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MADLM Chapter 14

Chapter 14


The two were walking slowly along the street market. When Shi Nan saw Song Linsheng’s eyes always watching the crowd around the loop, he held Song Linsheng on the shoulder: “Like it? Your brother Nan used to be known as the little prince of the loop. Which one would you like?”


Song Linsheng didn’t hesitate, and asked for the rabbit.

Shi Nan bought a loop for 20 yuan and said, “I don’t need so much at all. I promise to take it within five.”

Song Linsheng smiled and patted him on the shoulder: “Goodluck.”

Shi Nan swung his arms twice, then raised his eyebrows at Song Linsheng: “Be optimistic.” After 20 yuan, there was another 20 yuan. When the 100th yuan was spent, the boss couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “You want that? That rabbit? Should I give you one?”

“No.” Shi Nan refused, “I can do it myself.”

Your Brother Nan’s dignity should not be trampled on.

At the end Shi Nan still got the rabbit. The boss sighed, “It’s not easy to get a customer like you. Handsome guy, will you come tomorrow night? I’ll wait for you.”

Shi Nan couldn’t help grinding his teeth after taking damage.

Shi Nan handed the cage to Song Linsheng: “Here.” Song Linsheng took it and praised him: “Awesome.”

Shi Nan looked at him, “You also mocked me? I’m telling you, I’m getting rusty. When I was in college, I never failed when throwing the loop and the little prince of the loop was not a bluff.”

Shi Nan went around to Song Linsheng’s left and pulled him out of the crowd by his sleeve.

“Did you have a good time in college?” Song Linsheng asked Shi Nan.

“Happy, of course happy.” Shi Nan talked about his college life, “At that time, there was not much pressure of study, and the major was what I liked. There was no need to worry about life. I had fun with Ji Ke and Wen Yifan every day. Good, very good.”

“By the way, Ji Ke and Wen Yifan are my good friends.” Shi Nan turned his head to look at Song Linsheng, “Ji Ke has gone on a mission. When he comes back, I will take you to meet them, okay?”

“Good.” Song Linsheng’s eyes fell on Shi Nan’s face, he could see that Shi Nan was really happy when he brought up his college life.

“Have you been so happy all the time?”

Shi Nan thought for a while, “It’s okay. When I was young, I didn’t worry about anything. When I grew up, I was optimistic. There are days when I am happy and there are also days when I am unhappy. It’s okay, very happy.”

Song Linsheng lowers his eyes slightly, just be happy.

“What about you? By the way, which is your college? I haven’t heard you mention it.” Shi Nan’s hand was originally pulling Song Linsheng’s sleeves, and after a little while, they moved down and the backs of their hands touched each other. In no time, Song Linsheng grabbed his wrist.

Shi Nan smiled secretly, then leaned against Song Linsheng.

“Me?” Song Linsheng’s eyebrows flashed for a moment but he quickly hid it and said calmly, “I have never been to college.”

“That’s it.” Shi Nan didn’t feel surprised at all, just clenched Song Linsheng’s hand tightly, “Then you came out to work early?”

“Yeah.” Song Linsheng nodded.

“Don’t worry.” Shi Nan slammed Song Linsheng on the shoulder, “Brother Nan will cover you in the future, talk to me if you have something to say.”

Song Linsheng nodded, “Okay.”

“So behaved.” Shi Nan couldn’t help but move his hand to Song Linsheng’s face then squeezed it up, looking like a full-fledged rogue.

“Is it good to touch?” Song Linsheng asked.

“It’s good, very tender.” Shi Nan turned his head and smiled.

“Buy a rabbit! Five yuan for one!” There was a shout from nowhere.

“What’s the matter?” Shi Nan suddenly turned his head to look at the roadside and saw a hawker sitting on the roadside, with a cardboard box in front of him. Inside the cardboard box were white and fat little rabbits. Several girls were gathering there, shouting how cute the rabbits were.

“Rabbit, just five yuan for one.” Song Linsheng said.

Shi Nan glared at him. (If you don’t understand, Linsheng was making fun of Shi Nan because he spent 100 yuan for a rabbit that is worth 5 yuan lol)

Song Linsheng began to laugh, then let go of Shi Nan’s hand and went to buy a rabbit for five yuan.

Shi Nan felt that everyone was against him tonight.

In the end, the two returned home with two rabbits.

Shi Nan squatted on the balcony to feed the rabbits with cabbage leaves. The rabbit for five yuan was smaller than the one that was obtained from the one-hundred yuan loop. He curled up in a corner of the box, looking a little cowardly.

Shi Nan sighed.

Song Linsheng leaned on the glass door and looked through the glass door, he said softly, “Two are also good, they have a companion. Otherwise, they would be too lonely.”

“Yes.” Shi Nan patted the heads of two little rabbits. “You two met like fate.”

Shi Nan was not only rewarded this evening. He did he have a sweet date, but he also sent his first kiss out. When lying in bed at night, it was inevitable that his heart would be turbulent making him unable to sleep.

Does this count as falling in love?

He held my hands and kissed me too, right?

But he didn’t confess?

But, they got the certificate.

Shi Nan took out his cell phone and looked at the photo that the little girl had passed him.

That person is bright and brilliant, and he pushed that exact person onto the tree.

Shi Nan was embarrassed of himself. Shi Nan, Shi Nan, I didn’t find out before, but you are a pretty rogue child.

Shi Nan was intoxicated, and the sudden vibration of his mobile phone frightened him. It was a message from Wen Yifan.

Wen Yifan: Where are you? Who are you with?

Look south and look north: If you care about me, try guessing?

Wen Yifan: How can I guess without any clues?

Look south and look north: Guessing or not?

Wen Yifan: …Goodbye.

Look south and look north: Not guessing huh.

Shi Nan was so excited that he woke up late the next morning.

When he came out with his dark circles under his eyes, Song Linsheng was changing his shoes in the hallway and was about to leave. Shi Nan frowned and looked at him: “Why don’t you call me?” “You… aren’t you resting today?” Song Linsheng hesitated. “Am I wrong?”

Shi Nan was in a daze for three seconds, and then wailed in pain: “Ah, I forgot that I had a rest today. Bye.”

After Shi Nan turned around and walked to the bedroom, he planned to go back to sleep.

“Eat breakfast first when you wake up.” Song Linsheng walked back again, went to the kitchen and brought out the breakfast he left for Shi Nan on the dining table. ”

Shi Nan had no choice but to come to the table and put a bun in his mouth, “You all do not have rest days? I never saw you rest.”

Before Song Linsheng could speak, the self-serving Shi Nan said, “Dog company, ah. This is the corporate slave’s frustration ah.”

Shi Nan waved to Song Linsheng: “Go, go, drive carefully.” ”

Song Linsheng took two steps and suddenly turned back. Shi Nan was puzzled: “What…”

Song Linsheng lowered his head and kissed Shi Nan’s forehead and the bun in Shi Nan’s mouth fell onto the table.

Shi Nan recovered from his surprise only after the door closed, and then began to be silly.

No wonder Song Linsheng’s expression changed when he forcefully kissed Song Linsheng last night.

Shi Nan finally took a day off and planned to feed the rabbits then went to Shi Haiping’s place. But he received a call from An Ke before he finished feeding the rabbits.

An Ke said that, in the post production department of the head office, someone took a temporary leave due to family affairs, and there were some workers in the company that couldn’t do it. She asked Shi Nan if he could do it during his rest time. The corporate slave, Shi Nan, did not have the right to say “no”.

Shi Nan then cleaned up and went out. When going downstairs to drive, he remembered that Tianguang Headquarters was in the CBD area in the city centre. Parking there was quite difficult. Wen Yifan’s company is also there. They are all chartered parking spaces in the company, otherwise it is difficult to park.

Shi Nan simply called for a car from his mobile phone. After Shi Nan came to Tianguang, the receptionists at the front desk may have been informed by An Ke. So, when they saw Shi Nan, they took him to the planning department.

Along the way, Shi Nan felt that big companies are really big companies. The environment and the mental outlook of employees are different from their small broken companies.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as the little cool guy with bald head and scar who is lying half-legged on a chair and playing games, classmate Xiangyang.

Everyone else was busy spinning around, only the assistant to the president quickly tapped his fingers on the screen, playing the game vigorously.

Shi Nan gave Xiangyang a compliment in his heart, it was really amazing.

Xiangyang’s eyes were on the screen of his mobile phone and his hands were not idle, but when Shi Nan passed by him at the time, he lazily greeted, “Are you a free worker?”

Shi Nan admired again, this kid is still a kid. The bodyguard requirement is definitely based on strength.

In the post production department, there were only two new employees who went to work today. One of their two bosses took annual leave, and the other had an accident at home today, then they left.

Shi Nan thought it was technically a very difficult job, and was ready to do it for a few days and nights, but then he realized that the task turned out to be editing pictures.

Shi Nan was stunned. An Ke asked him to come here to make him edit the pictures?

“This is a photo of Teacher Ying. He has always been demanding, and the company is afraid that we will not meet his requirements.” One of the employees said.

? ? ? ? ?


When Shi Nan saw the photos on the computer, it became clear that it was Teacher Ying, not anyone else.

Ying Ting, a first-line traffic idol, is good at dancing, singing and acting. He just won the best actor award a few days ago and is a well-deserved actor.

It turns out that the appearance of the company is so caring.

Although Shi Nan felt that he was being used by underachievers, it didn’t matter. Anyway, he was paid to do things, corporate slaves had no dignity.

Shi Nan thought this was a very simple job, but after he repaired a few pictures, the two newcomers next to him couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up, and their way of greeting him changed: “Brother Shi, awesome.”

If you praise me so much, I may swell up.

Shi Nan was not modest and waved his hand: “You can do it in the future.” During lunch, the two children wanted to invite Shi Nan to have lunch with them, but Shi Nan did not go.

Firstly, he is working for the company, and it makes no sense to let the children invite him to dinner.

Secondly, this job is simple. He wants to finish it early and go home early. After all, he is very busy now, busy falling in love.

After eating something casually at noon, Shi Nan started to work again, but basically finished his work after three o’clock in the afternoon. He then sent the repaired picture to Ying Ting’s agent. As long as he thinks it is okay, Shi Nan can get off work.

While waiting, Shi Nan took a glass of water and planned to go to see Xiangyang. Before he walked to the office area, he heard Xiangyang’s roar, “Who bought the meal at noon?”

When Shi Nan walked over, he saw a girl with a ponytail coming out timidly, stammering: “I, I, I bought…”

“Have I never said that the boss doesn’t eat meat? Did I say it or not?” When Xiangyang curled his eyebrows, the scar at the corner of his eyes was particularly obvious and he looked fierce.

The girl’s tears pattered down, she was so frightened that she did not dare to speak.

“Cry and cry, you only know how to cry.” Xiangyang was anxious and pointed to her, “You, receive your three months’ salary from the personnel department and don’t come to work starting from tomorrow.”

“No, don’t!” The girl was anxious, “No one told me that the boss doesn’t eat meat, really…”

Xiangyang was annoyed: “Shut up for Lao Tzu.”

An Ke heard the noise outside and came out of the office. After understanding the situation, she asked the girl to go to the bathroom to wash her face.

An Ke came to Xiangyang and asked worriedly, “Is it serious?”

“He’s vomiting inside.” Xiangyang grabbed his bald head irritably, “What does your personnel department do for food? You hired such a fool?”

“You, don’t worry.” An Ke frowned, “Although it was a wrong purchase, why didn’t he realise before eating it?”

“That shit shop, I don’t know what they were thinking. They chopped the chicken into puree and wrapped it in tofu skin and adjusted the sauce, it didn’t even taste like chicken.” Xiangyang was angry.

“Does he need to go to the hospital?” An Ke became more worried when she heard the words.

“Wait and see, if it doesn’t work, force him to go to the hospital.” Xiangyang turned and entered the president’s office.

Shi Nan thought, it turned out that the big boss didn’t eat meat not because he was a vegetarian, but because he would vomit after eating meat.


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