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MADLM Chapter 12

Chapter 12


Rest of the time ,Shi  Nan could no longer what was going on in the movie , and all his attention is on the hands of the two holding together.


When Shi Nan’s  hand had just taken the ice coke, with some coolness, Song Linsheng’s thumb was rubbed lightly on the back of his hand, and the warmth in his hand flowed along the veins to the limbs.


For some reason, Shi Nan thought of the cicadas in summer.


He likes to listen to the cicadas, which is the best proof of the hot summer.


When he was young, he liked to lie on the wooden floor at home and flip through comics with his two legs tilted, with ice watermelon and ice cola next to him, and the noise of cicadas in his ears. That was the most pleasant time of his childhood.


At this moment, he actually wanted to take Song Linsheng back to Shi.s house , lying on the floor of the bedroom listening to the cicadas.


Shi Nan felt a little dry and drank a big mouthful of Coke.


From the corner of Shi Nan’s eyes, he glanced quietly at the person next to him, who was sitting there with his back straight, his eyes staring at the big screen, as if he was particularly fascinated.


Shi Nan suddenly twitched his lips, and then moved the hand held by Song Linsheng.


Song Linsheng seemed to be attracted by the plot and had no reaction.


Shi Nan gave a “tsk”, buddy is calm enough.


Unexpectedly, in the next second, Song Linsheng tightened Shi Nan’s hand.


Shi Nan couldn’t help but curled his lips.


When the movie was over, the two of them held hands in the crowd all the time, until they got out of the parking lot, Song Linsheng let go of Shi Nan’s hand.


Shi Nan was held by the hand all night, feeling in his heart that this man was not as straight as he thought.


Song Linsheng came by taxi, so the two got into Shi Nan’s car together.


Seeing Song Linsheng seated in the co-pilot, Shi Nan wanted to  tease him , and leaned over to pull Song Linsheng’s seat belt. Song Linsheng might have never thought that someone would buckle his seat belt, so his face was shocked .The stunned expression is particularly funny.


Shi Nan raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help but chuckled.


The next second, Song Linsheng laughed, and then raised his eyebrows like Shi Nan, and smiled: “Fasten tightly .” “Okay.” After Shi Nan said these two words, they didn’t move. They were close ,the tips of their noses almost touching.


Shi Nan didn’t know what he wanted to do, maybe he hadn’t thought about it, or he was bewitched by this person at some point.


As he got closer, the scent of pine wood in Song Linsheng’s body that he didn’t know where it came from became more obvious, and Shi Nan couldn’t help tilting his head and sniffing lightly.


Song Linsheng’s throat moved slightly, and his hand hanging aside couldn’t help but lift up.


Before Song Linsheng’s hand touched Shi Nan, Shi Nan sat back abruptly, then calmly buckled the seat belt and started the car.


Song Linsheng’s hands were still in the air. After a while, he smiled and put his hands back.


Shi Nan’s earlobes were red as if he was about to bleed, but it was fortunate that it couldn’t be seen at night, otherwise it would be embarrassing.


He actually wanted to kiss him just now, but in the end he was stunned. The progress was like being on a plane. It was a bit too fast. Wait a minute. He was afraid that he would appear too eager and frighten people.


Song Linsheng lowered half of the car window, and the slight night wind blew away some of the ambiguity that had been breeding at night.


Song Linsheng turned his head and glanced at Shi Nan with the faint light of the street lamp. His youthful face seemed to be bathed in sunlight even in the dark.


Not like him.


Shi Nan’s happiness was visible to the naked eye these past two days, this may be the so-called sour smell of love.


The recruitment work is almost done. After Shi Nan discussed with An Ke , the planning department recruited a total of four people to work next week.


New recruits need training. Ding Chen began to prepare training materials. Shi Nan also had a lot to do. He was just editing before, but now he is a manager of a department and the workload is much larger.


At noon, Nan forgot to order takeout in a hurry. It took almost an hour to order, and it was too late to order. So Shi Nan went to the restaurant downstairs to eat.


Because there was no one in the restaurant after the meal time, Shi Nan saw Xiang yang sitting in the corner at a glance.


Xiang Yang wore a white baseball cap today, and the blue studs on his ears were very eye-catching. Shi Nan sighed that this kid is pretty cool.


Two days ago, the two of them had just met in the underground garage and greeted each other. Now it doesn’t seem appropriate not to say hello, so Shi Nan walked over and said, ” eating?”


Xiang Yang raised his head and pulled down the earphones in his ears, his chin raised: “Well, did you just eat it too?”


“Yeah.” Shi Nan glanced over the food on the table a spaghetti with meat sauce, 1  a spaghetti with meat sauce:




, fried rice with beef tenderloin, 2 fried rice with beef tenderloin:



  a tiramisu cake,3 tiramisu cake :



and a glass of orange juice.


There is enough food for children.


After ordering a meal, Shi Nan found a table and sat and waited. He occasionally glanced at Xiangyang and saw that the child was eating deliciously every bite. Shi Nan couldn’t help but smile. He has always thought that a person who likes food are all people who love life, Xiangyang,  born to the sun , good name.


Shi Nan was eating while looking at his mobile phone, and then found that his video account had a private message from the father who was looking for the child some time ago. He said that many people contacted him after watching Shi Nan’s video, to conduct DNA testing.


Shi Nan didn’t expect a follow-up, so he rushed to reply, hoping to have good news.


When Shi Nan finished eating, Xiang Yang just finished eating, the two went out of the restaurant one after another, and then waited for the elevator downstairs in the company together.


When Shi Nan wondered whether to find a topic and say a few words, Xiang Yang’s cell phone rang, and Xiang Yang answered and shouted: “Brother.” Shi Nan didn’t know what was said over there, Xiang Yang said, “Okay, I’ll be right now. Go.”


Xiang Yang handed the packing bag in his hand to Shi Nan: “Please send this to the president’s office, I’m in a hurry to get out.”


Before Shi Nan could reply, Xiang Yang turned and ran, leaving him behind with the packing bag.


But it’s just delivery, it’s no big deal.


After Shi Nan returned to the company, he went to the boss’s office.


Shi Nan hasn’t seen him since the big boss came to take office in the company.


Because of the difference in working hours, not many people in the company have seen him, such as Shi Nan who clocks in on time and sits at the workstation for a whole day.


To be honest, Shi Nan was still very curious about him, and everyone was curious about the big boss behind the scenes .


Shi Nan knocked on the door of the office lightly and waited for a while without reply.


no one?


No, if there’s no one ,who will Xiangyang buy the  lunch for.


Shi Nan knocked twice again, but there was still no sound.


Just when Shi Nan was about to give up, an impatient “in” came from inside.


There was someone.


Shi Nan pushed open the door of the office.


This office was owned by his former boss . Shi Nan used to come in frequently, but now the layout of this office has been changed. All the cheap tables and chairs have been replaced with high-end goods that are very expensive at first sight. It is indeed the boss of a big company.


The big boss was lying on the office chair with his back facing the door, with his feet resting on the small table. Shi Nan could see nothing but his long legs.


Just as Shi Nan wanted to speak, it suddenly occurred to him that he didn’t even know the name of the big boss.


After hesitating for a few seconds, Shi Nan said, “President, the assistant went out for something. He let me bring you the meal.”


No one responded.


Somewhat embarrassing.


Shi Nan paused, and then said, “Then I will put the bag on the desk for you.” Shi Nan put the bag on the desk, but he still didn’t get any response.


Okay, you are a big boss and have a personality.


“I’m going out first, please eat it slowly.” Shi Nan left the office after speaking.


After going out, Shi Nan gave a “tsk”, this is not a big boss, this is the emperor.


Kind of sympathy for the child Xiang Yang.



T/N :  Tsk tsk I was expecting Shi Nan to know his Boss’s identity! Disappointment!


T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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  • 1
      a spaghetti with meat sauce:




  • 2
    fried rice with beef tenderloin:



  • 3
    tiramisu cake :



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