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MM Chapter 2


In the first subject of their class. The student named Jiang Huai, who is said to be extremely difficult to provoke, went to sleep from the first sentence of the head teacher “Hello everyone” until the last sentence “Everyone take a break and go to the playground for the opening ceremony later”. He slept from the beginning to end and never moved.

The students in the surrounding area were in awe of the contestant who slept well under the head teacher’s eyes.

As soon as the bell rang, the head teacher left.

Jiang Huai’s head was tilted, and he’s still asleep.

The little braid originally placed on the back of his head. It fell to one side and exposed a section behind his neck. Because of weight loss, the bulge of his spine was particularly obvious.

Bo Jian is on the back table behind Jiang Huai.

He briefly scanned on Jiang Huai’s braid and Jiang Huai’s… neck.

Wei Heping is not tall. He sits in the front row. As soon as Lin Fei left the classroom, Wei Heping stood up and wanted to go to the last row. He wants to find Jiang Huai. However, he stretched his head and glanced at the back. He saw that Jiang Huai, who was sitting on the second to the last row was still sleeping.

“F**k.” Wei Heping murmured, “Still sleeping, awesome…”

Wei Heping turned around and saw an acquaintance at the front door of the classroom.

It’s a little loud and there’s also a sound of ruckus.

Jiang Huai yawned. He rubbed his eyes and raised his head.

His seatmate knocked on his table from a distance and asked in a teasing tone: “Jiang Huai, is that your girlfriend?”

Jiang Huai squinted at his new seatmate.

Considerably tall, short hair… probably a basketball sports student. The new seatmate was glanced at by Jiang Huai. The other person withdrew his hand and smiled at him embarrassingly.

The surrounding people are still up in whispering and creating a disturbance.

“I haven’t heard that Jiang Huai has a girlfriend.”

“Is this here to confess?”

“Watching the big shot’s puppy love on the first day of school is exciting!”

Chen Fengze smacked Bo Jian. He was a little surprised and whispered to him: “Oh? I have an impression of that girl… in class 13, she’s an Omega. Such an Alpha as Jiang Huai can actually still have a girlfriend?”

Bo Jian slowly glanced at the girl and didn’t speak.

“Anyway… It’s none of my business.” Chen Fengze shrugged, and suddenly remembered his purpose of looking for Bo Jian, “Oh, by the way, the head teacher of our class came to see me for something. After the school opening ceremony this morning, you take my place. Can you help me check their school uniforms?”

Bo Jian’s eyes fell back to Jiang Huai again.

In front of Jiang Huai’s desk stood a girl who’s not tall, had a white complexion and was properly dressed in a school uniform. She looked very delicate, but she stood there a little cowardly.

Jiang Huai didn’t wake up between class intervals. She came to look for him. She was embarrassed and at a complete loss while she stood there for several minutes. However, she didn’t dare to wake up Jiang Huai. Until Jiang Huai woke up, she was finally relieved. She gently put a cup of caramel milk tea on Jiang Huai’s desk: “I brought this for you.”

Jiang Huai lowered his eyes, “Hmm.”

The girl pulled the corner of her school uniform: “Then, I’ll go now?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Huai nodded, “Thank you.”

The female students waited there for several minutes. However, Jiang Huai sounded half-dead when saying those two words. He almost wrote “unfamiliar” on her face.

The fuss of the students weakened.

It seems that the female student only came to give a cup of milk tea and left after she delivered it. There’s no other intention… For example, people who eat melons1onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don’t have anything knowledgeable to say about it like to hear and see a love-hate relationship, or a confession on the spot.

Bo Jian glanced briefly at the back of the girl who had exited the back door of the classroom.

Chen Fengze slapped Bo Jian on the shoulder: “President Bo? Are you in a daze? Can you agree to the request of this humble discipline committee member?”

Bo Jian withdrew his eyes, “What did you exactly ask for?”

Chen Fengze: “…”

Chen Fengze clenched his teeth and repeated the “humble request of the discipline committee member”.

Bo Jian nodded: “Oh, sure.”

“Thanks, I’ll treat you to a meal on some other day.” Chen Fengze said with relief, “We should leave now, don’t you have to give a speech at the school opening ceremony later. Hurry up and get ready.”

Bo Jian turned around and got out of his seat, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Huai half turned his head and glanced at the back door of the classroom.

Bo Jian leaned on his side and walked out of the door. The sunlight was quite good, and his hair was dyed with a layer of light gold.

“Tsk.” Jiang Huai clicked his tongue.

Wei Heping watched the fire burning across the river2to delay entering the fray until all others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves in the front row. When the female student left, he came over and teased him: “Huai ge, Ni Li came to look for you again?”

Jiang Huai didn’t bother to lift his eyelids: “Yeah.”

Wei Heping said, “Look at the two of you, you’re an Alpha and she’s an Omega. The physical requirements aren’t that bad. The three of us are still high school students. Why don’t you take the initiative to be with Ni Li…”

“It’s impossible.” Jiang Huai interrupted Wei Heping with no expression, “I don’t like her, and she’s just grateful to me. Don’t persuade me with her again.”

Wei Heping shut up immediately: “I’ll just talk about fun… I know. I won’t make a fuss.”

Jiang Huai reached out and took the cup of milk tea that Ni Li had sent over from his table and turned it around.

There is a small handwritten card.

Caramelized, half sugar. Followed by a little smiling face.

Wei Heping suddenly had a cup of hot milk tea in front of him: “… Huh?”

“You can drink this cup.” Jiang Huai pushed the milk tea over with a finger.

“Why?” Wei Heping asked, “You don’t have to avoid suspicion… Didn’t you drink all the milk tea that Ni Li brought to you before?”

“It’s not to avoid suspicion.” Jiang Huai said without an expression, “I don’t like caramel.”

The opening ceremony is in the playground.

Many classes have already arrived at the place. Today, the weather is quite good. The blouses of the school uniforms are almost white in the sun.

Jiang Huai squatted at the end of class 2, his eyelids drooping and he’s sleepy.

Wei Heping stood beside him: “… Huai ge, are you alright? It’s only past nine o’clock in the morning. Did you stay up all night yesterday evening, why are you so sleepy?”

“Not all night.” Jiang Huai yawned.

“What’s going on then?”

“Geniuses sleep a lot.” Jiang Huai said.

Wei Heping: “…”

The lines of the students at the opening ceremony are roughly arranged according to their height. With the taller students standing at the back and the shorter students at the front. Fortunately, Jiang Huai can stand in the back, and Wei Heping stays in the last of the line so that he can place near Jiang Huai.

Jiang Huai slept during the class meeting. Wei Heping talked endlessly with Jiang Huai about what they did in the class meeting: “… Lao Lin elected the class committee, but you didn’t vote… The class monitor elected in our class is Xu Wenyang, the one who took charge of the registration form yesterday. Bo Jian didn’t participate in the election for the class monitor. Otherwise, with the popularity of this big shot, the class monitor will be him…”

Jiang Huai listened indifferently and kicked the pebbles under his feet.

“In the classroom a while ago, I saw someone looking for Bo Jian…”

Wei Heping has known Jiang Huai since junior high school. He has always been a master in receiving the news, in which it’s extremely fast and he loves gossip. On the first day of the high school enrollment, Jiang Huai saw his mobile phone with more than 60 groups in WeChat. All of which were related to No. 2 Middle School. Obviously he is a Beta, but he is in the Alpha and Omega groups.

Wei Heping pulled Jiang Huai and said, “I remember, the man’s name is Chen Fengze. The student council’s Disciplinary Committee of the school… The second place on the anonymous voting “Which Alpha do you want to fall in love with the most?” in the campus network during summer vacation! Sure enough, handsome people are destined for handsome friends… However, I voted for President Bo because I think Bo Jian is more handsome and…”

Jiang Huai kicked a stone very far away and frowned: “Can you stop mentioning Bo Jian to me?”

Wei Heping was stunned and immediately shut up with a proper attitude: “No problem… I won’t mention him.”

However, the next second he asked curiously: “Huai ge, we don’t have the same class with Bo Jian in the first year of high school. Did he offend you? I remember there’s no conflict between the two of you in our freshman year… Why didn’t you like him so much after the summer vacation?”

Jiang Huai turned his head and asked with a fake smile: “What did I just say?”

“Oh! Oh, oh, oh!” Wei Heping covered his mouth, “I won’t mention Bo… Okay, I’ll shut up.”

Jiang Huai turned his head and controlled his expression: “He didn’t offend me. I’m just tired of listening to his name and seeing his face.”

The opening ceremony started.

Bo Jian was the first to give a speech.

Jiang Huai took out his mobile phone from his pocket and merely switched it to the camera. Suddenly, he saw a mountain standing in front of him, estimated to be 1.9 m in height or taller than that. Bo Jian had already started his speech. He could only hear his voice, but he couldn’t see any strands of his hair.

The line of the students is arranged according to their height.

Except for him and Wei Heping.

Wei Heping looked at Jiang Huai.

Jiang Huai lifted his chin and briefly looked at the back of the student with a height of 1.9 m. He raised his hand and bent his fingers. He tapped the student with a height of 1.9 m on the shoulder with his index finger: “Classmate, what’s your name?”

It’s a little scary. It’s like a senior student collecting protection fees from his juniors.

The student with a height of 1.9 m turned around and saw Jiang Huai. He was startled: “… Jiang, Jiang Huai?”

“Your name.” Jiang Huai said.

The student with a height of 1.9 m is like a primary student who’s learning to read: “My name?”

“…” Several wrinkles appeared between Jiang Huai’s eyebrows: “I’m asking you, what’s your name.”

“Oh… Oh!” The student with a height of 1.9 m suddenly understood and answered, “My name is Zhao Tianqing!”

Jiang Huai nodded, “I’m your seatmate.”

The student with a height of 1.9 m immediately replied: “I know that you are my seatmate.”

Jiang Huai then said what was in his mind: “Okay seatmate, you move a little to the side. You’re blocking me.”

The student with a height of 1.9 m: “…”

Wei Heping covered his face… He was embarrassed and couldn’t stand it anymore.

Zhao Tianqing stepped aside… After he left in the line of class 2. He went directly behind Jiang Huai and Wei Heping. He gave up his spot on his dage3big brother and made an exaggerated greeting gesture: “Seatmate, please go ahead.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

After half a step forward, Jiang Huai took out his mobile phone again, and returned it to the camera. Not only can he see the strands of his hair, but also the half of the face above Bo Jian’s lips and countless heads of the students in front of him.

Jiang Huai stared at the mobile phone screen and made a “tsk” sound.

Wei Heping looked at Jiang Huai: “Huai ge, what are you doing?”

“Taking a picture.” Jiang Huai looked at his mobile phone and was in a bad mood.

Wei Heping stared at him: “You’re taking a picture of Bo Jian?”

Jiang Huai looked at Wei Heping and raised his lips: “What do you think?”

Wei Heping wanted to ask him. Didn’t you find Bo Jian unpleasant, how people always talk about him and now you’re taking pictures of him?

Is this the action of someone who said the other person is not pleasing to the eye?

However, after looking at the funeral face of Jiang Huai when taking pictures. Wei Heping held back, he thought about it and said: “Huai ge, do you enjoy the process of taking pictures or just want to take a few photos of Bo Jian while he is delivering his speech?”

Jiang Huai turned his head… It sounds like Wei Heping has a method: “I enjoy my ass. Of course, I want photos.”

“It’s easy to have the photos.” Wei Heping looked around. When he saw that there’s no teacher, he took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket: “If you join a group, there must be one in the group that has it.”

Jiang Huai casually swept the QR code and looked down at his phone: “What group?”

The group’s name is “Heavenly Happiness”. He can’t tell the purpose of the group.

Wei Heping said: “The group of Omegas in No. 2 Middle School.”

Jiang Huai: “?”

Jiang Huai hand paused in applying to join the group.

“The group of Omegas.” Jiang Huai held his mobile phone and looked at Wei Heping coldly, “I’ll add my ass.”

“It’s all right. What’s wrong with the group of Omegas?” Wei Heping didn’t reach his head. He looked up and said, “Aren’t I a Beta in it?”

Jiang Huai’s hand slightly loosened. He looked at Wei Heping: “Then, how did you get in?”

Wei Heping suddenly stopped talking.

Jiang Huai asked: “Why don’t you say it?”

“90% of the members in this group are mainly Omegas, but this group…” Wei Heping touched his nose and said hesitantly, “This group, it wasn’t called Heavenly Happiness before.”

“What’s it called?” Jiang Huai continued to inquire.

“Before, it used to be called…” Wei Heping glanced at Jiang Huai with a guilty conscience. “It’s called the Bo Jian No. 2 Middle School Support Club. It was built during the poll on summer vacation.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

Wei Heping quickly gave him an assurance: “But don’t worry! Bo Jian is not in the group!”

Jiang Huai: “…”

“There must be a high-definition photo of Bo Jian’s speech today…” Wei Heping said, “If you want a photo. Huai ge, you can bear it. Our position is too far, and we don’t dare to take out our mobile phones when we go to the front, so we can’t take a picture.”

Jiang Huai stopped talking.

After a long time, he clicked on the application to join.

A pop up:

“For the verification, the information must be filled with the class, full name, and the student ID number. Otherwise, it will not be added. The name should not be changed after entering the group, and those who change their name will be kicked away.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

He raised his head: “Do you still have to fill in the class, full name, and the student ID number?”

“Oh! You need to comment on your full name…” Wei Heping only remembered it now, “But it doesn’t matter, I’m the group administrator. I can accept you right away.”

Jiang Huai: “You’re even a f**king administrator?”

Wei Heping scratched his head and pretended not to hear it.

– “Real Champion” joined the group chat “Heavenly Happiness”.

“Huai ge, please change the remarks. Otherwise, it is easy to be kicked by mistake… But there are hundreds of people in the group. You don’t have to worry about being found. As long as you lurk, no one will check over the list of group members…” Wei Heping said.

Jiang Huai took a glance at the total number of members of the group… There are more than 300 people.

The proportion of Omega, Alpha, and Beta is roughly 1:2:7, and the No. 2 Middle School is almost the same… more than 300 people, and 90% are Omega.

That means the entire Omegas from No. 2 Middle School had joined in.

Within a few seconds, the group message that “Real Champion” joined the group chat of “Heavenly Happiness” was turned over for several pages.

No one shows any interest in it.

– Ah ah ah ah I’m dead!!! The president is so handsome!!!

– I can’t suppress my pheromone!!

– The storm was crying and wanted to fall in love with the president *calling the birds*

– Secretly contracted the president in this picture

– The opening ceremony photo collection 3jpg.

– I was upstairs thinking about peaches!

– Sisters, I’m back!

– I took it in the back! Side view, I added filters manually for you.

– !! Woo hoo, thank you sister!!

– The president killed me, how could there be such a wonderful boy!!

Jiang Huai turned a few pages and stopped at the “Sisters, I’m back” sent by “Senior 3, class 7, Zhong Kang.” He looked at Wei Heping: “… Isn’t Zhong Kang a man?”

“Yes.” Wei Heping nodded.

“Do men call people sisters?”

Wei Heping looked at Jiang Huai with an expression of “you have too little knowledge” and said, “Ge, as an Alpha, you have been single for too long and lack the necessary understanding of Omega… In the long run, you will have a hard time finding an Omega to fall in love with.”

Jiang Huai’s face was expressionless: “I won’t date.” He glanced at the stage, “The real champions are single.”

Wei Heping: “…”

Although the group looked a little crazy, Wei Heping didn’t deceive him. Jiang Huai really easily found a bunch of photos of the president’s speech at the school opening ceremony from the group.

He wanted to pick a few ugly photos, but there were no ugly photos of Bo Jian in the group. He could only pick a few photos without filters and save them.

After a few more speeches, the school opening ceremony was over.

Jiang Huai stretched his body, and put his cell phone back in his pocket. He was about to turn around and leave.

But Wei Heping suddenly said: “Wait, Huai ge. I suddenly remembered something.”

Jiang Huai halted and stood casually: “Remember what?”

“I recall…” Wei Heping glanced at the nearby school uniform shirts, which are white, and at Jiang Huai, who was particularly eye-catching in a black sweater. “The disciple committee will check the school uniforms of the students at the opening ceremony.”

Jiang Huai turned his head: “?”

“If you don’t wear a school uniform, you’ll be deducted two points.” Wei Heping said.


“Do you think I have to run now?” Jiang Huai asked.

“It should be too late.” Wei Heping pointed to the front with a brave look on his face, “The Discipline Inspection Commission has already arrived.”

As soon as Jiang Huai looked up, the Student Council was two meters away from him. He opened his mouth and said everything that others could hear: “…”

There were two people who came to check the school uniforms of class 2.

The first one is unfamiliar… the other person is the president of the student council.

Jiang Huai and Bo Jian who came by had a brief exchange look in their eyes.

Bo Jian lowered his eyes first, and he held a list of the ranks in his hand.

The wind blew up the foot of the paper. The teenager’s fingers were slender, and the page was gently pressed down. As if he had never met the other person, Bo Jian said: “You didn’t wear the school uniform and violated the school rules… which class, name, and student ID number.”

The male student behind Bo Jian glanced at Jiang Huai: “This is Jiang Huai, right?”

Bo Jian raised his eyes: “Student ID number.”

This time at least he didn’t ask the class again.

After all, they are front and back table seatmates. The business matters are not that stiff.

Jiang Huai lifted his chin, showing no expression. He halted there and asked, “I’m not wearing the school uniform, but I remember that the school regulations say that you are not allowed to wear your own clothes on the outside?”

“Yes.” Bo Jian responded.

Jiang Huai curled his lips: “Then, I’ll just take off my clothes?”

The students nearby were stunned.

However, Jiang Huai was right. The No. 2 Middle School rules stated that the students can’t wear the clothes they brought from home on the surface outside of their upper body.

But this meaning is actually no different from having to wear the school uniform on the surface.

It definitely does not mean that people should take off their clothes without wearing the school uniform.

Most importantly, no one does that either.

Bo Jian was about to put a mark next to “1534”, by the tip of the pen. However, he stopped and looked calmly at Jiang Huai without speaking.

Jiang Huai moved his arms: “My points won’t be deducted if I take off my clothes, right?”

The clothes should be taken off to the end.

If there is one more inside, it also must be taken off. No clothes should be worn on the entire upper body.

Bo Jian lifted his eyelids: “Take it off if you want…”

The discipline committee behind him was stunned.

However, Bo Jian continued: “Didn’t take off the clothes, deduct 2 points. Take off the clothes, deduct 10 points.”

Jiang Huai: “?”

“The third rule is to deduct two points if you don’t wear a school uniform, and the seventh rule is to deduct ten points if you wear strange clothes at school.” Bo Jian looked at Jiang Huai and said, “Are you still taking it off?”

Jiang Huai kicked away a stone. He squinted and asked: “Strange clothes?”

“An Alpha wearing only pants and no top at school doesn’t count as strange clothes?” Bo Jian asked in return.


“So you mean, I should take off my pants too?” Jiang Huai asked.

“According to relevant laws and regulations, minors over the age of 16 who sexually harass others in public should be detained as it’s applicable.” Bo Jian said.

Jiang Huai: “…”

Bo Jian’s expression remained unchanged. However, he only asked, “Are you still taking it off?”

Let me take a few of you.

Jiang Huai almost cursed. However, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Bo Jian for a moment. He walked forward a little, bowed his head beside him, and in a low voice: “President, we’re in the same class, to detain me means to detain yourself… can you please be a little more accommodating?”

The campus network summer vacation voting previously summarized three major behavioral guidelines for Jiang Huai.

Sleeping inside the school, fighting outside the school, and a genius Alpha.

The genius is obviously ironic. The fact that he couldn’t make it to the top 100 in their department… even counting the students who didn’t take the exams because they are absent.

It only takes two days to see that the title has been just as true as what they said.

Bo Jian held the pen and thought indifferently: Is this genius Alpha still so concerned about the two points mark in the class?

“Student ID number.” Bo Jian said.

Jiang Huai thought Bo Jian loosened up: “1534.”

“Didn’t take it off. 1534, class 2, Jiang Huai, deducted two points.” Then Jiang Huai saw Bo Jian write a neat “-2” next to his name. Bo Jian put away the roster, turned his head and said to the Discipline Inspection Commission next to him: “Let’s go to the next class.”

Jiang Huai: “…”

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    to delay entering the fray until all others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves
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