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ISTIL Chapter 3

Sending a Letter

It had been more than three months since school started, yet Shi An still couldn’t name most of the people in his class.


Because he passed by the office when he went to the bathroom, Shi An was standing on the podium holding the paper that the math teacher stuffed into his hand, with a rare daze in his eyes.


The radish and cabbage1I’m not sure what this means, but there’s a song titled this and another one is a ‘radish and cabbage have their own love’ which means that one man’s meat is another man’s poison/everyone has his own preference piled up for a lifetime.


Shi An drew out his own paper, his deskmate’s, the ones at the front table’s, and the ones behind his table’s.


No more.


He slightly furrowed his good-looking eyebrows and recalled the face of the student representative of the math class before the paper in his hand was finally picked up.


Shi An immediately put all the papers into the hands of that person and went back to his position.


The deskmate was a very quiet girl, as her name suggested, Shen Qiaoqiao.2Qiao means quiet


In Shi An’s impression, she seemed to be easily shy and would blush when she spoke. Occasionally she would cautiously ask Shi An a few questions, and even when talking about the questions, she didn’t look at Shi An in the eye, hanging her head low, so it was impossible to tell if she was listening or not.


Shen Qiaoqiao looked at Shi An carefully with her eyes raised, her cheeks flushed slightly, and her voice was very light as she said: “If you want to hand in your homework later, you can… ask me for help.”


With Shen Qiaoqiao’s nature, if Shi An had not asked her to help, she would never dare to come and take it directly. To say such words, she might have taken a long time to prepare it in her heart.


Her expression was somewhat shy and extraordinarily serious, Shi An just had to nod and say yes, hesitating for a moment before actually smiling gently at her.


By the window, the warm sunlight was shining softly on Shi An’s face, and his eyelashes, which were longer than many people’s, were condensed with thin halo.


When Shi An laughed, he would unconsciously tilt his head slightly to the left. The corners of his pale lips didn’t curved much, but his eyes would bend.


Shen Qiaoqiao’s eyes were glistening, so she turned her head away in a panic as her hand moved, sweeping the pen cover off the table.


Shi An: “…”


Was he a scourge?


Was he actually super ugly when he smiled?


Okay, he got it.


At this time when Shi An didn’t even remember his own classmates, almost the entire grade knew about Yan Liang from Class 15.


On the day when the first year registered for the high school, Yan Liang was photographed and the photo was posted on campus forum as soon as he entered the school gate. Shi An had seen that post with a lot of hits, and the picture in the most popular post was a photo of Yan Liang.


The boy looked straight at the camera generously, his eyelashes glowing under the sun, his expression was radiant, and his youthful spirit was revealed on the screen.


The title was “The unbelievable face of this year’s first year.”


Shi An looked down and found that the next picture was actually of himself, probably taken during the opening ceremony when he was speaking as a representative of the new students. The background was the school’s auditorium and the person taking the picture was very close to him, with the angle slightly to the left.


He was standing on the stage, looking down slightly, and the slightly sideways view made him look thin and slender. The school uniform was neatly worn, with a light gray collar revealing a snow-white lined stand-up collar.


He looked very pale, with thick and curled eyelashes hanging slightly, reflecting a small light shadow.


Some people posted that the two boys seemed to know each other and had a very good relationship, and that they had seen them go home together after school.


Someone with the name of the same classmate came out to dispel the rumors, saying that they had never seen the two cross paths, so don’t guess blindly.


The content of the forum was very boring, Shi An did not look closely.


Yan Liang and Shi An were in different classes, they were also on different floors.


There were more than thirty classes in a grade; Shi An was in Class 3 and Yan Liang was in Class 15. Sometimes they couldn’t meet each other all day at school.


If the time was right, they would occasionally go back to Qingjiu Alley together.


There were two systems for evening classes in the Affiliated High School. Day students didn’t need to take evening classes at school. They could go home after school at 5:30 in the evening. Yan Liang often played basketball after school and didn’t go back until the evening classes began.


It seemed that from the beginning of high school, the number of people around Yan Liang had become particularly large. Shi An did not like to get involved in this activity; sometimes he would like to go to see Yan Liang playing basketball, but the three layers of girls surrounding the court with their cell phones taking crazy pictures always succeeded in dissuading him.


There was a small basketball court in front of the first-year teaching building. Class 3 was on the second floor, so sometimes, when Shi An looked out, he could see Yan Liang playing basketball.


The boy’s body was slim and slender, with light gray knitted school jacket tied casually around the waist, shirt sleeves rolled up on the elbow, and the snow-white hem of his clothes rose high with his movements during the running and jumping.


From a distance, Yan Liang seemed to be glowing.



The one sat in front of Shi An was called Pan Tong, who was very cheerful and had a good relationship with Shen Qiaoqiao. She often turned around to chat with Shen Qiaoqiao.


Pan Tong’s deskmate was a boy who didn’t talk much. Pan Tong thought he was boring so she turned back more and more frequently.


At the beginning, Pan Tong was afraid that Shi An would find her to be too noisy. Later, after a long time, she became familiar with him and occasionally spoke to Shi An.


Shi An didn’t have any expressions, but just responded. The voice sounded very weak, but it was also gentle.


As a result, during the lunch break that day, Pan Tong turned around and put a pink envelope on Shi An’s desk, asking him if he could help giving the letter to Yan Liang. Shi An did not seem too happy.


The two had a short conversation.


“Shi An, do you know Yan Liang? I’ve seen you walking together after school several times.”


“…En. I know him.”


“Then can you give him this letter for me?”


“Do you know him?”


“No, but he’s good-looking and handsome in basketball.”


A number of girls in the grade had sent things and letters to Yan Liang. It was not really necessary to have any interactions with Yan Liang, but in this hot and vivid age, many people needed to have an idol-like figure in their lives to express their admiration and liking.


Pan Tong was a little bit hesitant to ask Shi An to deliver the letter for her before. In her opinion, Shi An and Yan Liang not only knew each other, but also seemed to have a very good relationship, and Shi An happened to be sitting behind her; such a convenient means of transportation that no one else could find.


When Shi An was a child, his health was not good, and he also had some low blood sugar, so his face was a little pale, his lips were pale, and even his complexion was pale.


Because of the soft lines of the face, such a look did not look indifferent, but rather calm and quiet and there was always a kind of unearthly atmosphere.


Pan Tong always vaguely felt that it was a sin to let such a person deliver such letters.


The fact that Yan Liang had received many letters, one more Pan Tong was not a big deal. Shi An just didn’t like the way they simply used “handsome” and “good at basketball” to summarize Yan Liang as a person.


What they saw was only the tip of the iceberg, far from enough to define Yan Liang.


Shi An looked at the girl’s dark pupils and took the letter anyway.


During the lunch break, Shi An loosely pinched the edge of the envelope with his fingers, picked it up, and walked straight out of the classroom.


Pan Tong couldn’t help but glance at Shen Qiaoqiao.




Yan Liang was the class president and was organizing the class’ discipline at the podium. The not-so-reliable class president was holding the chalk to threaten several students who were speaking. Shi An just went upstairs when he heard Yan Liang’s voice saying, “Don’t you seduce me to speak, ah. I am at least a class president.”


“You still remember you’re a class president?”


“Class president, should we pay attention to our words?”


Shi An: “…”


A girl near the door just turned her head and saw Shi An, who looked pale, was by the door. Her cheeks immediately flushed red as she asked in a whisper, “Are you here to find Yan Liang?”


Shi An nodded his head.


Shi An still looked aloof, but in fact he was in a good mood.


Because now Yan Liang was in front of him.


Shi An couldn’t help but curl the corners of his mouth.


“Class president, someone is looking for you.” The girl shouted at Yan Liang.


There were not many people who came to find Yan Liang at noon, sometimes it was Zhou Yuan, sometimes it was the few students who played basketball together to make an appointment. Everyone was more free during the lunch break, although strictly speaking they couldn’t walk around during the lunch break.


Couldn’t walk around on the lunch break.


Couldn’t just walk around.


So when Yan Liang saw Shi An standing at the door, he only felt disillusioned.


It felt like this world was fake.


Yan Liang turned his head to look at the door before he said: “Which shameless stinky…”


Shi.shameless.An: “…”


Yan Liang: “…”


Yan Liang didn’t expect Shi An, who had never eaten anything in class since childhood and never cheated in exams, to go upstairs to find him, violating the school rules during lunch break.


Although Shi An was born and grew up together with him, Yan Liang always felt that these words would be fine to say to Zhou Yuan, but when facing Shi An, he felt that he had to mute the rough words in front of him.


Yan Liang swallowed the second half of the sentence back into his stomach and jumped off the podium and walked towards Shi An.


In fact, Shi An didn’t think that Yan Liang was particularly tall before, but now he was more than half his head taller that he couldn’t even look at him with the same eye level.


Shi An put the small pink poor quality envelope that was bought for one yuan at the entrance of the school into Yan Liang’s hand and nodded at Yan Liang.


Yan Liang: “…”


Shi An: “My classmate gave it to you.”


Yan Liang: “You climbed up to the fourth floor just to give me this? What did your classmate give you? You just sold your buddy out like that? Do you know you can’t walk around during lunch break?”


Shi An recalled the order of Yan Liang’s questions and said, “…Yes.”


Actually, not really.


“No. Didn’t sell you. I know.”


Yan Liang: “…”


Although Yan Liang didn’t think he was not handsome when he was a child, he had never received so many letters before.


As a result, they just started high school, and everyone was only one year older but they got so inexplicably bold. When he received the letter for the first time, it gave Yan Liang a fright.


Now, they had reached the stage where they sent friends of friends to bring love letters to the protagonist…


Shi An seemed to know what he was thinking, so he faintly said: “Did not sell you. Not a love letter. Classmate love.”


Yan Liang: “…”


God fucking classmate love.


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  • 1
    I’m not sure what this means, but there’s a song titled this and another one is a ‘radish and cabbage have their own love’ which means that one man’s meat is another man’s poison/everyone has his own preference
  • 2
    Qiao means quiet
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