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MADLM Chapter 15

Chapter 15



Ying Ting’s agent said that the photos were well-repaired and he praised Shi Nan, saying that he needed to ask Shi Nan for help in the future.


Shi Nan thought that if he had long known this, he would not be so good. He might have just caused trouble for himself.

Shi Nan went to say goodbye to An Ke before leaving. When he knocked on the door and entered her office, he saw the girl who had been scolded by Xiangyang before, wiping tears in An Ke’s office. When she saw Shi Nan coming in, she bowed her head and went out.

Shi Nan has been familiar with An Ke during this period of time, so he asked: “Is it all right?”

“It’s okay, the little girl is too innocent and has been pitted.” An Ke said.

Shi Nan understood in an instant that the fact that the big boss can’t eat meat shouldn’t be a secret in the entire company. This little girl is probably a newcomer and was assigned to buy food, but no one told her that the big boss can’t eat meat.

Everyone is a human being, and it is unlikely that such an important thing will be forgotten. It is very likely that it is deliberately not said, so there is no need to explain why.

Shi Nan didn’t know what An Ke would do, didn’t ask much, and left after talking to her.

Shi Nan first went to the supermarket to buy some food, then returned to Shi Haiping’s place and sent a message to Song Linsheng on the way, asking him to go to Shi Haiping’s place for dinner.

Song Linsheng didn’t reply to the message. Shi Nan was used to it, he might be able to see it when he got off work.

When he was idle, Shi Haiping was emptying some old things at home, and he asked Shi Nan to join him. Shi Nan was not interested in this kind of thing, so he went to his aunt’s house and played games with Sang Yan.

When Song Linsheng came to Shi Haiping’s house at 6:30, Shi Haiping was the only one at home. After cleaning up for half the afternoon, there were still many things on the ground.

Song Linsheng rolled up his sleeves and helped him, Shi Haiping did not refuse.

Since Shi Nan and Song Linsheng got married, Shi Haiping has not had a chance to have a good chat with Song Linsheng. Just because Shi Nan was not here at this time, he wanted to say something to him.

Song Linsheng moved some old boxes to the storage room under the command of Shi Haiping.

“This box is for Nan Nan’s childhood clothes.” Shi Haiping picked up a clean, whitish blue coat. “This is a birthday gift I bought for him when he was ten years old. He especially likes it. It’s been a long time.”

“He must have looked good in blue.” Song Linsheng said.

Shi Haiping smiled: “Nan Nan looked very beautiful when he was a child, and of course he looks good now, but when he was a child, he looked like a porcelain doll. After he grew up, he became handsome and not as exquisite as before.”

Shi Haiping took the photo album to the sofa and greeted Song Linsheng to look over.

“When Nan Nan was a kid, he was the most annoyed when others said that he was beautiful. He said, beautiful is a word to praise a girl.”

Song Linsheng’s eyes fell on some old photo albums, and Shi Nan’s childhood opened in front of Song Linsheng.

The person laughed happily, made weird expressions deliberately and played basketball in the playground. From the photos, he seems to be able to feel Shi Nan’s happiness at that moment.

Unexpectedly, half of a dirty child in a suspender suit and pants appeared in front of Song Linsheng.

This photo is different from other photos. The child in the photo did not smile and was somewhat at a loss. The suspender suit on his body was covered with mud and looked pitiful.

This photo is torn apart, only half was left.

Song Linsheng’s eyes fell on this photo for a long time without looking away.

“This was taken when Nan Nan was seven or eight years old when he went out to play like a mud monkey.” Shi Haiping reached out and turned the page. The next one is a photo of Shi Nan, Sang Yan and Sang Wan. A teenage boy, wearing a dark blue school uniform, with a cheerful smile, sunshine and vigour could be seen on his face.

Song Linsheng tapped his index finger on Shi Nan’s face and asked in a low voice, “Why don’t you have a picture of younger Shi Nan?”

Shi Hai flattened his mouth and then sighed, “There was a big fire in the house that year. It’s burned down almost everything. I didn’t even have the album of Nan Nan when he was a kid.”

“Little Song, Nan Nan looks happy every day, but in fact, he has a delicate mind and he has suffered from it all these years. It’s a lot of suffering. I think you’re a prudent person who can tolerate a lot of his temperament. If you two live a good life together, I’ll feel at ease.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

Shi Haiping patted Song Linsheng on the shoulder. He doesn’t know why, but he has an inexplicable intuition for Song Linsheng and thinks he will treat Shi Nan well.

When Shi Haiping went to the storage room, Song Linsheng turned the album to the half-photo page again, seeming to be caught in a certain depression.

When Shi Nan opened the door and came in, he saw Song Linsheng sitting on his sofa and greeted him: “You are here. I helped my aunt buy soy sauce and forgot to bring my phone.” Song Linsheng sent him a message half an hour ago and said that he had arrived, Shi Nan didn’t bring his mobile phone and only saw it when he came back.

Before Song Linsheng could speak, Shi Nan suddenly straightened his face and stepped forward to stare at Song Linsheng’s face, “Why is your face so ugly? Your lips are white?” When he heard this, Haiping looked at Song Linsheng’s face, Song Linsheng’s face was so pale but he hadn’t noticed it until just now.

Shi Nan touched Song Linsheng’s forehead. It was not hot, even a little cold. When Shi Nan touched Song Linsheng’s hand again, it was cold, like the symptom of the last time he had a cold.

“I’m fine.” Song Linsheng grabbed Shi Nan’s hand and motioned to him that Shi Haiping was still there.

Shi Nan didn’t have any scruples. He pushed him down on the sofa and poured him a cup of hot water: “I found that your body is a little weak. Don’t you feel uncomfortable when you move? Let’s soak some wolfberries in the thermos.”

Song Linsheng smiled and said in a low voice, “It’s okay, I’ll just take a rest.”

Shi Haiping found that the atmosphere between the two was obviously different from the last time they came to the house and they became more intimate.

His aunt knew that Song Linsheng had come so she made a lot of delicious food. During the meal, Shi Nan graciously served Song Linsheng and took away a piece of chicken wing that was given to Song Linsheng.

“Look at Xiao Nan. Aunt has made so much food, why are you still stealing Xiao Song’s bowl?” Aunty scolded him with a smile.

Shi Nan was eating and playing, “He’s uncomfortable. It’s better to eat lightly.” In addition to Song Linsheng’s uncomfortable health, Shi Nan thought of the big boss in the company. Before, he still felt that he should have balanced nutrition. After experiencing today, Shi Nan feels that he should be a little understanding, let him eat whatever he wants and not eat what he doesn’t want.

Song Linsheng did not have a good appetite, so he only ate some greens in a small bowl.

After dinner, Shi Nan didn’t wait much and left Shi Haiping’s home with Song Linsheng.

When the two returned home, Shi Nan urged Song Linsheng to go to the room to rest but Song Linsheng grabbed Shi Nan’s arm.

“What’s wrong? Not feeling well?”

“I want to drink the coke ginger soup you made last time.” Song Linsheng said.

Shi Nan was happy: “Do you really want to drink it?”

Song Linsheng nodded.

“Okay, then you go rest and I’ll cook it for you.”

Shi Nan went to the kitchen to cook coke ginger soup for Song Linsheng. He remembered that the ginger was too spicy last time, so he put less ginger slices this time.

Song Linsheng took a shower in the bathroom and then went to the kitchen. The ginger soup in the pot was not ready yet, Shi Nan saw him and let him go to bed first.

Song Linsheng stood aside and didn’t move.

“I still have basic life skills.” Shi Nan thought he was afraid that he would mess up the kitchen and smiled, “I promise to clean it up later, don’t worry.”

Song Linsheng looked at Shi Nan standing there. He saw Shi Nan slowly stirring the ginger soup in the pot with a ladle, and his eyes suddenly narrowed.

Shi Nan turned to see Song Linsheng looking at him in a daze, raised his hand and shook it in front of his eyes: “What’s the matter?”

Song Linsheng’s somewhat scattered gaze condensed on Shi Nan starry eyes, and he suddenly reached out and hugged Shi Nan in his arms.

Shi Nan was taken aback.

This is the first hug between Shi Nan and Song Linsheng.

Shi Nan smelled the light gardenia-scented shower gel on Song Linsheng.

It was Shi Nan’s shower gel. He smelled this scent every day, but it changed a little when he smelled it from Song Linsheng.

Song Linsheng hugged him tightly, as if to wrap his whole person into his body.

Shi Nan hung his hands on his side without moving for a long time.

Compared with the previous holding hands and touching kisses, Shi Nan felt that this hug was more intimate.

The ginger soup in the pot started to bubble, and the heat seemed to increase the temperature in the kitchen, making it a little hot.

Shi Nan wrapped his hands around Song Linsheng’s waist and responded to the hug.

“Shi Nan.” Song Linsheng whispered in Shi Nan’s ear.

The deep voice brushed over his earlobes, like a spring breeze passing by Shi Nan’s restless heart.

Adults can’t stand up to provocation, especially when they have a person whom they have a good feeling towards, standing in front of them. They would want to develop further.

Shi Nan was inevitably a little confused and his breathing was a little unsmooth.

“Huh?” Shi Nan replied in a low voice.

Song Linsheng’s chin was pressed on Shi Nan’s shoulder, his eyes closed, and he kept this movement for a long time.

Shi Nan also knew that the relationship between the two of them hadn’t reached the stage for the next move, so he adjusted his breathing to calm his overactive areas.

Neither of them spoke, and just hugged each other quietly for a long, long time.

In this era when he felt empty for five minutes after leaving his mobile phone, Shi Nan didn’t expect that he could hug a person so quietly without doing anything. Feeling the breath and heartbeat of the other person, he felt that everything is right, peaceful and warm.

Shi Nan slowly closed his eyes and slowly dropped his weight on Song Linsheng.

Shi Nan felt his heart beat, it kept beating again and again.

That kind of beating was the first time in his life that Shi Nan had experienced. It was a brand-new feeling of heartbeat tingling with his fingertips, making his whole body numb.

Shi Nan knew that it was a special heartbeat.


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