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MM Chapter 7

Love Letter

Jiang Huai was called to the office to wait.

There’s no one in the office. Jiang Huai was bored and wandered around inside. Finally, he found Lin Fei’s chair and sat down. He supported his head and was sleepy.

After math class, as soon as Lin Fei entered the office, he saw Jiang Huai sitting in his seat. He almost fell asleep.

Lin Fei rolled up the lesson plan and slammed it on Jiang Huai’s head with hatred: “Get up! Why are you sleeping? Did I asked you to wait here to let you sleep in my office??”

Jiang Huai tilted his head and was taken aback.

Lin Fei: “Get up!”

“… Oh.”

Jiang Huai stood up. Behind Lin Fei, he caught a glimpse of a few students who followed him to the office together.

The first one was Liu Chang, with a look of mourning. Xu Wenyang and a girl named Wang Jing, the representative of the mathematics class.

“I asked you to go to the corridor to stand for a penalty. You’re so good, did I sentence you to go up and skateboard on the playground!” Lin Fei knocked Jiang Huai on the head once more.

Jiang Huai’s eyes drooped down and he didn’t speak.

Lin Fei put his hands on his back and turned his head to scan the several students. He pointed to Wang Jing: “Wang Jing, take the math homework you submitted yesterday back to the class and hand it out… Close the door when you leave.”

Wang Jing nodded, she gently picked up her math homework, and closed the door when she left.

“I asked you to come over and talk about what happened in the morning.” Lin Fei looked at the remaining people. He glanced at Jiang Huai, Liu Chang, and Xu Wenyang. He sighed: “What happened this morning, many students have already testified… Liu Chang insulted the student first, and Jiang Huai lifted Liu Chang’s table. Do any of you have any objections?”

Liu Chang’s face turned pale.

Xu Wenyang didn’t say a word.

Jiang Huai nodded indifferently: “Good enough.”

Lin Fei raised his chin at Liu Chang: “Liu Chang you apologize to Jiang Huai first.”

Liu Chang’s face turned red and pale, but he didn’t speak.

Lin Fei: “Apologize!”

Liu Chang blushed as if he was holding back some great shame and humiliation. He stared at Jiang Huai’s face.

Jiang Huai didn’t move.

Liu Chang clenched his fist: “It was my… fault in the first place, I should not have scolded your friend… I can’t control my mouth, sorry.”

Everyone could see that Liu Chang was dissatisfied.

Lin Fei sighed and looked at Jiang Huai: “Jiang Huai, it’s your turn.”

Liu Chang breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Jiang Huai, and waited for Jiang Huai to apologize to him.

Jiang Huai glanced at Liu Chang with a lazy expression: “The person I want to apologize to is not here, how can I apologize?”

Lin Fei didn’t understand: “What do you mean?”

“I lifted Liu Chang’s table, then I should apologize to the table, but the table is not here. Why don’t you ask Liu Chang to bring his table over, and I will put three sticks of incense on it on the spot. Otherwise…” Jiang Huai picked the corner of his mouth, “Liu Chang table is not in vain to take a kick from me.”

Liu Chang froze, followed by an incredulous face.

Lin Fei was also stunned.

Xu Wenyang pressed his face, holding back a smile, and shrugged his shoulders.

“What kind of fallacious reasoning is this?” Lin Fei asked.

“For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor.1When settling disputes one should not involve third parties” Jiang Huai replied.

Lin Fei: “…”

Jiang Huai lowered his eyes and seemed too lazy to look at Liu Chang: “You can go back and help me convey my apologies to your table… I dropped your things, you made a list, and I’ll pay you for the original thing tomorrow.”

Jiang Huai showed a deceitful and insincere expression on his face.

It was like a knife, and it carried a bit of indifferent ridicule, which pierced people tightly.

What’s more, he was really taunting Liu Chang.

Liu Chang was anxious: “Teacher, Jiang Huai is like this…”

Lin Fei frowned: “Jiang Huai, is that how you apologize?”

“I am.”

“Can you show a little sincerity in apologizing?” Lin Fei asked.

Jiang Huai gathered the braid on the back of his head and raised his eyes: “If you lose one, I’ll pay ten. Do you want WeChat transfer? ”

Lin Fei: “…”

Xu Wenyang finally didn’t hold back, he let out a “puff”, and then covered his mouth tightly.

Liu Chang’s face looked like crap.

“… Jiang Huai, apologize to Liu Chang.” Lin Fei aggravated his tone.

“Oh,” However, Jiang Huai was even more insincere, “Classmate Liu Chang, I’m sorry.”

Liu Chang’s breath stopped midway, he couldn’t inhale and exhaled. He could be stuck to death.

Lin Fei was silent for a while and decided to forget it.

Fighting with Jiang Huai, there were endless troubles. Liu Chang refused to accept the apology, then Jiang Huai mocked, and the two apologized which was already half enough.

“Okay… After apologizing, let’s talk about the punishment.” Lin Fei looked at Liu Chang, “The mistake you made, you shouldn’t repeat it… You know well. I hope you will correct your attitude and don’t do this again in the future. If you’re an Alpha, you should have an attitude like an Alpha and learn to respect an Omega.”

Lin Fei took the leave of absence request from the table and tore a note to Liu Chang: “I won’t report to the school for the time being for today’s incident… But Liu Chang, you take the excuse note and go home to reflect for three days. Come back and hand in a two-thousand-word of self reflection to me.”

Jiang Huai glanced at the excuse note and was in silence.

Liu Chang clenched his fists.

Lin Fei asked, “Do you have anything else to say?”

But Liu Chang did not utter a word.

“Okay,” Lin Fei nodded and waved his hand, “Then you two… Jiang Huai and Liu Chang, go back.”

Liu Chang received the excuse note and left the office.

However, Jiang Huai didn’t move.

Lin Fei asked, “You still have something to tell?”

Jiang Huai didn’t move his lips until Liu Chang closed the door and left. He asked with no expression, “Teacher, how did you know what Liu Chang scolded someone?”

Jiang Huai only said Liu Chang cursed, but he did not say who Liu Chang cursed, and he did not mention an Omega in his sentence.

He didn’t mention Ni Li.

“A student in the class.” Lin Fei replied.

Jiang Huai frowned and said, “Who is it…”

Lin Fei looked at Jiang Huai: “You don’t have to worry, I won’t go to that Omega to prove what Liu Chang has said… This matter ends here.”

Jiang Huai was slightly startled.

“… Oh.” He lowered his head.

Jiang Huai said nothing and walked towards the door. But when he got to the entrance, he stopped, turned his head and asked, “Teacher, do I have to continue to stand when I go back?”

He still has the face to mention it. Lin Fei glanced at Jiang Huai: “You call that a punishment? Go back to the classroom and listen to class properly.”

After a pause, Jiang Huai asked, “I don’t need to write a self-reflection?”

“You wish, one thousand five hundred words of self-reflection, give it to me tomorrow… The five hundred words added because you skip class and go to the playground to play.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

Liu Chang has 500 words more than him and a three-day holiday.

Did he lose?

Jiang Huai left already, leaving only Xu Wenyang.

Xu Wenyang was a little nervous: “Teacher Lin…”

“Xu Wenyang,” Lin Fei said lightly, “You are the class monitor. When some of your classmates need you… I hope you have the courage to stand up and tell the truth, instead of pretending to be deaf and dumb like your other classmates. You are not alone, you still have me as the head teacher. ”

Xu Wenyang lowered his head.

Jiang Huai returned to class 2 at a slow pace.

When he returned to the classroom, the bell for the fourth period had already been rung. The first physical education class of the school year, in the inner hall.

The classroom was in a mess. Jiang Huai entered through the front door. Wei Heping winked at him, his face was full of excitement because of the information he received.

At the table in front of Wei Heping, Liu Chang’s seat was already empty.

Jiang Huai has not yet sat on the stool, Wei Heping buzzed WeChat and bombed a lot of messages.

– Help me go wild: Brother, awesome!

– Help me go wild: President Bo is awesome, and so are you!

– Help me go wild: Did that idiot Liu Chang go home to reflect? As soon as I got back to the classroom, I packed my things and got lost… F**k, that Sima face2司马(Sīmǎ) face is the homophonic sound of 死妈 (sǐmā) face or “dead mother’s face”, which means that a person expression is as ugly as a dead mother. is so cool!

Jiang Huai frowned.

– Real Champion: What’s the matter with Bo Jian?

– Help me go wild: Didn’t Lin Fei call you over? He didn’t tell you?

– Real Champion: What did you say?

– Help me go wild: In the last class, Lin Fei asked what was going on and interrogated Liu Chang if he scolded someone. No one stood up, so the president got up.

– Real Champion: ?

– Help me go wild: The president heard all the words in the morning, so he stood up and said it. The president is really NB3NB means niúbī (牛逼) the meaning can be arrogant, annoying person, but also used positively for an awesome, impressive, person, similar to “badass”. In this word, he’s saying that Bo Jian is awesome or badass.. He directly raised the issue of political thought with a few rebukes… Hahahahaha, Liu Chang’s face changed at that time. Even his own mother Liu Yuxiu came to save him. He can’t turn a new leaf if he doesn’t go home and reflect for a few days.

– Help me go wild: It’s a pity that you weren’t there and didn’t see it… I didn’t vote for the wrong person during the summer vacation.

– Help me go wild: My seatmate also took photos. Wait, I’ll send them to you.

Wei Heping typed quickly.

The folds in Jiang Huai’s eyebrows are getting deeper and deeper.

– Real Champion: Oh.

– Real Champion: Photos are not needed.

– Help me go wild: Hey, Huai ge, you are still biased… Don’t you really want the photos?

– Real Champion: No need.

– Help me go wild: Okay, anyway, the photos are posted on the Internet, you can find them yourself if you want.

Jiang Huai put away his phone.

Before and after the mid-term exams, the school held the autumn sports competition, as well as the finals of the school basketball game. The three divisions compete for the championship and runner-up together. But the qualifiers for the finals started this month.

Zhao Tianqing is a sports committee member and is busy with basketball game registration.

There was a lot of commotion under.

Jiang Huai leaned back and rested on the edge of the back table.

After a while, he turned his head and said, “Thanks. ”

Bo Jian raised his eyes from the book. The back door was not closed, and the sunlight was so strong that his pupils looked like melted amber. The corners of Bo Jian’s lips curled slightly: “Is there a reward?”

Jiang Huai turned around: “Reward?”

Jiang Huai twisted but did not completely turn around. The waistline of his shirt was wrinkled and deeply recessed inward. It seems to have tightened his waist artificially.

Bo Jian swept away his glance and lowered his eyes again.

“What reward do you want?” Jiang Huai asked with a frown.

For some unknown reason, Bo Jian stopped talking, and turned another page of the book under his hand.

Jiang Huai glanced at the head of the page a little… Times, currency… 《Capital 》4A book by Karl Marx.


At the top of Bo Jian’s table today, there was a new drift bottle full of colored five-pointed stars… Such a girly thing was obviously not from Bo Jian, it was given by someone else.

Every day on Bo Jian’s table, there can be a pile of scattered pieces of small objects full of girls’ hearts.

Jiang Huai sighed suddenly, stretched out his hand and touched his trouser pocket… He was still wearing the same pair of pants yesterday.

Jiang Huai said, “I have something to give you.”

“What?” Bo Jian raised his eyes slightly.

Jiang Huai took out a piece of paper from his trouser pocket that he had folded four or five times, so shabby that the paper was still carrying his body temperature: “A love letter for you.”

Bo Jian paused and his gaze fell on the piece of paper.

He didn’t pick it up, but asked rhetorically: “Love letter?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Huai asked, “Either one or the other.”

Bo Jian didn’t speak and took it.

Their fingertips collided unintentionally and it’s warm.

Jiang Huai quickly retracted his hand.

Bo Jian glanced at Jiang Huai: “Can I open it now?”

Jiang Huai replied lazily, “Whatever you want.”

Bo Jian flattened the cocked corners of the “love letter” carefully, and slowly unfolded it…

There are no words.

There is only one colored stickman, which may still be the upgraded version of a stickman, with a lot of details. A square school uniform, rectangular school pants, and a matchstick hut-like hair on top.

Bo Jian silently looked at the villain from head to foot, and then did it again from down to up: “This painting is me?”

Jiang Huai slapped his palms in a dignified manner: “Wise eyes, president!”

Bo Jian: “…”

The author has something to say:
President: Ha ha

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  • 1
    When settling disputes one should not involve third parties
  • 2
    司马(Sīmǎ) face is the homophonic sound of 死妈 (sǐmā) face or “dead mother’s face”, which means that a person expression is as ugly as a dead mother.
  • 3
    NB means niúbī (牛逼) the meaning can be arrogant, annoying person, but also used positively for an awesome, impressive, person, similar to “badass”. In this word, he’s saying that Bo Jian is awesome or badass.
  • 4
    A book by Karl Marx
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