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MADLM Chapter 10


Chapter 10


Recruits entered the interview process. Shi Nan also has two other department managers of the company and An Ke to interview the applicants. After sitting for a long time, they will have a simple takeaway at noon and continue in the afternoon.


After the interview, everyone added another hour and held a meeting together. It was already more than eight o’clock in the evening when it was off work.


Hungry, Shi Nan ordered a takeaway for himself when he parked the car and went upstairs, but he didn’t expect that when he opened the door, there were people at home.


Shi Nan was stunned for a moment, then raised his smile in surprise, and shouted directly into the house: “Song Linsheng ?” No one responded, Shi Nan shouted again: “Song Linsheng, Song Linsheng…”


Carrying the garbage bag the man emerged from the kitchen and saw a happy Shi Nan and sighed ︰ “Here I am.”


“Nan, change your shoes before walking in ,” “you came back ah? Why did not you tell me ahead of time?”


“The schedule changed suddenly, I haven’t had time to tell you when it has changed,” Song Linsheng said.


It doesn’t matter if you tell it or not, as long as the person comes back, it will be a pleasant surprise. Shi Nan is really happy.


Song Linsheng should have been back for a few hours, and the messy home tossed by Shi Nan has become clean and tidy.


Shi Nan took the garbage bag in Song Linsheng’s hand, and said, “Come on, I’ll throw it, I’ll throw it.”


Shi Nan threw the garbage, and when he came back the food was on the table. After more than ten days, Shi Nan finally had a warm meal made by Song Linsheng again.


Shi Nan was too satisfied.


Halfway through the meal, the doorbell rang, and the takeaway from Shi Na. was delivered.


Song Linsheng took the takeaway at the door and opened it, then frowned, “These are delicious?”


Shi Nan had a meatball in his mouth and said vaguely: “It’s not delicious.”


Song Linsheng glanced at Shi Nan, and  smiled. “Isn’t it a last resort when you don’t cook at home.? ”


“You used to eat these at home?” Song Linsheng asked again.


Shi Nan turned his eyes around and was busy selling, “Yes, hey, I’m too busy at work.  I don’t have time to cook, I have to eat garbage.”


Song Linsheng threw the takeaway aside, and turned to the kitchen to help Shi Nan with a bowl of soup.


Shi Nan looked at him and looked at him expectantly: “No more business trips lately, right ?”




With Song Linsheng’s assurance, Shi Nan’s mood got better, so Shi Nan rushed to Song Linsheng twice when he went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Shi Nan still stuck to the door, gnawing a fruit and refused to leave.


“I haven’t seen you for so long, chatting, aren’t you alone washing the dishes by yourself?”


Song Linsheng did not speak, washing the dishes intently.


Under the light, the person with broad shoulders and long legs, wearing a black shirt, with sleeves rolled up, the exposed forearms are smooth and tight. When he lowers his head, a few strands of black hair falls on his forehead…


Shi Nan bites the fruit more and more slowly.


Song Linsheng froze when a slender hand swept over the hair on his forehead, and then looked sideways, Shi Nan actually retracted his hand and took a bite of the fruit, seemingly nonchalantly saying, “It blocked your eyes.”


Shi Nan’s left hand was hanging to his side, with a fruit in his mouth, his eyes turned around for a long time, but he didn’t dare to confront Song Linsheng.


Song Linsheng slowly turned around and continued to wash the dishes, but the atmosphere in the kitchen seemed to be a little different because of Shi Nan’s touch just now.


Shi Nan didn’t leave either, just leaning on the side watching Song Linsheng washing the dishes. The two were close together, and Song Linsheng would wipe the hem of Shi Nan’s clothes when he moved his arm.


As usual, Song Linsheng would definitely say “getting in the way, go out”, but this time he rarely said anything.


When Shi Nan finished eating, he threw it into the trash can, and then deliberately reached out to wash his hands under the faucet.


Song Linsheng was forced to stop washing the dishes. The hands in front of him were white and slender. They were beautiful hands, and he didn’t have any bitterness at first glance.


Shi Nan was awkward, and his hand-washing posture was particularly awkward. The next second, someone held his hand and quickly scrubbed it twice and then threw it out.


? ? ? ?


Shi Nan said, is my hand poisonous?


“Don’t make trouble.” Song Linsheng whispered.


“…Oh.” Shi Nan couldn’t help but raised his mouth when he watched his hand, and then coughed slightly, “So what, a new movie is released, will you be free tomorrow? Let’s go see it together?” There was a moment of silence. , Song Linsheng nodded, and said softly: “Okay.”




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