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MSGVB Chapter 16.1

President Shen is too low-profile.

Translator: Hua

So as to not delay Shen Yijin’s itinerary, Jing Xun soon separated from the other party.


Of course, at the end he returned to the dormitory wearing his suit.


Fortunately, when he climbed the fifth floor and returned to the dormitory, the lights had already been turned off. His roommates were still reading under the desk lamp, and they didn’t notice that after he went out, he came back with an extra piece of clothing that did not belong to him.


Not to mention the brands and materials, he absolutely couldn’t afford to wear this kind of clothes at the moment. Regarding the size…..this jacket was long enough to cover Jing Xun’s pants pocket, obviously it did not belong to him.


While no one noticed, Jing Xun quietly smoothed out the wrinkles on the jacket and then hung them in the cabinet.


Last time he didn’t hide and confessed to his roommates that he was off the list1He was not single anymore., so he was forced to answer a series of questions.


Fortunately, neither Tang Jingyuan nor Yang Yi were really gossipy. Seeing his vague speech, they didn’t make a detailed inquiry. They just asked him to be careful of all kinds of scum men and women, which gave him a way to ambiguously muddle through the previous matter.


If he ran into them again this time……


Jing Xun secretly breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, the feeling of scalding face came again.


A moment ago, he directly asked Shen Yijin what was the problem with wearing a vest in the dormitory.


Shen Yijin replied: “There’s no problem.”


He quickly said again: “I just don’t want others to see you like this.”


His eyes narrowed slightly, and his tone was low and hoarse.


As for Jing Xun at the time: “…….”


At that time Jing Xun was a little stunned for a while, and couldn’t help feeling that the voice of this villain big brother was really nice.


After a while, his mind was filled with question marks again, completely confused: So what does this mean?


When he hesitated to ask more questions, the other party was already a step closer—Shen Yijin stepped forward.


The dark shadow formed by the overly tall figure enveloped Jing Xun, and his intoxicating voice once again sounded in his ears: “I’m leaving.”




Like being bewitched by something, Jing Xun looked up and felt that they were a little closer with their current distance.


As the other party got closer, the breath became more intense and the wind became hotter, he couldn’t think about anything anymore.


They were so close that his gaze collided with Shen Yijin’s.


For a moment, Jing Xun felt that they should hug each other.


He thought that Shen Yijin suddenly came forward to hug him.


 But that was not the case.


 The other party just stared at him with a pair of beautiful eyes, and said to him, “See you when I come back.”


  “……En.” Jing Xun hummed softly.


In the end the other party just wanted to give him a promise, be back soon, goodbye.  


However, the embarrassment about the coat did not end like this.


Returning to his senses, Jing Xun tried to take off his jacket and return it to him, but Shen Yijin said, “You keep it and wear it, the temperature will cool down tomorrow.”


Jing Xun: “……”



“…But don’t you have to leave right now? You have to wear a formal dress for business trips. It is not suitable for me.”


Shen Yijin said, “I still have it on my plane.”



I still have them on my plane.

I have them on my plane.

My plane………


Jing Xun: “……”


His insight was too small.


Then it was time for Shen Yijin to leave, then he went back to the dormitory first under the other party’s sight.


Originally, it was all normal, but when he returned to the dark dormitory, he thought of Shen Yijin’s jacket hanging in the cabinet… somehow, he had a different feeling.


It felt like he was not alone anymore.


Because in that cabinet, there were two people’s clothes.


This was also a strange experience…

Jing Xun sighed heavily.


 The next day.


Successfully passed the interview, Jing Xun formally entered the research group that Professor Huo said.


“Party A requires us to release the product within three weeks at the latest. If we complete as promised, a generous reward will be given to the school, which will then be uniformly distributed to the team members.”


The young teaching assistant said: “Our group is also allocated according to work. Everyone’s base salary is 1,0002Roughly 155$. yuan. The better you do, the higher the commission. Do you have any comments?”


Everyone shook their heads and said that they had no objection.


For the graduate students in the college, the significance of participating in this project itself was more meaningful than money. When it came to this kind of qualification, many people squeezed their heads to fight for this kind of internship opportunities. They were even willing to do it without money !


Although one thousand yuan was not a lot, wasn’t it still a commission? At least it was an extra income, which was enough for poor students.


Like the original owner, part-time workers usually only find hourly jobs, and two jobs a month could only earn one or two thousand yuan.


Moreover, for Jing Xun, this project itself was a work that could be done with the touch of a finger. He didn’t even have to use his brain.


“It’s good that everyone is fine with it.”


The young male teaching assistant pushed his black-rimmed glasses. For the first time, he was in charge of leading students to work on the project, and his appearance was still somewhat inexperience.


Seeing that everyone had no objections, he began to introduce various questions and discussions related to this topic, and finally assigned tasks to each student.


This project was mainly divided into two parts, the program editing in the early stage and the data measurement in the later stage.


Jing Xun, as the only non-computer professional here, was naturally arranged in a relatively simple and easy data measurement group.


“Student Yan Jingxun has a good foundation in mathematics, so it’s just right for him to do this.” said the teaching assistant.


Jing Xun has no problem with this. Although there were few components in the later stage, he never thought of doing the main program because he deliberately hid himself. 


The other two students in Jing Xun’s group naturally had no objection. 


To make a measurement, a lot of mathematical models were needed. Last time Jing Xun impressed professor Huo, some of the project team members saw it with their own eyes, while others heard it from others. In short, just a few days passed, and no one in the department didn’t know about Yan Jingxun.


However, before seeing this legendary gifted student from the mathematics department, they never thought that this student had such a high face value!

  • 1
    He was not single anymore.
  • 2
    Roughly 155$.
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    I wonder how long he’ll hide himself. I’m so looking forward to when he’ll stop pretending and show the world his brilliance~ (≧∀≦) haha xD
    Thank you~ owo

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    Thank you very much♡♡♡♡

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