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MADLM Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Shi Nan smoked a cigarette in the car to relax and tried moving his right arm. His face turned pale from the pain. Damn, he (SLC) is a killer.

Shi Nan didn’t dare to drive like this, so he called for a driver.

After the driver drove the car back, Shi Nan slumped his arm and walked home, then bought a box of medicated oil from the pharmacy on the way.

When Shi Nan got home, he took off his shirt and then went into the bathroom to look in the mirror. His shoulder was bruised. It looked ugly.


Shi Nan scolded Song Linsheng one hundred and eighty times today.

He now suspects that this personality is a so-called manic personality. It is not just sick or something when he can break his arms at every turn.

Shi Nan unscrewed the medicated oil and used his left hand to reach his right shoulder. Because his right arm did not dare to move, Shi Nan bent over and crouched on the sink in a rather awkward posture.

“What’s wrong with your arm?” The sudden sound behind him almost made Shi Nan fall to the ground unsteadily .

Familiar voice.

Shi Nan raised his head and met the person’s eyes  in the mirror, shivering suddenly, ‘fucking, hell’.

The next moment, Shi Nan gritted his teeth.

He acts like an enemy when he meets outside, now he dares to go home?

Shi Nan’s fists were hard, and he couldn’t wait to smash Song Linsheng’s head with a punch.

“How did you get hurt ?” Shi Nan’s body was very white, and any bruise on it was particularly obvious. The bruise on his shoulder now looked terrifying.

Song Linsheng stretched out his hand to pull Shi Nan up, frowning while looking up and down carefully.

Shi Nan now only wears a pair of trousers and no clothes on his upper body. This would definitely be embarrassing for him if it was in the past, but now, he only wanted to kill the person in front of him.

“Did you fight with someone?” Song Linsheng’s gaze fell on Shi Nan’s shoulder blade, where there were still finger marks that someone had gripped hard.

Song Linsheng asked for a long time, but Shi Nan didn’t respond, just glared at him.

Song Linsheng looked up, and Shi Nan saw the unabashed concern in Song Linsheng’s eyes.

This look is very different from the look that just wanted to kill him.

Shi Nan gritted his teeth, and felt like his whole life was destroyed by the weakness of his heart.

Shi Nan said in a bad tone, “I accidentally fell.”

Shi Nan threw away Song Linsheng’s hand and planned to continue applying the medicated oil. Then Song Linsheng took the medicated oil and dragged Shi Nan out of the bathroom.

“Let go of me.” Shi Nan struggled, but Song Linsheng pressed him to the sofa, “Lie down, I will rub the medicated oil for you.”

“No.” Shi Nan refused.

Are you kiddingme? You want to put medicated oil on me just after hitting me, is your Brother Nan dying for your care?

“Shi Nan, don’t be childish .” Song Linsheng frowned.


Shi Nan’s eyes widened, being childish?

Who made him so miserable?

It would be nice if he (SLS) didn’t bother him (SN). He also said that he was being childish, it was really too much.

Shi Nan made up his mind not to let Song Linsheng put the medicated oil on him. He stood up and was about to go. The next second, Shi Nan felt like everything was spinning, and then he was pressed down on the sofa.

Damn, this trick is the same trick used by the bastard Song Linsheng in the small alley in the afternoon.

“Song Linsheng, you bastard.” Shi Nan’s eyes reddened. He actually fell twice for the same trick. If Ji Ke knew about this, he would laugh at him for a year.

“Don’t move.” Song Linsheng rubbed his head and coaxed, “Endure it, it will be better soon.”

Shi Nan has never been touched on his head since he grew up, he was stunned.

Even though this person almost broke his arm in the afternoon, his current tenderness has caused him to fall again.

Shi Nan, Shi Nan, do you really remember it or not?!

“Ah…” Just when Shi Nan’s heart was rippling, the pain on his shoulder made him regain his senses in a second.

Song Linsheng rubbed the medicated oil on his hand, and slowly rubbed the bruise on his shoulder with a little bit of strength. Shi Nan’s sweat came out because of the pain.

Slowly, the medicated oil took effect. His shoulders began to heat up, and the tearing sensation in the right arm eased.

Song Linsheng looked at the ugly fingerprints on Shi Nan’s shoulder blades.

After finally rubbing it, Shi Nan turned over and lay on the sofa, panting. Song Linsheng pulled a paper towel and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Shi Nan just looked at him silently. This person, he was the one whom he wanted to confess and stay together with for a lifetime. How did they suddenly develop to this point?

If this weren’t for all these messy things, he might have already confessed and got into his bed, right?

“What do you want to eat tonight?” Song Linsheng asked him softly, bending over.

Shi Nan pursed his lips and didn’t say a word. There were some drops of water in his eyes because of the pain just now. It looked particularly rare.

Song Linsheng suddenly leaned closer to Shi Nan, and the distance between the two suddenly decreased. Song Linsheng raised his hand and brushed the hair on Shi Nan’s forehead. The distance between the two was getting closer and closer, and the tip of their noses were about to touch each other.

Shi Nan smelled the scent of pine wood.

Shi Nan raised his hand and wanted to push him away, but he didn’t have any strength at all at this time, and he was too lazy to do it.

Although it was weird that he kissed him just after the fight.

Shi Nan closed his eyes and felt a light kiss on his forehead.

“You rest for a while, I’ll cook.”

Shi Nan opened his eyes when he heard the sound of the kitchen door closing, and then sighed.

This is so messy.

He has to slow down.

During the meal, the two of them were very silent. Shi Nan couldn’t use his arms, so Song Linsheng helped him put the food in the bowl.

Shi Nan used to create a lively atmosphere, but today he really can’t bring up his interest. Song Linsheng also said nothing as if he had something on his mind.

After dinner, Shi Nan went back to the bedroom and stayed up all night.

Song Linsheng silently washed the dishes and cleaned up the house before returning to the bedroom.

The night passed in silence.

The next morning, Shi Nan was still asleep on the bed, but he was suddenly shaken awake. Shi Nan waved his hand, rolled over and continued to sleep. But the next second, he opened his eyes suddenly. How could there be someone in his bed?

When Shi Nan sat up quickly, he saw Song Linsheng standing by the bed looking at him.

“You scared me to death.” Shi Nan patted his chest in fear. Who on earth did he offend? That almost scared him to death.

“It’s time for you to go to work, you didn’t respond when I knocked on the door, so I could only come in and call you.” Song Linsheng’s voice was a little hoarse, “Sorry, I scared you. I won’t enter your room casually in the future.”

Hearing this, Shi Nan’s heart softened at once, and he coughed slightly, “I didn’t mean that, I just… I’ve been sleeping alone, and I suddenly saw someone. So I was scared.”

Song Linsheng looked at him silently and suddenly called his name, “Shi Nan.”

“Huh?” Song Linsheng’s voice was very low when he called his name. Every time Shi Nan heard it, he felt like his heart was scratched with a feather.

Song Linsheng watched him. His throat moved, but he swallowed what he wanted to say and ended up saying, “Get up and eat.”

Shi Nan didn’t know whether he was looking forward to Song Linsheng to say something, or wishing that he didn’t know anything. He finally heard the unrelated words and was  relieved.

“I’m…not going to work today.” Shi Nan said.

“Not going to work?” Song Linsheng frowned, “I remember that today is not a day off.”

Speaking of this, Shi Nan started gritting his teeth again. Of course he knew that today was not a day off. As for why he won’t go, doesn’t he have any idea?

I was fired by you, but you are still standing here and asking me why I didn’t go to work?

Where’s the face?

Shi Nan scolded him for a long time, and when the words reached his lips, there was only one sentence, “I asked for a leave.” “Alright, then I’ll put the food in a pot for you to heat up. You remember to eat it.”

Song Linsheng went out after speaking. Shi Nan sat on the bed disheveled. He started to sigh. How can such a perfect person have such a disorder of split personality.

If you have other diseases, your brother Nan doesn’t care if its big or small. Even if it’s using all his belongings and wealth to treat you, he won’t care. Who made your brother think of you like a treasure, but alas, you happen to have such a problem.

Is it possible that your brother Nan doesn’t deserve to get the complete you?

Shi Nan wailed and rolled into the quilt, “What should I do to save the divided you… Ah… Ah…”

Ding Chen came to the company early in the morning and waited for a long time then finally met An Ke.

“Manager An, I have something to look for you.” Ding Chen followed her into the office.

An Ke put down her bag, “What’s the matter, let’s talk about it.”

“I want to ask about Shi Nan, what is the company going to do?”

“This is the matter of the personnel department, you are asking too much .” An Ke gave him a light look.

“I know, but Shi Nan is my buddy, and I know him. I have heard all the rumors in the company these days that he wants to seduce the big boss. Isn’t this all farting?” Ding Chen was filled with indignation.

An Ke glanced at him, “This is the company, pay attention to your wording.”

“Good, good.” Ding Chen nodded hurriedly, “You may not know when you first arrived, Shi Nan was married, and he just came back from his wedding leave. The relationship is very good, and you should know that he didn’t sign an artist appointment at the beginning, so he couldn’t seduce the big boss no matter what he thinks. There must be a misunderstanding in this and I would like to ask you to help him intercede with the big boss. “

” I see. You can head out now.” There was no expression on An Ke’s face. Ding Chen was not sure what she thought, but he didn’t dare to say more. Finally he put a USB flash drive on the table, “Manager An, these are a few of Shi Nan’s works from three years ago. Take a look.”

Ding Chen finished speaking and left the office. There is only what he can do for Shi Nan. If there is no effect, then he can only follow Shi Nan to quit together.

At ten thirty, An Ke came out of the office and went to the president’s office with the computer in her arms.

The person in the office was making tea. This person is dressed in a suit and moves gracefully. His slender fingers were pleasing to the eye when he worked with the tea set.

Of course, such a beautiful picture was destroyed by a bald boy. Xiangyang squatted on a chair beside him, playing yo-yo with bubble gum in his mouth. There were two styles of painting.

“Come on.” Song Linsheng poured a cup of tea and put it on the opposite side, “Aged Pu’er tea.”

“Thank you Mr. Song.” An Ke sat down on the chair opposite of Song Linsheng, and took a sip of the tea, “I don’t understand tea, but it smells good.”

“Will you have a drink?” Song Linsheng looked at Xiangyang.

“I don’t drink it.” Xiang Yang blew a bubble and said vaguely, “I only drink wine.” As he spoke, the bubble burst .

Song Linsheng frowned in disgust.

Song Linsheng picked up his cup and took a sip before asking An Ke, “What’s the matter ?”

“It’s Shi Nan’s business.”

An Ke didn’t wait for Song Linsheng to speak, and immediately said, “Mr Song, please listen to me first. Shi Nan, he’s quite special. In fact, many headhunting companies wanted to take him in before, including me, but he has always been willing to be in this small company and won’t go for any amount of money from others. Now we are acquiring the company he belongs to, there is no reason to push him out.”

Song Linsheng lowered his head and fiddled with the tea set. An Ke couldn’t figure out what he thought.

An Ke puts the laptop on the table, “Look at these, they’re his works from three years ago.”

Song Linsheng raised his eyes and his gaze fell on the computer screen. Xiangyang also looked sideways. It was an animated special effect. How to put it, the works from three years ago are now at a very impressive level.

An Ke observed the look on Song Linsheng’s face, and said cautiously, “Mr. Song, if he is fired, it will be a loss for the company.”

“Why, will the company fail if he leaves?” Song Linsheng said blankly.

“I didn’t mean that.” An Ke sensed that she had said something wrong. For fear that it would be counterproductive, she tried to explain, but before she could speak again, Song Linsheng waved his hand and said, “Okay, let him come back to work.”

An Ke was stunned. So….simple?

“Ah…” Xiangyang’s chin almost fell to the ground.

Although Shi Nan is really awesome in this way, according to what he knows about his brother, if he dislikes someone, he’ll not forgive them no matter what. The two of them just had a fight yesterday.

Could it be that the fight was for showing emotion?

“Thank you, Mr. Song, I’m going out first.” An Ke hurriedly picked up the laptop and walked out, for fear that Song Linsheng would change his mind if she was a little too late.

After An Ke returned to her office, she picked up her mobile phone and called Shi Nan. It took a long time before he picked it up, his voice sounded like he still hadn’t woken up .

“Shi Nan, you come back to work tomorrow.” An Ke said, “Mr Song has already let go, and he won’t pursue this matter anymore.”

Won’t pursue anymore?

Shi Nan slept for a long time, and his brain was a little sober because of this sentence.

He won’t pursue it? His face is really thick .

“Oh.” Shi Nan sneered, “He said he won’t pursue accountability ah, but now I want to pursue the matter. If he wants me to go back, he has to kneel down and beg me.”

Your brother Nan is not serving anymore.

An Ke: “…”

You all are so hard to deal with. It’s so difficult for her to be an HR, or maybe she should resign too. She won’t do it.


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  1. Avatar jujube says:

    Oh no, poor An Ke and Shi Nan TuT

    But really, does Shi Nan have to hide everything so much? Can’t he take a picture with the ‘nice’ Song Linsheng to show the ‘mean’ Song Linsheng? Or whip out his marriage certificate? Dude, your arm was almost broken! I don’t think this is a time to skirt around the issue…

    1. Avatar MTL says:

      I agree but this gives me extra feels (0///0)

      can’t wait for CEO song to find the cert!

  2. Avatar Rose says:

    I was waiting for sooooooooo long!!!! Oh my! It’s just too hilarious 😂
    Thanks for the chapter! ❤

  3. Avatar MTL says:

    both CEO song and mr song both bruised poor Shi Nan. One maliciously, the other by accident

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