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ISTIL Chapter 43

Want a Hug

T/N: This is double update. Make sure you have read chapter 42



Although he said no, Shi An still left the door open for Yan Liang.

With a small night light on the head of the bed, Shi An curled himself up into a small ball, revealing only half of the soft top of the hair.

Yan Liang carefully closed the door, took off his shoes and stepped barefoot on the floor, moving toward the bed with the lightest and slowest movements, as tense as a cat with a string on its back.

Even though he kept his movements light, Shi An still noticed.

Shi An rolled over under the quilt and opened his eyes to look at him.

Yan Liang maintained a half-cat position. He was so frightened by Shi An’s sudden action that he almost breathed back: “Shi An, did I wake you up?”

“No,” Shi An’s voice was a little hoarse, “I didn’t sleep.”

“Why didn’t you sleep? You look so tired.” Yan Liang sighed in relief. He straightened his back and sat down on the edge of the bed, resting his palm on Shi An’s head, “Can’t sleep?”

He felt Shi An shook his head gently.

“Not sleepy. Don’t want to sleep.”

Shi An buried most of his face in the soft pillow. The quilt wrapped to the tip of his nose, revealing only a pair of clear, lingering eyes.

“Why are you not sleepy? I can’t even open my eyes.” Yan Liang’s fingers moved, and Shi An’s soft hair swiftly circled his slender fingertips.

Shi An still blinked very slowly, with an inconspicuous red gleaming at the end of his eyes. The thick eyelashes and the deep and shallow shadows were tangled together, reflecting on the light-colored bedding.

“Not sleepy.” Shi An closed his eyes for a little longer this time. His voice was very low, with a tired and vague nasal voice.

Shi An’s eyelids fluttered gently, and the soft, cool light of the nightlight fell on the tips of his long, slender lashes, which seemed to keep him from opening his eyes.

But he opened his eyes. His wet eyes resembled a glass filled with wine, and the red at the end of his eyes became darker.

He was like a child who was reluctant to go to sleep until the end of the bedtime story. His amber eyes stubbornly and quietly looked at Yan Liang.

Yan Liang’s heart ached with stifling tenderness all of a sudden.

“Go to sleep,” Yan Liang rolled on to bed and lay down facing Shi An, “Close your eyes, I’m here.”

Shi An’s head burrowed down again, and his eyes were hidden under the covers, leaving only a few soft-looking dull hairs on the pillow.

Yan Liang rested his head on the edge of the pillow, looking at a few stubbornly cute strands of hair, and couldn’t stop grinning, putting the tip of his tongue against his small fangs.

“I hope…en…I can make you feel at ease.” Yan Liang looked at the puffed up quilt, estimated the position before putting his palm on it and patting it lightly. “It’s not just a whim, I really…en…”

Yan Liang could not go on, his cheeks were burning. He buried his head on Shi An through the soft quilt and rubbed it hard.

He felt the lump under the blanket move gently.

Yan Liang lifted his face and saw Shi An slowly pulling down the blanket, revealing his soft, watery eyes, quietly looking at him.

Yan Liang was at a loss for words and stared blankly at Shi An for a few seconds, when suddenly, Shi An’s delicate eyes curved up gently and quietly.

Even the air became soft.

My god.

Before Yan Liang had time to look a few more times, Shi An retracted into the quilt again, leaving him with a few thin hairs.

Yan Liang blinked his eyes, and trying to hold back a moment before he laughed.

“…Yan Liang,” Shi An buried his face in the blanket, his words seemed a bit vague as his voice muffled: “You don’t…”


“Laugh so vulgarly.”1猥琐 : wretched (esp. appearance); vulgar


The dumpling wrapped in the quilt fluctuate evenly at the same frequency. Shi An was probably asleep. Yan Liang carefully held the edge of the quilt and slowly pulled down the quilt a little, revealing the tip of Shi An’s nose.

Probably he was really tired, Shi An slept very well, with no sign of waking up.

Yan Liang breathed a sigh of relief and lay down slowly facing Shi An.

The tips of their noses almost touched each other, the warm breath softly entwined together, and the shadows of the moving and quiet eyelashes overlapped and reflected on each other’s faces.

Shi An’s sleeping face was unbelievably well-behaved, with a childish seriousness and tranquility.

The peculiar fresh and clean smell of his body mixed with the fragrance of vanilla shower gel burst into Yan Liang’s nose.

Want to hug him.

Yan Liang’s Adam’s apple moved gently up and down nervously.

It was better to be a kid; just hug him if he wanted and came with his hands opened.

Yan Liang carefully moved up and put his head on the bed headboard.

This position was just right to hold a person in his arms.

Yan Liang carefully stretched out his arm. Before he could figure out where to put his arm, Shi An suddenly huffed and turned over, leaving him with a soft back of the head.


Obviously, Shi An didn’t move around much after he fell asleep.

As if he had been caught, Yan Liang was so frightened that his breath stagnated and his arms were frozen in the air that he didn’t dare to move again.

Embracing the air.

The arms were soon sore. Yan Liang moved his heavy arm back very slowly, and aggrievedly retracted them.

He was unwilling to stare at Shi An’s soft hair and gave himself courage.

My own boyfriend.

No, let me hug him back.

Yan Liang took two deep breaths before moving slightly towards Shi An’s position. He raised his arms again, and quickly embraced the person in the quilt.

Damn, so soft.

So comfortable.

Yan Liang’s brain went blank for a moment, and stopped moving again.

Shi An’s breathing was soft and long like a kitten. Yan Liang gently surrounded him, feeling that his heart was about to melt.

“…Yan…Liang…” Shi An suddenly opened his mouth vaguely, his nasal voice was soft and waxy.

“Ah, ah?” Yan Liang was stunned before he hurriedly answered him, “I’m here, what’s wrong?”

Shi An was quiet again.

He was talking in his sleep.

Yan Liang laughed, as his arms tightened again. He took Shi An into his arms.

“Yan…Liang…” Shi An’s eyelashes fluttered, calling him again in a daze.


“Are you still there…”

“Here, here, here.”

“Oh…You…don’t move…”

“Not moving, here.”

“En…then you…don’t talk…anymore…I’m sleepy…”


Yan Liang could not laugh or cry. He leaned in Shi An’s direction and put his chin on the top of Shi An’s excessively soft hair.

How silly and fufu.2It’s from SEGA’s Hatsune Miku dolls. Originally ふわふわ (fu wa fu wa) means soft and fluffy. It’s ‘fufu’ in raw and I just leave it as it is because it’s cute??



Shi An opened his eyes with difficulty as the sun shone on his eyelids.

It had been a long time since he had slept so well.

“You’re awake?” Yan Liang came over, running his fingers along his forehead: “My mom asked me to take you over for breakfast. Are you hungry? Or do you want to sleep a little more?”

Yan Liang also seemed to have just woken up, with a handful of hair curled up on the side of his head, carrying the light and lazy sunshine of winter morning, with a little sloppy and playful mess.

Yan Liang is here, ah.

Waking up after a night’s sleep and he was still there.

Just after waking up, Shi An’s pupils were still a little lax. A pair of wet eyes looked at Yan Liang, and the tips of his eyes bent like a cat.

God, what to do.

Yan Liang stretched out his arms and wrapped Shi An in his arms with the quilt.

“Wait,” Shi An frowned slightly, “Don’t move.”

Yan Liang immediately stopped moving and looked at him.

Shi An hissed softly, sat up, and turned his neck.

His chest was tight, and his body was aching, like he had been tied up tightly with rope all night.

Shi An turned his head suspiciously and looked at Yan Liang.

Yan Liang sat cross legged on the edge of the bed with his waist straight and blinked at him innocently.


“I didn’t. I didn’t do anything.”


“Well, I hugged you for a while last night.”


“…Well, I hugged you all night last night.”

“…Are you a snake?”

Shi An rubbed the back of his neck.

“If you say so.”




T/N: They are probably the cutest, the purest, the most innocent danmei characters I have read lol

  • 1
    猥琐 : wretched (esp. appearance); vulgar
  • 2
    It’s from SEGA’s Hatsune Miku dolls. Originally ふわふわ (fu wa fu wa) means soft and fluffy. It’s ‘fufu’ in raw and I just leave it as it is because it’s cute??
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    Shi An so fufu I’m Melting

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