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MADLM Chapter 23. 2

Chapter 23 

[Part 2/2]


Shi Nan brought the fish soup to Song Linsheng, with a careful smile, “You taste it.”


Song Linsheng’s eyes fell on Shi Nan’s face, and he suddenly reached out and touched his face and shouted, “Shi Nan.”


“I’m here.” Shi Nan sat down next to him and picked vegetables for him. “Today are all the greens you like to eat. I learned from some recipes on the Internet. I have tasted them. Although it’s not as delicious as you did, it’s not bad. You can try it.”


Song Linsheng looked at the three dishes and one soup on the table. He knew that the person in front of him was doing his best to treat him well, and he was thinking about his mood. He was trying to make him happy.


Why…why do you always want to be like this, wronging yourself for the sake of others?


“Why is there no meat?” Song Linsheng asked suddenly.


“Meat?” Shi Nan was taken aback, and said hurriedly, “I’m not a kitchen killer. Let’s start with the simple ones. Today, we will not eat meat but fish.”


“Is it easy to kill fish?” Song Linsheng’s voice has no emotion. It was as usual but different from the gentleness before .


When Shi Nan glanced at him, it was a bit like Song Linsheng in the daytime.


“I thought it was simple, but I didn’t expect that I will have to kill fish. I have a small brain and didn’t think so much.” Shi Nan held his hand, “Okay, I remember, I won’t be in the kitchen anymore, okay? I’ll be an uncle who does nothing.”


Shi Nan felt sorry for him and wanted to agree with him in everything. So even if Song Linsheng’s tone was a little aggressive, Shi Nan still coaxed him with a good temper. A patient can’t be stimulated.


“Actually…” Song Linsheng smiled suddenly, “Not only meat, I also don’t eat fish.”


“Ah, you can’t eat fish either?” Shi Nan was annoyed, “If I knew, I wouldn’t make fish, I…” In the middle of the conversation, Shi Nan suddenly stopped. At home, Song Linsheng never mentioned that he could not eat meat.


Shi Nan looked at Song Linsheng abruptly, their eyes facing each other. Shi Nan felt a little incredulous, while Song Linsheng was calm and expressionless.


Song Linsheng opened his lips, “You have seen him, haven’t you?”


A layer of goosebumps formed on Shi Nan’s back uncontrollably.


Song Linsheng lowered his eyes, “He hurt your arm, I knew it at first glance.”


“Since you guessed it, why didn’t you ask?”




Shi Nan swallowed, and it took a long time to find his own voice, “You know?”


“What do I know?” Song Linsheng laughed at himself, “Dual personality?”


He knew.


He actually knew.


So, will he be the sub personality?


This was Shi Nan’s first reaction, and his second reaction was that he chose to marry him even when he knew it.


With so much news coming in, Shi Nan didn’t even know how he should react.


“Dual personality.” Song Linsheng didn’t look at Shi Nan, and said to himself, “I’m someone else during the day, and another at night. You have guessed it, haven’t you?” “Since you have guessed it, why do you treat me so well?”


Song Linsheng lifted his  eyes, ” Are you scared?”


The series of questions asked made Shi Nan speechless.


Is he afraid?


Of course he is afraid.


But this person is the first person in his life who he cares about so much, so he wants to help him and fight for himself.


But he did not expect that Song Linsheng knew everything from beginning to end.


Song Linsheng actually knew that he has a dual personality.


He actually knew.


Shi Nan closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and asked him as calmly as possible, “Why did you marry me?”


Song Linsheng looked down at the bowl of fish soup in front of him, and said lightly, “Because I didn’t expect him to buy your company, I didn’t expect you to see him.”


Shi Nan looked at him suddenly, “So, you planned to not tell me about it for the rest of your life?”


“Yes.” Song Linsheng admitted frankly, “Of course, the premise is to hide as long as the situation allows.” With such a quick answer without hesitation, Shi Nan laughed angrily.


Very good.


It was he who fed the dog with enthusiasm and wanted to save him, but in fact it was nothing more than self-improvement.


Even if he was so anxious that he wanted to hit someone, Shi Nan still told himself to be calm. Song Linsheng is not a normal person, and he cannot judge his mind by the standards of a normal person.


Shi Nan forced himself to calm down. The next second, Song Linsheng spoke again, “Shi Nan, let’s get a divorce.”


Shi Nan exploded, he stood up from his chair and stared at Song Linsheng, emphasizing each word, “What.Did.You.Say ?”


“I said, let’s get a divorce.” Song Linsheng looked at Shi Nan and even smiled, “I don’t think we are suitable, so we can have a peaceful divorce .”


“Heh…” Shi Nan was completely overwhelmed by anger, ” I haven’t mentioned it yet. What qualifications do you have to say divorce…”


“Okay, then you mention it.”


“…” Shi Nan choked, “Okay, divorce, who can’t divorce ?”


“Okay, three days later, see you in the Civil Affairs Bureau.” Song Linsheng stood up, “It’s still seven o’clock in the evening, I will make an appointment in advance.” After Song Linsheng said this, he went to the hallway and took the car key and left Shi Nan’s house.


When he saw the door closed, Shi Nan held his anger in his chest and couldn’t help but vent. So he picked up the fish soup on the table and threw it to the ground.


With the sound of “clang”, the fragments spread out, and the smell of fish soup filled the whole room.


“If you want to get divorced, we will get divorced. Whatever you like, I won’t stop you.”


Song Linsheng drove back to Crown Mansion after leaving Shi Nan’s house.


At the moment when he opened the door, Song Linsheng could no longer support himself and slipped to the ground, the pain from his head made him unable to support.


He hugged his head in pain.


Song Linsheng curled up on the ground, there was no light at home, which made him terrified. He forced himself to stand up and turn on the light at the entrance, and then fell back to the ground again.


Just stop it, and give Shi Nan a peaceful life, don’t disturb his life anymore, he is already bitter enough.


He hugged his legs tightly, put his back against the wall, and fell into a coma.




“Brother…wait for me…I’m afraid…”


“Brother, don’t leave me, I’ll be obedient…”





When Song Linsheng woke up suddenly, it was already bright outside. He looked at himself in a daze. He was lying in the entrance hall, and the clothes on his body did not belong to him.


Song Linsheng raised his head and glanced at the wall clock on the wall. It was 8:40.


It used to be 8 o’clock in the morning when he changed over, why was it late this time?


And he was awakened from his sleep.


That dream…


Who is saying brother?


Song Linsheng looked into the mirror, staring at the corners of his lips. Why did they look like they had been bitten?


Is he in love? (E/N: Referring to Night Linshen, Day Linsheng probably mistook it as kiss bite hoho)


Shi Nan’s anger continued until the next morning. He didn’t plan to go to work. He thought about resigning. After all, it was Song Linsheng’s site.


But… he couldn’t express his anger, and Shi Nan felt that he might be suffocated to death. So he cleaned up, took the car key and went out.


When he came to the company, he found that only one elevator was on and the other was being installed.


Xiangyang had to find someone to change the elevator?


When Shi Nan walked over, the elevator that was in normal operation had just left. It was estimated that there would be some time to go back and forth for more than 40 floors. Shi Nan didn’t wait for the elevator at all, and climbed the stairs on his legs.


Shi Nan was depressed as he climbed the stairs. Although one night had passed, the depression in his heart was not only not relieved, but became more and more intense.


Shi Nan was tired from walking, sat down on the steps, lifted his clothes and wiped the sweat from his forehead, then couldn’t help but yell, “Song Linsheng, you bastard tortoise, you have to wear a green hat sooner or later. You will be green to death.”


The person who had just turned a staircase heard the words and paused, and then Xiang Yang’s voice sounded in the corridor, “Brother, someone scolded you.”


After a while, Song Linsheng’s voice came: “I heard it.




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  1. Avatar jujube says:

    …Song Linsheng kind of deserves a beating. Ok, you have trauma, but what the hell is this?? Why is the first reaction to divorce rather than work things out? Does Song Linsheng even like Shi Nan? After knowing about his own condition and hurting Shi Nan, he’s not gonna deal with it and just leave? What’s up with that? Well, with almost everything out on the table now (because Day Linsheng is still in the dark, so to speak), I guess there is a chance to start over properly.

    Thanks for the update~

  2. Avatar Didigeorge says:

    Can I ask what happened to the story? Like is it on a break or has it been dropped? Cause I’m not familiar enough with the website enough to know if there was an announcement somewhere else.

    1. Lan Bao Bao Lan Bao Bao says:

      The story was on a break, as I was busy with my school . I will update it according to the previous schedule (on Sunday) starting from next week. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂🙂

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