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MSGVB Chapter 26.2

He's my boyfriend.

Translator: Hua

It was not wrong to assume that.


Jing Xun looked at the upright sir on the opposite side. In fact, it was indeed Shen Yijin who deliberately accompanied him over here for afternoon tea and snacks.


But why… even the boss here noticed it. Ah ah ah.


——He was really not that gluttonous!


Jing Xun’s ears suddenly turned red, and when the coffee he ordered came up, he couldn’t help taking a sip.


Jing Xun ordered hot mocha today. The coffee was still hot. When it was served, it was filled with thick whipped cream. Jing Xun drank a mouthful of cream, and didn’t get burnt. 


Perhaps seeing that he hadn’t started eating the ice cream next to him, only sipping the cream on the coffee little by little, Shen Yijin couldn’t help but say: “You are not going to eat the ice cream?”


Jing Xun heard his words and glanced in the direction of the ice cream. To be honest, he wanted to eat it.


After all, he had never eaten this thing!


When he first became Yan Jingxun, Jing Xun had a good time. He bought a popsicle from the small supermarket in the cafeteria and tried it.


As someone who hadn’t touched cold drinks for 20 years, the popsicle was indeed very delicious.


But it was said that there were many kinds of ice cream.


And Jing Xun really wanted to try all of them…..


Shen Yijin said again: “If you don’t eat it, it will melt.”


“….” Jing Xun blinked his eyes slightly, as if thinking of some brilliant idea, his long eyelashes seemed to dance happily.


He couldn’t hide his tone and said mischievously: “Mr. should eat first.”


“Mr. should eat first, I will eat later.”


Shen Yijin said, “Okay.”


Then, Shen Yijin really picked up one of the small steel spoon, scooped a bit of ice cream, and sent it into his mouth.


Jing Xun: “……”


At first, Jing Xun was still wondering what the noble and elegant sir would look like eating ice cream.


Now he had come to a conclusion. Sir ate everything…..with the same graceful, slow, and decent manner.


Because he acted too calmly when eating ice cream, it gave people a feeling that the original small desserts also matched the iron-blood guys…


“Not bad.” Shen Yijin said lightly.


But he always only gave fair comments, so this meant that the ice cream was good. Then, he gestured to Jing Xun with his eyes, that it was his turn.


Jing Xun was not polite at all. He also scooped a spoonful of ice cream. The slightly melted ice cream itself was not tough. The taste was really sweet with a hint of saltiness, the macadamia nut had a tough but soft taste…


They really put in a lot of nuts. It was very delicious!


Jing Xun couldn’t help taking another spoonful. At this time, the sliced cakes and small cookies they ordered were also served together, and the pleasant afternoon tea time officially began.


The reason why this café was so popular was that the ingredients were fresh and of good quality. So desserts such as cakes were no worse than specialized cake shops.


For this reason, Jing Xun also ate a few more bites of the cake, but soon, a small problem occurred–he felt a bit sick of it.


…The ice cream was sweet, the cake was sweet, even coffee was sweet. It would be strange if he didn’t feel cloying. 


Jing Xun tried to get up and get a glass of water to relieve the excessive sweetness, but due to the limited space, he did not succeed at the first try.


Shen Yijin on the opposite side was alarmed. 


“What is it?”


“I want a glass of water.” Jing Xun explained the situation truthfully: “It’s a bit too sweet.”


Shen Yijin got up, went to the self-service bar next to him, and poured a glass of warm lemonade for Jing Xun.


But when he came back, he still asked Jing Xun, “Would you like a sip of my coffee?”




Jing Xun, who just drank some warm water: “?”


Shen Yijin said, “To relieve the sweetness.”


Oh right….


Only then Jing Xun remembered that what Shen Yijin had just ordered was Americano without sugar or milk.


Speaking of which, black coffee and small desserts should be the best match… Why didn’t he think of this?   




This was the disadvantage of inexperience.


Jing Xun laughed, wanting to accept Shen Yijin’s proposal, but suddenly thought–since the coffee was served, he has not seen Shen Yijin drink it yet. 


In other words, the other party’s coffee was brand new.


This… It didn’t seem good for him to bring it over and drink it directly.


Jing Xun said, “Let’s get another cup, and share?”


Yes, that was a pretty good solution. Mr. was unlikely to finish this big cup anyway.


But Shen Yijin said: “It’s okay, no need to divide it.”


As he was speaking, he had already placed the cup in front of Jing Xun.


“We just kissed.”


“…” Jing Xun was dumbfounded. 


… Why did you mention kissing again!


He was stunned for a good while.


But combined with an analysis of the causes, Jing Xun guessed that perhaps when he said that he wanted to share the coffee with a separate cup, Shen Yijin realized his thoughts and concerns, so he deliberately mentioned kissing…


Sure enough, Shen Yijin further explained: “I don’t mind, drinking Xiao Xun’s…”


Jing Xun: ! !


“Okay, okay… sir, I get it!”


Jing Xun no longer dared to be polite with the other party. He directly took the cup from Mr. Shen’s hand and took a sip of the black coffee.


…It was good that he interrupted him.


Otherwise, he was sure that Shen Yijin would say “saliva” with the most serious attitude….


This kind of word….  


Shen Yijin’s unfinished words might be “don’t mind drinking his remaining coffee” instead of “drinking his saliva”. 


But he thought it might be the latter instead of the former…




Stop thinking about it!


He found out that his thoughts had fallen into a strange circle again. Jing Xun quickly took another sip of coffee to calm himself down.


At this time, Jing Xun suddenly heard someone calling him.


“Yan Jingxun?!”


Jing Xun, who was called by his full name, couldn’t help looking up, and realized that the person who called him was indeed someone he knew…and there was more than one person.


He saw roommate 3 who lived in the same dormitory as him, and a senior sister who participated in the project together… They even went into the cafe together and walked in his direction together? ?


Roommate 3’s name was Wu Chun. Jing Xun was a little surprised to see him walking with the senior sister at first.


But on second thought, they were both from the department of computer science. Even if they were of different years, It was normal that they knew each other.


“Wu Chun.” Jing Xun greeted his roommate, and greeted the senior sister.


Senior Sister Peng Yuetong was a group member of the project team that Jing Xun participated in. They will have a meeting together later.


The project had just started for a few days, and Jing Xun, who was in the second group, got along very well with the seniors in his group. Even though they didn’t communicate very often, there was no conflict. He should greet and say a few words when he met them outside the school.


Not long after, Peng Yuetong and Wu Chun both came to Jing Xun’s table.


When they first entered the café, only half of Yan Jingxun’s face could be seen, but Yan Jingxun’s table was by the window. When they were outside, they could actually see a handsome guy was sitting opposite Yan Jingxun…


He had an elegant temperament, and his appearance was tall and handsome. It seemed that they had never seen such a person in their school.


Wu Chun chased senior Peng for more than half a year, and only recently catched the person. Just two days after he moved out of the dormitory to live with her, he heard a lot of major events happening to his roommate.


The first one was that Yan Jingxun became popular on the Internet and refused to jump off the building… To be honest, he didn’t like Yan Jingxun very much before. He always felt that the other party went out early and returned late every day, but his grades were still good. He even became the student council president of several departments….


This was a little bizarre. 


But when he knew that Yan Jingxun had caught up with a rich second generation, he suddenly didn’t feel surprised, and he still felt that way.


Coincidentally, his girlfriend Peng Yuetong also knew some people in the rich second-generation circle. He had heard something about Yan Jingxun and a second-generation student, which made Wu Chun feel even more contempt.


He also ate melon seed and followed the video incident.


Afterward, Wu Chun began to gloat over Yan Jingxun’s misfortune, thinking that when he had broken up with the rich second-generation student, he no longer had any backing this time.


But he never expected that Yan Jingxun was favored by the respected old professor of their university!


Now, it was even more unexpected that Yan Jingxun, who was abandoned by the rich second generation, sat on the opposite side of…..another handsome man with excellent temperament!


There was also Yan Jingxun’s clothes… It was Gucci’s new summer collection, right…




How can it be? !


Wait a minute.


If he was not mistaken, the person sitting opposite him was wearing…and the watch he was wearing…


Wu Chun felt that he was about to faint! !


“Jing Xun, who is this?”


After finally controlling his expression that was about to tremble with jealousy, Wu Chun smiled and said, “Is this your friend?”




This question really troubled Jing Xun because he was not familiar with Wu Chun.


In Jing Xun’s memory, the other party used to ridicule the original owner before.


From his understanding, Jing Xun felt that there was actually no need to introduce Shen Yijin’s identity to such a stranger. It was unnecessary.


But because he was not familiar with him, it seemed that there was no need to conceal this matter either, right?


“Not a friend,” Jing Xun said.


He paused for a while, and at the same time, Wu Chun’s facial expression immediately relaxed a lot when he heard this.


But in the next instant, Jing Xun spoke again and said bluntly: “He’s my boyfriend.”


After finishing speaking, he looked at Shen Yijin with his big eyes, as if asking him: Sir, can I say that?


On the opposite side, Shen Yijin didn’t say anything, he remained expressionless.


Meeting the young man’s gaze, he slowly stretched out his hand to take the cup from Jing Xun, and took a sip of the hot Americano in a very calm manner.


Wu Chun: “……???”

Hua: Here comes the cannon fodders. We’re getting some face-slapping real soon.  _(:з)∠)_

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    HAHAHAHAHA yesssss give them a sound slap, slap them into pig heads!!!

  2. Avatar kayrahiss says:

    Good for you, Jing Xun! I’m sure Shen Yijin was overjoyed to hear that (while keeping his poker face and acting cool ☺).
    Thank you for the translation 💕

  3. Avatar Reign says:

    😂 that’s what you get for gloating at others misfortune. Thank you for the chapter.

  4. Hehe. Boyfriend. Someone is happy. Hehe.

    Thanks for the chapter. Binged read the from the first chapter to here lol what a great find this is. 💖💖💖💖

  5. Avatar Xiao Jiejie says:

    Not Shen Yijin asserting his position as Jing Xun’s hubby so nonchalantly omg xD

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