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MADLM Chapter 6


Chapter 6


When eating at noon, Shi Nan sent a message to Song Linsheng asking if he was still uncomfortable.


The expected person didn’t reply to him.


Shi Nan, the man who was still ambitious and sincere last night, gritted his teeth. Look at it this way, this person may not have that meaning at all.


He cooked for him last night, cooked ginger soup for him, and slept on the sofa for him. This person did not even reply to a message. He was kind for the dog.


Shi Nan thought that thanks to the lack of affection between the two, otherwise the marriage would have been separated a hundred and eighty times.


At night, Shi Nan didn’t work overtime, so he took a detour to his father’s, and deliberately didn’t tell Song Linsheng.


Seeing that Song Linsheng hadn’t come together, Shi Haiping blamed Shi Nan. Shi Nan just found a reason to prevaricate.


At the beginning of the marriage, Shi Nan brought Song Linsheng back. When Shi Haiping saw Song Linsheng, he liked it very much. He praised him for his maturity and good temper, so he almost wrote the word satisfaction on his forehead.


Seeing Shi Haiping’s happy face, Shi Nan felt that this marriage was considered right anyway.


Shi Haiping looked good recently. He woke up early to practice Tai Chi,1 Tai Chi : Tai chi, short for T’ai chi ch’üan or Tàijí quán, sometimes colloquially known as “Shadowboxing,” is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation. took a walk in the evening, and went to senior colleges on weekdays to write calligraphy. He cultivated his body and looked good unlike cancer patients.


Shi Haiping was diagnosed with cancer more than half a year ago. In the middle stage of gastric cancer, he has been recuperating at home after surgery.


Gastric cancer surgery is very expensive, and the proportion of people who can survive for more than five years is not high.


Fortunately, Shi Haiping is more optimistic. Since knowing that he was ill, he has not been too pessimistic, and the operation has been quite successful. It depends on the healing situation afterwards.


Shi Nan originally wanted to move back to live with Shi Haiping so that he could take care of him, but Shi Haiping refused to allow him to go back, saying that young people should put career first. However, Shi Nan arranged a caretaker for him . Fortunately, Shi Nan’s aunt lives in the same building as Shi Haiping and can take care of him sometimes .


Shi Nan ate dinner at Shi Haiping’s place. During the meal, his cousin Sang Yan asked about Shi Nan’s video about finding a child.


“Brother, did the one who was looking for the child reply ?”


“It’s only one day, how can there be news so soon.” Shi Nan said.


“Oh, it’s so pitiful.” Sang Yan sighed, “The child has been lost for ten years, and the parents have not given up looking for it. How tormenting it is! .”


When Shi Haiping and his aunt asked what they were talking about, Sang Yan stopped. Shi Nan showed you the video to them. After watching the video, his aunt felt a little bit sad and  sighed: “Many children were lost before . Now we have an online platform. I hope they can have more hope.”


“Yes.” Cousin Sang Yan Nodded, “Some time ago, there were several people who found their biological parents because of online platforms.” After dinner, Shi Nan played two games till late with Sang Yan. During this time, Shi Nan was absent minded and picked up his mobile phone and looked at it from time to time. Sang Yan was anxious: “Brother, can you be more focused , how many times did you rush to send the head off?” Shi Nan said that he was really trying.


Shi Nan stayed at home until more than eight o’clock before driving back.


When he arrived at the door, Shi Nan took a deep breath and warned himself to be normal. After all, the relationship between the two tends to be living together like roommates and he can’t demand too much from roommates.


Shi Nan took out the key to open the door, and the room was glowing with a warm yellow light and smelled of food.


The man on the sofa is leaning against the sofa with his legs crossed and reading a book. The whole person fits perfectly with this home, like a work of art.


Pleasing to the eye.


Shi Nan was stunned for several seconds.


Hearing the sound, Song Linsheng raised his head and looked over, with an unwavering expression: “You’re back.”


Shi Nan didn’t know how to react for a while.


When Shi Nan closed the door, Song Linsheng stood up and asked him, “Have you eaten?”


“Huh?” Shi Nan’s eyes fell on the dining table, then walked over, sweet and sour pork ribs,2sweet and sour pork ribs :

braised hooves,3 braised hooves :

and stir-fried kidneys 4 stir-fried kidneys :

. These were the dishes he ordered last night .


“You… haven’t eaten… yet?” Shi Nan squeezed out such a sentence after a long time.


Song Linsheng looked at his face, and Shi Nan looked a little embarrassed.


Song Linsheng seemed to recognize his guilty conscience, and said, “It’s okay. Put it in the refrigerator and eat it tomorrow.”


“Don’t don’t…” Shi Nan hurriedly stopped him, “I haven’t eaten, I’m eating now, and you haven’t eaten either. Come on, let’s eat together.”


Even the chopsticks near those dishes weren’t moved , obviously just waiting for him.


The two sat at the dining table together. Shi Nan ate quite full at night. Even though the food looked delicious, he really couldn’t eat it. Song Linsheng didn’t say much, and ate his own.


Shi Nan bit on a piece of spare ribs for a long time, and praised: “It’s delicious.”


Song Linsheng ignored him.


The ribs and the hoof on the table were basically not touched by Song Linsheng , only some greens.


When Shi Nan ate with Song Linsheng every day, he also discovered that Song Linsheng didn’t seem to like meat. Every day, Shi Nan ate meat and Song Linsheng only ate vegetables.


Shi Nan thought that this person was saving money .


At noon the next day, when Ji Ke, Shinan and Wen Yifan went out for dinner at night, Shi Nan sent a message to Song Linsheng telling him that he would not go back for dinner at night, and let him solve it by himself.


Actually, Shi Nan wanted to introduce Song Linsheng to Ji Ke and Wen Yifan. After all, they were Shi Nan’s best buddies, but he hadn’t found a chance to talk to them about marriage, and he had dinner with them. He  also has to tell Song Linsheng in advance, so suddenly, Song Linsheng may not be mentally prepared.


So wait for the next time.


Shi Nan and Wen Yifan ordered a few bottles of beer, and Ji Ke said that he would not drink anymore as he had a mission tomorrow.


Ji Ke said that it was impossible to reveal information about the mission . Anyway, he had to disappear for a while, sometimes a few days, sometimes a month, the longest time, Shi Nan and Wen Yifan had not seen him for half a year.


“Brother, we know your discipline, we won’t ask too much, anyway, safety is the most important thing.” Shi Nan clicked Ji Ke’s cup with his own.


Wen Yifan also joined with him, and the three of them had a drink together.


Ji Ke smiled and said, “Don’t worry, brother, I’m very lucky .”


“Well,if your little girlfriend knows is she going to get angry again?” Wen Yifan teased Ji Ke.


“Fuck off.” Ji Ke glanced at him and said, “We broke up .” “Really?” Wen Yifan’s eyes widened, “How many times is this ?”


“If you don’t have time to spend time with others, breaking up is normal ,” Shi Nan said.


Ji Ke is a good-looking person and has a good job, but his relationship life is quite bumpy. A girlfriend can stay with him for less than a month and is a quasi-scorer, and he can’t complain about the little girl. He hasn’t explained his situation to half ofthe people he dated , maybe it will be ten and a half months before they meet again after meeting once , and no one can stand it.


“You are not qualified to speak as a single dog for ten thousand years.” Ji Ke glared at him.


Shi Nan chuckled twice: “When you come back next time, I might not be a single dog.”


” Why , see if this is the case?” Wen Yifan instantly got Shi Nan’s point.


Shi Nan touched the tip of his nose, then picked up the wine glass and knocked the two of them. “I’m chasing it. I’ll catch up, and I will show you to see.” Shi Nan didn’t deliberately conceal it, but felt that his relationship with Song Linsheng is a little bit embarrassing . Although he was married, nothing actually happened.


Ji Ke and Wen Yifan pressed him, but Shi Nan refused to say anything, so they finally bickered and passed it on.


. Shi Nan hugged Ji Ke’s shoulders, “Brother, don’t be discouraged.I’ll ask my aunt to keep an eye out for you, and when you come back next time you’ll go on a blind date.”


“Then you say hello to our aunt for me.” Ji Ke hooked his shoulders with Shi Nan.


“Look at you, you’re a disgrace.” Wen Yifan mocked him.


Ji Ke: “You don’t know shit.”


Shi Nan’s cell phone sounded a notification midway, and Shi Nan took out his cell phone and glanced at it. It turned out to be Song Linsheng.


Song Linsheng: Then you have fun at night.


? ? ? ? ?


I sent him a message at 12:30 noon, and he didn’t reply until 7 pm, talent.




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  • 1
    Tai Chi : Tai chi, short for T’ai chi ch’üan or Tàijí quán, sometimes colloquially known as “Shadowboxing,” is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation.
  • 2
    sweet and sour pork ribs :

  • 3
    braised hooves :

  • 4
    stir-fried kidneys :

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