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MM Chapter 1

Jiang Huai

On the 31st of August, the weather in city B was still hot, the cicadas were chirping loudly and the paved roads were softened by the sun.

The school will open on September 1, which means tomorrow. The day before it starts, the students return to the school to transfer their luggage, pick up their textbooks, and enroll for the new class.

The new students in the second year were shifted into the sophomore school infrastructure named Xueli Building.

In the class 2 of Xueli Building, a group of students who had not finished the registration were gathered at the doorway of the classroom. Xu Wenyang sat in front, handling the registration form. The new head teacher ordered him for the recording.

“My name is Zhao Tianqing.” Said a tall male student.

“Good… Zhao Tianqing has arrived.” Xu Wenyang put a check next to the name of “Zhao Tianqing”.

“Liu Chang.” Said a thin male student with his hair a little messy.


“Wang Jing, here’s my name.” Said a short female student who had two tiny dimples when she spoke.

“Yeah, great.”

After a long summer vacation, the students who signed up didn’t hurry to leave because of the new class placement. They gathered inside the classroom to get familiar with their new classmates. The registration form in Xu Wenyang’s hand is the list of the students in their class. Several students surrounded him to see their new classmates.

“F**k, 0001, Bo Jian… President Bo is assigned to our class?”

“I saw it too. The first rank is in our class!”

The list on the registration form is arranged according to the number of the new students from top to bottom.

Their ranking is based on the total scores of the two midterms and two final exams in their first year in high school.

At the top of the registration form which is listed as 0001 is Bo Jian.

The first place in the overall result of the four examinations.

The first in the rank and the student council president. Someone posted a poll on the campus network during the end of the summer vacation. The question was “Which Alpha do you want to fall in love with the most?” and President Bo, the undefeated king, won 81% of the votes and absolutely crushed the other Alpha contestants in the school.

In the eyes of everyone, this President Bo is almost the representation of the current generation of students who have honesty, kindness, and beauty. He is smart, humble, deals with things fairly and doesn’t harbor selfishness or impurities.

But voting mainly depends on the appearance of the contestants.

The space in the right of the top name on the registration form is still empty. Xu Wenyang sighed softly: “Yes, the president is in the same class with us, but he hasn’t come to sign in yet.”

“Wow, so we can’t possibly wait until the president comes to register later?”

“Haha, I won’t go. I’ll wait for the president to sign in.” A girl joked with a smile. “I’ll take a picture and share it with my sisters later.”

Liu Chang leaned on the side, his mouth curled: “As for what? What’s so special about it. Isn’t it just an Alpha who looks a little handsome, talking like he’s some kind of an idol. Aren’t you guys exaggerating?”

“Hahaha, aren’t you being bitter? Bo Jian is an Alpha who’s a little handsome? He is the first in the department, the president of the student council, and an outstanding student of the province. Is ranking first in the poll of the most attractive Alpha during summer vacation a joke to you?”

Liu Chang was rebutted and his face was a bit ugly. However, what the other person said was the truth. You can’t actually find a complaint in terms of ability, academic, interpersonal, or other aspects of Bo Jian. Liu Chang had nothing to say, turned his head and made a “tsk” sound.

He lowered his voice a little: “What’s the big deal.”

Liu Chang caught a glimpse of someone entering the front door.

The man walked over to the registration table.

Everyone was silent.

The teenager is tall and has a very white complexion. His pupils were very light, yellowish brown and golden, like melted pine resin. Before the school started, everyone else wore their own clothes, but he was neatly dressed in the school’s white shirt.

He lowered his head slightly and said: “Bo Jian.”

Xu Wenyang was stunned for a moment, and then reacted violently: “Bo Jian… Oh, good.” He quickly puts a check at the top of the tick box.

Bo Jian nodded: “Thank you.”

Bo Jian didn’t stay in the classroom. In less than a minute, the people watched Bo Jian enter and then leave the classroom.

As soon as Bo Jian left, the class slowly became alive again.

Wang Jing covered her heart: “I see, the president is so handsome… My1I (spoken by an old man) maiden heart.”

“Girl, can you please not say an obscene language?”

“Hey, the top student is in our section. Our class will be stable in the future, there’s no shortage of learning goals.”

Xu Wenyang, however, sighed again and was uncertain. He ticked, and his arm naturally pressed on the last few lines of the registration form. He moved his arm away to reveal the rows he had suppressed: “This time, there is more than one first place in our class.”

“What do you mean? Isn’t there only one first rank in our section?

“There is also Jiang Huai.”

Xu Wenyang revealed a few rows, and the tip of the pen pointed to the second to the last lines of the names.

1534, Jiang Huai.

They were silent for a few seconds.

“F**k… Jiang Huai? Not a duplicate name?”

“No.” Xu Wenyang said with a bit of a headache, “Jiang Huai has come to register, it’s that Jiang Huai.”

“… This Jiang Huai who forced an Omega he fancy last semester and the other person transferred to another school?”

“Yes, it’s him.”

There are two students in No. 2 Middle School that are well known to the whole school.

One is President Bo, and the other person named Jiang Huai, who coincidentally is also a second year student and an Alpha.

Jiang Huai became famous in the second semester of high school. It is said that Jiang Huai took a fancy to an Omega, named Song Jun, who’s also a male student. However, his pursuit failed and instead beaten the other person. Even if both of them were boys, Song Jun is an Omega and couldn’t beat Jiang Huai who’s an Alpha. Song Jun then went to tell the teacher, but after the complaint, Jiang Huai didn’t stop and became even more aggressive.

For the last time, Song Jun was not only beaten, but his pants were also stripped. He was nearly marked for a lifetime at the school.

Before the final exam, Song Jun was forced to transfer to another school.

This matter became a noise and the whole school knew about it.

Later, during the summer vacation, someone anonymously posted a poll “Which Alpha in the school do you think is the most difficult to provoke?” Jiang Huai, one of the contestants, directly topped the list with 78% of the votes.

There are more than 2, 200 IDs participating in the voting. If one ID is one person, the accounts were nearly half of the population in the entire school.

This time the voting has not yet finished. It is said that a private poll was posted by the teachers of No. 2 Middle School: “Which student do you want to kill the most?” They don’t know whether the poll is real or not. The number of participants is unknown, and who participated in the poll is unknown, but it is said that Jiang Huai won 100% of the votes.

Officially certified as a person who’s difficult to deal with. Jiang Huai became famous in the first battle.

No one wants to be in the same class with this kind of person.

Who can be sure that no one will be the next Song Jun?

Zhao Tianqing eyebrows were tightly wrinkled and said with a little fear: “I listened to the person’s analysis… Jiang Huai may have an antisocial personality with a serious tendency to violence…”

“Who did you listen to?”

“Campus network.”


Zhao Tianqing thought about it and added: “Hundreds of people have liked it.”

Liu Chang sneered: “It’s more than antisocial personality. He’s a piece of trash.”

Xu Wenyang looked at the check next to Jiang Huai’s name and sighed, “Actually… Jiang Huai looks okay and is quite polite.”

“You can’t judge a person by appearance.” Liu Chang said, “Who knows what’s on his mind? If Jiang Huai wasn’t trash, how could he do that kind of thing in the second semester of high school? That’s attempted r**e!”

Liu Chang seemed to be particularly annoyed with Jiang Huai. The more he talked, the more he’s agitated: “The school did not expel this kind of trash, who knows if…”

Xu Wenyang coughed and changed the subject, “Have all your textbooks been distributed?”

Liu Chang snorted angrily.

The third year came to report. The front door and the back door of the building were crowded with people.

The front entrance of No. 2 Middle School is in the south and the back entrance is in the north. Bo Jian left the Xueli Building and headed north. But before reaching the back entrance, he went west again.

There is an old wall in the west of the back door. It’s not high for people with flexible limbs.

No one will come over the wall at the beginning of the school year. The back door is empty all the way to the west, not crowded and not noisy.

The wall on the west of the back door is an issue before the initial construction of the school. The engineering team randomly built a separation wall. However, they forgot to tear it down when it was completed and it’s still here now. Now there are other uses: usually if someone is late, they climb through the wall, and those who skip class escape using the wall.

With his hands propped up, Bo Jian pressed his knees against the wall, exerted force in his arms and climbed up.

The west side of the back door is also remote, and generally speaking no one is there.

However, today is an exception. Bo Jian heard the sound and almost jumped.

Bo Jian stood firm, but he didn’t look up. He took care of his school uniform that had been messed up because of climbing over the wall.

More than ten meters away, there are three people. Two young men with unidentified years, one with yellow hair and one with a black hair, whose eyebrow was cut off.

The last one was a teenager in a black sweater with his back facing Bo Jian.

Bo Jian only caught a glimpse of the little braid on the back of the teenager’s head in his peripheral vision.

The two young men stopped the teenager and the yellow hair spat at him: “You son of a bitch, still want to leave?”

However, just after the yellow hair finished speaking, the teenager grabbed him by his collar and pulled him over. He bent his knee and pressed it on the yellow hair’s stomach. He almost injured the yellow hair’s shoulder. He turned him over and kicked the back of the yellow hair’s knee.

The action was so fast that there was no time to react, and it’s filled with impatience when doing the violence.

The yellow hair was caught off guard and almost knelt on the ground. The young man with a cut off eyebrow reacted when the teenager handled the yellow hair’s stomach. He hit the teenager with a fist. However, the teenager stayed still and tilted his head, still kicking the yellow hair.

The young man with a cut off eyebrow hit the corner of the teenager’s mouth and it immediately bleeds.

The teenager raised the corner of his mouth, the blood dripping from the side of his injured lips: “Song Jun’s dog is here? It’s free, right?”

The young man with a cut off eyebrow flew into a rage, clenched his fist and hit the teenager again on the head: “F**k – your mom, you dare to call your mom again?”

The yellow hair finally reacted, with a grim face, he lunged over to kick the teenager.

“Trash.” The teenager lifted his mouth.

More than ten meters away, Bo Jian tidied up his school uniform and dutifully did what a passer-by should do.

He turned around and left.

The start of a new term was officially today.

The students in the class are almost complete. However, the head teacher hasn’t come yet and the class is still noisy. Although it was the first day of school and everyone was still unfamiliar with each other, it didn’t stop the classroom from being a mess.

“Hey, my name is Wei Heping.” In the second row from the front, there’s a male student with a very loud voice, not tall in height and his hair is short. He likes to show off and talk vividly. “He Ping2peace in Shi Jie He Ping, I’m not kidding, my name is Wei Heping. This name was given to me by my grandfather. He is a retired veteran, he just hopes that I can… Ouch!”

Wei Heping suddenly caught a glimpse of a middle-aged man walking into the front door and he turned back quickly, “The teacher is coming!”

A middle-aged man entered the door of class 2.

The man was wearing the uniform issued by the school, maybe in his thirties or forties, slightly fat and wearing a pair of small-frame glasses which were popular at the end of the last century.

As soon as Lin Fei came in, he glanced at the only empty seat in the second to the last row of the classroom and found a chair to sit on the podium without speaking.

After waiting for a long while, before the head teacher could speak, the discipline of the class slowly became disordered.

Wei Heping acted naive for two minutes. Without staying idle, he stretched his head back and talked freely: “Jiang Huai? You’re talking about Jiang Huai? Jiang Huai is my buddy! We’re junior high school classmates, or first year in high school…” Mentioning Jiang Huai, Wei Heping turned his head and pointed at the back, “Now we’re still in the same class. I remember he was sitting in the second to the last row by the back entrance…”

Wei Heping was stunned, he saw that Jiang Huai’s seat was empty: “Hey? Why didn’t Jiang Huai come today?”

The class bell rang.

However, there was a lively discussion going on underneath.

Wei Heping said, “I have a hunch that our class will become very powerful!”

“Which aspect it’s powerful?”

Wei Heping: “Powerful in every aspect! There’s a father who’s good at academics, and there’s a father who fights. The two fathers are unrivaled!”

“Indeed, Father Jian and Father… Huai?”

“Come on, your father’s 750 test scores can’t save you a few points. As for Jiang Huai…” Liu Chang turned his head at the front desk and said mockingly, “Just forget about this father, his character is not good. Besides, if you want to recognize Jiang Huai as a father, he’ll beat you up. Isn’t it reasonable for him to beat his son?”

Wei Heping glared, and was about to reply with some words. Xu Wenyang from the back table said, “All right, all right.” He turned his back to look and said, “The first rank has started studying. You guys should stop chatting, okay?”

The classroom was in a mess, except the first rank who read quietly in the last row. His slim and long fingers are reflected on the edge of the book which is very pleasing to the eye.

Just in time, Lin Fei, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly stood up and tapped the podium, “Quiet.”

Xu Wenyang raised his head.

Lin Fei is on the podium and at the door stood a teenager in a black sweater.

The teenager stood with his hands in his pockets. His eyelids drooped, as if he hadn’t woken up yet. He stayed there, not looking at anyone, chewing his bubblegum and slowly blowing a bubble out of his mouth.

He is very handsome, with black hair and dark eyes. It’s so dark as if it can’t tolerate a little impurity. He had long hair and braided it in the back of his head.

There was a bruise on the corner of his lips, and it’s merely a scab.

Xu Wenyang met him yesterday. It was… Jiang Huai.

The classroom slowly quieted down.

The news that Jiang Huai has been assigned to class 2 is basically unknown to everyone. They have never seen Jiang Huai, but the only male student with long hair in No. 2 Middle School is Jiang Huai.

Because the school rules don’t allow it.

Lin Fei clapped his hands and said, “Good, the last student in our class is here… Everyone is not familiar with each other at the beginning of the class. Later, everyone will come up and introduce themselves one by one.”

He turned his head to look at Jiang Huai: “You’ll be the first one since you’re late.”

Everyone is paying attention.

“Oh.” The student nodded, but he stood at the door. It seemed that he was not ready to enter at all. “My name is Jiang Huai.” The bubble burst, and he licked his teeth: “Jiang3江 (jiāng) – river with three drops of water, and Huai4淮 (Huái) – name of a river with three drops of water.”

Bo Jian raised his eyelids, and indifferently lowered them after.

Lin Fei nodded.

And then, there’s nothing more.

Lin Fei waited for a while, but no one spoke.

Lin Fei: “Is there… anything else?”

Jiang Huai: “Nothing.”

Lin Fei: “You can talk about your hobbies and interesting experiences that happened during the summer vacation.”

Jiang Huai: “No.”


After a few seconds of silence, Lin Fei said, “Okay, spit out the bubble gum in your mouth and go back to your seat.”

Jiang Huai nodded. However, as soon as he raised his foot, Lin Fei suddenly discovered something: “Where’s your school bag?”

Jiang Huai stopped his footstep: “Forgot to bring it.”

Lin Fei: “?”

The classroom burst into laughter.

Lin Fei looked at Jiang Huai, as if looking at the ten incredible things in the world: “Today is the first day of school.”

Jiang Huai nodded: “School starts today. There are too many things in the morning, so I forgot to bring my bag.”

Convincing and flawless logic. If a student forgets to bring his school bag, he is busy.

Lin Fei glared at Jiang Huai: “Then what did you do in the morning?”

Jiang Huai replied, “I woke up at five o’clock for my morning exercise.” He paused briefly, sort of adding proof, “I haven’t had the time to eat breakfast.”


The classroom roared with laughter.

There may be some students in No. 2 Middle School who have never heard of Jiang Huai, but there will be no teachers who don’t know Jiang Huai.

All the teachers of No. 2 Middle School have heard about this scumbag who sleeps inside the school, fights outside the school, and ranked first in the list of “Which student do you want to kill the most?” An anonymous poll of teachers during the summer vacation.

Lin Fei had an expectation, but he didn’t expect that the student would let him down on the first day of school. However, he was calm: “Okay, go to your seat and sit down. Go home to get your school bag at noon.”

Jiang Huai nodded and returned to his seat.

Jiang Huai is the second to the last row, and Bo Jian is the first to the last row.

Sitting down at the front table, Bo Jian raised his eyes again.

The front desk took out a math book from the hole in the table, and then took out a pair of earplugs from his pocket.

Then he put in his earplugs, lay down on the math book, and started sleeping at 8 o’clock in the morning.

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  • 1
    I (spoken by an old man)
  • 2
  • 3
    江 (jiāng) – river
  • 4
    淮 (Huái) – name of a river
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