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MADLM Chapter 22

Chapter 22


In the president’s office, Shi Nan was sitting on the sofa, Xiang Yang was still holding his arm and not letting go, shaking all over.

Shi Nan patted him on the shoulder and called out his name, “Xiang Yang?”

Xiang Yang didn’t seem to be aware of it, and looked pitiful.

Shi Nan couldn’t help thinking, what is it that makes him so scared?

Song Linsheng stayed inside for a long time and didn’t come out, and he didn’t know what happened inside. (E/N: SL was in the inner room)

An Ke only dared to come into the office. But she didn’t dare to go into the inner room casually, and could only wait outside.

It is not convenient for Shi Nan to drag Xiang Yang on his body, so he can only say to An Ke, “Go in and take a look.”

An Ke immediately shook her head, “No.” She is not stupid.

Shi Nan: …

The strong woman who is resolute on weekdays, and doesn’t procrastinate at all, refused to go in.

Shi Nan was really worried. First, he had a personality split, and then claustrophobia. Isn’t this a bit troublesome?

Just when Shi Nan was about to drag Xiang Yang over to take a look, he saw that the inner door opened and Song Linsheng walked out of it.

Shi Nan looked at him immediately, Song Linsheng’s hair was covered with water droplets, it must have been washed with cold water, his face was a little pale, and he looked very haggard.

The appearance of Song Linsheng made Shi Nan want to hug him.

Song Linsheng walked over, squatted down in front of Xiang Yang, raised his hand and gently touched his head, warmly said, “Xiao Ran, it’s all right, it’s all over.”

Song Linsheng, who was so gentle, made Shi Nan look dumbfounded. Shouldn’t this be a radical personality? How could you speak in such a gentle tone?

In a daze, Shi Nan thought he saw Song Linsheng from the night.

No, Song Linsheng didn’t seem to be so gentle at night.

Damn, he was a little sour.

The people holding Shi Nan suddenly reacted when they heard this, and quietly raised their eyes to look at Song Linsheng. Song Linsheng smiled at him, “It’s okay, Xiao Ran. Come on.” Song Linsheng stretched out his hand to Xiang Yang.

Xiang Yang’s eyes gradually became clear, he replied softly, “Brother?”

Song Linsheng: “It’s me, I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

The trembling on Xiang Yang’s body gradually stopped, and his eyes also became normal.

Shi Nan was sour and astringent in his heart, sighing. What kind of brotherhood is this, it’s so touching.

The next second, Song Linsheng slapped Xiang Yang’s head with a slap, “Get up when you’re done, shameless.”

Shi Nan: “…” I’m sorry, it’s sloppy.

Xiang Yang clutched his head, he completely regained his senses, and then jumped three feet high, “Damn , who installed this broken elevator?! F*ck , I will find a lawyer to sue them.”

Xiang Yang fluttered out of the office like a gust of wind. They can still hear the roar of Xiang Yang from outside the office.


Shi Nan felt that his experience in the past few days was more than that of his twenty-six years combined.

Shi Nan moved his numb arms. Damn, now both his arms are almost broken. These two men are masters who can break arms. All the strength is used on him, can’t he have a good and gentle grip for once?

Shi Nan felt that he should go to a Buddha to worship Bodhisattva and transfer some luck to himself.

“Shi Nan, let’s talk.” An Ke waved to Shi Nan, motioning him to go out with her.

Shi Nan received her signal, got up and walked out.

Halfway through, Shi Nan suddenly stopped again, so why should he leave?

Your brother Nan is the one who suffered.

That can’t happen.

Shi Nan turned to Song Linsheng suddenly, not smiling, “Mr. Song, don’t you have to say something?”

“Say… what?” Song Linsheng squinted at him, as if he didn’t understand what he meant.

Shi Nan sneered, then rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, “Look at it for yourself.”

Shi Nan was very pale, and the marks on his arms were particularly clear.

An Ke frowned. This was the first time she saw someone challenging Song Linsheng.

“Shi Nan.” An Ke interrupted him aloud, “The company will compensate you for today’s affairs, and you will come with me.”

Shi Nan didn’t seem to hear An Ke’s words, so he took a step forward and approached Song Linsheng.

Song Linsheng stepped back and distanced himself.

Shi Nan let out a “tsk” in his heart. Hehe, he understands the sense of distance.

“Mr. Song, wasn’t it you who just grabbed me and held me that time?” Shi Nan deliberately said in a voice that only Song Linsheng could hear.

Song Linsheng’s face immediately became extremely ugly.

Shi Nan’s heart was dark for a while, and what was in front of him was not the Song Linsheng he liked, but Song Linsheng who almost took off his arm. As the saying goes, if you have a grudge, it is not a gentleman who does not take revenge. Your brother Nan holds the most vengeance.

Shi Nan laughed, “I’m a handsome, smart, and wise man. It’s good everywhere, but I am also a bit bad. That is just not being able to keep my mouth shut. What happened in the elevator…”

An Ke was completely stunned, she now believed that Shi Nan really didn’t want to do it.

Listening to Shi Nan’s words, Song Linsheng’s eyes gradually sank.

“Make a price.” Song Linsheng said.


Shi Nan was shocked. So direct?

Worthy of being the boss of Tianguang, huh…

“Do you think I am someone who lacks money?” Shi Nan snorted disdainfully.

Song Linsheng didn’t speak, but his eyes were straightforward: I think you are short of money.

Shi Nan pointed to his right arm, “Here, you apologize.” This is the arm that was almost removed by you. You have to apologize.

Shi Nan pointed to his left arm again, “Here, thank you.” This is the arm you just grabbed, and you have to thank me.

Your brother Nan has a clear line between love and hate, and he doesn’t owe him or owes him (SL) a debt. (E/N: confusing, basically SN meant, they both don’t owe each other)

Song Linsheng looked at him coldly, and Shi Nan looked back without timidity.

An Ke felt that the atmosphere in the office had dropped down, and it felt like a fight would start in the next second.

“Thank you.” Song Linsheng said suddenly.


Shi Nan was shocked. He actually thanked him?

Isn’t he having auditory hallucinations?

For this kind of thing, shouldn’t they disagree with each other? The one who should fight takes the initiative to thank him?

Shi Nan was secretly guarding, planning to take preemptive actions if Song Linsheng took any actions later.

Song Linsheng pointed at Shi Nan’s left arm without expression, “I should really be thankful for what happened in the elevator, but that day…”

Song Linsheng lowered his voice, “I’m pretty sure you were following me.” By implication, don’t find fault, or you will be implicated.

Shi Nan didn’t speak. Indeed, he was following him that day.

From another angle, Song Linsheng didn’t know him, and it was normal to react after being followed. Forget it, he will note this down first, and he will give it back when there is a chance. But he can’t tell him now.

“All right.” Shi Nan waved his hand indifferently.

An Ke breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then I’ll make a price.” Shi Nan said again.

An Ke’s entire face collapsed. What was Shi Nan doing? Why is it an offer again?

“Don’t you refuse money?” Song Linsheng sneered, “Why, you’re unclear?”

Laughing at him?

Shi Nan slandered in his mind, your Brother Nan has a thick-skinned face.

“Let’s talk about it, how much is it?” Song Linsheng was refreshed and took out the checkbook directly.

“Should you tear up a check and let me fill it out?” Isn’t it the same on TV series?

Song Linsheng raised his eyes at him, “You, do you think I’m stupid?”

Heh, you’re not stupid, you’re smart.

Shi Nan thought for a while and stretched out a finger.

“One million? Shi Nan, you figure it out clearly.” An Ke couldn’t help but say.

She didn’t say this from Song Linsheng’s point of view. A greater part was for the good of Shi Nan. Shi Nan had never been in contact with Song Linsheng, and he didn’t know what Song Linsheng was like.

The entertainment industry is the accumulation of wealth and power. There is no simple one who can have a place in it, and Song Linsheng, who has no background and no backing, can work hard to this day, will never be a sheep.

An ke has worked here since she graduated. In these years, no one dared to say this to Song Linsheng.

“One million? Are you sure?” Song Linsheng asked in a deep voice.

Shi Nan sighed that it is really the world of rich people, starting with a million at every turn, pitying his little Ford which he drove, a little over 100,000.

Shi Nan raised his hand and snapped his fingers in front of Song Linsheng’s eyes, “Mr. Song, I’m a person. I’m all about fairness. Medicated oil for eighteen yuan . Because my arm hurts, I am in a bad mood, and I ate two less milk buns, count two yuan. There is also the mental loss caused by it, count…twenty. More importantly, you made me feel uncomfortable after seeing you. This is a bit more expensive, count 30, just round it up. Give me a hundred yuan.”

Song Linsheng: …

An Ke: …

Song Linsheng looked at Shi Nan with complicated expressions for a long time before saying, “Are you sure your brain is normal?”

“Ha…” Shi Nan turned and rolled his eyes. Why are you not embarrassed to ask me if my brain is normal?

You have a split personality, and you said that my brain is abnormal.

“I’ll give you one hundred thousand. Shut your mouth tightly about today’s affairs.” Song Linsheng picked up the pen and planned to write the cheque.

Shi Nan took the pen from his hand at once, “One hundred, no more or less.”

An Ke could no longer understand the development of the plot.

Song Linsheng looked at him with stupid eyes.

Shi Nan put the pen back into his hand, “Hurry up, I have something to do, don’t delay me, do you know how much I am worth a minute? I am worth more than 50 cents a minute.”

Song Linsheng was stunned. And then raised his chin to An Ke, “Give him a hundred yuan.”

“Okay.” An Ke was busy looking for her wallet, but she had nothing on her, so she could only say, “Shi Nan, I will transfer it to you on WeChat?”

Shi Nan patted the table impatiently, and urged impatiently, “I want a cheque, you hurry up.”

Dare to pat the boss’s table, An Ke almost wanted to applaud for him.

Song Linsheng didn’t know what he thought. Anyway, he really wrote a cheque for one hundred yuan to Shi Nan.

Shi Nan walked out of the president’s office with the cheque.

An Ke came out behind Shi Nan and tugged at him a bit, “Shi Nan, come in with me.”

“Manager An, I won’t go there, I’m going back to work in the planning department,” Shi Nan said.

“What?” An Ke opened her eyes wide. “Are you not resigning?”

“No.” Shi Nan smiled, “If Song Linsheng wants to fire me, let him tell me directly.”

An Ke wanted to say, you should resign, otherwise it will be difficult for you to do things in this company in the future. After all, you are the first to dare to pat the boss’s table, the first to provoke the boss, and the first to blackmail the boss.



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