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IFMSW Chapter 4

Ghost Marriage (3)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 4: Ghost Marriage (3)

Chu Huai said thoughtfully: “In this case, Cao Rong just died so he had no resentment at all, therefore the male ghost shouldn’t be Cao Rong…”

“Then why did he pester Madam Cao…? Madam Cao killed him?”

“It’s really not Cao Rong.” Jin Tianyi said.

“I just asked someone about Cao Rong’s appearance. Cao Rong has a big black mole on his face, which does not match Wang Xue’s description earlier. She cannot forget such an obvious appearance.”

“By the way, Madam Cao also found a group of Taoist Priests to enter the mansion two days ago.” Jin Tianyi somewhat pointed out something.

Luo Ziyang felt both surprised and admired at the same time: “Boss, how can you inquired so much in such a short period?”

Jin Tianyi smiled: “First, I went to steal the silver taels and after that, I spent it on them in order to ask some information”

Chu Huai: “…” Sure enough, those who can blend in the horror world are all gods.

Everyone was worried that something would happen but fortunately, nothing had occurred during the day.

According to Luo Ziyang’s explanation, the danger in the instance would increase over time, and the first day should be relatively safe.

After nightfall, Chu Huai carried the quilt into the guest area where the men lived. When the door opened, he was stunned.

He lived in the same room with two women, the two of them haven’t returned to the guest area where they live yet and it turned out that they were all here.

In that case, why did he suddenly felt even more embarrassed right now?

The couple was leaning against each other, the man seemed to be comforting his girlfriend, while Zhao Xin was hitting the floor angrily.

When she saw Chu Jiao holding the quilt, she couldn’t help but snorted coldly, “Slut,”

Did Chu Jiao think she didn’t know about her plan? A newcomer was planning to climb onto a man’s bed, after knowing the other party in less than a day.

Jin Tianyi was sitting with crossed legs on the bed, he had a serious expression on his face.

Chu Huai approached and sat on the edge of the bed: “What book are you reading?”

“The 《Bible》” Jin Tianyi put aside the book and saw the quilt Chu Huai was holding, his eyes deepened with a smile.

“You…?” He pointed to the quilt in Chu Huai’s hand.

Chu Huai’s face turned red, and his voice was as quiet as a mosquito: “I am alone, and a little scared, after all, they weren’t with me earlier…”

Jin Tianyi was about to get out of the bed and let him sleep. Chu Huai’s eyes widened and shook his head: “Um… don’t get me wrong, I’ll just make a bed on the floor like Sister Xin, I came here…to talk to you”

Luo Ziyang observed them in secret.

Jin Tianyi smiled slyly.

“This won’t do, you are a woman while I am a big man, so it doesn’t matter.”

He explained as he tidied up, however just as he was about to get up and leave, Chu Huai pushed him onto the bed.

Jin Tianyi was stunned.

Chu Huai immediately let go of him, and lowered his head, biting his lip while clenching the corner of his white skirt.

After a long period, he made up his mind and raise his head naturally, with clear eyes: “You…if you don’t hate it, c-can you…s-sleep with me?”

Luo Ziyang sprayed a mouthful of water onto the bed.

Chu Huai was startled and his face flushed, he added: “Together on the same bed,”

Jin Tianyi stared at him for a while.

Chu Huai saw that he hadn’t expressed his opinion, his eyes immediately turned a bit red: “Don’t get me wrong, I am not such a woman…”

“I’m going to sleep on the floor…” Chu Huai appeared like he was rejected by the other, and he felt a little ashamed.

Jin Tianyi suddenly got off the bed. Chu Huai thought that his plan had failed. And Jin Tianyi still insisted on letting him sleep alone on the bed. Hence, his expression looked a bit hurt.

Zhao Xin secretly felt delighted.

Unwilling to let the matter go, Chu Huai grabbed Jin Tianyi’s trousers and urged him to stay softly, his face reddened like a cooked shrimp: “I just want to…hug you, I feel safe when staying…with you…”

“I, I have never been so close to a man before…” The more he talked, the smaller his voice became. What’s more, he also felt embarrassed.

Luo Ziyang on the other side spouted out another mouthful of water.

He felt that his body was heating up and completely gave up on drinking water, after that he went out silently to light a cigarette.

After staying a bit longer, Luo Ziyang went to the toilet to solve the problem, and it was extremely possible that he would run into a ghost.

“You misunderstood.” Jin Tianyi handed the book in his hand to Chu Huai, and then…picked up his quilt.

He smiled, his eyes had an unclear meaning in them: “There are many people here, however, there isn’t anyone in your guest area so let’s go and sleep there.”

Chu Huai: “…”

“Okay,” He blushed.

Jin Tianyi took Chu Huai’s quilt and only asked Chu Huai to take the book for him. When they walked past Zhao Xin who was resting on the floor, Chu Huai raised his eyebrows and glanced at her. Zhao Xin gritted her teeth, wishing to tear that white lotus on the spot.

Chu Huai was still worried about being alone in the same room as Jin Tianyi. What if he was a beast in human clothes? Then, What should he do? Jin Tianyi didn’t have any motive to do something toward him when Chu Huai tried to lift his skirt and exposed his legs, what he did was just changing the place and continue reading the《Bible》. He even covered Chu Huai with two quilts because he was afraid that the other party would be cold.

Well, seeing his gentle action. Chu Huai couldn’t help but judge.

“Tianyi, what did you do before?” he thought of a topic and directly struck up a conversation with Jin Tianyi.

Jin Tianyi raised his eyebrows: “Very curious?”

Chu Huai nodded, looking a bit embarrassed: “I want to know more about you.”

“I’ll give a hint, and you guess?” Jin Tianyi put aside the book.

Under the dim light, his face was extremely handsome. Chu Huai responded with some curiosity in his heart.

“It has something to do with treatment and support.”


“No, on top of that, there is also ‘goat’ and ‘sheep’.”

“The vet who treats goats?” Chu Huai froze, obviously, this guess was outrageous.

Jin Tianyi shook his head.

“Priest” He smiled and solved the mystery.

Chu Huai: “…” His mind was already filled with 《World Of Warcraft》 a priest who held a wand and knew magic.

“It’s true”

“I can understand the treatment and support, but what does this have to do with the goat or sheep?” This answer was out of Chu Huai’s expectations, therefore he was a little moody.

Jin Tianyi skillfully opened the《Bible》, pointed to some part in the book, and said: “Look, the priest originally meant ‘shepherd’, so I didn’t deceive you.”

Chu Huai: “…”

“Then you’re…a god?”

Jin Tianyi was silent but smiled.

“You believe in Christ?”

“I don’t believe in this, but I graduated from theological seminary”

Chu Huai: “…”

“Jiaojiao, ghosts are the closest existence to gods.” He said meaningfully.

“What?” Chu Huai didn’t hear clearly.

“Sleep.” Jin Tianyi put out the lights, wrapped his arms around Chu Huai’s waist. Chu Huai was stunned and his body immediately became rigid.

Speaking of which, Jin Tianyi was an adult man with normal desires. And he was currently a woman who sought shelter from him…

Furthermore, this woman was pretty good-looking, which belonged to the category of making people turned hard.

According to the principle of exchanged interests, it wouldn’t be too much for Jin Tianyi to ask him for mating while providing protection?

At least he was not a free prostitute…

No no no, what the hell! The point was that he was a man!

If he was a woman, he might have been eaten clean by Jin Tianyi. This man was good-looking and Chu Huai didn’t know whether using this method would make him live longer but he learned that he would never suffer. And if Jin Tianyi inquired about the truth, his situation would be at a disadvantage so, at that time, he could just lie down and cry in order to save some face.

Jin Tianyi seemed to know what Chu Huai was thinking, he chuckled twice, tucked the quilt for him, and did nothing extra.


Chu Huai breathed a sigh of relief, feeling the yin energy in his body was gradually restrained. He hesitated before squeezed in without any shame, and pressed his back against Jin Tianyi’s warm chest.

Jin Tianyi’s figure paused, then he laughed silently.

In the middle of the night, Chu Huai suddenly opened his eyes. He remembered about his day-to-day plan, so he got up quietly and touched the place beside him, only to find it empty. Jin Tianyi had long gone.

Where did he go?

Chu Huai was puzzled but still went to the Mourning Hall according to his original plan.

The surroundings area were dark, and the white cloths hanging in the Mourning Hall appeared like a footless female ghost in white from a distance.

Chu Huai stepped closer to the coffin that contained Yin Xiaofeng’s corpse inside, but then he suddenly heard a tiny low sound.

It was like…something knocking on the coffin board, and making people feel horrified in the dark.

A vague shadow suddenly appeared in his field of view!

Chu Huai’s eyes tightened!

The black shadow stood opposite the coffin, unable to see his face clearly, only his eyes looked like a cat, while the long and narrow pupils were staring at Chu Huai!

Did he bump into a ghost?!

Chu Huai was shocked and when he was about to flee for his life, the dark shadow suddenly approached, hugged his waist from behind, and covered his mouth.

Chu Huai struggled desperately.

“It’s me, don’t be scared” Jin Tianyi’s gentle voice came from above.

Chu Huai exhaled abruptly and he relaxed his muscles. Jin Tianyi let go of him, walked back to where he was just now, holding the tools in his hand, and continued to check around.

“Brother Jin…what are you doing?” Chu Huai walked towardJin Tianyi and knelt beside him while whispering.

“I’m doing what you are planning to do” He chuckled lightly, his expression was extremely focused while his hands kept moving. Honestly, Chu Huai was afraid of being found out by others, but he really wanted to open the coffin.

“Ancient coffins are not the same as modern ones. The wooden cover was hooked by the iron nail so we can only open it with force” Jin Tianyi said.

He smoothly cleared the last nail and turned to look at Chu Huai: “Do you think it’s so easy to lift the coffin board? I have been working on it for two hours.”

Chu Huai gulped with difficulty: “…”

“Why don’t you wake me up?” he asked.

“Seeing you sleep so soundly, I didn’t want to call you”

“If you are afraid, stand behind me.”

“Pardon us, we didn’t mean any offense,” He said to the coffin.

After he finished speaking, Jin Tianyi grasped the edge of the coffin board and pushed it hard. The disgusting smell of the corpse directly gushed out, and the naked Yin Xiaofeng unexpectedly appeared in front of the two!

The corpse was pale and outsized in a human shape.

“She…” Chu Huai looked awkward, just as he was about to speak, Jin Tianyi already covered his eyes.

“Don’t look, you will be led astray” Jin Tianyi said softly.

Chu Huai: “…………?!!!” It seemed that he was a female right now?!

Chu Huai gave up struggling and waited for the result obediently.

After a while, when Jin Tianyi removed his hand from his eyes, the coffin board was already covered tightly, and Jin Tianyi diligently pinned the nails back one by one.

“No one will find out that the coffin had been moved, right?” Chu Huai questioned.

Jin Tianyi shook his head: “No need to worry about this matter. During the exploration of the instance, all the performance that was done by the participant will be ignored. The main storyline of our instance is ‘the marriage in three days’. If whatever happened afterward didn’t affect the storyline of the ‘ghost marriage’. Then the horror world will remove it”

Returning to the guest area, Jin Tianyi told Chu Huai the conclusion: “Yin Xiaofeng was murdered. She was strangled to death by someone covering her nose and mouth, then threw her into the pond.”

“If it is drowning, she would be choked when she was struggling for help, and there will be slit in her mouth, nose, and respiratory tract but I already checked it and there isn’t any sign of it” Jin Tianyi explained.

“Why is she naked?” Chu Huai asked.

“This is the suspicious point,” Jin Tianyi was in deep thought, “Yin Xiaofeng’s shroud or wedding dress is missing.”

“For now, stop thinking about this, take a rest first, there are still a few hours before dawn”

However, when Jin Tianyi was about to hold a person in his arms and lie down to sleep, there was a sudden woman’s scream come from the hut.

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  1. Avatar says:

    The MC really is putting shame on the womankind ??‍♀️. Kinda reminds me of Terry Pratchett’s “Monstrous regime”, where that one (male) officer, while the squad was crossdressing to enter the castle, was way into presenting as a washerwoman and “using feminine viles” to gather information, thus acquiring quite some male pursuers.
    How the ML is keeping his cool, idk, respect.
    And why is the poor murdered girl naked?

    Thanks for the chapter! 1

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