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MM Chapter 5


Early in the morning, the students of class 2 haven’t started their self-study yet.

There was a lot of noise in the class, especially in the first few rows. Everyone was listening to a student who’s saying loudly and vividly: “Oh… do any of you guys still know about Song Jun in the second semester of senior high school?”

This student is Liu Chang.

The student next to him asked: “Song Jun? Who is Song Jun?”

Wei Heping sat at the back of Liu Chang’s table. He stared at Liu Chang with a very ugly face: “Liu Chang, don’t…”

Liu Chang didn’t hear Wei Heping, he laughed twice and said: “You guys don’t know who Song Jun is, however, you guys know Jiang Huai… Song Jun is the Omega who was forced to transfer by Jiang Huai in the second semester of senior 1!”

“Oh? Is that it?” The student next to him was a little surprised. “I’ve heard of this!”

“Nobody in the whole school has heard about this at the beginning.” Liu Chang clicked his tongue, “Jiang Huai said he fancied Song Jun, but Song Jun didn’t like him and refused him. So he beat Song Jun… and threatened to hit him again! Until Song Jun became obedient, Song Jun was almost marked forever by Jiang Huai. Then, he transferred to another school because he was scared. Even my junior high school classmates in No. 4 Middle School have heard about this. They heard that our school has a scum Alpha…”

Wei Heping clenched his fists more and more tightly. In the end, he suddenly stood up and pointed to Liu Chang’s nose: “Say another f**king word?”

Liu Chang stopped and looked up at Wei Heping: “What did I say?”

“You said something terrible about Jiang Huai?” Wei Heping glared at him.

“The thing I stated about Jiang Huai is bad?” Liu Chang sneered and said word by word. “I’m talking about a well-known fact.” He turned his back to looked at the students around him, “In No. 2 Middle School, who doesn’t know that Jiang Huai is a f**king…”

Wei Heping yelled, “You shut up!”

Liu Chang was interrupted and his face became cold: “What’s the matter with you?”

“Do you f**king know Jiang Huai?” Wei Heping roared. “How much do you know about Jiang Huai? What do you know? You don’t know anything, aren’t you just gossiping with no purpose?”

Liu Chang kicked the stool and stood up. He was half a head taller than Wei Heping and looked down at him: “Why don’t I know? Who doesn’t know that Jiang Huai is a f**king rotten person? Jiang Huai has disgraced the Alpha of the whole No. 2 Middle School. As one of the Alpha in the school, shouldn’t I scold him?”

Wei Heping’s mood stirred up: “You…”

Liu Chang sneered: “You say it ah, don’t f**king say it like you have a grievance. You have done something to make a person shut up. Did you ask Jiang Huai if he’s worthy?”

Wei Heping was trembling with anger, but he was speechless and had no power to curse him.

Xu Wenyang was afraid that they would fight again. He quickly came and pulled Wei Heping: “All right… The class bell will ring later, you guys calm down…”

Wei Heping struggled with his shoulders, pushing Xu Wenyang away and his eyes became red: “If you have the potential, you can say these words to Jiang Huai face to face! You can go to Jiang Huai and fight with him! What kind of ability is it to talk badly about people behind their backs, do you deserve to say you are an Alpha?!”

“Oh,” Liu Chang curled his lips and hugged his chest in ridicule, “What kind of robber logic is this? Fight if you don’t like it, then what’s the difference between me and a fool like Jiang Huai?”

Wei Heping was about to say something, but he suddenly closed his mouth.

The surrounding students are also quiet. Liu Chang didn’t feel quite right. He took a look at the door along other people’s line of sight.

Liu Chang’s complexion suddenly became unwell.

Jiang Huai entered the front door and he’s only a few meters away from him.

Did Jiang Huai… heard me?

Jiang Huai came over.

Liu Chang’s heart suddenly hung to his throat.

However, Jiang Huai just walked past him.

There was no expression on Jiang Huai’s face, and he didn’t even glance at Liu Chang. Only when he passed by Wei Heping’s desk, he lazily stopped, hit the shoulder of Wei Heping as if he said hello.

Then Jiang Huai raised his feet again and walked to the back of the classroom.

Liu Chang breathed a sigh of relief. He turned his head and hissed.

As soon as Jiang Huai entered, the originally noisy classroom was now quiet.

A girl’s voice sounded at the front door. It was particularly clear and she timidly asked, “Excuse me… Is Jiang Huai here today?”

Ni Li held the door frame and looked carefully at the classroom of class 2… However, just after saying her words, she saw the students of class 2 turned their heads and countless pairs of eyes were looking at her.

Ni Li pulled uneasily at her school uniform and repeated in a whisper: “Jiang Huai.”

Bo Jian just happened to enter the classroom through the back door.

He inadvertently glanced at Jiang Huai and the girl at the front door.

Jiang Huai paused before turning back to the front door.

His hands were inserted in his pocket and stood more than a meter away from Ni Li.

Ni Li handed over a cup of milk tea and smiled at Jiang Huai: “I brought it for you today.”

Jiang Huai’s eyes fell down on the milk tea and frowned: “No need to bring me every day.”

However, his hand still took the thing she gave.

As if deliberately keeping a distance, Jiang Huai’s arm slightly avoided Ni Li’s hand.

Jiang Huai turned the cup casually, glanced at today’s small card… His hand paused: “It’s caramel again?”

“Ah… right.” Ni Li nodded, “I forgot to add pearls to you yesterday. I think caramel flavor without pearls isn’t good to drink, so I brought you another cup today.” She looked at Jiang Huai with her eyes widened slightly, “… don’t you like caramel milk tea?”

Jiang Huai was silent for a while.

“Not really.” He replied, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ni Li lowered her head and said softly, “It’s just a cup of milk tea…”

Bo Jian walked into the front door with a pile of physics homework books and passed by Jiang Huai.

The homework book was put on the podium.

Ni Li’s eyes curved and she smiled at Jiang Huai again: “Wei Heping told me that you often don’t eat breakfast. How about I bring you breakfast in the future?”

After putting out the homework book. Bo Jian went out and passed by Jiang Huai again.

“No, I…” Before Jiang Huai could finish what he’s saying, Bo Jian crossed on his side and accidentally hit him on the shoulder.

However, neither of them looked at one another.

“I’m eating breakfast. Wei Heping is talking nonsense.” Jiang Huai replied.

Ni Li seemed a little lost, but continued to smile at Jiang Huai: “Okay, then I’ll go back to my class for self-study now.”

Bo Jian went to his seat, took a pen and came back at the front door. He passed by Jiang Huai for the third time.

Jiang Huai didn’t move and his expression was indifferent: “Yeah, goodbye.”

Ni Li, then left.

After Jiang Huai entered the classroom, the first few rows who were noisy this morning have quieted down and resumed the atmosphere that should have in the morning self-study. They were memorizing words, answering their homework… and some were watching a good show.

Jiang Huai returned back to the classroom and headed to the back row. However, before he could take a few steps, a disdainful murmur came to his ears.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… such an Alpha like Jiang Huai, there is actually an Omega licking him… I guess that woman is either brainless or has a vanity for rotten things…”

Jiang Huai stopped and turned his back.

At the front table of Wei Heping sat a boy with small eyes and a long face. He was not short. He had to be 1.8 m in height, but he was arranged in the first row… Generally, this situation is arranged by the teacher who received a gift in exchange for this thing.

When school started yesterday, Jiang Huai didn’t remember the boy’s name.

However, it doesn’t matter.

Jiang Huai raised his foot.


The female student next to him screamed “Ah”.

Liu Chang’s desk was overturned in the corridor, sliding out nearly two meters and finally hitting the door frame in the front door of the classroom. Textbooks, water cups, rollerball pens, dirty toilet paper balls that have not been thrown away after being used, and the snack packaging bags were scattered all over the floor.

Liu Chang’s whole seat was empty, leaving only Liu Chang sitting on the stool.

Liu Chang was stunned.

Jiang Huai looked at him with narrowed eyes: “Say it again?”

“Jiang Huai, you, you…” Liu Chang pointed at Jiang Huai, not knowing whether he was angry or scared and his fingers were shivering.

Jiang Huai read each one very clearly: “You, repeat what you’ve just said.”

Liu Chang finally managed to fluently squeezed out his words: “You dare to hit someone?”

“I did?” Jiang Huai scoffed, “Where did I hit you?”

He moved his wrists and his braid swept over his shoulders. His voice was like a lump of ice: “Since you’ve said this, my friend… I’ll teach you how to beat people.”

Only then did the students around react. Xu Wenyang led a few male students to come over and stop the fight.

However, it’s too late.

Xu Wenyang had just rushed to the first row, when Jiang Huai had already lifted his foot and kicked viciously towards Liu Chang… this kick, if it hit Liu Chang’s stomach, the person will surely vomit.

However, no one expected that when the sole of his shoe was less than half a meter away from Liu Chang, Jiang Huai suddenly stopped his foot.

On the other hand, Liu Chang, who didn’t receive the kick, stumbled on the stool and fell back to his feet.

Xu Wenyang stopped abruptly and was stunned.

The students next to him were also dazed.

Jiang Huai froze for a moment, then his expression returned to normal. He looked down, and blew the pink colored bubble gum on his mouth: “Mainly rely on qigong1a system of deep breathing exercises.”

After a few seconds of silence, a loud “hahahahahaha” burst out in the surrounding area.

Wei Heping blew a long whistle and slapped the table excitedly: “The contestant named Jiang Huai used his skill “created something from nothing” to beat his opponent. Scoring him for one point!”

“F**king awesome ah, hahaha, Wei Heping, please sit down…”

“S**t, has anyone recorded it just now?”

“An expert! A real expert!”

“… Are they serious?”

“Hey, what’s the matter? I didn’t see it… What are you laughing at? Isn’t there a fight?”

There were two Alphas who were fighting. The person was defeated without being hit by the other person on the side who’s chewing his bubblegum and his hands inserted in his pocket.

Xu Wenyang shook his hand awkwardly, it was raised earlier to stop the fight. However, his lines which he wanted to use a while ago, he would still say: “You guys… do not fight and have a good talk.”

The students laughed even harder.

The face of Liu Chang turned red. He didn’t know whether it was anger or embarrassment. He got up from the ground, put the stool back in its position and shouted at the surrounding area: “What are you guys laughing at?” He pointed at Jiang Huai, “This is campus violence!”

“What kind of campus violence?” Just in time, Lin Fei came into the classroom. Before he got to class 2, he saw from afar that a desk had fallen down at the front door. Its bits and pieces were scattered all over the floor.

When Lin Fei came, the students who watched the show immediately dispersed and went back to their seats. The two parties involved in the incident are left alone, and the class monitor named Xu Wenyang, who smiled awkwardly at the side.

Bo Jian lowered his head. He picked up his physics homework and ignored the worldly affairs.

“Who owns the table at the front door?” Lin Fei entered inside and glanced at Jiang Huai, “What’s going on?”

Liu Chang at first wanted to tell “Jiang Huai hit people”, but with so many eyes watching, and the fact that Jiang Huai didn’t touch him… He ought to say “Jiang Huai wanted to kick me”. However, Jiang Huai stopped halfway. He didn’t kick him in the end… He can only say “Jiang Huai lifted my table”.

Lifting the table is material evidence, but it’s not a fight. The disciplinary action is up to the head teacher’s educational criticism.

Liu Chang held his breath for a long time and didn’t speak.

On the other hand, Jiang Huai blew a bubble and pointed to Liu Chang: “He wants to touch porcelain.”2 (coll.) to scam sb by setting up an “accident” in which one appears to have sustained damage or injury caused by the scam victim, then demanding compensation (variations include putting “expensive” porcelain in a place where it is likely to be knocked over by passers-by, and stepping into the path of a slow-moving car)

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  • 1
    a system of deep breathing exercises
  • 2
    (coll.) to scam sb by setting up an “accident” in which one appears to have sustained damage or injury caused by the scam victim, then demanding compensation (variations include putting “expensive” porcelain in a place where it is likely to be knocked over by passers-by, and stepping into the path of a slow-moving car)
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