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MADLM Chapter 23. 1

Chapter 23

[Part 1/2]



When Shi Nan went to the planning department, he met Xiang Yang, who was angrily returning. He just wanted to say hello to him, but unexpectedly, Xiang Yang acted as if he had seen a ghost, and turned his head away.


Shi Nan gave a “tsk”, it seemed that the child was shy.


It turned out that such a cool boy would be embarrassed too.


Shi Nan returned to the office, took out the cheque and looked at the signature on it.


Shi Nan has seen Song Linsheng’s signature before. Both parties needed to sign on the day they received the marriage certificate. Although his memory is not that good, he probably still remembers it.


It seems that the signature of the two is the same.


Shi Nan stuffed the cheque into his pocket. After thinking about it again, he took it out and locked it in the office drawer.


Until it was time to get off work , Song Linsheng did not fire him. Shi Nan felt that this matter should come to an end for the time being.



When he got off work, Shi Nan was afraid that Song Linsheng would retaliate against him, so he went around his car for fear that he would deflate his tires.


But it seems that Song Linsheng wouldn’t use such a retaliatory method.


Shi Nan first drove to the supermarket and bought a live fish. He planned to cook a fish soup to replenish Song Linsheng’s body and brain. After all, he transforms like Ultraman every day. Without a good body, he won’t be able to bear it. On the other hand, he also experienced an elevator panic during the day.


Shi Nan thought about it for a day. Song Linsheng already had a dual personality, so he was not surprised that he had claustrophobia. It was Xiang Yang that surprised him.


Xiang Yang called Song Linsheng “Brother”, but they are not at all similar. They look different, probably not brothers, but why are both of them afraid of the dark?


Is this thing contagious?


What made Song Linsheng fear? Why did he become like this?


There were too many doubts about Song Linsheng which Shi Nan couldn’t figure out. He sighed, love really made people blind. Song Linsheng is such a person but he still could not let go, even thought of saving him.


When Shi Nan returned home, he went to the kitchen and started cooking.


This was the first time that Shi Nan bought fish and cooked by himself. He just wanted to use a fresh fish, and completely forgot that he could kill the fish in the supermarket and bring it back.


Shi Nan looked at the fish in a daze, and in the next second, he raised the kitchen knife in his hand as if he was not afraid of death .



When Song Linsheng arrived home, he frowned when he heard the sound from the kitchen, then changed his shoes and went to the kitchen.


Shi Nan turned his back to the door and lowered his head to put something in the pot, but no sound was heard.


Based on the experience that scared Shi Nan several times before, Song Linsheng knocked on the door hard this time. Shi Nan turned around to see Song Linsheng and smiled, “You are back? I’m cooking.”


“Didn’t I say that you’re not allowed to enter the kitchen?” Song Linsheng stepped forward.


“Don’t worry, there is no trouble this time. You have a look.” Shi Nan pointed to the clean kitchen, “I have cleaned everything up, and you can wait for dinner.”


Song Linsheng looked around. Indeed, compared to the mess of the last time, the kitchen is very clean this time. Everything that should be thrown in the trash can is thrown in, and the countertops are also very tidy.


“My stewed fish soup.” Shi Nan pointed to the pot to show him, “It’s made for you.”


Song Linsheng grabbed Shi Nan’s hand, “How did you make it?”


There were several scars on Shi Nan’s hand. There was also a knife cut with blood still oozing.


“It’s okay, it’s just a cut.” Shi Nan wanted to withdraw his hand, but unexpectedly Song Linsheng clenched his hand.


Shi Nan didn’t think it was going to be like this. But it was the first time he had removed the scales, so he would inevitably hurt his hands at the beginning.


Song Linsheng picked up Shi Nan’s other hand and looked at it. There were also a few small scratches on that hand.


After such a tossing, Shi Nan’s sleeve was rubbed up, and the marks on his arm were also exposed.


How miserable Shi Nan is now.


Song Linsheng’s face became particularly ugly, “What happened to your arm? You were fighting again?”


Shi Nan didn’t know how to explain it. The main reason was that the bruise last time was an accident, and the finger marks on his arm were particularly obvious this time.


Just as Shi Nan was brainstorming about how to find a reasonable excuse to fool around, Song Linsheng suddenly let go of his hand and said in a deep voice, “Shi Nan, can you be more obedient? Why do you always do something to hurt yourself? What’s the matter?”


“Huh?” Shi Nan froze for a moment and explained hurriedly, “This one on my arm was done by a colleague. I have white skin. You can see that you just caught me, but it left traces, didn’t it?”


Shi Nan shook his arm in front of Song Linsheng to show him.


“Didn’t I tell you not to enter into the kitchen?” Song Linsheng raised his voice, obviously unhappy.


“Oh, I’m not a fool. I just made a meal. Today… this is purely a mistake.” Shi Nan really felt that he was just making a meal. Who doesn’t have any wounds on his body? There’s no need to over-react.


“You are always like this.” Song Linsheng suddenly snarled, “Always have lots of ideas and always don’t know the dangers. You have to do things that you are not allowed to do. Why can’t you be more obedient?”


Song Linsheng’s roar was a little fascinating to Shi Nan. Since the two have met, Song Linsheng has always been relatively stable, and his emotions are not very exposed. What’s wrong today?


“Song… Song Linsheng?” Shi Nan stretched out his hand to touch him, but Song Linsheng avoided him.


Song Linsheng realized that he was too impulsive, and took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll calm down first.”


Shi Nan hurriedly chased him out, and he was relieved to see that Song Linsheng had returned to the guest room and did not go out.


He thinks Song Linsheng is not right today. Is it because of the uncomfortable elevator incident during the day or because of his so-called injury?


Although the two were in a very ambiguous moment, Shi Nan didn’t feel that their relationship had reached the point where a little bit of pain would make Song Linsheng so angry.


He might just be uncomfortable and want to vent it.


Shi Nan found it understandable.


Shi Nan sat in the living room watching the silent TV, waiting for Song Linsheng to calm down and come out for dinner.


At this time, Wen Yifan called him. Shi Nan picked it up and said lazily, “What are you doing?”


“Come out for a drink.” it was a little noisy where Wen Yifan was, it should be in a bar.


“No, there’s something to deal with.”


Wen Yifan laughed at him, “You can have a fart as a single dog.”


“You’re a single dog.” Shi Nan whispered, “There’s something really wrong, wait for the next time to meet again . ”


“Okay, okay, I’ll take you out next time.”


“Of course.” After Shi Nan hung up the phone, he sighed for no reason.


During this period of time, the number of times he sighed obviously increased. First, he was worried about Song Linsheng, and second, he felt a little helpless.


Shi Nan got up and went outside the guest room and knocked on the door lightly, “Song Linsheng, I’m eating first.” There was no sound inside. Just when Shi Nan was about to push the door directly in and take a look, Song Linsheng opened the door and walked out.


Shi Nan smiled at him and coaxed him, “It’s okay, don’t be awkward. Come out to eat, I’m making fish soup for the first time, you have to give me some face no matter what.”


Song Linsheng didn’t say a word, and grabbed Shi Nan’s hand first. He took him to the sofa and let him sit down, then found a band-aid from the medicine box and taped the wound on Shi Nan’s hand.


“Thank you, it doesn’t hurt at all.” Shi Nan smiled, then took his hand and led him to the dining table, let him sit down, and then went to the kitchen to bring out the food by himself.




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