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MADLM Chapter 9


Chapter 9


According to previous experience, it is impossible for Song Linsheng to reply to him. After taking a shower, Shi Nan lay on the bed and played games with Wen Yifan. A phone call came in halfway through the game.


When Shi Nan saw the caller ID, he suddenly sat up straight, and it turned out to be Song Linsheng’s call.


Shi Nan waited for more than ten seconds before answering the phone calmly, with a normal tone: “Hey.”


“Are you asleep?” Song Linsheng’s slightly low voice came from over there.


“No… , I’m going to sleep soon.” Shi Nan said.




Song Linsheng said “Oh” and then there was no more information, but he didn’t hang up the phone either.


After being speechless for half a minute, Shi Nan sighed, “I thought your mobile phone was just a display. Does it still have a call function?”


Song Linsheng is stubborn, but it doesn’t mean that he is stupid. He can still hear the complaints.


“I…” Song Linsheng seemed to hesitate for a while before slowly explaining, “I don’t look at the phone very much. Sometimes it takes a long time to see your message…”


So, Shi Nan touched his chin and listened. The tone is not like an excuse.


“That…” Shi Nan whispered, “No matter when you see it, you have to reply.”


There was a long silence, and he said softly: “Okay.”


SIn the silence of the night, Song Linsheng’s voice was particularly clear over the phone, the auricle of Shi Nan’s right ear became hot and numb.


Shi Nan couldn’t restrain his lips from curling up, he was trapped in the quilt, and asked in a low voice, “When will you come back?”


“It’s still a few days.”


“Well, then you should pay more attention and don’t be too tired at work. “Shi Nan said.


“Yeah, I know.”



Many people say more than usual when making a call. When Shi Nan hung up the phone, he glanced at the time, and he actually chatted with Song Linsheng for half an hour.


This is more than what the two of them said together during this period of time.


Shi Nan felt that this was a good sign that his peach blossoms might really bloom . 1 peach blossoms : 桃花, peach blossom; luck in romance.

When SN says this, he means that his love life may succeed this time.


Shi Nan was in a good mood and ignored the news that Wen Yifan had sent him scolding his teammates.


Shi Nan’s good mood lasted until he went to work the next day.


In the past two days, An Ke has gone through all the people in the company, staying and leaving, and the next step is to rectify the new company.


And Shi Nan’s main task now is to assist the human resources department in recruiting new employees.


Because of the recruitment information posted before, Shi Nan received countless resumes. After all, it is a big company, and this appeal is extraordinary.


Shi Nan and Ding Chen’s work this day was spent reading the resume and communicating with the people who delivered the resume.


After lunch, Shi Nan lay down on the table and planned to squint for a while. Maybe he was too tired and went to sleep, until Ding Chen shook him desperately before shaking him up.


“You…” Shi Nan was shaken dizzy by him, “Let go of me, let me go, I’m going to throw up.”


“Fart, you sleep so heavy, I called you loudly for a long time.” Ding Chen was very excited. “Quickly, the big boss is coming.”


“What’s the matter?” Shi Nan was really disgusted by him, and he curled his eyebrows to look at Ding Chen, “Who’s here?”


“Big boss, big boss.” Ding Chen pointed out the door, “He just entered An Ke’s  office. He looks very handsome.”


“More handsome than me?” Shi Nan pushed his hand away and sat there calmly.


“That’s natural…” Ding Chen grinned, “Not as good as you.” The big boss of Skylight Entertainment has always been mysterious and has never been photographed by the media. In recent years, Skylight’s artists have developed better and better. Everyone is curious about the boss.


Everyone in the company was secretly talking about this mysterious big boss. Only Shi Nan ran to the bathroom to wash his face. It must have been too miserable to eat takeaway these past two days, so his body was relatively weak.


In the past, eating takeaways on a yearly basis was not a problem .


Shi Nan “tsk”: Comrade, you’re getting more expensive.


When Shi Nan came out of the bathroom, he was wiping his hands with a paper towel. He inadvertently looked up and saw the door of An Ke’s office opened, and a tall man came out.


The profile gave him a deja vu.


Shi Nan was taken aback.


When he looked over again, the man had already turned to the end of the corridor and disappeared.


Shi Nan touched his head. Why did the profile face that he saw just now look like Song Linsheng?


Is it possible that he has fallen into unrequited love, and everyone looks like Song Linsheng?


Shi Nan shuddered, damn, this is terrible, his elders are not romantic minded.


But not everyone can stay like that after seeing Song Linsheng’s face.


Shi Nan quickly left this trivial matter behind and devoted himself to work.


In the next three days, apart from normal work, Shi Nan had to assist the recruitment work of An Ke’s HR department, and was too busy to stop.


And this mysterious big boss has come to the company every day these days, but Shi Nan has never met him once.


The company goes to work at nine and leaves at six. According to Ding Chen’s gossip, the boss arrives at the company at 9:30 every day and leaves work at 5:00. He stays in the office as soon as he arrives. Besides his assistant, and An Ke,no one has seen him .


His mind moved and wanted to have a chance encounter, but he couldn’t find a chance and had to give up.




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    peach blossoms : 桃花, peach blossom; luck in romance.

    When SN says this, he means that his love life may succeed this time.
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