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IFMSW Chapter 3

Ghost Marriage (2)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 3: Ghost Marriage (2)

Chu Huai walked toward Jin Tianyi’s side, while the servant explained the scene of the story like an NPC: “Our madam had a hard life. Just how much pressure she had to face in order to raise a son alone? but in the end, he was gone just like that. Alas, the young master hasn’t married a wife yet, how can the madam bear to let him live alone in the underworld?”

Chu Huai intervened: “Which family did this young miss come from?”

Jin Tianyi tilted his head and glanced at him.

“What young miss? If she is indeed a young miss, our madam wouldn’t be depressed. In the past few days, madam was looking for a ghost relative and considered finding a good match for the young master, however, the result was in vain but madam still insists on finding one…”

He suddenly lowered his voice as if the next word was taboo: “We had inquired from the neighbors and several families that were nearby, but it turns out that there isn’t any lady who died at the same time as the young master! The madam was so anxious, you say, Isn’t this quite strange?”

Chu Huai: “Then the person in the coffin…”

“Yin Xiaofeng, the most beautiful maid in the manor!”

When the servant said this, he seemed to yearn for Yin Xiaofeng’s beauty. Chu Huai was taken aback when he heard the name.

Cao Rong’s surname was Cao, and Yin Xiaofeng’s surname was Yin. When the two names combined…

Wasn’t this become YinCao1阴曹=yīncáo translated into English mean “Hell”?

Upon thinking about this, Chu Huai felt a chill run down his spine. Just when he wanted to ask another question, Jin Tianyi had already spoken on his behalf: “She…how did she die?”

The servant looked down, with a hidden expression on his face: “She was discovered by our people near the lotus pond in the manor, I heard that…her body was already distended!”

Everyone’s expressions changed slightly.

“Yet, she really died in time which can solve madam problem”

“She wouldn’t be at a disadvantage anyway, she is just a maid yet she can marry our young master as his main wife, and the Yin Family also bathe in glory…”

The servant sighed enviously from the bottom of his heart.

When Chu Huai asked a few more questions, the servant only waved his hand and didn’t say anything like before. It looks like the instance hint was over, and afterward, they need to explore on their own.

While walking out, Chu Huai leaned closer to Jin Tianyi’s ears and told him about the yellow taslim under Yin Xiaofeng’s coffin. Jin Tianyi was a little surprised, then he nodded.

After coming out from the Mourning Hall, they were brought to visit Madam Cao.

In the hall, Madam Cao was drinking tea elegantly. She had long eyebrows that seemed to be dull, and her thin lip was like a knife, while her facial appearance was a bit sour.

There was faint grief on the space between Madam Cao’s eyebrows. Her only son just died, Madam Cao’s eyes were bloodshot and her skin turned sallow which was a bit dim.

Luo Ziyang came over and said, “look like Madam Cao really loves her son”

Jin Tianyi nodded.

Madam Cao exchanged greetings with them but few newcomers didn’t dare say anything and the one who was talking all the time should be Jin Tianyi and Luo Ziyang.

Earlier Chu Huai didn’t ask the cause of Cao Rong’s death since he wanted to leave some words for another time but when he asked Madam Cao, her tears began to fall and in the end, there was nothing he could inquire from her.

After they finished chatting, Madam Cao asked the servants to take them to the guest area. Chu Huai and Jin Tianyi walked ahead.

A delicate-looking girl was left behind, she hurriedly walked out and closed the door. At the same time, she coincidentally saw a ghost staring at Madam Cao which made the girl frightened, and directly fell onto the threshold.

Chu Huai instantly turned his head over.

“Xiao Xue!” Another ordinary-looking man among the newcomers was shocked. Soon, he turned around to help her up. The girl was trembling in his arms, and her eyes filled panic.

“Ghost! There is…a ghost!” Her trembling finger was pointing at Madam Cao who was sitting at the upper end of the hall with tears streaming down from her eyes.

Chu Huai’s heart thumped, and he turned toward the direction where the girl was pointing. However, Madam Cao seemed to be the same as usual, there was nothing change in her.

After making such a big commotion, Madam Cao didn’t even lift her head. Chu Huai guessed that the instance plot was working right now.

The man smiled embarrassedly at everyone: “She may be under too much pressure which leads her to have an illusion, sorry, we cause you trouble.”

Jin Tianyi didn’t think the same way, he walked toward the girl and asked, “Where is the ghost? What does it look like?”

His voice was low and melodious, the girl’s eyes finally regained a little light: “b-behind, behind Madam Cao, right, it is a man, he has only a face but doesn’t have a body…”

Male ghost?

Chu Huai’s first reaction after hearing this description was Cao Rong.

He still understood the principle that resentment could make a person who died turned into a ghost, nevertheless, what kind of resentment did Cao Rong have?

And Madam Cao was his mother, why should he bother her?

It shouldn’t be Madam Cao who killed him since her behavior didn’t look fake nor pretending at all…

Or that male ghost was someone else?

The time when Yin Xiaofeng died was too much of a coincidence, Chu Huai even suspected that she was killed by Cao Rong. Therefore the ghost in the instance should be Yin Xiaofeng but now everything doesn’t seem to be so simple…

“Shall we hurry and leave? I beg you…There is a ghost here! I really saw it!”

The girl’s tone was extremely impetuous, it was obvious that this sudden event had already torn down her psychological barrier.

The man comforted her, and everyone was led to the guest area by the servant.

The guest area was divided into two, one for women and the other for men. After they completed their arrangement, everyone gathered once again.

Chu Huai learned that the girl who saw the ghost before and the man who hugged her were a couple. In addition, there was also a gorgeous big-breasted woman named Zhao Xin.

He was worried that the ghosts in his body would flare up at night and absent-mindedly thinking about the way to solve it, Jin Tianyi called him softly, it turned out that it was his turn to introduce himself.

Everyone turned their gaze toward the beautiful woman, obviously, they were curious about her.

She was gentle and demure just like a woman from Jiangnan, but she was tall, extremely thin, with straight and long legs, and had a dignified temper. When she broke into the crowd, she seemed to be well refined, just like a white lotus.

“My name is Chu Jiao, I am a newcomer, and I am…a college student, this year…I’m twenty”

Chu Huai looked down seem to be a little timid: “I…I don’t know why I came here, I’m very scared…I, I just want to go back alive”

He bit his lower lip and grabbed Jin Tianyi’s sleeve nervously under the table. Zhao Xin felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart after seeing this scene while Jin Tianyi’s mouth pressed tightly together.

The information he got was like this—

   [Name: Chu Huai]

   [Sex: Male]

   [Age: 23]

   [Occupation: President of a game company]

Luo Ziyang inserted himself in: “Chu Jiao, I want to know your height.”

Chu Huai smiled embarrassedly: “One meter eight.”

“……” as expected.

Luo Ziyang, who was one centimeter shorter than her, cried silently in his heart. In the whole team, no one was taller than her except the boss.

During their exchange conversation, Luo Ziyang gave them a general explanation. Naturally speaking, the number of tails on their heaven mark was the number of instances that they had to participate.

Chu Huai’s totem had nine tails.

In the end, it was Jin Tianyi’s turn to introduce himself, and everyone immediately looked at him, who usually rarely spoke but was very proactive.

“Jin Tianyi.” Jin Tianyi said lightly. He only said his name, but no one dared to ask.

When it was almost time for dinner, Jin Tianyi went out, Chu Huai stayed behind and hastily stopped Luo Ziyang who was about to leave.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Ziyang asked patiently as he watched her keep quiet for nearly half a day.

“Brother Luo, I have a question to ask you…”

“I’ve heard before that the heaven mark only appears on the person who commits a crime but I’m not sure if this is really the case…”

Luo Ziyang was surprised: “You know a lot.”

“So it’s really like that?” Chu Huai frowned slightly.

“In fact, I also don’t know much about this either,” he suddenly laughed, “I feel a bit guilty.”

“Why is that?”

Luo Ziyang said with a sullen face: “Because I make friends indiscriminately”

Chu Huai: “…”

“But I’m sure about myself that I don’t have any disease, so you should consider doing a wrap-up with me? Seven times in one night isn’t a good way but three or four times is possible, I’m no worse than your Brother Jin” Luo Ziyang said.

He wanted to see the woman in front of him felt shy, but to his disappointment, Chu Huai smiled instead: “You are not as tall as I am.”

Luo Ziyang: “Fuck,”

“My man must be taller than me.” Chu Huai’s eyes curled up into a smile.

Jin Tianyi, who was taller than Chu Huai, suddenly appeared behind him.

“After going through some inquiring, Cao Rong died because of epilepsy.” Jin Tianyi didn’t know what the two were talking about, so he went straight to the topic.

He naturally walked to Chu Huai’s side: “Cao Rong was brought back with foam in his mouth, plus his ghastly pale complexion, many servants had witnessed this scene, so it’s easy to inquire about this matter, he concealed from Madam Cao about visiting the brothel and slept with a prostitute, which caused the disease to act up and when they bring him back, he already out of breath.”

“I guess he must vomit and block the respiratory tract, the people in the brothel was unaware of his true illness so they immediately gave him a ventilation check-up, and the servants who followed him was sustained outside, thus before he discovered about the accident, Cao Rong had already dead”

Chu Huai: “So Cao Rong is a womanizer?”

Jin Tianyi: “Yes”

“Do all ghosts in the horror world have their own resentment?” Chu Huai suddenly asked an unrelated question.

Jin Tianyi’s expression turned a little weird.

“There shouldn’t be any accidents in this instance.”

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    阴曹=yīncáo translated into English mean “Hell”
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  1. Avatar theeggmonger says:

    Pff the timing. “my man must be taller than me” JTY appears out of nowhere. Nice. Thanks for the chapter!

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    Your welcome;)

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    I’m really curious about chu huai’s real hair was long or, short just like other men’ !? I understand his all body figures can be similar with woman’s. But i didn’t get at all about his long hair in horror world. Or not it may be long since earlier before he died?

    1. Avatar ariess says:

      I think Chu Huai’s hair should be short. And after he entered the horror world, he probably wears a long wig that had been set by the horror world itself? 🤔 (sorry I’m not sure about this either><)

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        Ok, thank for your comment. I hope the arthur will explain about this in later cha ^^

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