Married? I have amnesia, don’t lie to me!
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Married? I have amnesia, don’t lie to me!

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《已婚?失憶呢,別騙我》, MADLM
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Lan Bao Bao Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views

Synopsis Married? I have amnesia, don’t lie to me!

Summary :–


Shi Nan was surprised when he saw the big boss of the new company. Isn’t this his husband whom he married just a few days ago?


But the big boss looked at him with an unfamiliar look: “Who are you? You want to rely on unspoken rules to get ahead, do you even know how much value you have? .”


Shi Nan:? ? ? ? ?

We hugged each other last night, so we don’t know each other today?


Shi Nan found out that Song Linsheng had a problem. He had no memories of the night at day, and no memories of the daytime at night.


Song Linsheng in the daytime: Stay away from me.


Song Linsheng at night: Come and give me a hug.


One day, Song Linsheng found his marriage certificate in a secret corner of his home, and the marriage partner on it turned out to be the eighteenth line actor who harassed him every day in the company.


Married? Don’t lie to him, he has amnesia.


Song Linsheng asked Shi Nan about his marriage certificate.


Shi Nan glanced at him and said indifferently: “Oh, it’s me, why, do you want a divorce?”


Song Linsheng hesitated, and asked Shi Nan, “Are you willing to have two husbands at the same time?”


Shi Nan: “…” You! I’m afraid you have a misunderstanding of yourself.


Song Linsheng during the daytime: What did you both do at night?


Song Linsheng at night: What did you two do during the day?


Shi Nan replied in unison: Do those things that made you wear a green hat.


Shi Nan was annoyed by the question, so he pulled Song Linsheng during daytime and Song Linsheng at night into a group and asked him to ask himself.


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    looks fun

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    Me like, me like
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  3. Avatar mtl says:

    thanks for translating. without your translation I wouldn’t have been to find this!!!! I’m going to reread the raws from chapter 1 and probably buy the entire book heheheheh woohoo!!! also how the hell did they managed to get married at night 😛

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    Okay… Found something interesting-time to camp~

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