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MADLM Chapter 3


Chapter 3


On Wednesday morning, Shi Nan woke up earlier than usual, mainly because he drank too much soup the night before and was awakened by urine.


When Shi Nan left the bedroom, he saw the light in the kitchen. He checked the time and it was just a little past five o’clock.


When Shi Nan came to the kitchen, he saw Song Linsheng actually cooking in the kitchen.


“Are you so early?” Shi Nan was surprised.


“Didn’t you say you wanted to drink congee with preserved eggs and lean meat. I tasted it at the breakfast shop downstairs and it didn’t taste very good.” Song Linsheng turned his back to Shi Nan.


Shi Nan leaned over and took a look, and was shocked: “So just because I said something, you do it yourself?”


Song Linsheng didn’t say a word, just dumped the lean meat into the pot.


“Are you stupid?” Shi Nan couldn’t help asking.


Song Linsheng glanced at him, Shi Nan leaned against him, and whispered, “I  just said casually,  you take it seriously too?”


Song Linsheng turned his head back and said flatly, “No trouble.”


Shi Nan couldn’t help but hook the corner of his lips and turned his head to look at him: “How many boyfriends have you had? Why did you break up?”


“What?” Song Linsheng suspected that he had misheard, “What boyfriend?”


“Oh.” Shi Nan smiled like a cat who just stole the fish  ​​”You look good, you cook deliciously, and you are so considerate, you are not too young, why, don’t you have an ex?”


Song Linsheng put down the ladle and turned to face Shi Nan. Looking at him lightly: “Why, do I have to have an ex when I’m old?” “…That’s not…” Shi Nan looked at him, feeling a little itchy in his heart.


“You have many exes ?” Song Linsheng squinted at him.


“Huh?” Shi Nan waved his hand hurriedly, “No, no.”


“You are not too young anymore,” Song Linsheng said again.


Shi Nan: “…” This product is really unwilling to eat a loss.


Although Lao Tzu 1 Lao Tzu : an arrogant way of referring to himself. does not have many exes , Lao Tzu has many blind dates.


Do you have so many blind dates like Lao Tzu?


Shi Nan’s emotional experience is blank if you say there isn’t any , and if there is, it is beyond count.


It depends on how it goes.


Although Shi Nan had a lot of blind dates, each of them was just chatting for two or three days and then nothing was left. The people he really got involved with … none.


Shi Nan was laughed at by his university roommates Ji Ke and Wen Yifan for many years. Shi Nan found himself to make up a saying for himself. It was called passing through the green leaves, leaving no leaves on his body.


It’s better than Ji Ke dating one person after the other, and every time Wen Yifan chases people, they already have someone they like.


When Shi Nan looked at the man who got up early in the morning to cook porridge for him because he casually said a word, his heart inevitably got a little itchy.


Because Song Linsheng made breakfast early, Shi Nan walked from home ten minutes earlier than usual. These ten minutes meant that he avoided the most congested morning peak and arrived at the company twenty minutes earlier.


Shi Nan took out his mobile phone and put it on the stand to start recording, then wiped his desk and Ding Chen’s desk, and watered the flowers and plants in the office, and finally showed an eight-toothed smile to the camera. : “Good morning everyone.” He edited the video a bit and uploaded it to his video account.


Shi Nan has his own video account. Although he hasn’t acted in many scenes, he has been on the screen after all, plus his face is worth appreciating , and he uploaded a video on weekdays and occasionally opened a live broadcast or something, so now, there are more than one million fans on the video platform.


Shi Nan’s video account has not been operated by deliberately thinking about what to post . What is posted is all trivial things in life, because he is editing, and the video is easy to shoot.


Shi Nan checked the private message by the way.


After reading a lot, one of them caught Shi Nan’s attention.


It is a missing person notice.


The person in the private message said that he had been looking for his biological son for more than ten years. Seeing that Shi Nan had a lot of fans, he hoped that Shi Nan could help him issue a missing person notice.


Shi Nan saw the information he had added, and then went to Weibo to search and confirm the private message.


This person’s information is open and transparent, and many Weibo posts have been reposted by others.


Shi Nan chatted with him for a few words, and after learning about the situation, he asked for a photo of his son a few years ago, and then edited a video and uploaded it to the video account.


If you can help with this kind of thing, even though the chances of finding the the child having been lost for more than ten years are very small, the world is always full of miracles, just in case.


After Shi Nan finished all this, the employees in the company began to check in to work one after another.


When Ding Chen arrived ten minutes late, he rushed in and screamed: “I saw someone coming to the head office. They entered the head office of Wang. It should be for hand over work.”  A week has passed since the last time they had heard news of acquisition , and finally there is some movement.


Many people in the company probed into Chief Wang’s office, and soon the door of Wang’s office was opened.


Next to Mr. Wang was a woman about 30 years old, with short hair and light makeup, very beautiful and capable.


“This is the HR manager, An Ke sent by the head office. She will talk to you these two days, and everyone will be prepared.”


“What do you mean by talking?” Ding Chen whispered.


“Whether to go or stay, the right to choose is in the hands of others,” Shi Nan said.


Ding Chen glanced at him: “But we have used all our cleverness for the development of the company , and we should have to keep the right to choose in our own hands.”


“Then you go?” Shi Nan asked him.


“Then… it still depends on the situation.” But after that , Ding Chen’s tone changed. “This new company is more powerful than our original small and broken company. If you get mixed up, maybe in two years. You can pay back the mortgage.” In the following time , everyone in the company was called to HR’s office one by one. After they came out, some people began to pack things with a sad face, and some people smiled and said that the new company is better.


Ding Chen wanted to inquire about the gossip, but before he could put it into action, he was called into the office.


After Ding Chen came out, he slammed Shi Nan with a punch: “I was scared to death. Guess what?”


“Stay?” Shi Nan knew it was good news.


“More.” Ding Chen was very excited, looked around, and whispered, “10% salary increase.”


Shi Nan was a little surprised. To be honest, he didn’t worry about Ding Chen much before. After all, Ding Chen’s skills were there. Even if he doesn’t work here, there are many companies rushing to ask for him, but the new company’s immediate salary increase is also impressive.


“I think you must get more increase than me.” Ding Chen pushed him, “The next one is you, go.”


Shi Nan came to the office and knocked on the door. A cold female voice came from inside: “Enter.”


Shi Nan walked in and nodded hello to her: “Manager An, I’m Shi Nan doing post-editing.”


“Sit.” An Ke glanced at him, and then pointed to the chair at the table.


After Shi Nan sat down, An Ke looked at Shi Nan’s resume, and then said, “I saw that you were an actor before?”


“When there is a shortage of actors in the company, they are all small roles.” Shi Nan said.


“Seeing that your image is pretty good, do you have any ideas about signing an artist contract ?” Anke asked.


Shi Nan thought for a while: “If I don’t sign, I can’t stay in the company?”


“No.” An Ke shook her head, “I have seen your previous resume and your performance in the company over the years, including professionalism is very good, if you don’t plan to sign an artist contract, then raise your salary by 50% and be promoted to the manager of the planning department. ”


Promotion and salary increase?


This was something Shi Nan hadn’t thought about before. After all, this small company had little room for growth.


But it seems that it would be better to sign an artist contract . After all, the new company is relatively strong. If they want to sign him, they might really favor him. By that time, he will definitely make more money than being a planning manager. The mortgage may take one year to pay it back.


Quite tempting.


“How about it, do you want to go back and think about it?” An Ke asked.


“No need.” Shi Nan shook his head, “I’ll stay in the planning department.”


“Okay.” An Ke wrote a few lines on his resume and said, “After that, we will start recruiting employees. Go back and prepare. You will have to choose what kind of person you need.”


Ding Chen had been waiting in the corridor, and as soon as Shi Nan went out, he dragged him onto the small terrace.


Shi Nan told him about the situation, and Ding Chen frowned, “How good an artist is. I think if you develop well, you will definitely become popular.”


“I don’t have so many ideas when I get older.” Shi Nan smiled. “This is good too. I really like the job now.”


Ding Chen sighed and patted his shoulder: “Okay, this is also good. You will be my boss from now on, Manager Shi, from now on. Please take care of me. ”


Shi Nan scolded with a smile: “Get out.”


In fact, there are two main reasons why he does not sign an artist.


For one thing, in the actor industry, his age is indeed not too young, and he hasn’t been in the entertainment industry before, so it’s not easy to get in halfway without a backstage.


Secondly, he is married and has to support his family. In case of a bad situation , can he and Song Linsheng go to sleep on the road?


Alas, the people who have to feed their family are more restrained.


When eating at noon, Shi Nan sent another message to Song Linsheng.


Looking south and looking north: Our company was acquired and I was promoted.


Song Linsheng did not give a reply after half an hour.


Shi Nan wrinkled his nose at the phone. He decided to send Song Linsheng messages every day.




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    Lao Tzu : an arrogant way of referring to himself.
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