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MSGVB Chapter 35

Two chapters in one!

Translator: Hua

When they arrived at the police station, Jing Xun made a statement according to the normal procedure.


Shen Yijin accompanied him through the whole process, in addition, he also found a lawyer.


Of course, the lawyer didn’t come to help Jing Xun make a statement, but to sue the thief for stealing trade secrets in the name of the company.


… The charge of stealing trade secrets could be large or small. It looked like Shen Yijin didn’t intend to let go of the mastermind and the participants easily. 


“It’s not only the crime of stealing trade secrets, but also the crime of false accusation.” The well-mannered lawyer pushed up his glasses, observing Shen Yijin’s expressionless face, and lamented: “It’s hard to imagine such an appalling event could happen on campus.”


Afterward, Jing Xun learned that although this lawyer looked benevolent and spoke politely, once he was involved in his field of expertise or in court, he was cruel and ruthless like wolf and tiger, completely unrivaled.


Otherwise, how could he become president Shen’s right-hand man.


But this is a later story, let’s not mention it for the time being.


Wu Chun was arrested by the police right after he had stolen the information.


At first, Wu Chun wanted to quibble. He was of excellent psychological quality. Most people simply couldn’t withstand the first round of interrogation.


But when the police laid out all the evidence they obtained from the main computer in front of him, Wu Chun realized he couldn’t use sophistry anymore, he had to confess his crime.


It was true that he stole the program from the laboratory. A company somehow knew about his relationship with Peng Yutong, hence they found him and promised to give him 800,000 yuan as long as he could steal the research project of the university.


At the beginning, Wu Chun was not interested. But coincidentally, a person he disliked very much, who was also in the same year but not from the computer science department as him, took part in the project. This made Wu Chun, who was originally a little twisted in his thinking, become even more twisted.


——What’s the use of studying harder? A person with good luck could bend the rules and participate in the school project although he was only a junior.


It’s better to just steal the program for 800,000 yuan.


“Is it for this reason that you agreed to steal other people’s research findings?” the policeman in the interrogation room asked.


Wearing handcuffs, Wu Chun said, “The lucky person could join the school project in their junior year, and the unlucky people….. No matter how hard they work, they can only be ordinary people. They can only choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination in their senior year or find a job. I don’t want to be the one waiting for God’s judgment. “


“But that’s the only path for young people.”


“Then why is Yan Jingxun different?!”

Wu Chun roared with fury: “In terms of effort, I work harder than anyone, and in terms of grades, I’m also the best among my peers, but in the end why was he the one being chosen? What does he know? What can he do? ?”


“Don’t think that I don’t know. If it’s not for that person around him….. If it’s not for the unspoken rules, how can he be selected into the group? He’s the one who whored himself. With that kind of face, he can follow whoever has the ability. Don’t think I don’t know…”


Seeing Wu Chun whose facial features were distorted in anger and almost lost his mind, the police officers couldn’t help shaking their heads.


 In the end, a police comrade said: “But according to the information we have, the evidence that can directly identify you as the culprit is provided by that student Yan Jingxun.”


Wu Chun was stunned: “…what did you say?”


“Your college professor has personally come to explain the situation which not only proves the reliability of the program that identifies you, but also proves that the program was made by Yan jingxun.”




“In addition, the reason why the program you copied was garbled was also the handiwork of student Yan Jingxun.”




“That program cannot be stolen by outsiders at all.”




The police comrade glanced at him for the last time and sighed: “It’s not that he doesn’t have the ability, he was just low-profile.”


Then he shook his head helplessly, with an expression as if saying he couldn’t even understand the strength of his imaginary enemy, so he became cynical…It seemed he really needed to be reformed in prison before going out again.

Wu Chun is finished.


His accomplice, Peng Yutong, was also arrested and expelled from the school, waiting for the police to be further convicted.


Although it wasn’t a glorious event, it could serve as a warning to all students, so the school didn’t deliberately conceal the incident.


The next day, when the theft caused a sensation throughout the school, Jing Xun came to school early and began to do the final data calibration work.


While this project was only a small project in Shen Yijin’s eye, for Jingxun, as long as he agreed to join the group, he should stand the last shift and do the final closing work.


Regarding the fact that sir didn’t tell him this project was given to the university because of him, Jing Xun later thought, there was nothing to complain about.


Shen Yijin just gave this project to the University of Science and Technology, but whether to participate or not was his own business. There was no such thing as being deceived.


Before that, Jing Xun also didn’t tell the other party about his ability…in the words of Shen Yijin, if he’d known he had such strength, he wouldn’t take out such a small project.


Therefore, this incident was a misunderstanding.


However, Mr. seemed to be really…shocked by him because Jing Xun was kissed again after returning home last night.


His mouth was a little sore when he woke up this morning……umm. 


Taking a sip of ice water in the morning, Jing Xun started to work intently.


After a while, the door of the laboratory was pushed open. It was Chu Qiao and Hou Dongyu, who also came to work in advance.


The seniors were stunned for a moment, probably didn’t expect Jing Xun to come so early.


“You’re so early, Xun Xun. Did you have a good rest yesterday?”


Chu Qiao and Hou Dongyu also went to make a statement, but they were recorded separately. Later, they went back to their respective residences because it was too late. Therefore, they hadn’t seen each other since they separated at school.    


They all reported that they were safe and sound in a small group, but it was a bit late when they got home, so everyone didn’t say anything else in the group.


After a night of fermentation, the gossip souls of the seniors had been completely ignited, unable to hold back their excitement.


…..They couldn’t help it. 


But at this time, seeing Jing Xun sitting in front of the computer obediently and carefully typing on the keyboard, Chu Qiao and the others couldn’t bear to interrupt.


As a result, before eight o’clock in the morning, the laboratory of the second group was already buzzing with activity.



When it was eight o’clock, the door of their room was knocked. A group of senior brothers and senior sisters ran over and asked if they needed any help.


Originally, the program was given to the second group, and the first group could rest until the data monitoring results came out.


But after experiencing yesterday’s events, the members of the first group didn’t want to rest at all, as if they had been injected with chicken blood. 


They wanted to run over and watch the second group process the data, or more precisely, they wanted to watch junior Yan do his work and ask him some questions in the meantime.


“We didn’t disturb your work right, junior Yan?”


“Not at all.” Jing Xun said with a gentle smile.


When he smiled, even the mole on the corner of his eye became especially bright.


With the help of more people, the work could be finished quickly. Moreover, the strength of the seniors was also there, so there was no hindrance.


Although the manual calibration work was complicated, tedious, and rather brain-intensive, perhaps it was because they discussed together that the work progressed faster than ever.


“If this goes on, all the work will be completed by today.”


“Yes, it’s nearly a week ahead of the contract requirement, awesome!”


“Hahaha, it’s all thanks to junior Yan.”


Junior Yan: “?”


 Junior Yan said that he couldn’t accept this praise: “…I just did my own part. The program can be handed over so early is mainly the result of everyone’s collective efforts…”


“Don’t be modest, junior, if not for you, how can we all work together!”


“Is everyone free tonight? Let’s have a meal together, my treat.” The violent senior from yesterday said: “I’ve already said that I will invite junior brother to dinner as an apology, so let’s do it today.”


“Okay.” Someone immediately responded: “Anyway, the program can be handed in today. Let’s indulge ourselves tonight and sleep in tomorrow.”


“Junior brother, do you have time tonight?” the senior asked. After all, there was only one protagonist in their group now. If junior Yan didn’t go, the dinner party would be meaningless.




Jing Xun originally didn’t want to go, because he made an appointment with Shen Yijin this morning. He had to give Mr. a call when he finished the work here.


In the past, when they worked on a project development, the group would go out to celebrate each time after the project was completed. Although Jing Xun seldom attended due to physical reasons, he still remembered this tradition.


So this should also be…..a part of the job?


“Junior, are you worried that your boyfriend will be lonely by himself at night?” The senior who “watched the film” came over and said, “It’s okay, it’s just one night…”


“Hey, don’t talk nonsense to the junior.” The grumpy Chu Qiao directly pulled the senior away from Jing Xun’s side, and she said to Jing Xun, “Or else, Xun Xun, why don’t you talk to your boyfriend? If he has nothing to do, ask him to join us, and if not, it’s fine too hahaha.”




After Chu Qiao laughed out loud, her proposal fell flat.


It didn’t matter if the junior’s boyfriend also came over. But if his boyfriend was really the big shot from yesterday…


He had better not come, because most of them wouldn’t be able to eat well.


The big shot was too fierce, they were all afraid of him.


Jing Xun naturally couldn’t call Shen Yijin over. He sent a WeChat message to the other party, asking him if he had anything to do at night. In passing, he mentioned that he might have a gathering with the seniors at night.


Shen Yijin replied to him about twenty minutes later:


[Mr: Okay, have fun.]


A few seconds later, before Jing Xun could reply, he received another message:


[Mr: Send me the address, call me when it’s almost over, I’ll pick you up.]


[Jing Xun: Ok sir, the address has not been decided yet, I will send it to you this evening.]


[Mr: En.]


Then there was no more message. 


Shen Yijin didn’t have the habit of playing with mobile phones.


Normally, when Jing Xun was at school, the two of them didn’t send any wechat messages to each other. Even if they did, they simply talked about what time Jing Xun would leave school. Most of the time, Shen Yijin would just directly call him.


Fortunately, Jing Xun basically had the same habit. Looking at the empty chat interface, he didn’t have any special feeling. When he was about to put the phone away, he received a call from a strange number.


Jing Xun picked up the phone. The call was from the police officer in charge of the investigation yesterday.


“Student Yan, there’s nothing serious going on, I called you because I just want to ask if you know a person called ‘Hu Xiaopeng’?”


The hand holding the phone tightened, of course Jing Xun knew this person.


…..Among the scum gong’s small gang, a person who often formed a group to bully the original owner was named Hu Xiaopeng.


The reason why Jing Xun remembered this clearly was because senior Pei, who told him the story, said that Hu Xiaopeng liked the scum gong. He and the original owner were love rivals, therefore he usually did things that hurt the original owner.


So from the first day he came to this world, Jing Xun has been on guard against this name.


“What happened?” Jing Xun was puzzled: “Does this matter also have something to do with him?”


“In the current investigation, it seems that it is.” The policeman on the other side said.


Jing Xun was one of the victims being framed in this case. He had the right to know all the facts, and the police timely called him to confirm the situation.


Originally, after Wu Chun and Peng Yutong were arrested in this case, they confessed everything. Therefore this matter should have undoubtedly reached a conclusion.


But after the police compared the two confessions, they still found some small suspicious points.


Wu Chun’s initial plan was to persuade Peng Yutong to help him steal the program. He promised her that as soon as they get the money after the deed was done, they would get married immediately, and the two would enjoy 800,000 yuan together.


But Peng Yutong didn’t want to take this risk, her future was still bright, although Wu Chun provided her with a detailed escape plan, she still refused.


Despite the fact that Wu Chun was tempted, after all, his ability was limited and it was difficult for a person to commit crimes alone, so if Peng Yutong didn’t agree, last night’s event probably wouldn’t have happened.


In Wu Chun’s confession, he had already given up on this plan. It was yesterday that Peng Yutong suddenly mentioned this matter again, and also devised a new plan. Taking advantage of last night’s action, they would shift the blame to the members of the second group. The main focus was to let Yan Jingxun become the scapegoat.


Wu Chun felt that this plan was more thorough and detailed than what he originally designed. Most importantly, there was even a scapegoat, which made it a foolproof plan. Therefore he directly agreed, and risked stealing the program from the second group laboratory.


Because Wu Chun’s words often meant to throw the blame to Peng Yutong, he emphasized it several times. It was yesterday that Peng Yutong approached him again and proposed to carry out the plan.


As a result, the investigators became interested in what caused Peng Yutong to change her mind, thus they conducted a new round of questioning on Peng Yutong.


After a night of detention, Peng Yutong had already grown increasingly restless. When she learned that Wu Chun deliberately shifted the blame to her and let her be the mastermind, she answered everything the police asked, not daring to conceal anything. Unexpectedly, this unimportant interrogation exposed this person named Hu Xiaopeng.


“According to Peng Yutong’s dictation, the way to find a scapegoat was provided to her by a person named Hu Xiaopeng, and he also promised to use resources to find her a pretty good company for her internship afterwards. The person Hu Xiaopeng wants to target is you.”


Jing Xun: “…Do they know each other?”


“It is said that they were classmates in undergraduate studies.”


Jing Xun: “……”


This… this world was too dog blood?


“In short, we will conduct a further investigation of this person. If student Yan thinks of anything, you can contact the police anytime.”


At last, the police said: “However, the crimes of instigation are not serious, and Peng Yutong could not produce strong evidence to prove that Hu Xiaopeng was also involved. It will be difficult for the police to file a case against him. If that Hu Xiaopeng is really targeting you, you must be careful, student Yan.”


“Okay, thank you, Mr. officer.” Jing Xun thanked him politely, then ended the conversation.


All he was thinking about now was that those related to the scum attack were like lingering evil spirits1阴魂不散[yīn hún bú sàn]: A metaphor describing bad people or things. Although they have been eliminated, their influence was still there.


Coincidentally, his cell phone rang again at this time.


It was still a string of unfamiliar numbers. Jing Xun thought it was another policeman who called him, so he answered it directly.


Unexpectedly, this time, there came the voice of the scum gong: “Yan Jingxun, you were framed and were sent to the police station?…I just found out about it, you, are you okay?”




He didn’t know if it was an illusion, Jing Xun listened and felt that the scum gong’s voice was not as arrogant and mighty as usual, and his tone was even a little anxious.


 But why? Is it because the police discover Hu Xiaopeng?


On the other line, Shen Bohan spoke again: “What’s the matter? Who framed you? Why didn’t you call me yesterday? Fuck, I’m going to kill that person!”


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun drew a big question mark in his heart, he said, “Whoever did it, second young master should have known it in his heart?”


His voice was calm, and his tone was of a standard inquiry, just like asking a very ordinary question.


Yet Shen Bohan was silent for a while before saying: “What do you mean by this?…Is it not your roommate and someone who works on the same project with you…..”


“Second Young Master.” Jing Xun interrupted him.


Then, he said very firmly: “My business has nothing to do with you. Please don’t bother me again, and ask your friends not to disturb me again.”


“…Senior?” There was a clear tone of doubt on Shen Bohan’s side.


But the next moment, Jing Xun had already hung up the phone and blocked the number. He didn’t want to communicate with the scum gong for another second.


After listening to the other party’s tone, it seemed as though he really didn’t know what Hu Xiaopeng had done.


But then what?


Shen Bohan never defended the original owner when he knew it2Refers to when the original owner was bullied by the SBH’s friends. before.


If he hadn’t provoked those rotten peach blossoms3Improper relationships between men and women, such as extramarital affairs, s*x partners, promiscuity, etc. Basically cheating your partner. outside, and failed to cut off the relationship with others, would the original owner be bullied like that?


Besides, he happened to solve this unexpected calamity by chance, but what if there was no such coincidence next time?


After all, this was the trouble that the second young master brought to him.


Fortunately, Shen Bohan didn’t call him again.


In the laboratory, the seniors who heard about the gathering in the evening all ran over in advance. After a whole bustling day, Jing Xun, who had successfully completed all the work, naturally went to dinner with everyone in the evening.


The chosen place was a barbecue restaurant near the school.


After six o’clock in the evening, Jing Xun sent Shen Yijin the location and pictures after arriving. This time Shen Yijian responded quickly. He said he got it, and once again told Jing Xun to call him when it was almost over.


Jing Xun responded, and then the dinner session began.



This was a medium-sized store, with traditional charcoal grilled barbeque. However, the air-conditioning in the store was fully turned on and it wasn’t hot. On the contrary, there was a strange feeling of eating watermelon around the stove4Originated from a proverb of Xinjiang region. It is a statement used to describe the temperature difference and its disparity within a day in a desert zone in a temperate continental climate . [早穿皮袄午穿纱,怀抱火炉吃西瓜.] Wearing a cotton-padded jacket in the morning, wearing gauze in the afternoon, eating watermelon around the stove..


The barbecue was delicious. It was also the first time Jing Xun had eaten this kind of barbecue.


Although he had eaten a lot of delicious food with Shen Yijin these days, sir…..seemingly wouldn’t come to such a place to dine.


Strangely enough, he could imagine the appearance of Mr. eating a sandwich, but him eating barbecue was really hard to imagine……


“Junior, would you like a drink?”


When he was in a daze, the senior next to him suddenly asked him something. Jing Xun looked over, and it turned out that the other party was asking him if he wanted a beer.


“Have some.” Someone said, “It’s nice and cool.”


“Go away, don’t encourage our Xun Xun to drink.” The senior sister next to him defended him, “At a glance, you know Xun Xun can’t drink. You guys don’t lead him astray.”


“This beer is not strong. Just drink less and nothing will happen. Junior, you should have drunk it before, right?”


Jing Xun naturally hadn’t drunk it before. He searched the memory of the original owner…the original owner had drunk it before. After going to university, he would drink it occasionally when he had dinner with the student council members.


But the taste of beer was still in the memory, and could not be described with senses.


The summer was scorching, and drinking cold beer was indeed a treat…


The more he recalled, the more he wanted to try it. With bright eyes, Jing Xun directly expressed that he wanted to drink. Then a glass of beer was put in front of him.


Yiwei Technology.

6 p.m.


It was clearly time to leave work, but president Shen didn’t seem to want to leave for home, which surprised all the assistants and secretaries.


——The meeting tonight was obviously cancelled. Why didn’t president Shen go home?


A few days ago, he was obviously trying to leave work as early as possible….


Assistant Xiao Tang and Jin Zheheng looked at each other. Finally, they were afraid of courting death and didn’t come to ask what was going on. Xiao Tang said, “Then…If there’s nothing else, boss, we’ll get off work first?”


“Mm.” Shen Yijin was still working on the documents.


The people inside and outside the office were all gone. Of course, some of the supervisors who had not finished their work, or worked overtime simply because president Shen hadn’t left work, still stayed still in the company and took the time to report their work to president Shen, seizing the chance to obtain favorable impressions.


But the office building was still pretty quiet, not as lively as it was during the day.


Until 7:30pm, Shen Yijin was calmly handling his work at hand, and received his subordinate who came to report to him.


But after 7:30pm, the subordinates obviously felt that… President Shen was looking at his watch more frequently.


“President Shen, are you tired?” The subordinate noticed this change and couldn’t help saying: “why don’t I come back tomorrow to tell you about the rest of the plan?”


“No need.” After Shen Yijin glanced at the phone, his expression remained calm, “Go on.”


The subordinate: “……”


The subordinate wiped his sweat, his plan was not perfect, at least two problems had been picked up by President Shen, and in some places, he was rendered speechless and couldn’t answer at all.


To be honest, he really wanted to go back. But president Shen said to continue, so he could only do so.


Fortunately, at 8pm, president Shen suddenly said: “That’s it for today, you’ve worked hard.”


The subordinate quickly got up: “It’s not hard, it’s not hard. President Shen has worked hard.”


Then he hurriedly withdrew from President Shen’s office. Within a minute, he watched President Shen walk out of his office with his coat and strode towards the elevator entrance…


Shen Yijin drove to the location Jing Xun had sent him. After parking the car, he glanced at the time—-Two hours had passed since Jing Xun last sent him a message.


Generally, a dinner party should take about two hours.


His cold eyebrows furrowed slightly. Shen Yijin took out his phone again and looked at it. It was still very quiet, without any phone calls or WeChat messages.


To be exact, there was no phone call or WeChat messages belonging to that person…


Just then, the phone rang suddenly. As soon as he saw the caller ID clearly, Shen Yijin picked the phone immediately.




But what came through the phone turned out to be an unfamiliar male voice, causing Shen Yijin to frown fiercely.


“Is this…..junior Yan’s friend…..”


“You are?” Shen Yijin’s voice was inadvertently pressed very low.


Perhaps it sounded too serious and cold, so that the other end of the phone severely paused before hesitantly saying “Junior has drunk too much. Is it convenient for you to come and pick him up?”

Hua: Double updates _(:з)∠)_

  • 1
    阴魂不散[yīn hún bú sàn]: A metaphor describing bad people or things. Although they have been eliminated, their influence was still there.
  • 2
    Refers to when the original owner was bullied by the SBH’s friends.
  • 3
    Improper relationships between men and women, such as extramarital affairs, s*x partners, promiscuity, etc. Basically cheating your partner.
  • 4
    Originated from a proverb of Xinjiang region. It is a statement used to describe the temperature difference and its disparity within a day in a desert zone in a temperate continental climate . [早穿皮袄午穿纱,怀抱火炉吃西瓜.] Wearing a cotton-padded jacket in the morning, wearing gauze in the afternoon, eating watermelon around the stove.
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