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MADLM Chapter 1


Chapter 1




Is he married now?


Shi Nan looked at the freshly published red book in his hand. Indeed, he had just received a certificate of marriage.


With someone whom he has only met three, no, four times.


When Shi Nan’s father was in hospital, Song Linsheng happened to go to the hospital to be a volunteer. The two met in his father’s ward.


The first time they met each other nodded as a hello, introduced the names at their the second meeting , in the third meeting they had a good talk, in the fourth meeting they talked about marriage , fifth ……


Yes, this is the fifth time they met, they got the marriage certificate .


Shi Nan tilted his head to look at the person standing next to him. The man was very tall, and Shi Nan, who was 183 cm, standing beside him was much shorter. He was estimated to be 190 cm tall.


“Happy marriage.” Shi Nan said.


“Happy marriage.” Song Linsheng lowered his head to look at the phone without looking up.


“I don’t think you are very happy?” Shi Nan teased deliberately.


Song Linsheng finally looked at him, frowning slightly, and asked very seriously: “How to look happy ?”


“Yeah…” Shi Nan thought for a while, and gestured with his thumb and index finger, “Laugh.”


Song Linsheng looked at him blankly, and after a while, he pulled the corner of his mouth with all his strength.


Shi Nan couldn’t laugh.


“Let’s have a meal together.” Song Linsheng suggested.




Song Linsheng chose a buffet, it was quite crowded when they arrived, and they waited a while before they got a place.


This is the second meal the two have eaten together.


The last time they had a meal was the hot pot they ate together when they discussed their marriage. Song Linsheng asked him if he could eat spicy food. Shi Nan said that there is no problem with spicy food, so the two ordered a spicy hot pot.


Shi Nan ate very happily, and it was almost over when he found that Song Linsheng’s face was covered with sweat and his lips were swollen.


Shi Nan was quite speechless, and asked him, “You can’t eat spicy food, why didn’t you say it?”


Song Linsheng said at the time, “I heard that people who eat spicy pot don’t like to eat Mandarin duck pot.”


Shi Nan thought this man was stupid.


This time, Shi Nan pointed to the entire restaurant: “Mr. Song, you don’t need to give in to me if you want to eat anything .”


Song Linsheng should have also thought of the last time, perhaps because he felt a little embarrassed and didn’t say a word.


Shi Nan raised his eyebrows, and suddenly leaned over to look at him: “Why, regretting ?”


Song Linsheng lowered his eyes to Shi Nan’s eyes, and then suddenly stretched out his hand and hooked Shi Nan’s shoulder: “Go,today still eat hot pot, hot pot. ”


“do not, do not, do not. “Shi Nan avoided his hand, smiled and begged for mercy,” I was wrong, or eat buffet, we have already paid the money. ”


Although they are not very familiar with each other, it is fortunate that Shi Nan is outgoing. Although Song Linsheng is quieter, he may be very compatible with Shi Nan in character. No matter whether he responds to Shi Nan or not, Shi Nan feels comfortable and not embarrassed. .


The two came out after dinner. It was already past eight o’clock in the evening. Neither of them drove. Song Linsheng took out his mobile phone to call a taxi.


Song Linsheng lowered his head and tapped on the phone, then turned his head to ask Shinan: “Your home address.” After Shi Nan said the name of the community, he suddenly remembered the question of where to live .


During the meeting when they discussed the marriage certificate, the two talked about this issue. Shi Nan took a loan to buy a house, and Song Linsheng is now renting a house, so Shi Nan thinks Song Linsheng is more appropriate to move to him, and he can pay less rent.


“When are you going to move in with me?” Shi Nan asked Song Linsheng.


Song Linsheng paused for a moment before saying: “My house has not been settled yet. I will tell you in advance when it is settled .” “Okay.” Shi Nan thought that he would go back these two days to clean up his messy doghouse, can’t lose face.


The taxi came, and Shi Nan got in and waved to Song Linsheng, saying goodbye.


When the car drove out, Shi Nan glanced back, and Song Linsheng was still standing there, his body still facing the direction the taxi that was moving away.


Shi Nan smiled. Although the marriage was a bit hasty, and the conditions of the other party seemed to be not very good, the salary was not high, and there was no house for the time being, but Shi Nan felt that his conditions were not very good either . After all, he still had a mortgage for 30 years. Well, the two will live more frugally in the future, and it should not be too tight.


Fate is like this, at a glance ten thousand years will pass .


The taxi carrying Song Linsheng stopped outside the Crown Mansion District. Song Linsheng lowered the window. The security guard bent over on seeing him and greeted him: “Mr. Song is back.”


Song Linsheng nodded indifferently, and the security opened the door. The taxi drove in and took Song Linsheng downstairs to the apartment.


Crown Mansion District is a well-known community in City A. The people who live here are either rich or expensive. A house ranges from tens of millions to hundreds of millions.


Song Linsheng returned to his duplex house on the top floor and took a shower in the bathroom first.


After coming out of the shower, Song Linsheng picked up the red book and opened it while wiping his hair. Inside, Shi Nan tilted his head and smiled, pure and sunny, and seeing his smile made people feel much better.


“Shi Nan.” Song Linsheng said in a low voice, “Get married and be happy.”




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