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MADLM Chapter 8

Chapter 8


The consequence of being drunk is to commit suicide on the spot after waking up.


Shi Nan didn’t suffer from fragmented memory , only the problem of doing abnormal things in a normal posture after getting drunk.


For example… Catch someone and call Dad.


What kind of death scene is this large community?


He called Dad to Song Linsheng?


Shi Nan closed his eyes and wanted to forget the clip from last night, but his memory was so good that he remembered every word.


Dad, feed your son some water, your son is almost dieing of thirst.


He exclaims.


Fortunately, today is a rest day, he does not have to go to work, and the person involved has already gone to work, Shi Nan can go to bed without having to face him.


Shi Nan felt that he should better go home to hide, and wait two days for his shame to become less strong before coming back.


But after Shi Nan drove out, he felt that it was not very good. This posture was too unmanly to lose, so Shi Nan drove for a lap and went back again.


According to Shi Nan’s understanding of Song Linsheng in the past two days, he would definitely not take the initiative to mention this matter, so as long as he is not embarrassed himself, others would never want him to be embarrassed.


So when Song Linsheng went home at night, Shinan said calmly , “You’re back.”


Song Linsheng glanced suspiciously at him: “Are you at home?”


“What?” Shinan was puzzled, “If I’m not at home, Where will I go ?”


Song Linsheng thought for a while, nodded and praised, “Will you drink wine?”


Shi Nan looked at him, thinking that it was not quite right.


Song Linsheng nodded suddenly and clearly: “The fragmented memory is good, otherwise you might have to go out and hide for two days before coming back.”


? ? ? ? ? ?


What does it mean?


Shi Nan’s brain turned quickly, then coughed slightly and asked pretentiously: “Then what, I was drunk last night and did I say anything? I don’t remember what happened.”


Song Linsheng changed his slippers and put the vegetables he was carrying into the kitchen. Then he came out and poured a glass of water to drink. Then he slowly said, “You didn’t say anything, you just kept calling me Dad.”


Shi Nan: “?????? ”


It’s so different from what he thought.


The air in the house suddenly stagnated. Shi Nan felt that this man was incredible. He had already passed the steps up, so couldn’t this guy help him make the steps firmer? He even smashed the steps for him.


Annoyed him.


Shi Nan wanted to go crazy, but after another thought, the two had only been married for a few days now. Now if he shows his true colors and scare him away, in the future he will have to go back to the days of ordering takeaways in the garbage dump.


Forget it, Shi Nan was calm for a while.


Shi Nan watched Song Linsheng carry a lot of daily necessities and asked him, “Why are you buying these?”


“Save some for you. I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. You can make a living during this time.” Shi Nan always forgets to buy tissues, Toothpaste, these daily necessities, was found to be gone after it was used several times. Since Song Linsheng came here, he bought it, and Shi Nan didn’t have to worry about it.


“On a business trip?” Shi Nan’s eyes widened instantly, focusing on his business trip. “Do you still need a business trip?”


“Huh?” Song Linsheng looked at him.


Shi Nan hurriedly explained: “I don’t mean anything else. How long are you on a business trip?”


“It’s almost a week, ten days at most.”


“That’s it…” Shi Nan couldn’t say anything, “Okay. , Then may your business trip go smoothly.”


Song Linsheng went on a business trip with a bag  the next morning. Shi Nan didn’t realize what was going on at first, but at night, when he ate alone and played on his mobile phone, he felt that Something was wrong.


Before Song Linsheng did not have much sense of presence in this home except cooking and cleaning. He didn’t speak much, but every time Shi Nan leaned on the sofa and played games, he could see the person on the opposite sofa when he raised his head looking down and reading quietly.


Just…it’s quite reassuring.


When Shi Nan went to the guest room to check, Song Linsheng’s clothes and personal belongings were still there, um…will be back.


It is said that it is difficult to get used to one thing, but Shi Nan has been living alone for so long but easily got used to having one more person in the family.


And that person only disappeared from this space for a few days, and Shi Nan was uncomfortable.


Shi Nan was completely bored after eating the takeaway for a few days, and after returning to Shi Haiping to rub his aunt’s meal, he still felt something missing .


You should know that when his aunt used to cook, he found it the most delicious . Why does it feel that it is not as delicious as it used to be.


Seeing that Shi Nan didn’t eat much, the aunt asked him if he was losing weight.


Shi Nan sighed. He wasn’t losing weight, he was feeling sad.


In order to prevent Shi Nan from losing weight, his aunt brought him a lot of quick-frozen dumplings and steamed buns.


When he left, Shi Haiping asked Shi Nan to bring Song Linsheng with him the next time he came.


Song Linsheng has been here only once after such a long time.


Shi Nan dealt with it and left.


On the way back, Shi Nan felt alive again. Song Linsheng is a person. He may be slow, or he may be just too straight. Such a person needs to be driven by others.


Shi Nan felt that it was normal for him to be a big man of over 1.8 meters tall and a thicker skin.


So the cheeky Shi Nan sent a message to Song Linsheng whom he had not heard from  for two days.


Look south and look north: have you eaten yet?


Withdraw quickly.


Look south and look north: have you been busy these days?


Withdraw again.


Look south and look north: when will you come back?


Withdraw again.


Look south and look north: have you eaten yet?


Yes, Shi Nan, you are a fool.


After sending this text , he didn’t receive a reply from Song Linsheng until Shi Nan got home.


Shi Nan sighed. It was really difficult for a straight man 1 straight man : okay, this straight surely doesn’t mean that he’s heterosexual. This is the most relevant meaning I could find – –

behaving in a conventional manner, standard, normal
to care for others , and he wanted to retreat again.


Maybe he got it wrong, this is not a straight man, this is a stubborn stone.




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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  • 1
    straight man : okay, this straight surely doesn’t mean that he’s heterosexual. This is the most relevant meaning I could find – –

    behaving in a conventional manner, standard, normal
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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