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MADLM Chapter 19


Chapter 19


With this guess, Shi Nan looked at Song Linsheng’s a little strangely.


When eating, Shi Nan kept his head down and ate dumplings without raising his head in order to prevent his eyes from being too straightforward.


Song Linsheng didn’t talk much at first, and he said a few more words because of Shi Nan’s troubles. Now that Shi Nan doesn’t speak, Song Linsheng is even more quiet.


Shi Nan was brainstorming while eating. When he was young, he was addicted to Hong Kong dramas and watched countless Hong Kong dramas with dual personalities. Ninety-nine percent of the dual personality in them is the same as ordinary people on weekdays, but once they switch to another personality, they become a real murderous demon.


But the other personality of this person doesn’t know anything about it.


Shi Nan couldn’t help but take a breath, wouldn’t Song Linsheng also be like this?


So, he approached him and married him not for money, but for his life?


Has he offended him before?


Shi Nan was thinking too seriously, and the expression on his face was too colorful. It was hard for Song Linsheng not to pay attention.


Song Linsheng’s eating movements became slower and slower, and his brows gradually frowned.


“Drink some soup.” Song Linsheng handed a bowl of dumpling soup to Shi Nan.


Shi Nan looked up at Song Linsheng subconsciously and said “thank you”.


But according to his years of experience in watching dramas, the vice-personality usually appears because of some danger or triggering arousing from an unbearable pain in the heart.


Song Linsheng is calm every night. Which of these two people is the master personality and which is the sub-personality, and by what opportunity did the other appear?


Do they know each other’s existence?


Shi Nan felt a little hairy about what he thought, and hurriedly took a sip of the hot dumpling soup.


In addition to dumplings, Song Linsheng also made braised chicken thighs tonight. When Shi Nan thought of Song Linsheng who had vomited because he accidentally ate meat at the company, his eyes narrowed.


Shi Nan picked up a chicken leg and put it on Song Linsheng’s plate, “Eat more.”


“Thank you.” Song Linsheng’s facial expressions remained unchanged, even picking up a chicken leg to bite.


Shi Nan frowned. Recalling his memory, since the two got married, every time, the meat he gave to Song Linsheng was eaten without changing his appearance. Is it because he himself can’t eat meat, or is it just that one of his personalities can’t eat meat?


Seeing that Song Linsheng was about to bite the chicken leg, Shi Nan suddenly stretched out his chopsticks, snatched the chicken and put it in his bowl. Then he said in a huff, “I don’t have enough food, don’t eat it.”


Song Linsheng looked at his empty chopsticks. Looking at Shi Nan who was very wrong tonight, he was thoughtful.


Shi Nan ate all the chicken drumsticks in the evening, and ate half of the dumplings, which made him uncomfortable. In addition, he couldn’t solve the mystery and couldn’t sleep, so he found a Hong Kong movie with dual personality to study.


Shi Nan had tortured himself and was decadent that night, and when he closed his eyes, Song Linsheng turned into another person and put a knife on his neck.


After a good marriage, the love story turned into a suspenseful horror movie. What kind of sin did he commit?


When Shi Nan got up the next morning, Song Linsheng had already left. He left breakfast for him on the table. Shi Nan stood there thinking about it for a long time. Song Linsheng went to work every morning. What happens after that? Did he learn from Ultraman how to transform?


Does he know that he has dual personalities ?


If he didn’t know, Shi Nan wouldn’t dare to ask, for fear of unpredictable consequences after stimulating him.


After all, dual personality is essentially a serious psychological barrier.


Shi Nan laid at home for most of the day, and decided to clarify the matter. If Song Linsheng knew that he had two personalities, then he deliberately deceived Shi Nan. If he didn’t know, then, this matter is not good and should be dealt with.


Shi Nan called Ding Chen and asked him if Song Linsheng was in the company.


“Here, An Ke is here, and I’m in the office now.” Ding Chen said in a low voice, “I am outside the president’s office. An Ke should be trying to intercede with you, but I just don’t know what the big boss will do. He doesn’t want to let it go.”


So, now in the company, there is the other Song Linsheng.


Uncle! Shi Nan couldn’t help but scold a swear word. It was really an automatic switching.


Shi Nan made up his mind to make things clear and immediately put it into action. He wanted to see whether he really transforms like Ultraman .


Shi Nan went to the car shop downstairs to rent a car and drove to the company’s underground parking lot.


The company’s normal get off work time is six o’clock, but the big boss has his own commute time and leaves the company at five o’clock in the afternoon every day. This is the conclusion drawn by Ding Chen’s investigation when he was idle some time ago.


Song Linsheng arrives home between 6:30 to 6:50 every afternoon, so the time from 5 to 6 o’clock is the time for Ultraman to transform.


Shi Nan felt that instead of doing post-production, he could become a detective.


Sure enough, as Shi Nan expected, Xiangyang appeared in the parking lot at 4:55, and then drove the black car to the elevator entrance and waited.


At five, Song Linsheng walked out of the elevator.


Song Linsheng got in the car and glanced in the direction of Shi Nan, and Shi Nan hurriedly pressed the brim of his hat.


But from this glance, Shi Nan knew that Song Linsheng was definitely not the Song Linsheng who cooked him dumplings last night, and this Song Linsheng was very cold when he met people.


Shi Nan drove out of the parking lot , and Shi Nan hurriedly followed.


Based on the last time his own car was dumped behind by Xiang Yang’s car, Shi Nan rented a BMW at a high price this time.


Although there was still a gap between the two cars, the speed was limited after all, so Shi Nan managed to keep up with the car in front.


The car’s direction is the same as that of Shi Nan’s home, except that it took a turn at the previous intersection when he was approaching Shi Nan’s home.


Shi Nan also turned on the turn signal and turned around.


The car took a turn again.


Shi Nan didn’t think much about it and then he turned in, and then there was a sudden stop.


On the small road, the black car was parked on the side of the road, and the person who was supposed to be sitting in the car was standing by the side of the car and looking at him deeply.


Shi Nan subconsciously wanted to turn his head, but he saw Xiang Yang standing at the back of his car in the rearview mirror.


Shi Nan squinted his eyes. He was discovered by someone. He was vigilant enough. How did they discover it?


Song Linsheng’s eyes fell on Shi Nan’s face through the front windshield, and Shi Nan looked at him without any guilty conscience.


He is a victim and does not need a guilty conscience.


Song Linsheng stepped over and knocked on the car window.


Shi Nan took a deep breath, ‘I am not afraid of you.’


Shi Nan opened the door and got out of the car. Xiang Yang exclaimed when he saw Shi Nan, “Why is it you?” Because Shi Nan was wearing a hat and black clothes, he hadn’t really seen who it was just now.


“Following me?” Song Linsheng looked at him coldly.


Shi Nan snorted coldly, “The road is so wide, can only you walk there? You said I followed you just because I walked on that road?”


Song Linsheng’s penetrating gaze scanned Shi Nan’s body, and then said impatiently, “What do you have to do with me that you are  following me ?”


Shi Nan looked at the cold eyebrows in front of him, gritted his teeth.


What am I doing with you?


What do you say I am doing with you?


Why are you embarrassed to ask?


“Uncle!” Shi Nan cursed in a low voice, and then said, “I’ll say it again, I didn’t follow you.” Shi Nan couldn’t tell him, so he turned around and planned to get in the car.


The next moment, Shi Nan’s shoulders hurt and he was caught.


The man clasped his shoulders very hard, and Shi Nan felt that his shoulder blades would be crushed in the next second.


“Make it clear, why did you follow me.” Song Linsheng’s deep and familiar voice was heard .


The two were very close, and when the was close to Shi Nan, he smelled the obvious scent of pine wood on his body, which he had smelled on him before.


Shi Nan was in a trance, after all, he was the one who’s heart was moved .


The next second, Shi Nan felt a pain in his shoulder, and the people behind him were impatient, “Speak.”


Uncle! What tempted? What heart being moved? Farting nonsense.


Shi Nan took a deep breath and couldn’t bear it.


When Shi Nan was a child, he learned taekwondo for several years, and as long as he had time, Ji Ke would take Shi Nan and Wen Yifan to rock climbing and practice boxing, so Shi Nan’s strength value is still there, and it is not low, sometimes he can even barely tie with Ji Ke.


Shi Nan has been suffocated since yesterday and has nowhere to express it. This time he (SLS) was brought to his (SN) door. No need to worry . Anyway, he might forget it later.


Shi Nan grabbed Song Linsheng’s hand on his shoulder, then bent his arm and slammed it back.


The two started fighting like this.


Xiang Yang bit a lollipop and leaned against the wall at the end of the path and watched the two fight. He thought that the little white-collar worker in the office would be able to stick to three moves at most, but he did not expect that he would insist  under his brother’s hands for three minutes.


Xiang Yang was shocked, and then took out his mobile phone to take a picture of the two, which is worth remembering.


When Song Linsheng twisted his arms and pressed Shi Nan on the car body, his (SN) mind was still a little confused and careless. He (SN) didn’t expect that this product was really Ultraman, with such a high force value.


“Can you tell me now? What is the purpose of following me?” Song Lin sheng pressed him hard, and Shi Nan couldn’t help but whisper.


Shi Nan was directly angry and began to curse, “I followed you to watch Ultraman transform.” The person behind him sneered, “You still have a hard mouth, then don’t blame me for removing your arm.”


Song Linsheng’s voice fell, Shi Nan felt a pain in his arm, and felt that it was about to break in the next second.


“Brother…” Xiang Yang suddenly said.


Song Linsheng curled his eyebrows to look at him, and Xiang Yang ran over to separate the two, “Then what, let him go this time, I promise he will never show up in front of you in the future.”


Song Linsheng glanced at Xiang Yang coldly and raised his hand again. He checked his watch, and got into the car without saying a word.


Xiang Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Shi Nan, “You have helped me do a lot of things before. This time we are even. Whether you really want to rely on unspoken rules or for revenge, or there are other reasons, I warn you, don’t show up in front of my brother in the future, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude.”


After Xiang Yang drove away in the car, Shi Nan relaxed and sat on the ground. His right arm dropped to his side.


Song Linsheng really wanted to take off his arm at that moment. Although Xiang Yang stopped him, Shi Nan’s arm couldn’t be used at the moment, and it was probably hurt.


Shi Nan gritted his teeth, opened the door and climbed up. Seeing that there was a pack of cigarettes on the co-pilot, he tremblingly took out a cigarette from the inside and took a bite.


Your brother Nan has never been so embarrassed in his life. Song Linsheng, you wait, I’m not finished with you.




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  1. Avatar Rose says:

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    waaaaaaa Reading the raw for chapter 19 and the beginning of 20 gave me so much feels1!!

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