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MADLM Chapter 16

Chapter 16

This night is destined to be another sleepless night.

Shi Nan stared at the ceiling with his hands under his head in a daze.

The heat in his chest had not disappeared even after a few hours. Everytime he closed his eyes, all he could think was the hug in the kitchen.

It seems as if he can still smell the gardenia scent of Song Linsheng.

Shi Nan raised his arm and smelled himself, uh, the same smell on him.

In fact, Song Linsheng didn’t know him well. The two of them just came home from work every day to cook, eat after cooking, watch TV and read books or browse the phone after dinner. There was not much communication between the two.

But even as they went on like this, Shi Nan felt that his life was pretty good.

Shi Nan turned on the bed over and over again. He stalled for a long time and finally sat up from the bed. He gently opened the door of the room and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of beer.

When he turned around and saw a person standing on the balcony, Shi Nan was shocked, but then realized that it was Song Linsheng.

What was he doing, standing on the balcony so late?

Shi Nan walked over and opened the balcony door, Song Linsheng turned around when he heard the sound.

Shi Nan looked at him: “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No.” Song Linsheng shook his head, “It’s much better after drinking ginger soup, but I can’t sleep.”

“Oh.” Shi Nan walked over and opened the other side of the balcony door. He took a sip of beer and said, “I can’t sleep either.”

Shi Nan glanced across Song Linsheng’s face, trying to find out if the reason why the two of them couldn’t sleep is the same, but Song Linsheng’s facial expression management was so good that he couldn’t see through.

The window on the balcony was ajar, and the night breeze came in.

Shi Nan lived in a high-rise building. Looking down from the balcony, thousands of houses were lit up.

Song Linsheng put his hands on the railing and suddenly said, “Is there any beer?”

Shi Nan suddenly returned to his senses and subconsciously said, “Yes…but can you drink it?”

” Yes .”



Shi Nan went to the kitchen, took a can of beer and handed it to him.

Song Linsheng took it, then opened it and gave Shi Nan a glance .

Neither of them spoke, and just drank a can of beer in silence.

Shi Nan thought that Song Linsheng wanted to be alone, so he turned around, planning to leave and return this space to him, but Song Linsheng suddenly called him: “Shi Nan.”

“Huh?” Shi Nan stopped and turned his head to look at him .

“Why did you choose to marry me in the first place?” Song Linsheng looked at him and asked.

Shi Nan understood Song Linsheng’s meaning almost instantly. Their marriage was mixed with many factors, but they had no feelings. So Song Linsheng’s words meant why it was him and not someone else.

Shi Nan thought about it for a while holding the beer can, and then seriously answered, “I realised that I feel comfortable talking to you.”

Now that he started this topic, Shi Nan also wanted to ask him if he really wanted to marry him in the first place. But he doesn’t want to ask anymore.

It’s not important anymore.

“Shi Nan.” Song Linsheng called him again.

This shout made Shi Nan’s heart itchy.

Shi Nan leaned against him, and their shoulders were close together. Shi Nan raised the beer in his hand: “Why do I feel that you are worried? Tell me about it and I’ll see if I can help you. If I can’t help, it’s okay to be a trash can for you.” 1 trash can : SN tells SLS to share his problems (which he considers to be trash) with him. So he’s calling himself a trash can.
Original text : 給你當個垃圾桶也是可以的

Song Linsheng didn’t speak, but drank a few sips of beer in silence. After a long time, when Shi Nan thought he would not speak, Song Linsheng whispered softly: “Shi Nan , I may not be the same as you think. “

Where is it different?

Shi Nan didn’t know why Song Linsheng suddenly said such a sentence, but soon he laughed, turned his head and looked at the person beside him, asking him, “What do you think is my imagination of you ?”

Song Linsheng was taken aback and looked at Shi Nan.

The two looked at each other for a while in the sultry night. Shi Nan took the lead in not being able to keep his eyes open, and after drinking a sip, he said, “You are here, why should I imagine what you are like? I just want to see the Song Linsheng ,who is standing in front of me.”

I just want to hold on to you.

Song Linsheng’s hand holding the beer can tightened suddenly, his expression indistinct in his slightly drooping eyes.

Shi Nan got up very early the next day. In fact, he didn’t sleep well all night.

Last night, he and Song Linsheng had a rare heart-to-heart talk, but Shi Nan always felt that something was wrong.

For Shi Nan, he held Song Linsheng’s hands, kissed him, and embraced him. The relationship between the two was becoming stable step by step, but Song Linsheng always gave him an illusion last night. The two people’s definition of this relationship doesn’t seem to be on the same line.

Is it because there is no official confession?

After thinking about it, Shi Nan felt that Song Linsheng might think that falling in love requires a sense of ritual. In this case, confession must be put on the agenda.

Thinking about it this way, he and Song Linsheng still have too little communication and don’t understand each other. For example, he only knows what Song Linsheng does, but he doesn’t know where Song Linsheng works.

He didn’t care much about it before, but now that he has decided to develop this relationship well, they are bound to have a better understanding of each other. Which couple does not know where each other works?

After Shi Nan made up his mind, he had a goal in his heart and felt more at ease. Otherwise, he would always feel like stepping on a cloud, and it would disperse as soon as he stepped hard.

As someone who had no experience of confession, Shi Nan asked Ding Chen, a single dog, as usual.

“How do you confess?” Ding Chen’s “wheezing” voice surprised the newcomers around him.

Shi Nan kicked him, “You are sick. Keep your voice down.” Ding Chen approached Shi Nan and lowered his voice, “You are the one who’s sick, right? What the hell are you doing? You are married. Now you want to start dating? Confess?”

Shi Nan glanced at him, “Is it fun?”

Ding Chen gave him a thumbs up, “Unheard of.”

Ding Chen murmured, but he still gave him a bunch of ideas, like giving 999 roses, singing with the guitar, letting go of balloons, and using drones to give gifts. What kind of old-fashioned ideas he came up with!

Finally, Shi Nan rolled his eyes in disgust: “No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend.” The two heads conspired for a long time and couldn’t think of a good plan , but then they got the news of the meeting.

The person from the secretary’s office came over and informed that the big boss would have a meeting in ten minutes, so the managers of all departments would have to attend.

This was the first meeting since the company was acquired. Everyone didn’t dare to neglect, so they took their notebooks and pens into the meeting room one after another.

The people in the conference room were the leaders of various departments. Some were from the old company and some were assigned by the new company. The two groups of people sat on two sides, and Shi Nan sat in the last position by the door.

“Have you seen the big boss?” Sitting next to Shi Nan was the boss of the Network Technology Department. He was an old man from the previous company. His surname was Wang. Because his ability to deal with computer technology was very good, everyone called him the boss.

Shi Nan thought for a while. He gave the big boss a meal twice , but he hadn’t seen his face, so it shouldn’t be considered as seen.

“No.” Shi Nan shook his head.

“I went to his office to help him install the computer. I saw him once, and I felt quite uncomfortable.” Boss Wang sighed, “I guess life will be difficult for us in the future.” As soon as Boss Wang’s voice fell, the door of the conference room was pushed open from outside. Everyone moved their heads and looked over in a particularly neat manner, and saw Xiangyang biting a lollipop in his mouth and swaying in before entering.

Xiang Yang threw the file in his hand on the table, tugged it and said, “Divide it by yourself.” The people in the old company always thought that Xiang Yang was an assistant, driver and bodyguard, he was the same as them , but the group of people in the head office is different. A director-level person next to him immediately stood up: “I’ll divide it.”

Xiang Yang ignored him, went directly to the chair in the corner of the conference room and sat down, took out his mobile phone, then tilted his legs and started playing games.

Elder Wang said loudly, “This assistant is very arrogant, and he is not afraid of being fired by the big boss.”

Shi Nan turned his head and glanced at the person sitting not far behind him who was bowing his head and indulging in playing games. The bald boy was really arrogant, and no one dared to bother him.

Xiang Yang didn’t raise his head, but suddenly freed a hand to take out a lollipop from his pocket and accurately threw it on the table in front of Shi Nan.

Shi Nan, “…”

Boss Wang looked at him incredulously, “You two are familiar?”

Shi Nan sighed, “We have talked a few times.”

He felt that Xiang Yang simply wanted to win over him and let him help him to buy lunch for the big boss.

After yesterday’s event , Shi Nan doesn’t want to help Xiangyang anymore. After all, he might even lose his job if he fails.

After the document was distributed, everyone looked down at the document.

This is a plan for the company’s future development. Recently, everyone has been speculating about the reason for Tianguang’s acquisition of their company, but the company has never said anything clearly. Now the company is almost integrated, and it should be on the right track.

There was silence in the conference room, only the sound of pages turning.

Shi Nan looked at things quickly, turned back and forth, and came up with a concept, Tianguang is an artist company, dedicated to making stars, and the acquisition of this branch company is to build its own film and television company, and the next step is to start filming dramas.

The door beside him made a sound , and then someone pushed in. The corner of the black suit brushed over Shi Nan’s desk and swept the lollipop that Xiangyang threw at Shinan to the ground.

When someone walked by him, Shi Nan smelled a faint pine fragrance.

Then another person walked in, and the high heels stepped on the ground and made a “da da” sound.

The people in the conference room saw the people who came in and stood up.

Shi Nan first stooped to pick up the lollipop, then stood up straight, and then glanced at the boss inadvertently.

The newly hired secretary to the president held the laptop and walked behind the tall man to the main seat in the middle of the conference room. The secretary’s petite body blocked half of that person’s body.

Shi Nan frowned suddenly.

He had seen the back of the boss in the big boss’s office before. At that time, he was wearing casual clothes and he was in good shape.

Today, instead of wearing casual clothes, he wore a tailored black suit, still with broad shoulders and long-legs , but Shi Nan always felt a little familiar, whether it’s the height or body proportions, this man resembled Song Linsheng.

Do people who are tall look the same from their backs?

He’s still in the late stage of his love story, and anyone can remind him of Song Linsheng.

Shi Nan sighed and couldn’t wait any longer. He decided to confess to Song Linsheng tonight and settle the relationship.


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  • 1
    trash can : SN tells SLS to share his problems (which he considers to be trash) with him. So he’s calling himself a trash can.
    Original text : 給你當個垃圾桶也是可以的
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