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MADLM Chapter 7

Chapter 7


The expression on Shi Nan’s face was too colorful. Ji Ke gave a “tsk” and said, “Yo-yo-yo…” The three of them were eating hot pot while gagging. After dinner, Ji Ke and Wen Yifan went the same way , so Ji Ke sent Wen Yifan back, while Shi Nan called for a driver. After he parked the car, he gave the key to Shi Nan. Shi Nan raised his arm and smelled the smell of alcohol on his body.


So Shi Nan turned and walked to the small garden in front of the building, intending to sit on the bench for a while.


Turning around the flowers, as soon as he looked up, he saw Song Linsheng sitting there, looking up at the sky in a daze.


Hearing the sound, Song Linsheng looked up, and the two looked at each other.


“Why are you here?” Shi Nan was a little surprised, raised his hand and looked at his watch, at half past ten.


Is he waiting for him here?


“I think it’s too stuffy in the room. Came out to get some air.”


Yes, he thinks too much.


Song Linsheng sniffed his nose, frowned slightly, “Drinking?”


“Yeah.” Shi Nan walked to him and sat down on the other end of the bench.


Although it’s not too late at half past ten, it’s not too early. People who go out for a walk and dance square dance usually leave after nine o’clock. It’s a bit unreasonable to come out at this time.


“What happened to you at work?” Shi Nan guessed.


Song Linsheng shook his head, “No, why do you say that?”


“Just, just ask casually.” Shi Nan stretched his legs straight and leaned back on the bench, squinting at the sky slightly.


After summer, the sky has gradually begun to heat up, and the slight scent of flowers mixed with the slightly drowsy wind at night is quite pleasant.


Shi Nan drank three bottles of beer in the evening, and also drank two glasses of white wine. It might be a bit on the head, suddenly turned around and looked at Song Linsheng, and smiled: “You’re not here waiting for me, are you?” He drank. The drunk person is bold.


Song Linsheng tilted his head to meet Shi Nan’s eyes.


Shi Nan’s face cannot be seen clearly under the dim street lamp, but his gleaming eyes can be clearly seen.


Eyes are the windows of the soul, and sometimes you can see a person’s soul by looking at a person’s eyes.


Shi Nan’s eyes were very bright, with dots of light.


After looking at him like this for a long time, Song Linsheng said in a low voice, “Yeah.”


Shi Nan was stunned, just… admit it?


Shi Nan’s reaction was a little slow after drinking, thinking for a long time, and then he laughed a few times. The mood that was a little upset by Song Linsheng before suddenly improved, and then he complained: “You are a good person, you are too boring.”


Song Linsheng looked away and was silent.


In fact, in the past few days, Shi Nan has also discovered that Song Linsheng speaks very little, unless he speaks first, Song Linsheng basically doesn’t speak much.


If this weren’t for his sense of cleaning the house and cooking and washing dishes every day, Shi Nan might have really ignored this extra person at home.


“Go upstairs.” Song Linsheng stood up and beckoned to Shi Nan.


Shi Nan looked up at him, his eyes a little lost, this was his alcohol coming up, and he was so lazy that he didn’t want to move.


Shi Nan tried his best to open his chaotic eyes, and stretched out his hand: “Give me a hand.”


Shi Nan’s hand was white and slender, and it was especially moist under the light. Song Linsheng lowered his eyes, and then reached out and grabbed Shi Nan’s wrist. He pulled it up.


Shi Nan staggered two steps, grabbed Song Linsheng’s arm, squinted and wailed: “It’s over, I drank too much, a little dizzy, they are all stars, the stars in the sky are glowing , twinkle and twinkling…”


Song Linsheng held the drunk and walked into the building, and Shi Nan just took his steps with a drunken posture.


Song Linsheng sighed, “Why haven’t you been sold yet?”


“Sold ?” Shi Nan stared at him, “Do you think I’m like a brainless person? Who can sell me?” ”


Song Linsheng’s face suddenly changed a little, and then he didn’t speak any more.


When the two entered the elevator, Shi Nan still kept his hands on Song Linsheng’s shoulders, and stared at him on tiptoe: “Will you buy it? How much will you pay? I’ll tell you, I’m precious, you can’t afford it… …”


Shi Nan looked like he was drunk, but he spoke smoothly and naturally. Although he was talking nonsense , he didn’t seem to be a drunkard.


Song Linsheng squinted his eyes: “How expensive?”


Shi Nan thought for a while, and showed him with three fingers: “Three yuan.”


Song Linsheng: “…” He was really drunk.


When he got home, Song Linsheng helped Shi Nan on the sofa and sat down, then went to the kitchen to make a glass of honey water and bring it to him.


Shi Nan didn’t even bother to move his hand, and opened his mouth: “I don’t want to move, Dad, can you feed me.”




Song Linsheng stood there watching the man who completely released himself on the sofa and was silent.


“Dad? Feed your son water, your son is almost dying of thirst.”


Song Linsheng curled his lips, and whispered while feeding people water, “I hope you don’t have a problem with the memory fragments later .”




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