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MSGVB Chapter 43.2


Translator: Hua

Perhaps the other person’s appearance was too serious, or perhaps the slightly scarlet eyes indicated that Shen Yijin’s state was extremely abnormal. In short, he was obviously being an overbearing president , but Jing Xun couldn’t discern it.


It basically confirmed that Mr bit him because his injury made the other party worried.


Jing Xun felt angry and funny in his heart, but faced with Shen Yijin’s worry and incomprehensible anger, he couldn’t laugh.


He even calculated the various probabilities that he might be injured in the future, and found that the probability of unconsciously getting a small injury in life was still too great, so he couldn’t make any promises at all.


Therefore, Jing Xun could only make a very standard promise: “I will pay attention to it in the future.”


“Xiao Xun.”


Under the moonlight, Shen Yijin stared at him for a long time, and then said to him, “I’m sorry.”


“Huh?” Jing Xun wondered why he suddenly apologized.


But there was no explanation from the other party. 


He just pulled over the thin blanket to cover his legs while carefully avoiding the place the medicine was applied.


Shen Yijin’s low and hoarse voice became a little gentle again: “Would you like to sleep for a while?”


Jing Xun glanced at the time, it was already past 10pm after tossing around, it was time to sleep.


“Then I’ll go to bed.” With that, he yawned.


Although he still wanted to take a bath before going to bed…


He did take a cold shower before dinner, but speaking of summer, the last thing one should do before going to bed was to take a shower, or else it would feel very uncomfortable.


….That’s right, he should take a shower before applying the medicine.


However, as long as he recalled the details before and after applying the medicine… Jing Xun wouldn’t dare to talk to Shen Yijin about taking a bath.


He didn’t want to do it again!


He chose to lie there quietly. Jing Xun stretched out his limbs, pretending that nothing happened just now.


He didn’t mention it, but Shen Yijin obviously hadn’t forgotten his habit of loving cleanliness.


After a while, the other party brought a basin of hot water and a towel…..


Looking at this posture, Mr wanted to wipe him…? !


…….Then just wipe ba.



He lay on the bed quietly. At least he still had clothes and a small blanket on him, which was much better than Shen Yijin taking him to take a bath.


Although he hadn’t taken a careful look at that area,…the bites had been plowed1So planting strawberries is a metaphor for leaving hickeys on the skin. The word plow/plough here is used for the same context. You plowed the land before planting strawberries (biting and leaving hickeys afterward.) in every row and column….this little blanket was completely an afterthought and had no meaning.



But Mr. wasn’t always abnormal all the time, and they can’t keep being so unobstructed…..they usually got along very respectfully 2相敬如宾[xiāng jìng rú bīn]: (of husband and wife) to be always courteous to each other like “guests”..


Mr. was a man of courtesy if his illness didn’t act up.


Wrapped in the small blanket, Jing Xun lay flat.


When receiving this kind of service, it was good to relax and have your hands, feet, and limbs wiped with a hot towel. 


At night, the indoor temperature on the mountain was cooler. After being wiped with a hot towel, his body didn’t sweat anymore. Jing Xun finally ended the day dry and cool.


In the early hour of the next morning, Jing Xun hazily got up to drain his bladder. He fell completely fine without even the slightest pain.


When he touched the skin on the tailbone, there seemed to be a scab at that region, and it felt bumpy to the touch.



——If it wasn’t for the little blanket that he had pushed off to who knows where, and the fact that he didn’t wear anything underneath, he would have forgotten about his fall last night.


Jing Xun wanted to see what the injury looked like, so he walked to the front of the bathroom mirror, and turned his back with great force trying to look back.


Unfortunately, his upper body didn’t seem to be long enough.


After twisting his back twice, he still couldn’t see it. Instead, his attention was drawn to the marks left on his neck last night.




Although he knew his skin could easily grow strawberries, the marks on the sides of his neck were too…EYE! CATCH! ING!


Jing Xun touched it with his hand. It was a little unbelievable that Shen Yijin bit him from behind last night… How on earth did he leave such obvious marks on the side of his neck so close to the front…


Perhaps he got up with a lot of movements, Shen Yijin, who just woke up, also came to the bathroom.


“Xiao Xun?”


There were only two people in the room. Jing Xun entered the bathroom without locking the door and it was half open. Jing Xun took another look at himself in the mirror and responded, “Ah, I’m inside, sir.”


Shen Yijin’s voice came from outside again: “Can i come in?”


Jing Xun: “En.”


…Fortunately, the first thing he did when he entered the bathroom was to put on a pair of short pants.


Shen Yijin, who received a response, opened the door and walked in. Waking up early in the morning, his eyes were as deep as the sea, and he looked at him worriedly: “What took you so long? Are you okay?”


Jing Xun hurriedly turned around to show him his back, at the same time he shook his waist and said, “I’m fine sir, look, it’s completely fine!”




Shen Yijin responded in a low voice, but in an instant, Jing Xun was still picked up by him and carried back into the room: “But you can’t move.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Being placed on the bed, Jing Xun had to lie down and let Shen Yijin examine the affected area.


“Is it all right?” He lay there honestly, “I don’t feel pain anymore.”


“The wound has formed a scab.” Shen Yijin pulled down the underwear, “but Xiao Xun, your behind has turned green.”




He asked: “Where does it turn green? What does it look like?”


Shen Yijin gave him a rough gesture of the location.


Jing Xun was a little curious about the green area on his behind. He touched his phone and said: “Sir, can you take a picture for me, I want to see.”




Shen Yijin took the phone.


But no photos were taken.


He just asked him: “Are you sure?”


Jing Xun: “……”


Or maybe not.


Although the photo could be deleted afterward, his buttocks being photographed was still weird to think about.


“Then don’t.” Jing Xun stretched out his hand, trying to pick up the phone.


But Shen Yijin suddenly picked up the phone, took a picture of him, and showed it to him.


At a glance, the picture showed his thin waist and buttocks half-covered by the underpants.


Perhaps because it was half-covered, as a result that region looked quite upturned.


Of course, the part of the tailbone exposed above looked really scary. The long blood line had already scabbed, but the area around it was green, which sharply contrasted with his white skin.


But that was not important.


The important thing was that his buttocks were…full of…those kinds of marks ahhhhhhh!


With only a glimpse, Jing Xun was too embarrassed to look at it.


But as soon as he opened his eyes, he suddenly felt wrong…All operations on his mobile phone must be unlocked.


But just now, Shen Yijin didn’t scan his face or use his fingerprint to unlock the phone….


“Wait a minute, Sir… this is your phone…?!”


The original owner’s mobile phone had been used for too long. It lagged a lot, and the memory space wasn’t enough. The phone system often crashes. Jing Xun always thought about replacing it.


It wasn’t difficult to change a mobile phone. Recently, he had been so busy with his part-time job, and had earned almost six figures. Not only could he pay for his brother’s current hospital bill, but also more than enough to change a mobile phone.


But at that time, Jing Xun was busy with school, and before he remembered to place an order, Shen Yijin had given him a new one.


It was the same model and color as Mr.’s mobile phone. It was the latest model of a certain national brand phone. Shen Yijin said that it was originally given to him by someone else. He still had it in his office, so he asked Jing Xun to use it…


Afterward, Jing Xun used it.


Looking at it now, this really wasn’t his phone!


Unfortunately, his reaction was still half a beat too slow. Shen Yijin had already pulled the phone out of his hand.


He calmly responded: “En.”


Watching the other party re-lock the screen, Jing Xun opened his mouth in surprise: “…you didn’t delete it?”


“Not deleting it.” The corner of Shen Yijin’s lips lifted slightly: “I want to keep it for a look.”


Jing Xun: “……?”


The other party solemnly promised: “Don’t worry, no third person will see this photo.”


Jing Xun: “!”


That’s not appropriate either!


Ah ah ah, how can you do this, sir!


Too…too rogue.


Jing Xun was about to get up immediately to snatch the phone from him.


However, Shen Yijin seemed to be afraid of him moving, and before he could get up, he automatically handed the phone back to him.


Jing Xun took the phone and realized that the other party was actually joking with him. He couldn’t help but feel even more incredulous–Mr. was corrupted by bad examples! !


He couldn’t open the other party’s photo album unless the phone was unlocked, so Jing Xun had to call him over to scan his fingerprint.


Shen Yijin probably got up to wash, his voice came from the direction of the bathroom: “There is a password, Xiao Xun can unlock it by yourselves.”


“What’s the password?”


While asking, Jing Xun tried to enter the same password as the security door at home, which was Shen Yijin’s birthday, but found that it was wrong.


….Moreover, it wasn’t possible to use a password for all devices. Wouldn’t it be too easy to decipher such obvious information?


The attempt failed. Jing Xun looked in the direction of the bathroom again. At this time, Shen Yijin gave him a string of numbers: “200629.”




He raised his hand to enter the password, and it unlocked instantly.


Looking at the home screen that suddenly appeared, Jing Xun suddenly felt that something was wrong.


…Perhaps he was thinking too much, but if this string of numbers was generated according to Shen Yijin’s habit of setting passwords, that is, if this password was interpreted as “June 29, 2020”, that day…..wasn’t it more than half a month ago?


His strong memory allowed Jing Xun to remember everything that happened every day in the past, even his conversation with everyone.


So he also clearly remembered what happened on the 29th.


That day was the day when Yiwei Technology came to the school to recruit.


On that day, he was found by Shen Yijin.


It was also the day that they got together.

  • 1
    So planting strawberries is a metaphor for leaving hickeys on the skin. The word plow/plough here is used for the same context. You plowed the land before planting strawberries (biting and leaving hickeys afterward.)
  • 2
    相敬如宾[xiāng jìng rú bīn]: (of husband and wife) to be always courteous to each other like “guests”.
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