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MADLM Chapter 4


Chapter 4


Because the company was acquired, there was nothing to do except the HR interview, so Shi Nan got off work earlier and passed by the rented parking space when he returned home. Song Linsheng’s car was not there, obviously he had not yet returned home.


Shi Nan thought that Song Linsheng had been cooking for him since his marriage, and he didn’t seem to have cooked a meal for the other party, so he might as well give Song Linsheng a surprise today.


When Shi Nan got home, he went to the bathroom to arrange his hair, and then started a live broadcast to broadcast cooking to netizens.


“Hey, let’s broadcast the dinner to everyone today.” Shi Nan smiled at the camera, “Have you never seen me cooking? Let me show you today.” After saying hello, Shi Nan began to concentrate on cooking.


If he doesn’t cook very much, it doesn’t mean that he can’t cook. Of course, knowing how to cook doesn’t mean that he cooks deliciously.


In order not to make mistakes , Shi Nan chose the simplest two dishes, scrambled eggs with tomatoes 1 scrambled eggs with tomatoes :

and chicken wings with coke.2 chicken wings with coke:


——Hahahaha, the two simplest dishes.


——Do these things still need cooking skills?


– ah ah ah ah, handsome brother, shot from the side with no way out.


——The waist is so thin, the legs are so long, the apron…I have a nosebleed.




Shi Nan was cooking, occasionally saying a few words to the camera, and the number of viewers turned out to be hundreds of thousands.


After it was done, Shi Nan said goodbye to the camera, and then it was broadcast directly.


“What are you doing?” When he suddenly heard this familiar voice behind him, Shi Nan was frightened. Then he turned back  and let out a sigh of relief when he saw Song Linsheng, “You scared me to death. Dude, people are scared like this. ”


“Huh?” Song Linsheng frowned, “I opened the door, didn’t you hear it?”


Shi Nan held his chest and waved his hand: “I was too focused.”


Shi Nan raised his hand and looked at his watch. a quarter to seven.


Song Linsheng glanced behind Shi Nan, and then fell silent.


The kitchen was in a mess, the counter was full of pots and pans, the beaten egg shells were thrown directly on the chopping board, and there were water stains on the floor, all in a mess.


When Shi Nan saw Song Linsheng’s expression, he immediately became sober.


“I’ll clean up in a while.” Shi Nan coughed dryly and searched for some excuses for himself, “Cooking, it’s all like this, it’s normal, it’s normal.”


Song Linsheng didn’t say much, just helped to take out the meal.


During the meal, Song Linsheng asked about the acquisition of Shi Nan’s Company. Shi Nan glanced at him: “I thought your mobile phone couldn’t receive information.”


Song Linsheng was silent for a moment before saying, “Excuse me, I don’t see my mobile phone very much during the day. ”


“What kind of company, don’t let you look at your mobile phone.” Shi Nan didn’t believe it at all.


Song Linsheng didn’t speak.


The atmosphere between the two is a bit depressed, and no one know where the topic just now went.


After a while, Shi Nan felt that it was not worthwhile to depress himself over such a thing. Then he looked up at Song Linsheng from time to time. After several times, Song Linsheng met his eyes directly and asked him, “What’s wrong?”


” It’s nothing.” Shi Nan bowed his head to eat. After taking a few bites, he couldn’t help it. He raised his head again and planned to speak.


“It’s delicious.” Song Linsheng said suddenly.


Shi Nan: “…ah…”


This person is not stupid.


“It’s delicious.” Song Linsheng picked up a chicken wing and placed it in a Shi Nan’s bowl, “but don’t do it in the future.”




“What do you think?” Song Linsheng asked him back.


Shi Nan pouted, your uncle!, I was disliked again.


After dinner, Song Linsheng went to the kitchen to clean the battlefield, while Shi Nan made two cups of honey grapefruit tea and sat on the sofa and waited.


He also found a movie, and planned to watch it together. By the way, they could talk and get to know each other.


When Shi Nan pulled out a smile and planned to greet Song Linsheng over, he heard Song Linsheng say, “I have a headache. I’m going to rest first.”


“Headache?” Shi Nan jumped off the sofa and came to Song Linsheng without thinking. He raised his hand and touched his forehead.


Song Linsheng went stiff.


Shi Nan’s hands were warm, with a delicate fragrance of grapefruit.


“It’s not like a fever. Do you feel chills ?” Shi Nan observed Song Linsheng’s complexion. “Why are your lips white? Shall I take you to the hospital?”


Shi Nan said and he was about to turn around and get the car key. Song Linsheng grabbed his arm.


“It’s okay, I might have a cold. It’s a bit cold, and I’ll be fine after sleeping .” Shi Nan hesitated: “Then… OK, you go to bed first, if you have anything, call me.”




Song Linsheng went back to the room, and Shi Nan thought for a while and went to the kitchen to cook him ginger soup.


Shi Nan blamed himself while cooking, and he was probably the reason why Song Linsheng was so tired during this time.


Thinking about it, he had a good time by himself .But now in addition to going to work, Song Linsheng still has to cook and wash clothes and wait for another person when he gets home. It’s weird if he’s not tired.


Shi Nan knocked on Song Linsheng’s door lightly while carrying the cooked ginger soup, but no one answered.


Shi Nan was afraid that something went wrong with him, so he opened the door and walked in.


A small night light was turned on in the room, Song Linsheng was trapped in the quilt, and Shi Nan could see the sweat beads on his forehead while standing at the door.


Shi Nan walked over and picked up the tissue on the table to wipe his sweat. The man grabbed Shi Nan’s wrist without opening his eyes.


The strength was so strong that Shi Nan grinned and shouted, “I, I, I, I.”




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  • 1
    scrambled eggs with tomatoes :

  • 2
    chicken wings with coke:
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