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ISTIL Chapter 5


The sports festivals of several schools in the province were held at the end of November. At this time, most schools would use the activities to publicize the various characteristic cultures in the school, except for Affiliated High School.


Affiliated High School was an old public school. It had been established for many years. It was not true that it wanted to quietly promote sportsmanship, but it was true that an old bone couldn’t compete with new schools.


The teaching quality assessment of Affiliated High School had always been among the best in the provinces and cities. It had excellent school performance and was promoted as the provincial key high school many years ago.


The school was quite large and the campus environment was generally considered to be above average, but there was nothing to talk about if you separate it. Although there had been successive renovations in recent years, the speed of the project had been slow, even the air conditioners in the classrooms were installed just last year.


The top twenty key high schools in the province had a school association forum, so several schools that were running sports festivals at the same time were showing off their campuses on the forum in the name of the event.


At first, the official account was a very subtle way in posting promotional photos. Later, the students directly started to pinch and they began to simply and rudely smash the pictures on the forum; from the three-storey library of No.1 High School to the double dormitory of the No.2 High School to the classical art gallery of No.4 High School to the classrooms with two air conditioners of No.1 High School, they were all shown one by one. However, Affiliated High School was quiet as a chicken from the beginning to the end.


When all the schools were lamenting the fact that the students and teachers Affiliated High School was really so Buddhist and peaceful in holding the sports festival, the principal of the Affiliated High School held a small pep rally and admonished everyone with a sickly face1面有菜色 – Describes the appearance of malnutrition due to hunger / to look famished that they were not going to do the whole fancy stuff and were serious about promoting the great sports spirit of the Chinese nation.


To put it bluntly, because they couldn’t compare, ah.




At six o’clock in the morning, twenty minutes before the opening ceremony of the sports festival, Yan Liang closed the forum interface. Taking out a piece of his own clothes from his school bag, he got up to go out.


Zhou Yuan was playing a game in his seat when he was suddenly tapped on the shoulder, scaring him so much that his phone almost flew. He turned his head to see Yan Liang coming to their class, standing behind him, holding a shirt in his hand.


“What are you doing? There is no sound when you walk. I thought the Lao Ban2老班 – basically what students calls their head teacher. Not the head teacher’s name. was checking up on me. Scared the hell out of me.” Zhou Yuan asked him with a sigh of relief, “What is it?”


“Urgent,” Yan Liang reached out to pull him, “Do me a favor, soon. Go.”


Zhou Yuan dodged sideways as he put his hands around his chest: “Don’t fool me again, tell me what you want first.”


When Yan Liang did something bad when he was young, he was dragged along, and in the end he was the one who took the blame. He was bitten by a snake once, so he was afraid of the well rope for ten years3an idiom. meaning once bitten, twice shy. He always felt Yan Liang had a conspiracy.


Yan Liang stuffed his mobile phone into Zhou Yuan’s hands: “Take my cell phone, just follow me, no tricks. Ge will take you to benefit the whole Affiliated High School.”


Zhou Yuan: “…”



Shi An tried to hurry up and finish this physics paper before the opening ceremony when Pan Tong, the student in front of his desk, suddenly let out an ‘ah’ as she turned around violently, slamming his table hard. The tip of the pen trembled and a long black line was drawn on the paper.


Shi An: “…”


Pan Tong was shocked and gave a loud cry. After reacting, she was busy apologizing to him: “…I, I, I’m sorry, too excited, I’m sorry …”


Pan Tong put a correction fluid on his desk, Shi An gently shook his head and said it was okay, only then she smiled again.


“Do you know what I just saw on the school forum…” She put her phone in the middle of Shi An and Shen Qiaoqiao’s table and gestured for them to see it.


Shen Qiaoqiao was still a little embarrassed because she had just bumped Shi An’s desk. Frowning and shaking her head gently, she whispered “Pan Tong”, but her eyes still glanced at the page. Who knew that because of this glance, she couldn’t help but let out an ‘ah’ too as her eyes widened.


Shi An was about to lower his head again to do his paper, but when he heard Shen Qiaoqiao’s reaction, he couldn’t help but be a little curious, so he turned his head and scanned the page. It was a newly released post, and at the first glance, it looked like Yan Liang.


Shi An was stunned and reached out to bring the phone over for a closer look, but his finger paused and turned back to Pan Tong and asked, “Can I see it?” Pan Tong didn’t expect him to be interested in the forum and immediately nodded. Shi An took the phone up to look at the photo carefully. It was Yan Liang as expected.


It was posted by an account called “Affiliated High School Student 11543”, without a profile picture.


In the photo, Yan Liang was leaning against the wall by the library door, his eyes were looking at the camera with textbook-like peach eyes. The shape of the eyes first bent upwards, then dropped in a beautiful arc, and then hooked slightly upward at the end of the eyes. The pupil color was very dark, and there was a faint smile in the eyes. It was a pair of eye-catching eyes, but the youthful feeling in him diluted the seductive feeling, and he looked very comfortable.


The corners of the boy’s mouth were gently hooked, smiling, looking a little lazy. He was wearing his own clothes, with his left hand in the horizontal pocket of the sweater in front of him. His right hand gently lifted the hem of his shirt, revealing the white school emblem of the Affiliated High School on the right pocket of his black school pants.


It was very late in winter, the sky was still very dark, and the street lights were not off. The photo looked quite clear, the background was simply blurred, and a drink vending machine by the door was faintly visible, as well as the glow of streetlights dotted with stars in the distance.


This photo looked a lot like those grey-toned artistic wallpapers on the Internet.


Yan Liang liked to laugh. With such an expression, Shi An at a glance knew he was not ready; before he had time to laugh, the photographer pressed the shutter.


The photo had a simple watermark in the shape of the school’s emblem in the upper left corner, with the caption:


“We, have, a good-looking, xiao, ge, ge, in our high school. (smile)”


Shi An: “…”


If he guessed correctly, this should be Yan Liang’s own account; ‘11543’. Wasn’t No.43 in Class 15 of first year was Yan Liang…


Shi An handed the phone back to Pan Tong.


Pan Tong took it, and when she looked up, she saw that Shi An’s mouth was slightly tilted. He seemed to be smiling. Stunned, she asked: “Shi An, you and Yan Liang are very familiar?” Shi An was really smiling. With a small laugh, he said, “No, I’m not very familiar with him.”


Pan Tong: “…”



This wave of Yan Liang’s deed opened the door to a new world for students inside and outside the school.


[What do I need this three-story library for? I want this kind of fairy brother too! Now start hugging my father’s thigh in the Affiliated High School.]


[!!! I just complained about Affiliated High School in my post. How can it hit my face so quickly!! Xiao gege is so handsome ah, ah, ah]


[Why are all the good-looking people in other schools? Why not in our school! I cry qwq]


[Little brother, I can!!!4I can- can be a way of complimenting others, which means that I can do anything with you. Or a compliment to someone with a good figure or a high-valued face, which means “I can be with you.” Do anything, including dating and eating.]


[Hahahaha, what regulations are these hahahaha xswl who are so talented ah hahaha give me school grass Yan, call5call-refers to the affection and support of someone!!!!!! Give our Affiliated High School a face!!!]


[This face dog’s world is too desperate for me I’m not that shallow… Xiao gege’s peach blossom eyes how are they so nice ah ah ah ah ah!!!]


[This face is too good ah ah ah ah ah! How to be so good!!!]


[I’m happy to see that my high school has stood up with its head high hahahaha! (laughing cry) In addition, I would like to remind you that this is not very good, have you gotten the consent from school grass Yan?]


[…School grass Yan is in class 15, right? Look at the number of that account, I think this is the school grass Yan…]


[It really seems to be so hahaha xswl school grass Yan is too cute and hot!!!]




Until the opening ceremony began, everyone was still discussing the post happily, and Shi An listened to an ear full of it.


He could almost think of Yan Liang in the crowd, slightly raising his eyebrows and smiling with joy and happiness. He could not help but feel a little funny and slightly hot in his heart.


This feeling was hard to describe. When Shi An saw the post, the building6the comments. Each comment there is called floor. was already very high. Although he didn’t use the forum very much, he knew that the school forum had a very large traffic volume and the number of clicks rose rapidly. People inside and outside the school had seen the post and countless people praised Yan Liang for his good-looking appearance.


He was a little happy in his heart, but he also seemed to feel a little blocked, just like the treasure you had carefully hidden for a long time was suddenly seen by many people. This feeling was proud and melancholy, simply a mixture of flavors.


Shi An frowned and resented his disappointment.


The opening ceremony was held in the small auditorium. Shi An had to represent the first year on stage to say a short pledge, so he went straight backstage.


There were not many people backstage, only seven or eight, also discussing the post of Yan Liang.


Shi An greeted them and planned to sit quietly, but someone turned to him and asked, “Are you Shi An?”


He nodded gently, and a few girls in the background whispered something excitedly and asked him again, “Can we take a picture of you?”


Shi An frowned gently and said lightly, “Probably not. Sorry.”


This was probably the aftermath of the post.


Shi An sat on a chair in the corner. Under the cold white light, his whole person had a kind of delicate and exquisite fragility. His face and expression was very pale. His school uniform jacket wrapped his thin body, which seemed a bit big, but he was dressed neatly.


Several girls stared at him for a while, and finally did not force the issue and put the phone away.


After the principal’s speech, it was time for the first year representatives to take the oath.


Shi An came up to the stage from the side. He stood still and stretched out his hand and adjusted the microphone slightly. His pale lips opened slightly, and before he could speak, there was a “click” shutter sound in the auditorium. In the quiet atmosphere, it was particularly harsh.


Shi An frowned slightly, looking around with his eyes down. It was dark below, so he had to forget about it.






“…In order to showcase the sports level and spirit of our school, for the glory of sports and the honor of the team, we will promote…”




Another sound, not only it was loud, but also forgot to turn off the flash. The person seemed to be sitting in the front row. When the phone lit up, Shi An had to slightly squint his eyes. His voice was still calm, but he couldn’t help but pause slightly.


He sighed in his heart and was about to go on, when someone in the audience suddenly stood up. The person’s position was a bit far from him, but he still recognized it at once; that person was Yan Liang.


Shi An’s heart fluttered and his throat tightened as he looked at Yan Liang. His fingers gripping the microphone couldn’t help but increase the strength. He couldn’t say what he was expecting; in fact he could go on, but he still didn’t speak.


Yan Liang frowned tightly, fingers gripping the back of the front seat.


He had always had a good temper and didn’t get angry easily, but after Shi An’s speech had been interrupted for several times, he found himself unable to help it. The auditorium was quiet and he raised his voice and spoke word for word, “Please don’t take pictures now and listen to the grade representative’s speech.” At the end, he added toward the front row, “Teacher, I remember that cell phones are not allowed in the auditorium.”


The female teacher with glasses came up to the stage and took Shi An’s microphone, lecturing coldly. Shi An handed her the microphone and stood by for a while, then simply turned around and came down the steps on the side of the stage auditorium, standing on the edge.


As soon as he turned his head, he saw Yan Liang walking quickly beside him. Pulling the corner of his coat, the two simply squatted on the side of the stage and whispered.


“They are sick in the head. Just took a picture of something randomly, don’t they know that they are in the auditorium now, their brains must have caught in the door.”


Yan Liang frowned, not too happy. Shi An turned his head to look at him and his heart warmed. With a laugh, he called out, “Xiao gege?”


Yan Liang was stunned and turned to look aside. He saw Shi An with his eyes bent and his head tilted slightly. He looked at him with his head resting on his knee. He suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “Did you see that post, ah?”


“Otherwise? Xiao gege?”


“Why are you like this too? Can’t this be any better…”


Shi An had never called him that before. His voice was very nice, with a cold tone and a soft ending that made it sound very clean.


He called Yan Liang ‘xiao gege’ twice in a row with such a voice, making Yan Liang inexplicably confused and unable to pick up a word of his usual gag.


In fact, Shi An would occasionally give him this feeling.


He couldn’t tell when, but a certain sentence from Shi An, a certain expression, a certain action, seemed to have inexplicably poked him at a certain point. He couldn’t describe it, and couldn’t figure out why.


It was a bit like being hit by a kitten with a soft, fluffy pad of flesh in his heart, not too hard.


“Grade representatives come up to speak.”


Shi An looked up in response, stood up and walked quickly up to the stage.



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  • 1
    面有菜色 – Describes the appearance of malnutrition due to hunger / to look famished
  • 2
    老班 – basically what students calls their head teacher. Not the head teacher’s name.
  • 3
    an idiom. meaning once bitten, twice shy
  • 4
    I can- can be a way of complimenting others, which means that I can do anything with you. Or a compliment to someone with a good figure or a high-valued face, which means “I can be with you.” Do anything, including dating and eating.
  • 5
    call-refers to the affection and support of someone
  • 6
    the comments. Each comment there is called floor.
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