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MSGVB Chapter 13.2

He seemed to be off the list.

Translator: Hua

They arrived at school.


Shen Yijin’s trip today was originally a trip to school, and the car he drove was quite low-key. The low-key luxurious business car quietly stopped at the gate of Jing Xun’s dormitory building without causing any sensation.


Jing Xun bid farewell to Shen Yijin, and found out that it was almost nine o’clock after returning to the dormitory…


 They spent almost three hours on their way back and forth, plus the time to eat!


…He spent three hours with Shen Yijin?


“Xunxun, what took you so long to come back!” Tang Jingyuan greeted him as soon as he entered the dormitory.


It was very hot in summer, and the bedroom needed to be air-conditioned.


However, the few students who still depend on the family support did not dare to be too indulgent. The indoor temperature could not be said to be cool. Tang Jingyuan rushed over in a white vest and beach pants. On the other side, Yang Yi who was almost dressed the same also looked back at him, pausing his reviewing activities with a question mark on his face, as if he couldn’t wait to gossip who was that man just now? And what did they do?


Jing Xun… didn’t know how to explain. Could he say that he just went out for a trip, and found a…betrothed partner back?


He didn’t know how to bring up this matter. He first divided the cake in his hand, one for each person. Among the three roommates, there was one person who went out early and returned late, and seldom came back to the dormitory after falling in love.


“White swan cake?” Tang Jingyuan carried the pure white paper box in his hand, “Have you made a fortune?”


Jing Xun made a noncommittal sound.


“It’s not from the man in suit, is it?” Yang Yi was also fiddling with the box.


Jing Xun looked down at the one he was still holding in his hand, the only one left.


Shen Yijin asked him to choose one he liked and give the others to his roommates.


He didn’t choose either. The last thing left was a piece of pure white fondant cake that Shen Yijin pointed to. On top of it, stood a white swan with a long neck, beautiful and unrestrained.


For some reason, Jing Xun made up his mind when he thought of the scene where Shen Yijin had just introduced himself frankly in front of others.


He nodded his head: “Yeah.”


He said: “I think I seem to be off the list1脱单(tuō dān): Off the list. A new internet slang, means leaving single, that is, begins to fall in love, and bids farewell to the single life..”


Tang Jingyuan: ?


Yang Yi: ? ?


When he was washing up in the evening, and about to turn on the shower, Jing Xun remembered the watch that Shen Yijin put on him.  


He couldn’t help but look down at the watch, he saw that the dial was polished to perfection. Under the light, there was a bright light around the dial, and the outer circle and the strap on the watch were all inlaid with diamonds.


Many parts of this book world were similar to the real world, so this brand, Jing Xun knew that he had a similar one before. When he went out to participate in the competition, he won against an arrogant young Saudi local tyrant.


The bet was because the other side was too arrogant and bullied one of his teammates. Jing Xun himself was not interested in that watch, and he didn’t want it even after he won.


However, the local tyrant insisted that he put it away, and refused to take it back. Later, the watch was kept on Jing Xun’s bookshelf to collect dust.


He remembered that the watch was worth seven digits.


This piece was taken by Shen Yijin from his hand—Jing Xun noticed that the other party was no longer wearing a watch while eating—and naturally it would not be lower than this number.


Ah Ah Ah.


When he accepted this watch, he didn’t know that the other party was Shen Yijin. So he didn’t think so much.


Later, there were too many things to think about, and the gift was ignored…


This was too expensive!


If it was in the past, Jing Xun would not take it too seriously. But now, it was obviously different


Because, at present, he… could, not, afford, this.


For Shen Yijin, this was a drop in the bucket, but for ordinary people, it could be a family heirloom.


He felt like he became rich overnight. During the day, he was still worrying about the medical expenses of the original owner’s brother, but at night he suddenly gained a seven digits watch.


It was no less than a pie falling from the sky.


But of course he couldn’t resell something given by someone else.


Becoming rich, it was merely self-ridicule and nothing more.


Not only that, but he also started to think about what gift to return.


Of course, a character like the villain big brother did not need him to spend a lot of money in return. Obviously he was not short on money.


The problem was that successful people value watches very much. If the other party could put this thing on his wrist without saying a word, it showed that he was full of sincerity…


This meant that Jing Xun’s return gift should also be full of sincerity.


Just thinking about it, he couldn’t think of what Mr.Shen was lacking at the moment.


He still didn’t know him very well…


He could only put it off for now and continue to observe for a while.


After washing up, Jing Xun looked for a small box, put the watch in it, and then locked it in the cabinet.


The final exam was still in full swing. Amid the sound of his roommates flipping through books, Jing Xun also turned on the computer to check the materials.


He didn’t know how much time had passed, the phone in his pocket made a ding-dong sound. Jing Xun unlocked it, and it was a message request to add friend——


[Mr. Shen Shen Shen Shen Shen wants to add friend, do you accept it? ]


The profile picture of the person who sent the friend request was a half-black and half-red back. It was a bit artistic, but it was more non-mainstream, which reminded people of blood.


Jing Xun had never seen this profile picture and this person, but the memory of the original owner told him that this was the WeChat number of the scum gong Shen Bohan.


Some time ago, when they broke up, the scum gong deleted the original owner’s WeChat. If they develop according to the original plot, they should have added each other back a long time ago.


But after Jing Xun transmigrated, he directly deleted Shen Bohan’s WeChat and cell phone number, and never contacted the scum gong again.


Did the scum gong damage his brain? How come he suddenly add friend him?


Without even thinking about it, he just clicked refuse.


After a while, the phone notification sounded again.


[Shen. Request to add friends, do you accept it? ]


…..Why did he send friend request again?


Jing Xun was not always good-tempered. He wanted to refuse again, but fortunately he didn’t move too fast. Because at a passing glance, he could accurately noticed the following remark——

[Shen Yijin. ]




Jing Xun’s fingers twitched and he stopped the fingertips from moving down.


They exchanged contact information on the way back so there was nothing wrong with the other party adding him.


This time Jing Xun directly agreed.


Then he thought about it, and typed the word “Mr.” in the remarks column. The friend was added successfully.


The chat interface was blank without any line of words.


In order to alleviate this embarrassing emptiness a little bit, Jing Xun raised his hand and sent a cute cat emoticon——



At the same time the cat emoji was sent, Shen Yijin also sent him a picture.


At first glance, he couldn’t see the content clearly, he could only recognize that it was a form.




Under suspicion, Jing Xun clicked open and enlarged the form——


Name: Shen Yijin

Sex: Male

Height: 191cm

Date of birth: xxxx year x month x day

Graduated from:  …… 


Good gracious, is this a job resume? 

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    脱单(tuō dān): Off the list. A new internet slang, means leaving single, that is, begins to fall in love, and bids farewell to the single life.
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  1. Loni says:

    Hahaha Shen Yijin delivering his resume after successfully gaining the position as Jing Xun’s fiancé xD he is certain he’s qualified but of course it’s good to let the other party know of his qualifications too~ XD
    Thank you :DD

    1. Lol yeah gotta make sure that he is well qualified for the job of a fitted husband xD XD. Thanks for the Chapter! : >

  2. Ahahhaahhahahah Shen Yijin really send him his information! I love him so much! Lolololol.

    Thank you for the chapters!

    1. Xiao Jiejie says:

      If Jing Xun likes it then he should put a ring on it lololol

      1. Xiao Jiejie says:

        Ah sorry I meant to reply to Reign’s comment not you T^T

  3. Reign says:

    He is 100% husband material. Jing Xun should just buy the wedding ring right now and slap it on that bad boi! Thank you for the chapter.

    1. Xiao Jiejie says:

      If Jing Xun likes it then he should put a ring on it indeed lololol

  4. Vskylight says:

    Didn’t realise you need resume for marriage.
    Isn’t that for match making marriage? Not sure about China, but this sure match with Japan (as far I know).

  5. XingZen says:

    Shen Yijin: Please look at my qualifications. You won’t suffer any loss.
    Jing Xun: ………

  6. Shen Sanye says:

    Lol what is this? Too funny ???

  7. plantday says:

    He dead sent him his resume with life info. Man got to make sure he gets the role of fiance and hubyy.

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