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MM Chapter 6


Liu Chang: “?”

Liu Chang instantly became anxious: “Who said I touched the porcelain!”

“It’s not porcelain.” Jiang Huai raised his lips. “Is that a play with special effects?”

The classroom burst into laughter.

Liu Chang glared at his surroundings with a red face before rushing up and grabbing Jiang Huai by the collar: “What do you mean, Jiang Huai? Do you f**king think I’m afraid of you? Do you want to fight, come on! You…”

“Let go!” Lin Fei promptly shouted sternly, “Liu Chang, you let go of him. Jiang Huai you go to the side!”

Jiang Huai’s eyelids fluttered, but his feet didn’t move at all.

Liu Chang was hesitant but didn’t loose his grip.

Lin Fei slammed the lesson plan in his hand to the edge of the podium: “I told you to release your hand! Are you deaf?”

The homework book on the podium was shaken.

Bo Jian supported it with his hand.

Liu Chang loosened his hand first and went to the side angrily.

Lin Fei asked: “What is going on?”

Liu Chang immediately pointed at Jiang Huai: “I am not familiar with Jiang Huai, and I didn’t provoke him. He was like a madman. He came over and kicked my table!”

“Did you do it?” Lin Fei questioned.

Liu Chang pointed at Jiang Huai again and said loudly: “He used his foot!”

Xu Wenyang coughed and whispered to the head teacher: “Teacher Lin… they didn’t fight. You can check the monitoring.”

He moved his leg, but didn’t fight. What’s this? School started two days ago and not a single day of silence.

Lin Fei glared at Jiang Huai… and after thinking about it, he also glared at Liu Chang.

The class bell rang.

Just as Lin Fei wanted to stay something, he could only wave his hand: “Okay, the two of you go to my office if you can’t stop fighting… Xu Wenyang.” He pointed to the desk that fell out of the front door, “Find some students to clean up the front entrance.”

After entering the office, Liu Chang’s mouth never stopped talking.

He looked indignant and said: “… I have no grudge against Jiang Huai, and I didn’t offend him. He lifted my desk and dropped everything… Teacher, isn’t this considered bullying? Even if he didn’t do it this time, hasn’t Jiang Huai done it before? Is he fighting less? Letting this black sheep stay at school. He’s also an Alpha, sooner or later…”

Lin Fei raised his hand: “Enough.”

Liu Chang still wanted to say something, however, Lin Fei glared at him: “Why are you spouting nonsense? Did I ask you to turn over an old account1to revive old quarrels? Something has happened and you both must be at fault!”

Liu Chang shut his mouth, but he was dissatisfied.

Lin Fei looked at Jiang Huai: “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Huai lazily raised his eyelids and looked at Liu Chang: “You said you didn’t offend me?”

“I…” Liu Chang stumbled, but then said with a sneer, “If I hadn’t been in the same class with you this second year, I wouldn’t know you! How could I pissed you off?”

He said in a whisper: “My mother is right. You, as an Alpha student, should be expelled from the school!”

Liu Chang’s mother, Liu Yuxiu, was Jiang Huai’s class teacher for the first year of high school. Jiang Huai and her looked at each other with loathing.

When Wei Heping saw the anonymous poll of “Which student do you want to kill most?” voted by the teachers during the summer vacation, he insisted that it must have been made by the menopausal old woman Liu Yuxiu.

Jiang Huai lifted the corner of his lips and his expression was casual: “Did your mother teach you that people should take responsibility when they talk?” He paused, “Or did your mother not teach you to act as a human being?”

Liu Chang was stunned and immediately flew into a rage: “Jiang Huai, you have the guts. You f**king say it again?”

“I said.” Jiang Huai had no expression on his face. He looked at Liu Chang and he said word by word, “You are really your mother’s good son, son…”

Lin Fei slapped the table with a “bang”: “Shut up!”

Jiang Huai shrugged his shoulders and hissed.

Liu Chang was not at ease and his complexion looked unsightly.

The two of them were arguing in his office, and Lin Fei was also angry. In the end, he stood up and asked, “You don’t understand human language, do you? I’m asking you to explain what happened, not to reopen your old quarrels!” He pointed out the window, “If you want to bring up the old debts, go outside the school, if you want to fight, just drop out. Go and leave! No one is stopping you!”

“What kind of virtue do you all have?” Lin Fei pointed to Jiang Huai and then at Liu Chang, “You two Alphas! Just in time for the susceptibility period? As long as the two of you are in the susceptibility period, I’ll allow you a week off now! Go home immediately and prepare for your susceptibility period!”

Only the Alphas have a susceptibility period, in which their moods are unstable. There are those who are easy to be irritable, those who are easy to be in grief, and those who have strong desires… They experience those kinds of things.

However, no one asks for leave because of the susceptibility period.

Lin Fei only said this to tell them to get lost.

Jiang Huai turned his head sideways, pressed his thumb on his finger joints and clicked a few times. He lowered his eyes and said, “I’m not in the susceptibility period, I just wanted to beat him…”

Lin Fei took a few deep breaths and forced himself to calm down… He asked: “Why do you want to hit him?”

“Help his mother teach him to be a human being…”

Lin Fei yelled, “Jiang Huai!!”

Jiang Huai was not obviously shaken by the sudden roar. He was silent for a moment before slowly saying: “Because he cursed me.”

Lin Fei held his breath and glanced at Liu Chang. When Liu Chang didn’t speak, Lin Fei got the answer. He inquired, “Liu Chang cursed you? What did he say to you?”

Lin Fei waited for a while, however, Jiang Huai replied, “I don’t remember.”

Lin Fei froze.

Liu Chang immediately seized the opportunity and hurriedly said, “Teacher, I didn’t scold him, it was Jiang Huai who threatened me! He not only said he would beat me, but also mocked me and said…”

“I didn’t tell you to talk! You shut up!” Lin Fei shouted angrily.

Liu Chang jumped in shock and closed his mouth.

Lin Fei looked at Jiang Huai: “You don’t remember?”

Jiang Huai answered “hmm”.

Lin Fei was so upset that he waved his hands: “You two go back first and one person should hand me a thousand words of self- reflection tomorrow…” After a pause, Lin Fei said, “Don’t go back in the classroom if you want to cause trouble Jiang Huai. Just stay in the corridor.”

Liu Chang seemed to feel that he should not write this thousand words of self-reflection. He stared and said: “Teacher, why…”

Lin Fei pointed towards the door: “The two of you go out.”

The first class was almost over by the time he got back. Jiang Huai entered the back door, took out his school bag from the table hole and went to the corridor.

Bo Jian was conscientiously looking at the force analysis diagram on the blackboard and made notes in his physics book.

The back door was not closed. Jiang Huai went out with his school bag. He bent down and put the school bag on the wall of the corridor. He unzipped it and rummaged a book out of it.

Bo Jian tilted his head and glanced outside the back entrance.

Jiang Huai’s back was facing him. However, because of bending over, the waistline of his school uniform shirt was narrowed and stretched upward. Showing a short section of his thin and narrow white waist. His notochord was slightly protruding.

Bo Jian’s eyes fell back to the physics book.

There is a hyperbola in the physics book.

Bo Jian looked at this section of the hyperbola for a long time, the tip of his pen gently traced the Y-axis in the middle of the hyperbola.

Physics class is not over yet, and Wei Heping is still in the second row… However, Jiang Huai in fact received Wei Heping’s WeChat message.

– Help me go wild: Huai ge, are you all right?

Jiang Huai was sitting on his math book. He lazily pressed a few words and replied.

– Real Champion: It’s nothing.

– Help me go wild: Did Lin Fei penalize you to go out and stand still as a punishment?

– Real Champion: Yeah.

– Help me go wild: ??

– Help me go wild: What exactly does Lin Fei was implying to? Liu Chang that stupid bastard took the initiative to pick first. Yet, Liu Chang came back and sat down. Why should you stand outside? Lin Fei won’t call Liu Yuxiu over, will he?

Jiang Huai yawned… in fact being inside or outside, there is not much difference to him.

– Real Champion: He didn’t call her. It doesn’t matter if I’m punished for standing.

– Help me go wild: Sigh, these dog teachers… they are jackals of the same tribe2They are all just as bad as each other..

– Help me go wild: Forget about it, let’s talk about something else. Will Lao Qin come back on New Year’s day this year?

Wei Heping was talking about Qin Yuhe.

Since they were classmates in junior high school, he, Jiang Huai and Qin Yuhe knew each other… However, Jiang Huai still had a closer relationship with Qin Yuhe. They had been classmates since elementary school. On the other hand, Wei Heping only got acquainted with Jiang Huai in the second year of junior high school.

Later, in the third year of junior high school. Qin Yuhe went abroad and came back whenever it’s New Year’s day and summer vacation.

The three of them, two Alpha… and Wei Heping as a Beta.

Wei Heping often regrets that he is not an Alpha. If he is also an Alpha, he will be in line with his brothers.

– Real Champion: He said he would come back during the summer vacation.

– Help me go wild: Not bad, hahaha, how about we skip class and go out to eat with Lao Qin?

– Real Champion: All right.

The bell rang after class.

When Jiang Huai returned to the classroom, he caught a glimpse of the milk tea sent by Ni Li this morning. It was still on his desk. He touched the cup and it was still warm.

Bo Jian was flipping through the homework book. He saw a cup of milk tea in front of him.

And a little card written by the girl for Jiang Huai.

Good morning, caramel with pearls, half sugar… and a bright little smiling face.

“Want to drink?” Jiang Huai stood in front of him and bowed his head to look at him.

Bo Jian lifted his lips: “I don’t drink.”

Jiang Huai asked: “You don’t like milk tea?”

“It’s not that I don’t like milk tea.” Bo Jian said lightly: “I don’t like things sent by unfamiliar girls.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

“Someone else gave it to you.” Bo Jian asked while supporting his head, “Why don’t you drink it yourself?”

Jiang Huai frowned: “This cup of caramel tastes too heavy…” He doesn’t like caramel, Wei Heping doesn’t like pearls, so this cup has to be thrown away. He “tsk” and said, “Forget it, if you don’t want it, I’ll…”

Bo Jian raised his eyes: “Is this caramel milk tea very unpleasant to drink for you?”

Jiang Huai halted: “It’s not bad, but…”

“But what?”

Jiang Huai looked a little impatient: “The caramel is too sweet.”

“Oh.” Bo Jian nodded his head. He pulled out the straw and poked into the lid of the milk tea cup with a “pop”, “Then I’ll try it.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

Jiang Huai asked: “Don’t you dislike drinking things from girls you don’t know well?”

“But isn’t this what you forwarded to me?” Bo Jian lowered his eyes and said unhurriedly “So it’s not an unfamiliar girl, it should be… an unfamiliar male from the front desk.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

After attending different classes, Lin Fei slowly calmed down. He had just handled the matter in a way that was too reckless. He punished the students before he could figure out the cause and effect of the matter.

As a head teacher, he must give a clear and fair result. Otherwise, Liu Chang will complain to Liu Yuxiu… Jiang Huai will be in big trouble.

He is not partial to Jiang Huai, but he had made a mistake. He’ll talk about the matter again and judge it based on its own merits.

The third class is mathematics.

Lin Fei entered the classroom and walked to the podium. He didn’t start the lesson.

He said with a serious expression: “A very unpleasant thing happened in the self-study class this morning… Can anyone stand up and tell the story of this incident?”

The classroom quieted down and the students looked at each other.

The seat in the second to the last row is empty.

After a while. Xu Wenyang stood up hesitantly and said: “Teacher… there was a little conflict between Jiang Huai and Liu Chang this morning… Then Liu Chang’s table was overturned. There was nothing else.”

Liu Chang curled his lips in the front row.

Lin Fei asked: “What contradiction?”

Xu Wenyang showed an embarrassed look: “I… I’m sitting in the back row. I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Lin Fei frowned and looked at the other students: “Anyone here can get up and say something? Don’t think about anything else, let’s just talk about the matter.”

Wei Heping clenched his fist and stood up abruptly: “Teacher, it was Liu Chang who started it. Liu Chang has been scolding Jiang Huai this morning…”

Liu Chang turned his head and sneered: “Do you have the right to speak? Who doesn’t know that you and Jiang Huai wear the same pair of pants?”

“How dare you say you didn’t insult Jiang Huai?”

“What did I say to him?” Liu Chang gave a “pah”, “I’m telling the truth! Jiang Huai dares to do it, does he dare to admit it?

Wei Heping got emotional again: “Facts my ass. You’re obviously fucking slandering!”

Liu Chang: “I slander him…”

Lin Fei yelled: “Shut up, both of you!”

Liu Chang turned his head back resentfully, but his hand still pointed at the back: “Teacher, he has a good relationship with Jiang Huai. His words cannot be trusted!”

“I told you to shut up!” Lin Fei said in a stern voice.

Lin Fei had a headache and sighed: “Who else can stand up and talk about the matter?”

Liu Chang turned his head and scanned the nearby students one by one… Seeing no one dared to say anything. Liu Chang proudly raised his chin at Wei Heping.

Although it has only been two days since the start of school… Many people have known Liu Chang since senior 1.

Because Liu Chang’s mother is a teacher in No.2 Middle School. Although Liu Chang doesn’t fight, he’s also one of the famous Alphas in the school who do things by force.

Who’s asking for trouble?

So no one stood up.

Lin Fei couldn’t tell what to feel in this situation: “Jiang Huai said it was Liu Chang who started first… Did anyone hear it?”


A few minutes of deafening silence.

When everyone… even Lin Fei thought that the silence would last until Lin Fei gave up first. However, there was a slight sound of standing up in the back row and the collision of tables and chairs on the ground.

All the students turned their heads back at once.

The tall and slender teenager in the last row stood up. He casually swept a glance at Liu Chang, his voice gentle and clear: “I didn’t hear Liu Chang insulting Jiang Huai this morning, but I heard him berate an Omega female student.”

The classroom was quiet.

Lin Fei was stunned.

It was Bo Jian.

Everyone who’s familiar with Bo Jian knows that Bo Jian generally doesn’t intervene in these trivial things in the class, nor does he run for class officer… The student council president with student number of 0001 has enough affairs.

Everyone looked at him.

Bo Jian curled his lips: “I remember… he was berating the Omega for her brain. He said she likes to lick and kneel to a rotten Alpha.”

Lin Fei was momentarily stunned… He looked at Liu Chang and said: “But I asked Jiang Huai and he didn’t say anything… Why didn’t Jiang Huai tell me these words?”

Bo Jian dropped his eyes on the caramel milk tea on the table, and touched the rim of the cup with his fingers. “Probably, he doesn’t want the teacher to call the Omega again… and let her listen once more to what Liu Chang said.”

Thinking far ahead.

It’s typical heroism.

“But protecting an Omega is the Alpha’s natural duty. As an Alpha, Jiang Huai’s approach…” Bo Jian lowered his eyes and said in a casual manner, “What’s wrong with that?

There was a sudden rustle and noise in the classroom.

Lin Fei looked a little complicated. He was silent for a while and looked at Liu Chang: “Did you say those words?”

Liu Chang’s face has turned pale… He scolded the woman completely because he didn’t like Jiang Huai. How did it involve the AO relationship?

Omega only accounts for 1/10 of the population, but its physical quality is generally average, which is not comparable to a Beta, let alone an Alpha… Theoretically, they are rare, but in fact, Omega is in a vulnerable position everywhere.

Omegas, in particular, are naturally weak against Alphas.

The school has always been sensitive to the topic about Omegas.

“I happened to be at the podium, so I heard it.” Bo Jian’s lips moved, Liu Chang turned even whiter, “I think some of the students sitting in the front row heard it too.”

“Really?” Lin Fei looked at the first few rows, “So who else has heard it?”

The president was the first to stand up.

The silence didn’t last long this time.

A girl gritted her teeth and lifted her hand. She said: “Teacher, I heard it too… Liu Chang really scolded her and said that the girl has a vanity for… rotten things.”

“I heard it too!” A female student started, and the students next to her also raised their hands.

“In fact, Liu Chang also scolded Jiang Huai…” Said another person.

Bo Jian retracted his eyes and glanced outside the back door.

Jiang Huai’s school bag was lying alone in the corner and he was missing.

Lin Fei was silent for a long time, and finally sighed heavily: “Okay, I understand… I’ll handle this incident.” He walked off the podium, “Let’s have a class first. I’ll call Jiang Huai back to the classroom.”

However, when he came to the door, Lin Fei looked around: “… Where is Jiang Huai?”

Lin Fei went back to the classroom: “Which one of you has seen Jiang Huai?”

A student seated near the window hesitantly raised its hand, “Teacher, I just saw him.”

Lin Fei was stunned: “Where?”

The student: “Downstairs, skateboarding in the playground.”

Lin Fei: “…”

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    They are all just as bad as each other.
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