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IFMSW Chapter 30

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (8)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 30: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (8)


The back of the boy’s head had accidentally hit the ground.

The little guy…didn’t let out any sounds.

Discovering this scene, Chu Huai couldn’t bear it. He immediately struggled, wanting to jump off Jin Tianyi’s back. There was a numb feeling when his legs touched the ground.

The woman did not at all notice the child’s abnormality. She glanced back while trembling in fear. The ghosts…were close at hand.

Chu Huai finally saw the ghosts’ appearances. They were a man and a woman; the man was short, while the woman was…Song Cheng!

Song Cheng also saw Chu Huai’s group, her eyes flickered. She gradually changed her pace from running to walking, and finally stopped in place.

The short man didn’t notice Song Cheng’s change. He was already chasing the woman until his eyes turned red, and when he saw the woman fall, how could he let this opportunity slip away?

The short man was holding a knife, and the sharp knife in his hand was about to fall on the woman. At this very moment, the woman covered the child with her bigger body, she also closed her eyes, ready to face the severe pain and death.

However, the expected pain didn’t occur.

Jin Tianyi had dashed towards the man and kicked him. The man panicked, he was about to get up and resist. Yet, before he could react, Jin Tianyi suddenly bent down and grabbed his throat, while placing his knees on the man’s body with force.

Chu Huai breathed a sigh of relief.

The man couldn’t struggle free, his eyes flashed with vague light. Then, he raised his hand, wanting to stab Jin Tianyi. However, before he could succeed, Jin Tianyi smoothly gripped his wrist.

The man’s wrist was pinched by Jin Tianyi, and his hand was twisted up like a lobster.

Jin Tianyi scoffed; raising his brows slightly, he increased his strength onto the man’s wrist. The man began to scream, the knife in his hand also loosened and fell straight down toward his own face.

The man’s eyes widened, his heart almost rising up to his throat.


The knife’s pointy end was stuck into the ground near his waist. The position had been very dangerous just now.

The man heaved a sigh of relief, he immediately laid on the ground, gasping for breath, feeling like he was on the brink of life and death.


The knife had been almost pressed into his body.

Jin Tianyi saw the joy in the man’s eyes. The corner of his mouth evoked a mockery smile.

The man seemed to feel the murderous intent coming from Jin Tianyi’s eyes. As if remembering something, he tilted his head and yelled at Song Chen, who was standing on the side: “Song Chen! Save me! Didn’t you have…”

“Shut up!” Song Chen’s face darkened. She didn’t even forget to give the man a warning look.

The man shuddered when he thought about what he wanted to say just now, then he closed his mouth tightly, and didn’t dare to continue talking.

On the other hand, Jin Tianyi’s eyebrows moved; he cocked his head to look at Song Chen, and said casually: “He is your companion.”

After saying this, a thought flashed in his mind. Jin Tianyi chuckled lightly.

A few hours ago, she had still been his own companion.

Song Chen walked over without saying a word. The woman’s black boots knocked on the ground, making a loud noise.

Hope flashed in the short man’s eyes.

Song Chen had…Mu Cang1T/N: 木仓 translated to English is wooden storehouse but as far as I understood from the story, this should be a gun or a gun name. And I also do some research on the internet by using the raws text which is the word that I mentioned above, and yes, there are some pictures that are related to guns as well on the internet. So I assumed that Mu Cang should be a gun name^^ and this is just my opinion;)!

He had seen Jin Tianyi’s group before and dared to chase after them because Song Chen had told him that she had Mu Cang.

This group of people could fight with bare hands. However, if he used a weapon to attack them, could they defend themselves at that time?

As he struggled to keep breathing evenly, Song Chen had already walked behind Jin Tianyi. Delightment flashed in the man’s eyes.

Fortunately, he hadn’t finished the last sentence just now, that would have exposed that Song Chen had a gun in her hands, or else, the one who would be in danger might have been him.

Ten meters, eight meters, five meters…

The man held his breath and counted in his heart, with a grievance in his eyes.

Song Chen’s face was expressionless.

Quickly! Take out your Mu Cang!

Seeing Song Chen still hesitating, the man urged anxiously with his eyes.

Jin Tianyi was still holding the knife in his hand, he would die if Song Chen didn’t make a move.

Song Chen touched her sleeve with her left hand. The man was overjoyed, she was about to take action!

The man’s heart rose onto his throat.

Song Chen shouldn’t hurt him…

Without anyone noticing it, Jin Tianyi’s lips curved up.

At this moment, the woman’s wailing sound came from behind.

Jin Tianyi turned his head and glanced at Song Chen lightly, but the other party didn’t seem to be panicked at all. She even called out very calmly: “Brother Jin.”

Jin Tianyi stared at her for a while. Under his sharp gaze, Song Chen took out a rusty knife from her sleeve; she had found it in this city. What’s more, her behavior at this moment was very composed.

Their eyes met in the air. Jin Tianyi’s thin lips were pressed together into a straight line; he unexpectedly stood up.

The man seized this opportunity to stab Jin Tianyi from behind. However, as if he had eyes behind his back, Jin Tianyi knew what would happen to him next, yet he didn’t avoid it.

He only looked at Song Chen. His eyes were filled with interest, seemingly like a cat catching a mouse.

Song Chen’s face was a bit stiff.

“Brother Jin, be careful!” She was forced to express her concern for Jin Tianyi. Song Chen could only shout like this. She then slammed her boot onto the short man’s chest in an imposing manner.

The man’s head bumped hard against the ground, and even his bones were about to break. His eyes were full of disbelief.

With such a good opportunity, Song Chen didn’t kill Jin Tianyi, but turned her back against him instead?!

Or was he being deceived by the other party from the beginning?!

The man suddenly realized this.

“You, you all are in the same group!” His voice was shrill, and it was finally replaced with a shrieking sound.

Song Chen didn’t talk, she ended the short man’s life with the rusty knife.

There was a hint of coldness in Jin Tianyi’s deep eyes.

He turned around and walked back toward Chu Huai, who was squatting on the ground.

When Lou Ming discovered that they couldn’t escape for the time being, he had talked with Chu Huai, wanting to go back and distract the ghosts that were chasing them. Chu Huai was crouching down in front of the middle-aged woman, his expression a bit unacceptable.

The boy’s lips were pale, his small face was bloodless and his eyes were shut tightly, as if he had fallen asleep.

The back of the boy’s head was stained with blood, the scarlet blood also soaking his clothes. The woman appeared to be in a craze, she desperately tried her best by using her hands to stop the boy’s bleeding. However, no matter how hard she tried, the blood still flowed out through her fingers.

The woman was sobbing, making such a palpitating cry, that her voice was hoarse like a beast’s.

“Let go!” Chu Huai used his hands to pull the woman’s arms. Yet, the harder he tried, the more frantically the woman guarded against him, and she also tightened her arms around the child.

“Don’t even think about taking my child away!”

“No.” Her eyes were filled with madness, she moved forward, and leaned toward Chu Huai slightly like a snake: “No one can!”

“I finally had a child, no one can take him away!”

She shouted at Chu Huai with tears streaming down her face: “Go away! I ask you to go away!”

“Don’t you understand?! I said he might not have…”

The woman interrupted Chu Huai with another howling noise.

Understanding the situation, Lou Ming moved forward and separated the two forcefully.

When the boy was about to fall onto the ground, Chu Huai quickly caught him.

Chu Huai stretched out his index finger to probe the child’s breath; the child was still breathing.

It was just that his breath was extremely weak, it was as thin as silk.

“You give me back my child!!” The woman grabbed Lou Ming’s arm and began to bite him. On the other hand, Jin Tianyi hurriedly clasped the woman’s hands behind her back and pinched her chin.

The woman’s current appearance was that of a beast.

“Shut up.” Jin Tianyi ordered coldly.

“He’s still alive.” Chu Huai said.

The woman’s eyes widened, her eyes flashed with clear and bright light that was filled with exhilaration.

“But he is not far from death.” Chu Huai said with a frosty tone. For some reason, he was a little annoyed; if it wasn’t for this woman’s deliriousness, and holding the child too tightly, maybe the little guy could’ve been rescued by now…

The light of hope that had just risen in the woman’s eyes was extinguished in an instant.

Lou Ming was silent, his hands under his sleeves tightly clenched.

There was faint anger in his eyes. Then, Lou Ming walked toward the short man who had just died.

This kind of person should be cut into pieces.

A cruel smile appeared on Lou Ming’s face.

Chu Huai stood up, while holding the child in his arms; the crimson blood slid down from his hands, one drop after another.

This scene was too tragic.

Chu Huai pursed his lips, he suddenly hated the horror world.

The child was innocent.

A moment ago, Chu Huai still had a small life with him. The child would giggle a dozen times, and called him Big Sister with his face looking up. But now, this little guy was laying in his arms quietly, and his body also slowly turned cold.

If it were in the real world, they might be able to save him. However, they were in the instance right now, and the child was badly harmed. How long could a small boy like him last?

Chu Huai was going to return the child back to his mother.

Laying in his mother’s arms before death would be the greatest relief for the child.

One step, two steps.

Chu Huai’s hands were trembling.

Lou Ming took out the knife and dismembered the short man’s body.

Song Chen’s eyes were also complicated.

The woman couldn’t cry anymore, no matter how stupid she was, she understood it. Even if she knew that the child was still alive, then what?

She couldn’t protect him at all.

She could only watch the child walk toward the death’s gate, and sleep in the dark cradle forever. In the end, she was powerless.

If…if she hadn’t abducted this child back then, he should have had a good life, going to the best kindergarten in town, and having a bunch of Lego toys to play with. He could have also learned how to swim and paint instead of hugging her legs every day, with simple hope in his eyes and carefully asking for money and toys.

It was all her fault.

She shouldn’t have had bad thoughts about other people’s children just because she couldn’t have a child.

This was her retribution.

Whenever An An called her mother, there was a trace of sweetness in her heart. Nevertheless, she also felt a deep guilt.

She hadn’t reached the age of forty yet, but she grew old extremely fast.

She couldn’t sleep, she lost a lot of hair. When she fell asleep, there would be a dream that haunted her.

She dreamed that she went downstairs to open the door. And An An’s parents were well-dressed, appearing in front of her.

An An, who was playing with the toys, saw the people outside the door, he rushed over happily and called out ‘Mom, Dad!’

The picture was so beautiful that it had become her nightmare for many years.

Jin Tianyi released his hands from the woman.

The woman knelt down, her knees thumping against the ground, giving out a depressing sound.

Chu Huai’s figure suddenly paused.

A line of blood-red words appeared in his mind—

[The condition has been triggered, the god camp talent has awakened.]

Chu Huai’s hands couldn’t help but shake.

One by one, the blood-red words appeared.

[Ability one: sacrifice.]

[Ability introduction: Those who are sinful, but want to get God’s forgiveness, can only offer themselves as a sacrifice.]

Chu Huai had always had a very good memory.

He remembered the introduction of the ‘Sacrifice’ in the Clue Competition—people with serious sins could only offer themselves as a sacrifice to receive the absolution!

The difference between the introduction of the god’s talent and the Sacrifice was that…the subject that the Sacrifice pointed out was ‘God’.

He would not care much about ‘favor’ in normal circumstances. However, at this moment, it had more meaning to him.

Although this ability was called sacrifice, the sacrifice was not him, but…

Chu Huai looked at the woman who was kneeling on the ground.

He had already had an experience in the Clues Competition, and also knew the meaning of ‘sacrifice’.

Offering as a sacrifice, then the sacrifice should be human flesh.

As for favor, what favor did the woman want?

She wanted her child to leave this instance safe and sound.

How should she sacrifice herself? Did she have to commit suicide?

No, that’s not right.

Chu Huai suddenly thought of the instance’s rule that gave the participants two opportunities to identify others.

At first, he thought the second identification was something that the world misled them. But right now, he finally understood.

That was indeed the way to survive, but it was certainly not a good way, and it was not necessarily the only way to survive. Still, it was the most useful way to survive right now.

If the first identification would make a ghost, then the second identification was not as simple as it looked, and it would absolutely not give a chance for the participants to leave the instance.

But it was referred to people.

What if…you identify yourself?

The first time you identified yourself as a ghost, and the second time identification would become an error, then the ghost would come and eliminate you. Didn’t that mean you were personally willing to…sacrifice yourself to the world?

The sacrificers would not fall into a slaughter state. Their mission would sink into the abyss, and the sins in their hands would be washed away.

They would be forgiven and favored by God.

It was ridiculous; this world was full of mysteries and unusual logics, like an allure it pulled him deeper into making his own conjectures.

If he couldn’t guess the world’s intentions, the boy would die.

But if he could guess it, it should be…the woman who would die.

Moreover, it would also expose his identity as one of the God camp.

The world’s calculation was really good. Chu Huai sneered in his heart.

Chu Huai closed his eyes, tightened his lips and clasped the boy’s hands firmly. His fingers had already turned purple.

Jin Tianyi looked at Chu Huai.

His slender and thick eyelashes quivered, his expression was strangely cold, and he appeared to have a little lunar halo under the blood moon.

Chu Huai opened his eyes once again, his eyes were clear and bright.

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    T/N: 木仓 translated to English is wooden storehouse but as far as I understood from the story, this should be a gun or a gun name. And I also do some research on the internet by using the raws text which is the word that I mentioned above, and yes, there are some pictures that are related to guns as well on the internet. So I assumed that Mu Cang should be a gun name^^ and this is just my opinion;)
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