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MADLM Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Shi Nan was asked out of the president’s office by the security guard.

Because Shi Nan didn’t move after Song Linsheng let out the harsh words, Song Linsheng didn’t hesitate to call the security guard.

When Shi Nan was asked out by security guards, everyone in the company was watching him. Some were puzzled, some were sympathetic, and some gloating, but Shi Nan was not in the mood to see what others thought of him. He only felt that his  three views had been overturned.

He was about to explode. Did he wake up this morning in the wrong posture? That’s why such a puzzling thing happened?

Did he cross into a parallel world?

“Shi Nan.” Ding Chen dragged Shi Nan into the office in a daze, and said anxiously, “What did you do? Why were you dragged out by security?”

Shi Nan looked at Ding Chen, and then stretched out his hand and pinched  Ding Chen’s arm severely. Ding Chen jumped up with a “yelling”, and grinned, “Why are you pinching me?” It hurts.

It is true.

Shi Nanyou stretched out his hand and pinched his cheek, feeling it.

Damn, what’s going on in this world?

In the president’s office at this time, Song Linsheng picked up the landline on the desk and dialed the phone, and said to the person on the other end of the phone, “Send three months’ salary to Shi Nan from the Planning Department and let him leave.”

“Shi Nan?” An Ke was quite surprised, “Why?”

“Nothing, do as I said.” Song Linsheng said impatiently.

An Ke frowned, “Mr Song, I don’t know what happened, but Shi Nan’s professional level is top in the industry. I think firing him is a loss to the company.”

Song Linsheng sneered,  “Are you questioning me ? “.


After An Ke hung up the phone, she immediately called Xiangyang to find out the situation. When Xiangyang’s cell phone rang, Song Linsheng glanced over, and Xiang Yang slipped out of the office with his cell phone.

“He, he, he…” Xiangyang hates iron for not becoming steel 1 hating iron for not becoming steel : to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement . ,”He wants to seduce the president to reach the top.”

? ? ? ? ?

An Ke’s head was filled with question marks  , and it took a long time to find her voice,  “Who? Shi Nan?” She didn’t believe it. During the time she had worked with Shi Nan, she knew a little bit about Shi Nan. He was clever but not so sophisticated. He looks pretty good, and there is certainly no shortage of suitors. The last time he gave up signing an artist contract and became a planning manager, how could such a person seduce the president?
Could it be that she had misjudged him?

An Ke doesn’t believe that she will make mistakes in judging people after her years of HR experience.

When Shi Nan received An Ke’s call, he was still in an incredible world of destruction.
“Shi Nan, I heard that you entered Song’s head office?” An Ke’s question was still quite euphemistic.

But Shi Nan’s mind came back all at once, why did An Ke call him?

An Ke is the manager of the HR department.

So, Song Linsheng wants to fire him?

Shi Nan clenched his fist. Before leaving, he must go to the office and beat up that surname Song. Your brother Nan has never been so useless in his life.

“I’ll resign by myself.” Shi Nan said.

“Don’t.” An Ke hurriedly said, “I just want to find out about the situation, or you go home and rest for two days, and wait for my notice, OK?”

Shi Nan is not in the mood to think about other things now, so he agreed with An Ke’s words first.

Ding Chen watched Shi Nan pack his things and go home, and said silently, “You go back and stay for two days. If you are really fired, I will go with you.”

Shi Nan glanced at him: “Are you sick?”

” You are sick.” Ding Chen gave him a glance.

Shi Nan patted him on the shoulder, “I’m confused now, you wait for me to go and rest.”

When Shi Nan got home, he went to the bathroom and took a bath to wake up completely, and then picked up the phone to call Song Linsheng.

No one answered.

Shi Nan threw his mobile phone aside and cursed. What a suspenseful plot!

When Shi Nan came to the guest room, Song Linsheng had nothing else except a suitcase. The clothes in the suitcase were hung in the closet, and then there was a laptop.

Shi Nan put his hand on the laptop for a long time, but in the end he didn’t move.

Even if there is a password on the laptop, Shi Nan can crack it . But reason tells him that even if he is angry now, he can’t just spy on other people’s privacy.

Shi Nan was lying on the sofa thinking about the Song Linsheng he saw in the company. His unfamiliar tone was not pretentious. Is he really not Song Linsheng?

There is such a coincidence in the world, looks the same, the name is also the same?

He even lied to him about what he did.

Shi Nan can’t wait to beat someone, but he couldn’t find the culprit. He was in the company before and didn’t care about it because he was in the middle of anger. Now he was asked out by the security in front of the whole company.

Shi Nan was lying on the sofa , feeling so angry that his head was about to explode.

At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the old clock on the wall rang six times in the duplex residence on the top floor of Crown Mansion. The man lying on the sofa curled up. Ten minutes later, Song Linsheng sat up sweating profusely, as usual. Song Linsheng first went to the locker in the study and took out his mobile phone. There were two missed calls from Shi Nan on the mobile phone.
Except for the time when the two were first married, Shi Nan sometimes called him during the day. Later, when he knew that he could not be found during the day, he would usually not call him during the day.

Song Linsheng frowned, did something happen?

Song Linsheng called Shi Nan back while changing his clothes. The phone rang and no one answered.

After Song Linsheng changed his clothes, he went to the bathroom to do his hair carefully with water and then took the car key and went out.

Song Linsheng opened the door with the vegetables he bought. The house was very quiet. On weekdays, Shi Nan’s working hours were not fixed, and it was common for their company to work overtime.

After Song Linsheng changed his shoes and walked towards the kitchen carrying vegetables, he heard a faint noise from the living room.

Song Linsheng paused, turned around and walked to the living room. He saw Shi Nan sleeping on the sofa holding a pillow. He didn’t know what he had dreamed of in his dream, and his brows were frowning tightly.

Song Linsheng stood there and looked at it for a while, then took the blanket on the side and covered Shi Nan with it .

While Song Linsheng leaned down, the sleeping person suddenly sat up, and hit Song Linsheng’s head with a “bang” with his forehead.

“Ahh…” Shi Nan wailed, covering his head.

Song Linsheng didn’t care about himself, so he hurriedly reached out to touch Shi Nan’s forehead: “Let me see.”

Shi Nan heard this voice and saw the person in front of him, his pupils shrank sharply, and his body went back uncontrollably. Damn. What the hell?

Song Linsheng didn’t notice Shi Nan’s gaffe , so he fumbled his finger on Shi Nan’s forehead twice, and then blamed him, “Why did you fall asleep on the sofa? You didn’t even cover yourself with the quilt.”

Shi Nan stared at the person in front of him : Damn, what’s the situation?

Song Linsheng straightened up, rolled his sleeves and went to the kitchen, and said as he walked, “Let’s eat dumplings tonight, okay?”

Shi Nan:? ? ? ? ?

Could it be that he fell asleep?

He didn’t hear Shi Nan’s answer. Song Linsheng looked back at him, “Huh?”

Shi Nan:? ? ? ?

Are you fucking sick?

“What’s the matter with you?” Song Linsheng finally realized that there seemed to be something wrong with Shi Nan . He hadn’t said a word since he came back, and his eyes were out of focus.
“Shi Nan?”

Shi Nan was dumbfounded for a long time, then closed his eyes, opened them again, and then pinched his thigh, and said in a daze, “You called me?”

Song Linsheng frowned, “What’s wrong with you? By the way, you called me during the day, did something happen? ”


Yes, phone.

What happened during the day all ran back to Shi Nan’s mind. The person who drove him out of the office, and the person who fired him stayed at his house and said he would make dumplings for him?

Either he is crazy, or the world is crazy.

Shi Nan got up from the sofa and walked in front of Song Linsheng. He looked at him up and down, left and right. The clothes were the ones he wore this morning, and his hairstyle changed back to the way he left in the morning.

Shi Nan was in a trance again. Could it be true that he had made a mistake?

Even if Shi Nan wanted to lie to himself, but found that he couldn’t lie, how could he possibly admit the wrong person after living with Song Linsheng every day.

Even twins cannot be exactly the same.

“Song Linsheng.” After experiencing everything that had happened during the day, Shi Nan was exhausted physically and mentally. He didn’t want to say anything and just sneered at him, “Is it interesting?”

“What?” Song Linsheng looked at Shi Nan puzzledly, “What’s interesting? ”

Shi Nan looked at Song Linsheng’s eyes. They were his familiar eyes filled with warmth, not the cold and ruthless eyes during the day.

Is this really going to be to the end?

What does he picture?

Shi Nan thought about what he had, except for this house with loans, he had nothing, no, there was a father who had cancer.

So, what are Song Linsheng’s thoughts?

Shi Nan suddenly laughed, and slowly said, “I’m hungry for the dumplings .” You want to act, by coincidence, your Nan brother’s second job is also being an actor , and he will act with you.

Song Linsheng took a deep look at Shi Nan, frowned, then turned and walked into the kitchen.

Today’s Shi Nan is a bit different.

When Song Linsheng had half of the dumplings, he stopped his movements. If this was left as usual, Shi Nan would definitely follow up to make trouble, but today there was no movement at all, and Shi Nan’s reaction was strange just now.

The two had already had a tacit and intimate atmosphere before, but after seeing Shi Nan today, there was not only no intimacy between the two, but even a sense of separation.

Song Linsheng recalled every reaction and every word that Shi Nan had said since he had entered the door, and then narrowed his eyes.

At this time, Shi Nan, who was sitting on the balcony, also recalled Song Linsheng whom he saw today.

If the previous plot was that Song Linsheng was too rich and pretended to be poor without telling him his identity, then since he had already seen each other during the day and his identity had been revealed, what’s the point of going on acting at night?

Does he take him as a fool?

No, the plot is wrong.

When Shi Nan thought for a long time, a word suddenly appeared in Shi Nan’s mind—dual personality.

Shi Nan was shocked.

Shi Nan has watched a lot of dramas on weekdays, and he can be said to be familiar with the plot, but TV dramas are always TV dramas, and Shi Nan has never met a person with a double personality in real life.

But when he substituted into the story of Song Linsheng’s dual personality, he found that the whole thing was smooth, and all the points could be explained.

Shi Nan swallowed, then shivered.

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    hating iron for not becoming steel : to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement .
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