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MADLM Chapter 2


Chapter 2


Shi Nan had originally taken ten days of marriage leave, but the dog company was too busy and only granted him three days of leave. So the day after receiving the certificate, Shi Nan got up early and went to the company to check in and go to work.


After graduating from University, Shi Nan applied for post work. Later, because the company was too small, and there was a lack of actors in the new company , Shinan looked good, so he acted in some company videos and edited the soundtrack by himself after the performance. Later, the company slowly developed and became a low-end film and television drama company, with several 18-line artists under its own.


Whenever the company had a drama to be filmed,if there was a lack of a male No. 7 and No. 8 man, Shi Nan would go up and give it a hit.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or not, it doesn’t matter whether it’s popular or not. What’s important is that even the male number seven and the male number eight earn more wages than corporate slaves.1 corporate slaves :  ‘社畜/ corporate slave : an internet buzzword, is a derogatory term used  to describe office workers. It refers to employees who work obediently in the company and are squeezed by the company as livestock. They are mostly used to laugh at themselves.


Shi Nan was short of money. He paid half of the down payment for the house he borrowed, and the loan still had seven figures to repay, so he had to make money to repay the mortgage.


Fortunately, the work has been pretty good in the past few years, and there are still deposits after paying off the mortgage every month, so the economic pressure on Shi Nan is also less.


When Shi Nan arrived at the company, he was pulled aside by his colleague Ding Chen in the same department, and then mysteriously said to him: “Our company may be acquired.”


“Acquisition?” Shi Nan was unbelievable, he was only on vacation. God! the company can’t do it anymore?


“So I am so important?” Shi Nan said, “The company can’t transfer if I am away.”


Ding Chen was speechless: “Please have a little face.”


“Sorry, the face is too big. Losing a little doesn’t hinder the appearance. ”


“Are you sure this news is true?” Shi Nan asked Ding Chen.


“Eight or nine if not ten people in the company are panicking for the past two days.” Ding Chen said.


Shi Nan also straightened his face and asked, “Have you ever heard that they will lay off employees?” Shi Nan was not surprised that this small broken company was acquired. This company can survive to the present with a few 18-line actors. It’s already very inexplicable.


He is only worried about whether he will be laid off, after all, he still has a mortgage that has not been paid off.


“Who knows, anyway, in two days, the head office will send someone to take it over. It depends on the situation at that time,if it won’t work, we can only find another job.” Ding Chen patted him on the shoulder.” Don’t worry. With our skills, we can have food everywhere.”


As Ding Chen said, the company soon held a staff meeting to talk about the company’s acquisition. The company only says that if there are real talents, they will be kept.


“It’s magnificent.” Ding Chen whispered to Shi Nan. “It sounds like driving people away.” The company was panicked, and many people started looking for a new home.


The new company Tianguang Film and Television is quite well-known in the industry. Most of its affiliates are first- and second-tier artists. It was unexpected that such a large company would look at their small company.


The people in the company naturally want to stay here and develop. After all, before applying for a job, they couldn’t even meet the threshold of other people. Now  they are afraid that people will not even look down on them.


“Are you really married?” Ding Chen suddenly asked him when Shi Nan was having dinner with Ding Chen at noon, “I didn’t hear you say you have a girlfriend before?” When Shi Nan was going on marriage leave, Ding Chen thought it was quite incredible. It’s just that Shi Nan walked in a hurry that day, and the two did not have time to talk.


“Didn’t I say it?” Shi Nan teased him.


“Nonsense, of course not. We work overtime together every day. I won’t know if you have a girlfriend?”


Shi Nan laughed: “Not a girlfriend, but a boyfriend.”


Ding Chen was in a daze, this little boy. When the company was broke, the two of them were the only ones who did the post production work of all the video clips in the company. He and Shi Nan worked together. It was common for them to work overtime. In the past, both of them were single dogs and both had mortgages. They comforted each other and encouraged each other.  It’s fine now, why did he suddenly drop out and get married!


Not only is married, but the marriage partner is still a man.




Shi Nan casually talked with Ding Chen, and then sent Song Linsheng a message asking him when he planned to move.


Shi Nan sent a message, but did not receive a reply for a long time.


Shi Nan was not in a hurry. From the day he met Song Linsheng, Song Linsheng had a problem, and he was slow to reply to texts .


During the day, he can’t make calls and receives no reply. Only in the evening will he have time to reply.


As Shi Nan expected, Song Linsheng didn’t reply to him until he got home from get off work at night.


Song Linsheng: When are you free?


Shi Nan sat cross-legged on the sofa, digging watermelon with a scoop in his hand, and dialed his number .


Song Linsheng picked it up quickly. After picking it up, he said, “I was  busy during the day. I didn’t reply to you. I’m sorry.” “It’s okay.” Shi Nanhun didn’t care, and said, “I get home at six o’clock. It’s okay after 6:30 .” Song Linsheng: “Okay.” After arranging a time with Song Linsheng, Shi Nan thought that he will be notified at least one day in advance, but he didn’t expect Song Linsheng to send the notice twenty minutes in advance.


Two days later, at 6:30 in the afternoon, Shi Nan received a message from Song Linsheng, asking him if he was at home, and  he’ll move in after 20 minutes.


Shi Nan had just arrived downstairs and hadn’t parked his car yet. He was all ill after seeing this message.


Twenty minutes later?


Then came another message.


Song Linsheng: Is it convenient?


. . . . . .


Shi Nan gritted his teeth and typed two words: convenient .


Twenty minutes later, Song Linsheng rang the doorbell of Shi Nan’s house on time.


Shi Nan opened the door quickly, and when he came up he smiled, “Welcome, welcome.”


“…you are polite.” Such enthusiasm made Song Linsheng feel that something was wrong.


Seeing that he was carrying only one suitcase in his hand, Shi Nan said with great enthusiasm, “Is there any more downstairs? Can I move it for you?”


“Nothing.” Song Linsheng shook his head, “This one is the only one.”


“Ah…oh, man, I understand, it’s simple.” Shi Nan stayed at the door for so long, and there was no reason to block people from entering. He reluctantly stepped aside , “Please come in.” Song Linsheng walked in. He frowned when he entered.


Clothes are everywhere on the sofa. On the coffee table are various fruits, snacks, and instant noodles left over at noon. The dining table in the hallway is full of things.


As far as his eyes could see , there was chaos, and Shi Nan was still carrying a garbage bag in his hand, apparently cleaning up the room.


When Shi Nan noticed Song Linsheng’s gaze, he seemed to shrug his shoulders indifferently: “Men’s room, it’s normal.”


After saying this, Shi Nan felt that his ears were about to burn, and he was so embarrassed to bring people home.


Song Linsheng glanced at Shi Nan. It was obvious that this person was quite messy on weekdays.


Shi Nan took Song Linsheng to the second bedroom, and there was another silence after pushing the door open.


The second bedroom was full of Shi Nan’s sundries, including the bedding that was covered in clothes and shoes, which he piled up in the second bedroom.


Shi Nan sighed.


He is a relatively lazy person on weekdays, and he is really busy at work, so he has  dragged the cleaning work even when he knew that Song Linsheng was going to live over. He thought Song Linsheng will notify him at least one day in advance, but he never expected Song Linsheng, this person turned out to be an activist. Twenty minutes early, why didn’t this kind of person go out and be beaten to death?


When Shi Nan rolled up his sleeves to clean up, Song Linsheng stopped him.


“I’ll do it myself.” Song Linsheng said.


“Do by yourself?… Not so good.” Shi Nan hesitated and rolled his sleeves down again.


Song Linsheng watched his movements and said silently.


Quite conscious.


Shi Nan touched his nose with embarrassment and gave himself an excuse: “I am too busy at work this time…” Actually, I am not so sloppy.


“Understanding.” Song Linsheng said.


Shi Nan: “…then you help yourself .”


The first thing Song Linsheng did on the first day when he moved to Shi Nan’s house was to help Shi Nan clean up the messy house, and by the way, he washed the bowls in his kitchen that had been soaked for a week, and then cooked a meal for him by the way.


At that time, Shi Nan looked at the clean and tidy home and the delicious food on the table, and felt that he might have made a profit in this marriage.


And the following cohabitation made Shi Nan feel guilty.


Song Linsheng took care of all the work of the family, washing, buying vegetables, cooking, cleaning, throwing out trash, changing sheets, and also saving a few succulents on the balcony of Shi Nan that were dying.


On the other hand, when it comes to Shi Nan, he stretched out his clothes and opened his mouth when he came home. Every day he went home and lay on the sofa to be an uncle. In this way, Song Linsheng went back to make him a cup of honey grapefruit tea to relieve his tiredness .


After a few days of life of drunkenness and bliss , Shi Nan finally recovered his sanity. If this continues, he is afraid that Song Linsheng is  going to divorce him.


Shi Nan decided to restore his image, so he asked to go into the kitchen to wash the dishes after a meal.


Shi Nan turned on the faucet and filled a basin of water, squeezed the dishwashing liquid in and stirred it, and countless bubbles quickly appeared in the water.


Seeing his insistence, Song Linsheng didn’t say much, turned around to go out, and heard a “bang” behind him.


When Song Linsheng turned his head, he saw the plate knocked in half on the eaves of the basin and then it fell into a pool of water. The splashing bubbles wet Shi Nan’s clothes.


Shi Nan jumped back subconsciously, staggering because of the slippery ground.


A hand was put on Shi Nan’s waist. Shi Nan staggered , and he subconsciously hid.


Song Linsheng calmly retracted his hand, and Shi Nan steadied his figure and said: “…accident.”


Song Linsheng glanced at Shi Nan’s hand, and then sighed helplessly.


“Oh.” Shi Nan also sighed. He was really not so wasteful before. He had basic life skills, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to live for so long.


Song Linsheng pushed his shoulder: “Go out.”


“Mistakes, mistakes.” Shi Nan looked around, “You believe me, I’m actually good at washing dishes…”


Shi Nan found the stick, picked it up, and stabbed it in the basin.


“What are you doing?” Song Linsheng wondered.


“The plate was broken and fell into it. There is so much water that you can’t see. You may cut your hand, let the water go first.” Shi Nan thought he was quite smart.


Song Linsheng was silent for a moment, then took the stick in his hand and raised his chin in the direction of the door: “Get out.”


“I…” Shi Nan still wanted to defend himself.


“Get out.” Song Linsheng said again.


In a very normal tone, Shi Nan felt that he was forbearing, so he compromised: “Yes, I go out, I go out.”


Since then, every time Shi Nan proposes to enter the kitchen, Song Linsheng will give a very meaningful look.


Shi Nan summed up Song Linsheng and found that this person was good everywhere, except that it was relatively slow to reply to messages.


Every time he sent a message, Song Linsheng didn’t reply for a long time. By the time he replied, Shi Nan had already had the urge to chat.


Apart from this small flaw, Song Linsheng is perfect.


Shi Nan sometimes wondered, how could such a perfect Song Linsheng be willing to be with him?


Maybe he saved the earth in his last life.




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    corporate slaves :  ‘社畜/ corporate slave : an internet buzzword, is a derogatory term used  to describe office workers. It refers to employees who work obediently in the company and are squeezed by the company as livestock. They are mostly used to laugh at themselves.
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