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MM Chapter 4

Throw out the game

Jiang Huai looked for a better angle to capture the scenery for more than ten minutes and set up the flash to shoot indefinitely after.

Anyway, shooting the sunset glow, he sat in the second to the last row of the classroom and didn’t hinder anyone.

However, in the same second, when Jiang Huai pressed the button to capture images. A foot… then calf, knee, half of the body and the whole person appeared on the right side of the back door in the classroom.

Bo Jian came over, followed by two people.

The rose-tinted clouds in the window of the corridor were blocked in the middle of the picture without even being leaked.

Jiang Huai: “… F**k.”

Jiang Huai immediately flipped over his mobile phone and stopped his continuous shooting. The photos that were captured… It was enough to make up the frame in the blink of an eye. He realistically and rigorously recorded Bo Jian, who entered the classroom in the back entrance.

It’s too f**ked up.

What’s more… Jiang Huai raised his head and saw Bo Jian came over and stopped in front of him. His index finger bent up and “thump, thump” twice on Jiang Huai’s table. Bo Jian lowered his eyes, looked at him and said: “You’re playing on your mobile phone at the time of self-study class, it will be confiscated and deduction of twelve points.”

Jiang Huai: “??”

The thin, white hand lay flat under the eyes of Jiang Huai. “Give me your cell phone.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

How does it feel to have been caught twice this day by the most annoying person for disciplinary reasons?

Jiang Huai tucked his pocket and raised his eyelids: “There are so many people who use their mobile phones in self-study class, why don’t you catch others?”

“I saw you.” Bo Jian said.

The class was about to be over. President Bo came to their class to confiscate their mobile phones… or Jiang Huai’s mobile phone. Many students looked back with their heads stretched as if watching a good show.

On the first day of school today, the teachers are in a meeting. Not to mention the whole grade, there must be more than ten students in class 2, who have just learned to play with their mobile phones.

Jiang Huai raised his hand to point in front and asked in disbelief: “So you can’t see others playing with their phones?”

Bo Jian’s drooping eyelashes trembled slightly. He looked over in front like he was seriously sizing up the entire classroom, and his eyes finally fell back to Jiang Huai: “You’re the only one playing with your phone.”

Jiang Huai narrowed his eyes: “Aren’t you f**king kidding me?”

The Discipline Inspection Commission is here, there’s also a good show in the back row. Who the f**k is still playing on their mobile phone.

More than forty pairs of eyes in class 2 were looking towards the second to the last row.

Bo Jian was unmoved: “Give me your cell phone.”

The head of the sports department left first, and Chen Fengze gazed at Jiang Huai from the back door.

Of course, the student who checks the discipline can see the students playing with their mobile phones in the classroom… But it’s the first day of school and it’s a self-study class. Even when he saw which class and which student played on their mobile phones, he turned a blind eye. He acts like he didn’t see it. However, Jiang Huai’s phone was confiscated by the Discipline Inspection Commission.


Chen Fengze was stunned… He is a member of the discipline committee, but Bo Jian is not.

He asked President Bo to check the school uniforms this morning, but the president of the student council still regards himself as a discipline committee ah!

Jiang Huai stood up with a blank face and kicked the stool under his desk. The stool fell down and hit the leg of the table with a “clang”. The sound was loud, like smashing the chairs and tables.

The classroom got noisy all of a sudden.

“F**k, what’s happening. They are going to fight?”

“My mom, this is too terrible, right? Is Jiang Huai really that strong?”

“Is Jiang Huai in the susceptible period?”

“You think too much, Jiang Huai senior 1 was also like this… he wasn’t afraid to fight.”

“This is the battle of the century if these two big shots fight. I’ll bet fifty cents, I think Jiang Huai will win!”

“Shut up! The president won’t fight!”

“Crap… this Jiang Huai. Why has this kind of Alpha still hasn’t been expelled yet?”

Wei Heping was also turning his head and looking at the back. Suddenly he heard Liu Chang say how Jiang Huai hasn’t been expelled yet. He glared at him: “Don’t spout nonsense! Jiang Huai is not a random person!”

Liu Chang curled his lips and whispered “who believes it”.

Like he was in a business, Bo Jian’s expression remained unchanged and his hand that was spread didn’t even move: “Mobile phone.”

Jiang Huai moved his lips: “No.”

Bo Jian’s vision briefly stayed at the corner of Jiang Huai’s injured lips, and reached over the mobile phone in Jiang Huai’s hand… However, Jiang Huai blocked him with his other hand.

Jiang Huai held Bo Jian’s wrist.

Bo Jian wears short sleeves. The hollow of his palm held his wrist. Their body temperatures were close to each other and it was dull and warm.

Bo Jian quickly took out his hand. Before he could say anything, Jiang Huai slightly leaned over to him, and the brief vibration of his Adam’s apple almost shook his ear: “President… throw out the game… the mobile phone can’t be given to you, I still need to use it.”

The teenager’s voice was clear and neat. His last words was softened a little bit like he wants to reach terms.

The classroom was too noisy and Bo Jian was the only one who could hear what Jiang Huai said.

The two men stood very close.

The classroom got noisier.

“This is too f**ked up… did he say something cruel?”

“The two Alphas are so terrifying!”

“Hey… our class section is likewise amazing.”

It seems that as soon as Bo Jian turns his head, his breath will fall on Jiang Huai’s face.

He lowered his eyes and didn’t move: “What is it for?”

“For texting and calling ah.” Jiang Huai replied.

“Then go and change one.” Bo Jian said lightly. “The school stipulates that mobile phones should be confiscated. If you violate the discipline, you should bear the consequences.”

“No.” Jiang Huai said immediately. He put the mobile phone behind his back.

They were too close.

Some Alphas who do not use blockers properly, or Alphas who have just returned from exercise and sweat easily inevitably carry a bit of their own pheromones. It brings a strong sense of discomfort to other Alphas.

However, Jiang Huai is different. It’s clean and there’s no smell.

But even so… Bo Jian swept a glance at the distinct lower jaw of Jiang Huai and retreated a little: “Why not?”

“I have something in my cell phone… I need it when I go home today.” Jiang Huai replied.

Bo Jian did not speak.

Jiang Huai almost wasted all his seventeen years of patience here. He clenched his fists… however, he still smiled: “Don’t be so strict, I promise this is the last time… Let me go, okay?” 

Bo Jian raised his eyes: “Are you begging me?”

Jiang Huai’s fists clenched for a moment, but he still nodded his head.

Bo Jian looked at him and said nothing.

Jiang Huai also gazed at Bo Jian and didn’t say a word.

The two men stared at each other and didn’t speak. It seemed that they were waiting for someone to admit defeat first.

The students in class 2 talked about it one after another.

“What are they doing?”

“A tactical confrontation?”  

“I guess Jiang Huai wants to do it, but the president isn’t interested in fighting.”

“Expert against the expert… Hey, who heard what they said just now?”

Jiang Huai suddenly lost his temper.

His eyelids drooped and his lips moved: “Please.”

Bo Jian’s expression was relaxed: “I can’t hear you.”


Jiang Huai’s fist, which he had grasped forcefully, was stretched out. He’s afraid he can’t control his hand.

He leaned forward and pressed against his ear.

“I know I’m wrong, Bo Jian… please spare me, okay?”

Bo Jian’s hands hanging beside him slightly curled. He lowered his eyes, and his light-colored pupils grew lighter: “I don’t do things like favoritism and abuse of power.”

Jiang Huai: “?”

Bo Jian distanced himself from Jiang Huai, and faintly said: “The mobile phone is turned over and deducted in twelve points, you choose one.”

Jiang Huai: “??”

Bo Jian glanced at Jiang Huai’s mobile phone: “If you don’t hand over your mobile phone… I’ll deduct twelve points by default.”


Chen Fengze waited outside of class 2 for a while before President Bo came out.

“Are you addicted to being a member of the discipline committee? What are you doing as the president of the student council, you confiscate people’s mobile phones…” Chen Fengze walked over, before he could finish his words, he saw an unfamiliar mobile phone in Bo Jian’s hand.

“F**k… not bad ah!” Chen Fengze elbows Bo Jian’s arm and there’s a look of surprise in his face, “You confiscated Jiang Huai’s mobile phone. He didn’t fight with you?”

“No.” Bo Jian looked down at the cell phone.

Chen Fengze also leaned over and took a look: “What did you say to Jiang Huai to let him listen to you?”

Bo Jian didn’t speak.

However, Chen Fengze saw Bo Jian directly opening Jiang Huai’s phone… Jiang Huai’s phone actually did not have a password.

Bo Jian was obviously stunned.

Chen Fengze’s eyes widened: “There are people who don’t set passwords on their cell phones?”

Bo Jian frowned and stared at Jiang Huai’s phone which was unlocked easily by swiping to the right.

Chen Fengze looked at Bo Jian and asked: “What are you going to do with Jiang Huai’s phone?”

“Delete the photo he just took at the door.” Bo Jian didn’t bother to click anywhere else, and directly clicked into the gallery, “Then give it to the teachers’ office…”

Bo Jian stopped.

The photos he wants to delete that were just taken by Jiang Huai at the back entrance of the classroom are at the bottom.

Above are… about seventy or eighty photos of him.

There are pictures of him who were cut from the group photos of the class, pictures of him during promotional activities, while playing basketball, delivering his speeches, and photos of him who were taken by someone else.

One by one, row after row, and the others were all cut off. Leaving only Bo Jian on those pictures.

The latest is the photo of the opening ceremony this morning.  

Chen Fengze suddenly saw Bo Jian stopped, he stood there looking at Jiang Huai’s mobile phone and was motionless. He curiously leaned over to take a glimpse: “What’s the matter, what did you see?”

However, before he could see it, Bo Jian pressed the shutdown button, and the mobile phone went black.

Chen Fengze: “?”

Bo Jian put the phone away and stopped at the corner of the corridor. He looked at Chen Fengze with a lazy expression: “Aren’t you going to find your girlfriend? You go first.”


“Goodbye.” Bo Jian raised his hand and waved perfunctorily.

The minute Bo Jian took away his phone, Jiang Huai pondered the feasibility of fighting with Bo Jian, the dog, and transferring to another school.

If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t wear a school uniform in the morning in which he had been deducted from the discipline committee and gave assurance to Lin Fei that he would not be deducted points within three days, Jiang Huai would never have let Bo Jian take away his mobile phone so easily.

However, if he hadn’t been forced by Bo Jian this morning, his discipline points wouldn’t have been deducted.

F**k it.

Jiang Huai thinks it’s necessary to instill A Cai that Bo Jian is her brother’s enemy when he returned back home from school today.

The school will dismiss at 5:30, Jiang Huai was so upset that he went to the men’s room ten minutes early to smoke.

Smoking in the restroom is also a violation of discipline and points are also deducted.

During the brief seconds that he was smoking, Jiang Huai thought, if Bo Jian still f**king happened to enter the first floor men’s room… He would have a fight with Bo Jian on the spot.

Either you die or I live.

However, this Bo Jian with a little white face, even if he was an Alpha, Jiang Huai estimated that he was able to flip him over with one hand.

The cigarette has been burning for a long period of time.

With every mouthful, Jiang Huai stood on tiptoe and looked at the door from the top of the cubicle… Bo Jian didn’t come in.

However, in the end, Jiang Huai threw the cigarette butts into the trash can, and stopped waiting for Bo Jian.

Jiang Huai couldn’t tell whether he was relieved or a little regretful.

Jiang Huai went to wash his face and rinse his hands. He threw a piece of bubble gum in his mouth, and chewed the sweetness. He went back to the classroom. Just a minute or two after the class was over, there were a few students in the corridor who packed their bags and went out. Others were still in the classroom.

Jiang Huai entered through the back door and bent down to pull his empty school bag from the table hole…

At the edge of the table hole, Jiang Huai saw his cell phone that had just been confiscated half an hour ago.

Jiang Huai paused and raised his head

No one was at the back table. His seatmate came back and was packing his things.

“Zhao Tianqing.” Jiang Huai called him. “Bo Jian… just came by?”

Zhao Tianqing nodded while he packed his textbooks: “The president just went back to class, I ran into him at the door!”

Jiang Huai squeezed his cell phone and didn’t speak.

The No. 2 Middle School finishes school at 5:30. The first, second and third grades of Mingcheng Elementary School, which is two blocks away from No. 2 Middle School, finish school at 3:30, and the fourth, fifth and sixth grades finish school at 4:30.

The classroom of class 2 in 3rd grade was already empty, and even the students on duty had left early.

The light didn’t turn on, only a little afterglow came through the window.

Sitting in the first row is a child with short hair and was concentrating on her drawing.

Jiang Huai entered the classroom: “How come the lights are not on.” He casually turned on the lights and walked to the first row, “A Cai, let’s go home.”

The child didn’t seem to hear and continued to draw with crayons.

Jiang Huai looked down at A Cai’s painting and sighed with relief… Finally, the d**n painting was not Bo Jian.

“Stop painting.” Jiang Huai squatted down and softened his tone, “Let’s go home and you continue to paint when we return.”

A Cai raised her head and looked at Jiang Huai in a daze.

A Cai is not fat, but she has a round face, round eyes and yellow hair… She doesn’t look like Jiang Huai at all. Jiang Huai has a pair of juvenile thick eyebrows, but the lines are aggressive and the corner of his eyes are sharp and drooping, his pupils are very dark, the same as his hair color which is black.

“Let’s return.” A Cai extended a short finger and pointed to Jiang Huai, “Jiang Huai!”

Jiang Huai nodded and smiled: “Right, I’m Jiang Huai… Let’s go home, I have a new picture of the gege you like, let’s go now and look at the picture… okay?”

A Cai threw the crayon aside: “Okay!”

Jiang Huai took back the crayons thrown everywhere one by one and was a little helpless: “… Didn’t they help you clean up your stationery and textbooks when I sent you to the classroom this morning? It’s only been a day. Why is it so messy again.”

A Cai didn’t listen to Jiang Huai’s chatter and moved up slowly from the stool.

A Cai was wearing a pair of blue trousers and covered it up to her ankle… But even if it was covered in her ankle, it was still obvious that her left leg was unnaturally twisted, as if it was shorter than her right leg.

Like a penguin, A Cai swayed from side to side and walked to Jiang Huai, familiarly pulled open the zipper of Jiang Huai’s school bag and probed inside the bag: “… Phone!”

“Find it yourself.” Jiang Huai was cleaning her table and didn’t have time to talk to her.

A Cai found it and took his mobile phone: “Gege!”

Jiang Huai turned his head and said fiercely: “I’m your brother! Bo Jian is, is…” Jiang Huai got stuck, and said fiercely: “A very annoying person, do you understand?!”

A Cai pretended not to hear.

Jiang Huai was even fiercer: “Did you hear it?”

With a swipe of her finger, A Cai turned on his mobile phone. She pointed to Jiang Huai: “Jiang Huai.” and raised his mobile phone, “Gege!”

Jiang Huai: “…”

Bo Jian, you mother f**ker.

Jiang Huai turned his head and sighed: “No one bullied you on your first day of school today?”

A Cai was absorbed in looking at the picture.

Jiang Huai turned his head again and said angrily: “You… don’t look at him! I asked you if anyone bullied you!”

A Cai raised her head and looked at him. She shook her head, “Little lame… did not.” And shook her head again, “Little fool… did not.”

Jiang Huai let out a long breath: “That’s good, let’s go home.”

The sky is half gloomy.

It was getting dark, and the last sunset pulled out a long shadow.

Jiang Huai walked forward with the skateboard and the hat of A Cai’s small hoodie.

A Cai carried a small school bag and was preoccupied with his cell phone.

A Cai walked too slowly, so Jiang Huai stopped from time to time until the angle between the hat that A Cai picked up and the ground level slowly changed from an acute angle to a right angle and then slowly to an obtuse angle, before Jiang Huai moved forward.

“If a classmate bullies you, beats you, calls you a little lame or a little fool, you have to go home and tell me…” Jiang Huai said as he walked, “And remember not to tell your classmates that you are an Omega… You are still young and don’t understand these things… The differentiation test is also done when you reach the first year of middle school, so you just pretend not to know this thing. Don’t say it when others ask you…”

Jiang Huai will repeat the same words every day.

A Cai generally does not answer him.

But today, she ignored him and looked at Bo Jian’s photos on his phone. Jiang Huai was particularly unhappy. He suddenly sped up his speech and raised the volume of his voice. He roared frighteningly: “Remember?”

A Cai was excited and sat on the ground.

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Bo Jian: Does Jiang Huai have any ideas about me?

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