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MADLM Chapter 11

Chapter 11


The activity of watching a movie may seem simple and ordinary, but it is not easy for two people who are watching a movie together for the first time.


Shi Nan browsed the latest movies, romantic dramas, comedies, suspense and ghost movies, which one should he choose?


Shi Nan felt that he still needed to ask for Song Linsheng’s advice, so when Song Linsheng came out after taking a shower and wiping his hair, Shi Nan quickly glanced at his hard abdominal muscles and asked nonchalantly: “What kind of movies do you usually watch ?”


“I don’t usually watch movies.” Song Linsheng said, “You decide.”


Shi Nan: “…” felt lonely .


“You don’t usually watch movies?” Shi Nan lay on the sofa and looked at him with his chin supported. “Then what is your daily pastime? Reading?”


Song Linsheng nodded.




Shi Nan turned over and lay on the sofa with his legs tilted and looked at the phone, and casually murmured: “It’s boring.” It seems that I should leave it to myself to choose the movie.


Song Linsheng was stunned for a rare moment. Was it boring?


When he left for work the next morning, Shi Nan and Song Linsheng made an appointment to meet at the cinema directly after get off work.


Shi Nan was a little restless when he went to work that day, and even Ding Chen could see his strangeness.


“What kind of contraband have you eaten, so excited?”


“Eh.” Shi Nan’s eyes lit up, and his legs slid the office chair directly to Ding Chen’s side. “You said that the first time you are on a date, what movie is better to watch ?”


“The first date?” Ding Chen’s eyes widened, “Did you find another person after divorce?”


“Fuck off.” Shi Nanbai glanced at him, “Don’t curse me.”


“How long have you been married, why? The first date?” Ding Chen felt quite puzzled. From Shi Nan’s marriage to the first date now, it was… quite outrageous.


“We treat every day as the first day of love, can’t we?” Shi Nan glared at him.


“Okay, okay, okay.” Ding Chen grinned and gave him a thumbs up, “Awesome.”


“How about watching a romantic drama?” Shi Nan put his cheeks in anticipation and imagined the gentle scene. .


“You two big men go to see a man and a woman kissing? Huh~~~” Ding Chen touched his arm and shivered.


Shi Nan thought, yes, it was embarrassing.


“Then, a horror movie?” Shi Nan asked again.


Ding Chen: “Hey, do you hide in someone’s arms?”


Shi Nan thought about the scene for a while, and then there was a chill, no, he couldn’t bear it.


“There is a new foreign 4D  film. You can go watch this.” Ding Chen was excited. “I wanted to watch it a long time ago, but no one has been with me. How about we three?”


“Fuck off.” Shi Nan slid the chair back to his position, wanting to be a light bulb? Can’t damage my date for you.


Shi Nan finally bought the tickets for the 4D film  that Ding Chen said. To be honest, he hasn’t watched a 4D film. The last time he entered the movie theater was when he was in college, Ji Ke was going to be a soldier. He and Wen Yifan accompanied Ji Ke to eat hot pot and  finally went to the cinema to see a 4D film.


He forgot the content of the movie. He only remember the three people watching it .


At the end of the afternoon, Shi Nan walked out an hour earlier and arrived at the underground parking lot in less than five o’clock.


Song Linsheng usually leaves at 6 o’clock after get off work. Shi Nan plans to take advantage of this time to visit Ji Ke’s parents. The old couple live on the street behind the cinema. Ji Ke always has a job. No one does any work in the old man’s house, so Shi Nan and Wen Yifan go around whenever they have time.


When Shi Nan got out of the elevator, he saw a black Mercedes-Benz G-series off-road vehicle parked at the exit.


This car is a new model, and Wen Yifan has been greedy for a long time. During that time, he sent a picture to Shi Nan every day to let him dream of buying a car with him, so Shi Nan was familiar with this car.


To be honest, this car is really good, the chassis is high enough, it is cool, it must be very exciting if it is driven on rugged mountains.


Shi Nando glanced at the car, and when he turned around, he was startled by the man squatting on the ground.


The smoker heard the sound and looked up.


He has a bald head, a triangular scar on his head, and a jagged scar at the corner of his eyes. This person is very sharp at first glance.


“Are you off work? .” The man lifted his chin to say hello to Shi Nan without any expression.


“Well, it’s off work.” Shi Nan also greeted him with a smile.


This person is Xiangyang, the assistant, driver and bodyguard of the company’s big boss. Shi Nan is familiar with him after seeing a few times, but the two have never spoken. He always thought that Xiang Yang would not know him. He didn’t realize that he not only knew him, but also took the initiative to say hello to him.


In fact, this is because the two scars look fierce. If you look closely, you will find that this person is not very old, at most in his early twenties, but he is actually a very immature child.


It’s not good to go straight like this. Shi Nan took the initiative to ask: “Waiting for the boss?”


“Yeah.” Xiang Yang didn’t seem to mean to chat. The two chatted casually, and Shi Nan went to drive.


At that time, when Shi Nan drove out of the underground parking lot, he saw the black off-road car of the boss in front of him. Don’t even say that a good car is awesome. At the traffic light, people kicked the accelerator and half a street passed by, and his little broken car had just reached the middle of the road.


In the off-road vehicle, Xiang Yang glanced at the man sitting in the rearview mirror with his eyes closed, and said, “Brother, I will cook for you tonight?”




Xiang Yang touched the tip of his nose and planned to say something. , he heard the person behind said lightly: “Shut up and drive your car.”


Xiang Yang: “…”


Oh, this man has become more and more weird tempered , and he has never seen it so difficult to get along with before.


I don’t know what’s going on today. The road is very congested. It took more than 40 minutes to make the journey back in more than 20 minutes.


After getting out of the car, Xiang Yang saw sweat on his forehead, and was a little worried: “Brother, are you okay, I’ll send you up.”


“No, you can go back.”


“Are you really okay?” Xiang Yang was a little worried. “Why don’t I go up and cook some porridge for you?”


“You will not come for work tomorrow.”


Xiang Yang was scolded and grinned: “That can’t happen .”


Seeing people enter the elevator, Xiang Yang  drove out of the complex and sighed while driving. When did he lose the qualification to go upstairs?


Shi Nan first went to Ji Ke’s parents’ house, helped to turn over the small vegetable garden, and repaired the bathroom faucet. He didn’t go to the cinema until about 6:30.


There were restaurants downstairs in the cinema, and Shi Nan randomly found a restaurant to go in, and then sent a location to Song Linsheng. When the food was served, Song Linsheng just arrived.


Shi Nan looked at his watch and found that it was seven o’clock, the movie ticket he booked was at eight o’clock, which was just in time for the meal.


Song Linsheng went to buy a bucket of popcorn and a drink when Shi Nan was standing in line for the ticket. Shi Nan raised his eyebrows. This was quite good.


Although Shi Nan had never watched a 4D movie before, he knew what was going on, but he was still taken aback when the chair moved.


Shi Nan sighed, now he is like a bunny who has never seen the world. He used to mix with Ji Ke and wen Yifan when he had time , he hadn’t played anything except drinking and playing games. Nowadays, the life of young people is quite colorful. .


The movie was well shot and the special effects were quite good. Shi Nan watched it with gusto while eating popcorn. Maybe his brain was used elsewhere, so when he took a popcorn in his hand and fed it to Song Linsheng’s mouth, he realized it late.


With the fluorescence of the screen, Shi Nan caught Song Linsheng from the corner of his eyes as if he turned his head to look at him, then lowered his head to bite away the popcorn.


The temperature of the lips slipped past Shinan’s fingertips.


Shi Nan has lived for so many years, and his heart has never been beaten so crazy like this moment.


Shi Nan flushed, took his hand back, before he recovered, suddenly a stream of water spurted from the front, spraying his head and face directly.


Shi Nan was stunned by the ups and downs.


The water spray continued, and everyone laughed in the cinema, Shi Nan wiped his face, damn, he has never been so speechless in his life.


After the spraying was over, a hand handed a paper towel next to him, Shi Nan took it and wiped his face, okay, this little water extinguished all his charming thoughts.


Whenever there is water in the movie, the people in the movie theater will be sprayed with the so-called 4D effect. After three consecutive times, Shi Nan is angry: “Is it over?”


“Huh?” Song Linsheng leaned over. , Asked him in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”


Shi Nan was speechless. If he had known this would happen, he would have bought a horror movie.


“The popcorn is wet.” Shi Nan said casually.


“Don’t eat it.” Song Linsheng reached out and took the popcorn to the other side.


Shi Nan wiped his face again and sighed, “If I watch 4D movies again in my life…”


Song Linsheng laughed.


When Shi Nan heard Song Linsheng laugh, he got stuck, turned his head to look at him, it was a little weird, this person still laughed?


It is a miracle.


“If you can’t stand it, just don’t watch it.” Song Linsheng said.


Shi Nan hadn’t spoken yet, another spray of water, Shi Nan closed his eyes subconsciously, and leaned back into the seat.


But this time the water suddenly disappeared, which was different from the previous one that lasted more than ten seconds.


When Shi Nan opened his eyes in puzzlement, he saw Song Linsheng put a jacket over him to block the messy water.


It was originally a very dark environment, and Song Linsheng used his coat to block the two of them in a secret barrier. Shi Nan could not see Song Linsheng’s face, but he could see his eyes with some light. And the faint scent of pine wood on his coat.


The kind of heartbeat just came again, running and jumping for joy, as if he was about to knock out of his chest.


Shi Nan took a deep breath.


“Do you want to go?” Song Linsheng asked him.




Just kidding, how could it be possible.


Tonight he will fight to the end with this movie.


Song Linsheng laughed again.


I have to say that Song Linsheng’s voice is very good, he is calm when speaking, but when he laughs, he has a trace of seduction , and people’s ears get numb.


Shi Nan couldn’t help but raise his hand to pinch the hot and red earlobe. He never thought that Song Linsheng was about to wipe his face with a tissue, and the two hands bumped into each other unexpectedly.


The big screen was shining brightly, and there seemed to be silence in the ears, only the rapid breathing reminded them that they were still in the mortal world.


They don’t know how long it took, maybe one minute, or just one second, Song Linsheng’s hand grasped Shi Nan’s.




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