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MADLM Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Shi Nan was woken up by An Ke’s call. After getting up, he tried moving his arm. It turned out to be much better. Song Linsheng has some abilities .

 Thinking of this, Shi Nan let out another “hehe”. It may be that he has broken the arms of too many people , so he has experience.

 When Shi Nan went to the kitchen to take a look, Song Linsheng kept him breakfast, his favorite steamed dumplings and custard buns, as well as pumpkin porridge. In this case, he made it by himself instead of going out to buy it.

 Shi Nan started to sigh again as he ate.

 Such a good person, how can… Sigh…

 Shi Nan feels that he needs some time to think about it.

 After yesterday’s incident, he has thoroughly understood that Song Linsheng in the day and Song Linsheng in the evening are definitely not the same person. As for the so-called dual personality, it is still waiting to be confirmed. But whether or not it is, Shi Nan can only face half of Song Linsheng.

 But Shi Nan didn’t want to face him now.

 Shi Nan sent a message to Song Linsheng telling him that he would go home and live for two days there. Then he put his mobile phone in his pocket and left with the car key.

 Going down at five o’clock, Xiang Yang drove Song Linsheng to Crown Mansion. When he reached the bottom of the building, Song Linsheng got out of the car and went upstairs, and Xiang Yang drove away.

 Song Linsheng returned to the top-floor of the duplex house and glanced up at the wall clock on the wall. It was half past five.

 Song Linsheng came to the closet in the study room. There were two password boxes side by side. Song Linsheng entered the password on the password box on the right, then put his mobile phone in, and closed the password box again.

 When he was about to leave, he turned around and went to the password box on the left, entering a password. But the mechanical sound reminded him that the password was entered incorrectly.

 Song Linsheng loosened his neckline and turned to leave.

 After pouring a cup of warm water and drinking, Song Linsheng sat on the sofa and waited. The room was quiet, only the old wall clock on the wall was  ticking.

 Song Linsheng circled the house. He stayed at this house for two hours at most every day. He left the house in the morning and went home at night. The house is almost the same every day…

 Song Linsheng frowned suddenly, then got up and went to the bedroom. The bedding in the bedroom was neatly arranged. Why didn’t it look like someone had slept before?

 He has not been in the bedroom for many days, and it seems that the bedsheets have not been changed for a few days .

 Could it be that he didn’t sleep at home during this time?

 At six o’clock, the old clock on the wall began to ring. Song Linsheng felt a tingling pain from his head, and then he fell on the bed uncontrollably. As time passed, the pain became more and more severe. He curled up and his body was covered in sweat. When he couldn’t bear it, he  pressed his knees against his lower abdomen and clumped himself into a ball.


 When the pain passed, Song Linsheng lay on the bed and panted heavily. He relaxed for a full five minutes and got up from the bed.

 In the next moment, Song Linsheng quickly discovered that something was wrong. He used to wake up from the sofa, but why is he in bed today?

 Song Linsheng stood by the bed and looked at it, then came to the closet and took out a new set of bedding to replace, and threw the changed bedding into the washing machine.

 After finishing all this, Song Linsheng came to the study, entered the password to open the safe on the left, took out the mobile phone from it, and checked it. There were Shi Nan’s messages on it, saying that he had gone home and would stay there for a few days.

 After closing the safe, Song Linsheng thought for a while, and entered a password into the safe on the right.

 After a beep, the mechanical voice sounded, the password was entered incorrectly.

 Song Linsheng entered a password again, but it was still wrong.

 Song Linsheng took the car key and went downstairs to the garage and drove away the little blue Ford.

 Shi Nan regretted going home a little, mainly because Shi Haiping and his aunt were nagging and asked him why he didn’t bring Song Linsheng back together. Especially when Shi Nan didn’t look like he was in a good mood, Shi Haiping and aunt firmly believed that they had a quarrel. They advised Shi Nan, saying that it is inevitable for the couple to have small arguments. He should take a step backward, as long as it is not a matter of principle, they can sit down and talk. He should not run away from home…

 Shi Nan was having a headache, and Sang Wan next to him was unable to put away his smile.

 Shi Nan glared at him.

 Sang Wan showed him his little finger.

 ”By the way, where is Sang Yan?” Shi Nan finally found the gap and inserted a word in.

 Speaking of Sang Yan, his aunt started to get angry, “This naughty boy, I don’t know what he’s been doing recently. He doesn’t come back until midnight every night. You have to take care of him, Xiao Nan.”

 Finally, they stopped aiming at him. His hand kept tapping the phone.

 During the day, he found a psychological counselor from the Internet, and asked about the master personality and sub personality, and now the counselor gave him some replies.

 The counselor’s statement is that when the master personality and the sub-personality coexist, the master personality is generally not aware of the existence of the sub-personality. But the sub-personality can generally be aware of the existence of the master personality.

 The master personality is often a fragile existence, while the sub personality is more radical and separated for self-protection.

 Shi Nan’s thoughts returned to Song Linsheng. If he really had a dual personality, Song Linsheng must be more aggressive during the day. After all, he almost ripped his arms. But is Song Linsheng really vulnerable at night? He can’t see that either.

 Moreover, the counselor also said that under normal circumstances, the personality that has occupied the body for a longer period of time is the master personality, and the sub-personality is usually stimulated only when encountering special circumstances.

 If this is the case, will Song Linsheng be the master at night?

 The counselor also said that most sub-personality may be more uncomfortable with the name of the master personality and will give themselves another name.

 Shi Nan squinted his eyes. Both were called Song Linsheng, and he didn’t see whether he was uncomfortable. Maybe it was the reason why he knew too little about Song Linsheng who had changed. (E/N: Don’t know if the author had researched a bit about this, so there can be some wrong info. Please don’t mind if there’s any misinformation. Also, I did some searches and had some speculations about OSDD-1. Check it out if you’re interested! PS: Don’t really trust online counselors or doctors fully, some might be fake and would cause more harm than benefits :D)

 Shi Nan is a little confused. In fact, he should ask a professional counselor, but now he can’t figure out what is going on with Song Linsheng, and he dare not ask.


 When Shi Nan returned to the room and lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling, he now had two choices, either divorce or accept half of Song Linsheng, and then help him.

 But can he really help Song Linsheng?

 There is always a plot in the novels that one of the personalities wants to destroy the other personality. What if the daytime Song Linsheng is the last one left behind?

 Shi Nan sighed, turned over and streched his arm, and couldn’t help but cursed again, “Song Linsheng, damn you.”

 Shi Nan took out his phone and pulled out the photo that the little girl took of the two before. He started thinking of the time they went shopping. Night market, watching movies, holding hands for the first time, kissing for the first time, hugging for the first time…

 Shi Nan began to miss Song Linsheng uncontrollably.

 ”Xiao Song is here! Hurry, hurry, come in.”

 Shi Haiping’s voice came from outside the door, and Shi Nan sat up straight, Xiao Song? Song Linsheng is here?

 ”Xiao Nan is back in the bedroom, you can go in, go in.”

 Shi Nan lay back hurriedly, turned off the light, and put on the quilt to pretend to sleep.

 ”I won’t go in, I just came to deliver something.” Song Linsheng’s voice came from outside.

 Shi Nan sat up, walked barefoot to the door of the bedroom and listened.

 ”Why did you buy cakes at night?” Shi Haiping asked in confusion.

 ”Ah, its me.” Sang Wan, who was watching TV, rushed over, “I sent a message to Brother Song saying that my brother wanted to eat cake. I didn’t expect Brother Song to bring it here. Brother Song, you are so kind. “

 Sang Wan took the cake with a smile, “Thanks, I’m leaving.”

 Shi Nan frowned, this brat.

 The bedroom door opened quickly, and Shi Nan walked out, “Stop.”

 Sang Wan’s leg that was about to step out was retracted back, he turned his head, and laughed twice, “Brother…”

 ”Put it down.” Shi Nan glared at him.

 ”Oh…Brother…” Sang Wan started acting like a baby.

 ”It’s okay, go.” Song Linsheng waved to him, Sang Wan stucked out his tongue at Shi Nan, and ran away carrying the cake.

 Song Linsheng put the other bag in his hand on the table, “There is more here.”

 Upon seeing this, Shi Haiping quietly returned to his room, leaving space for the two of them.

 Shi Nan looked at him, and said after a long time, “Are you stupid, you really believed him?”

 Song Linsheng was silent for a moment before whispering, “What if it’s true?”

 ”…” Shi Nan felt like his heartbeat started to accelerate uncontrollably.

 Song Linsheng stood under the lamp without speaking, but looked at Shi Nan.

 Shi Nan couldn’t say how he felt, he felt that Song Linsheng at this moment was a bit pitiful, and his heart was aching for him.

 If Song Linsheng didn’t know anything, would his indifference to him in the past two days also make him very sad?

 Obviously they were so close before.

 ”You come in with me.” Shi Nan turned and entered the bedroom, Song Linsheng followed, and before the latter could react, he was hugged.

 No lights were turned on in Shi Nan’s room, only a gap was left in the curtains to let in some light.

 After a moment of being stunned, Song Linsheng hugged him back. Then lifted Shi Nan up forcefully so that Shi Nan stepped on his feet.

 Shi Nan was buried in Song Linsheng’s shoulder blades, silent. He didn’t know what to say, he just wanted to hug him.

 He has never cared about a person so much. Even if Shi Nan knows that the best way for him is not to continue this relationship but he uncontrollably wants to get closer.

 ”Song Linsheng.” Shi Nan whispered his name.


 Shi Nan lifted his head and ground his teeth on Song Linsheng’s lips. Song Linsheng groaned, but didn’t hide. Shi Nan tasted the bloody smell and stuck out the tip of his tongue, licking it lightly.

 Song Linsheng took a breath, and then started to move quickly. The two fell on the bed behind him. Song Linsheng pressed against Shi Nan, and the two kissed fiercely.

 The darkness made all senses magnify, and Shi Nan was held tightly in the other’s arms, his breath was full of the latter’s smell, making him want to forget everything and just want to indulge.

 When Song Lingsheng felt Shi Nan’s hand pulling his shirt, he clasped his hand.

 The two foreheads pressed against each other and they breathed heavily. Shi Nan’s sanity gradually returned to the cage. The two clung to each other tightly. There was no heart-to-heart talking, but both of them knew everything about the situation.

 After a while, Song Linsheng lightly kissed Shi Nan’s forehead, then propped up his arm and stood up, Shi Nan lay there without moving.

 With that little light, Song Linsheng pulled the quilt over Shi Nan’s body, and then whispered, “I’m leaving now, you rest early.”

 ”Yeah.” Shi Nan raised his hand to cover his eyes, “Be careful on your way. Don’t forget to feed the rabbits.”


 Shi Nan heard the man open the door and lay there without moving. He doesn’t know how long it took before Shi Nan murmured, “I’m married to you…. I can’t leave you behind, right?”

 The next morning, when Shi Nan was still having breakfast, he received a call from An Ke, saying that she hoped he could go to the company and the two would meet and talk.

 Shi Nan had no objection to An Ke. Even if he resigned, he had to go through the formalities. After what happened last night, Shi Nan began to waver.

 After all, Song Linsheng in the daytime is also Song Linsheng.

 When Shi Nan arrived at the company at around nine o’clock, he stopped the car and went to wait for the elevator. He didn’t expect to see Song Linsheng in it and was caught off guard.

 Xiang Yang was drinking soy milk while biting a straw in his mouth. He was almost choked by the soy milk when he saw Shi Nan.

 Song Linsheng glanced at Shi Nan faintly, his eyes cold.

 Last night, they almost slept together. Now it’s like a stranger.

 Shi Nan couldn’t help but thought, every day is a fresh experience, huh?

 Shi Nan ignored him, he was not timid.

 Xiang Yang looked at his boss, then looked at the other, touched his nose, and greeted the latter, “Coming to work?”

 ”No, go through the resignation procedures.” Shi Nan held his head high, not even looking embarrassed for once.

 ”Resignation procedures?” Xiang Yang was surprised, “Didn’t he say that you should come back to work?”

 Shi Nan sneered, “Now is the 21st century, the old society is gone for a long time. I am not someone’s slave. He said he won’t let me come. I will not come, he says he will let me come, I will come? You can’t do whatever you want just because you are rich. People have dignity.” Look at how ambitious your Brother Nan is.

 Xiang Yang heard this and clapped his hands, “That’s good.”

 Shi Nan glanced at the child. He told him not to show up in front of his boss that day, and began to applaud him now, which is somewhat unreliable.

 The elevator came, and the three of them entered the elevator together. Xiang Yang was afraid that the two would fight, so he stood between the two and separated them.

 There was still a while from the second floor to the 36th floor. No one spoke in the elevator, and the atmosphere was suffocating.

 Seeing that Song Linsheng had been cold-faced, Xiang Yang thought about finding some topic to break the silence, and persuade Shi Nan to stay on the way up.

 After all, since Song Linsheng said that he would come back to work, he must have his intentions, and now the variable is that Shi Nan doesn’t want to come back. This is slapping Song Linsheng in the face. As a qualified assistant, he must share the worries for the big boss.

 Xiang Yang looked left and right. He suddenly said “Huh”, and then approached Song Linsheng, “Brother, what’s wrong with your lips?”

 Shi Nan couldn’t help but look over Song Linsheng’s lips. Song Linsheng had a noticeable wound on his lower lip. It looked quite obvious.

 ”It was when I was angry.” Song Linsheng said blankly.

 Shi Nan couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, you were angry? What fart, it was this Laozi that bit them.

 Then Shi Nan began to feel regretful. How impulsive he was when he saw Song Linsheng back then.

 Without waiting for Xiang Yang to speak again, the elevator suddenly made a loud noise, and then stopped operating for a moment. Then the lights in the elevator flickered a few times and then went out. The elevator was plunged into darkness.

 Shi Nan was accustomed to it. The company’s broken elevator always had problems, and people were often trapped in it. Ding Chen had bad luck and was trapped three times in a week, but it was the first time that Shi Nan encountered it.


 Shi Nan felt that the person holding him was trembling. It was not a pretense, and he couldn’t pull him away anymore. So he left him, but his arm was not healed yet, and it was quite uncomfortable to be held like this.

 ”Don’t howl, there is a flashlight on my phone, I’ll turn it on for you.” Shi Nan was speechless, such a cool-looking brother, how could he still be afraid of the dark.

 Shi Nan reached out to touch the phone in his trouser pocket. Before he could touch the phone, his left arm was suddenly grabbed.

 The man’s hand was very strong, and he held his arm tightly.

 Shi Nan was taken aback, was he scared?

 What’s the matter with these two people?

 Xiang Yang’s howling continued to intensify. Although Song Linsheng didn’t say a word, his hand gripping Shi Nan’s arm became stronger and stronger, as if he was about to embed his fingers.

 Shi Nan couldn’t touch his mobile phone, and couldn’t press the emergency call bell.

 ”Song Lin… Mr. Song?” Shi Nan tried to call Song Linsheng.

 The person next to him made no sound.

 Xiang Yang’s scream gradually diminished, but he started clinging to Shi Nan’s arm, shaking like a sieve.

 Shi Nan was helpless, so he could only reassure them, “Don’t panic, don’t panic, you two.”

 Shi Nan shook his right arm and tried to loosen Xiang Yang so that he could press the call bell, but Xiang Yang remained motionless. He only grasped him tighter.

 Shi Nan had no choice but to turn to the other side. He approached Song Linsheng and coaxed softly, “Can you let me go first?”

 The next moment, Shi Nan felt that his arm was gripped harder.

 Shi Nan sighed, he didn’t come here today only to find abuse.

 ”Is there anyone, anyone?” The voice of the security guard sounded from outside the elevator.

 ”Yes.” Shi Nan said weakly. “Please hurry up. If this goes on, there will be three corpses waiting.” “Okay, okay, don’t worry, the maintenance personnel have already rushed over.”

 Shi Nan was held by the two. He couldn’t move as he was caught in the middle, especially when Xiang Yang was almost lying on top of him. Shi Nan gave up the struggle and became this human-shaped support.

 They don’t seem to be simply afraid of the dark, are they claustrophobic?

 ”Quiet summer, there are a few stars in the sky…” Shi Nan simply hummed, “I missed your face a little bit in my heart. I can pretend not to see it, or secretly miss it until I feel it. Your warm face…”

 ”I’m asleep as soon as I know…”

 Then Shi Nan felt his left shoulder sink, Song Linsheng put his head on his shoulder.

 Shi Nan felt his heart soften and began to feel sorry for him.

 When the elevator doors were opened, light poured in.

 Hearing that the big boss was trapped, everyone came to see. Then they saw Shi Nan standing there with the big boss and his assistant Xiang Yang, one on the left and one on the right.

 One person leaned on his shoulders, and the other clung literally half of his body on him , a very strange picture.

 An Ke’s eyes widened in surprise, “What…what’s going on?”

 Maybe because of the light, Song Linsheng woke up, suddenly straightened up and walked out, holding Shi Nan’s arm.

 Shi Nan was dragged forward by him and staggered forward, and Xiang Yang, who had not recovered, still stucked to Shi Nan’s body, and was also dragged forward.

 The three of them went to the president’s office one after another .


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