s fine the way it is now.


Jing Xun seamlessly played with Shen Yijin’s long and slender fingers. After some consideration, he said: “Yes, I’m worried that you guys will turn against each other.”


“Oh?” Shen Yijin still sat there motionless.


However, he also raised his hand and moved naturally over Jing Xun’s shoulder, asking the young man to transfer the weight to him, to prevent the injured tailbone from being compressed.


He said meaningfully: “Xiao Xun is worried about this?”


Of course I’m very worried!


Mainly because I am afraid that you will be blackened ah!


Jing Xun wanted to say that when the scum gong was shouting, he actually didn’t care much. At that time, he only paid attention to Shen Yijin, fearing that Mr would be irritated, and embarked on the road to destroy the scum gong in one fell swoop.


But at this time, being held by Mr, leaning against him, and listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, Jing Xun felt that he was worried too much.


Shen Yijin obviously wouldn’t do those kinds of illegal and lawless things just because of this trivial matter of being harassed by scum gong.


That’s great.


Before, he had been worried that Mr would succumb to his old illness when he knew the scum gong was still harassing him—— it was natural to be angry, after all, they are both engaged and are about to get married.


If someone pestered Shen Yijin, he would also mind.


But now, it seemed that Mr was still very open-minded and reasonable. He looked as though he didn’t care about Shen Bohan’s barking, and didn’t let the other party’s counter-plans1The plan to sow discord among one’s enemy. succeed.


This set his mind at ease.


He was relieved, and his body relaxed against Shen Yijin.


Suddenly he thought that he couldn’t continue to lie down and be a rice worm. Jing Xun straightened up suddenly, and alerted Shen Yijin.


The two people got close, and looking at it from this angle, he could see Shen Yijin’s eyes clearly.


He was facing the other party’s pair of peach blossom eyes coated with black lacquer. His expression didn’t change. There was still light inside his eyes, but Jing Xun still had a feeling——Mr seemed to be unhappy.


He couldn’t help but tilt his head and ask with sudden uncertainty, “Sir……is unhappy?”


“Xiao Xun.” Shen Yijin’s thin lips moved, and after a short pause, there was no following.




Seeing Mr’s rare and unexpected hesitation, Jing Xun thought for a moment. Although he didn’t know if it was related to this, he still asked: “The relationship between Mr. and second young master…isn’t going to become rigid because of me right?”


…..The reason why he asked this was because of the gaze that Shen Bohan occasionally looked at Shen Yijin just now… suddenly reminded him that perhaps there was still some brotherhood between Shen Yijin and Shen Bohan at present.


The story that Jing Xun heard from the senior was that the two sides were at odds. At the end, one side was annihilated2团灭, It’s a term in game like LOL or warcraft, meaning that the entire team was annihilated in the battle. So “annihilated” here means that the scum gong and all his scum friends are destroyed by SYJ., and the other violated the law.


But the middle process was totally unknown.


Then……in case Shen Yijin and Shen Bo Han’s relationship was actually not bad……   


Then wouldn’t the situation now evolve into……a dog blood drama of two brothers tearing each other’s faces apart for him?!


Shen Yijin knew about his previous affairs with Shen Bohan from the beginning before he knew that Mr. Longlegs was the villain.


Jing Xun was helpless when things developed like this.


But if this really continued to evolve in the direction of dog blood drama, wouldn’t it be…very bad? !


After all, in Jing Xun’s heart, Shen Yijin had always helped him.


If Mr wasn’t here, he might not be able to compete with Shen Bohan with his current strength. So in his heart, Jing Xun was very grateful to Shen Yijin. Although Mr was willing from the beginning, he still didn’t want the other party to suffer from any harm.


However, Jing Xun’s worry was still obviously noticed by Shen Yijin.


Mr. just said: , “Whatever the relationship is, there’s no reason for him to come over here today and say those things.”




Jing Xun couldn’t agree more—Shen Bohan’s entanglement was indeed unexpected before they were together.


If the second young master had let go when they broke up, the three of them wouldn’t be in such an awkward situation now.


Jing Xun finally breathed a sigh of relief: “Sir, it’s good that you didn’t find it awkward.”


Shen Yijin: “Xiao Xun… is worrying about me?”


“Of course.” This was something Jing Xun felt he could be outspoken about, “I’m most worried about Sir”


“Jing Xun.”


Shen Yijin’s voice suddenly became much lower.


In the darkness, Jing Xun always felt that he(syj) still had something to say, so he looked at Shen Yijin and obediently waited for him to speak.


But Mr was a man of few words after all.


In the end, he just touched his face and asked him, “Xiao Xun, are you happy?”




Jing Xun thought for a while. The problem with the scum gong could be said to have come to an end, and Mr wasn’t blackened, in this way…..


“Happy.” Jing Xun said sincerely, “I am very happy, sir, there is nothing to be unhappy about.”


“En.” Shen Yijin replied. In his blurred and dim vision, he seemed to hook his lower lip, but also not.


Mr. still had a serious unsmiling face.


Shen Yijin said, “Then I’m not unhappy either.”




It took Jing Xun a while to remember that Shen Yijin was answering the question he had just asked him, the “Are you unhappy?” question.


……Regarding his questions, sir, really and always answered every one of his questions.


Although he didn’t know why, after he returned home and took shower, Jing Xun was suddenly pressed down and bitten again when it was time to apply the medicine.   


It was still during the time to apply the medicine.


He was mainly bitten on the neck.


….If this wasn’t a modern dog-blood novel, Jing Xun would have thought he had transmigrated into some vampire story!


It looked like….Mr. big villain had to bite him every night to continue his life or something.


Of course, although the main battlefield was the neck, the whole body had not been spared.


Shen Yijin’s eyes were very dark, and he was very focused when kissing him…..That look could be described as pious.


So Jing Xun couldn’t bear to stop him.


So how did Mr become ill again?


This must be caused by the scum gong!


Lying there, clutching the pillow, Jing Xun thought while feeling extremely uncomfortable.


Mainly….he has a healthy body now.


He wasn’t as unenergetic as before.


Any healthy person is going to feel it.


Especially when engaging in this kind of activity…


Jing Xun tried his best to control the groin region that subconsciously wanted to rush forward, trying to relax his body and not be found abnormal by the other party.


It would be too embarrassing if he was discovered…! 


Jing Xun gave a small cry.


Because Shen Yijin suddenly overlapped his body again.


The hot breath sprayed on the back of his neck, and he almost twisted impatiently!


Just as Jing Xun felt that his neck was about to undergo a second round of baptism, a very unusually low, but still beautiful voice suddenly sounded in his ear: “Has Xiao Xun been kissed like this before?”


  • 1
    The plan to sow discord among one’s enemy.
  • 2
    团灭, It’s a term in game like LOL or warcraft, meaning that the entire team was annihilated in the battle. So “annihilated” here means that the scum gong and all his scum friends are destroyed by SYJ.
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