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IFMSW Chapter 29

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (7)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 29: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (7)

They encountered a ghost.

The shirtless guy was actually a ghost.

Many ghosts were gathering toward them.

Lou Ming said that the ghost’s ability was…summoning.

So, as soon as the blood moon appeared, the shirtless guy had used his summoning ability to summon his companions.

When the shirtless guy met them earlier, he had hidden his identity temporarily because he was afraid that he, being alone, could not win against Chu Huai’s group. And during that period, he’d also waited for his companions’ arrival.

The visibility dropped in an instant, the roofs of the nearby houses gleaming in red color.

The moonlight seemed to give off a cold atmosphere; it was shining brightly on the shirtless guy’s face, making him appear to be even more ferocious.

The shirtless guy stared at Chu Huai and the group, he then said haughtily: “You guessed it right. I’m indeed a ghost!”

“The total number of people that entered this instance is less than 20. Unexpectedly, I happened to bump into four commoners here at once. Ah, no…”

The shirtless guy remembered the middle-aged woman, who was holding the little boy not far away with a joyful expression.

“There should be five commoners.”

“When we kill you, we will be able to leave this fucking instance!” The shirtless guy’s face became contorted.

Jin Tianyi’s pupils contracted slightly, he couldn’t help but quietly tighten his grip on Chu Huai’s hand.

In the night breeze, Chu Huai’s fingers were extremely cold, as if they had just been taken out of ice-cold water. The blood that flowed in his body seemed to go slower than before.

Jin Tianyi felt somewhat distressed.

At this moment, Chu Huai couldn’t even see Jin Tianyi’s face. However, for Jin Tianyi, he could see the surrounding area very clearly and it was as bright as daylight. He also caught a glimpse of several vague figures approaching them from the distance.

In terms of numbers, they didn’t have any advantage at all.

Chu Huai suddenly let out a laugh. His laughter cut through the depressing situation.

“Did you kill the girl?” Chu Huai glanced coldly at the shirtless guy, his eyes were sharp.

Lou Ming also reacted at this time.

This person was naked from the waist up. Most likely because he had killed someone and his shirt had been stained with blood. Thus, worried that his identity would be exposed, the shirtless guy decided to take off his own shirt.

Wang Jie’s eyes flashed with a guilty conscience. As if he noticed that his companions were about to arrive, Wang Jie turned optimistic again.

“You are right! I killed her, but so what?”

Wang Jie sneered, he said strangely: “I think you aren’t aware of this yet. That woman was my girlfriend. We are from different camps, so what’s the problem with me killing her? If I didn’t kill her, a few hours later, it’s me who would be dead!”

“Blame her for having such bad luck! During the blood moon period, she didn’t hide well, all while wandering around the street and happened to run into me.”

Wang Jie’s eyes were filled with anger. Nevertheless, this sort of reason was quite ridiculous in Chu Huai’s ears.

“You don’t have the right to interfere in the matter between me and my girlfriend! Besides, don’t be hypocritical here! What’s the point of saying so much nonsense? You will die soon!” Wang Jie roared.

In fact, he couldn’t bear to kill Zheng Yao at all. But, if one of them must die, Wang Jie did not hesitate to…finish off his girlfriend’s life.

Unexpectedly, a devilish smile adorned Chu Huai’s lips: “Do you know…your girlfriend…”

Hearing him extend his tone like this, Wang Jie became irritated: “What?”

“She was…also a ghost.” Chu Huai curved up his lips.

“What did you just say?! ” Wang Jie was stunned, he felt coldness in his heart.

He was suddenly panicked.

If Zheng Yao was really a ghost, and he killed her…

No! It was impossible!

The person in front of him must have given him a false statement!

How could Zheng Yao be a ghost?!

However, if Zheng Yao wasn’t a ghost, how could she see him from a distance, and at that time, she even walked toward him…

Wang Jie became even more frightened when he thought about it.

He shook his head like a rattle drum.

His conjecture must be right, it was them who were wrong!

“Impossible! Today, you will die and I will stay alive!” Wang Jie yelled at Chu Huai, the arms under his sleeves were shaking uncontrollably. (T/N: The raws indeed have the word sleeves, I think maybe the author is confused and forgot how Wang Jie dressed.)

Wang Jie’s ghost companions finally approached them, their faces also exposed one by one.

Chu Huai noticed a slender figure among them.

That figure felt familiar to him.

Song Chen.

His lips hooked up into a faint smile.

Song Chen had also become a ghost, and coincidentally, she happened to be summoned by Wang Jie as well.

The ghost companions that were summoned by Wang Jie showed a strange expression upon seeing Chu Huai and the group.

Lou Ming revealed a cynical look, his eyes filled with eagerness, as if he wanted to try out something.

He said indifferently: “You stay here and protect Chu Jiao, and I’ll deal with them?”

Jin Tianyi smiled nonchalantly: “No.”

The red moonlight added a strange grandeur to his handsome and good-looking face, just like a mysterious Vampire Lord who lived in a castle.

While Jin Tianyi was talking, Chu Huai had also grabbed Lou Ming’s arm.

Lou Ming was stunned when heard what Jin Tianyi had said, then he smiled.

Jin Tianyi was planning to deal with those people together.

Jin Tianyi cocked his head, staring at Song Chen with a subtle expression. His voice was deep: “You’re also aware that I’m a ghost, right?”

Song Chen was startled. Her heart trembled, while her hands were tightly clenched.

Jin Tianyi’s eyes were alienated, yet his sharp gaze seemed to have pierced through her thoughts.

Song Chen’s eyes widened in terror. She subconsciously took a step back, her shoulders starting to quiver.

He knew…

He knew it from the beginning.

But, he chose not to chase after her…

Song Chen avoided Jin Tianyi’s sharp gaze in embarrassment. She then nodded hastily at the ghost companions who had come with her.

The ghosts’ expressions changed.

Jin Tianyi’s identity as a ghost was confirmed.

“I’m also a ghost.” Chu Huai immediately seized the conversation while giving a brief explanation with a harmless smile.

The ghosts immediately looked at each other.

“If I was a commoner, he would have killed me directly. Otherwise, how could I be with a ghost right now?”

Chu Huai said with a sincere tone while pulling out his hand and caressing Jin Tianyi’s face ambiguously.

A strange feeling rose in Jin Tianyi’s heart. At this moment, he was very cooperative; Jin Tianyi wrapped his hands around Chu Huai’s waist from behind, then he nudged his slightly cold cheek against Chu Huai’s hand.

Jin Tianyi had a tall and straight figure that could form a huge shadow, enveloping Chu Huai entirely.

Lou Ming finally realized something!

Ghosts couldn’t distinguish their own companions!

They believed Song Chen was a ghost because she came with them. Then Song Chen revealed that Jin Tianyi was also a ghost, so in their eyes, Jin Tianyi undoubtedly became a ghost as well.

At this moment, they didn’t have to worry about inverting from black to white.

Moreover, he was really a ghost and Jin Tianyi should be the same as him.

“Don’t look at me that way.” Lou Ming said, “I’m the same. Besides, I am the one who used the summoning ability to summon everyone here.”

Summoning? Jin Tianyi’s expression became stagnant for a second.

“Summoning ability?” Song Chen asked skeptically.

“What’s the summoning ability?” Everyone started to whisper.

Chu Huai’s eyes sank.

He eventually knew where the problem was.

Just as he was about to make up for what Lou Ming had said, Wang Jie stepped back and immediately grabbed at the conversation in panic.

“No! Don’t believe him! It’s me…” He defended loudly for himself, yet he was interrupted by others before he could finish his speech.

Someone shouted: “He just moved, and the red dot in my mind also changed positions. It must be him!”

Everyone fell silent. Obviously, they also sensed the slight change of the red dot in their minds.

During the white moon period, they would walk on the street and pretend to be commoners. To be honest, since they had been identified as ghosts, there was nothing for them to be afraid of.

Earlier, a map suddenly appeared in their minds, and the red dot emerged on the map.

The locking ability had been activated.

After they hesitated for a short moment, they all approached the location where the red dot appeared.

The prey had shown up. However, when they arrived, there were so many people, thus they couldn’t figure out which one was the prey. Exactly at this moment, Wang Jie suddenly moved, and the red dot position in their mind also changed.

So Wang Jie was the prey.

Jin Tianyi glanced at Lou Ming, his eyes flashed with a clear light.

“Why do you all think of me that way?!” Wang Jie looked at everyone that moved toward him in panic, he stepped back in fear, “You all are summoned by me! Don’t you guys receive my summons?”

“Summon what?”

“Don’t believe their nonsense! They are commoners!” Wang Jie argued for himself, and his back inadvertently touched the cold wall; he had nowhere to escape.


On the gloomy night, Wang Jie’s scream haunted everyone.

Wang Jie was killed by the ghost companions that he had summoned.

Lou Ming snorted, feeling uncomfortable for not being able to show off his ability to Chu Jiao.

Chu Huai suddenly understood, and his face changed.

He gave Lou Ming a meaningful look before pulling Jin Tianyi and escaping.

As expected, after those ghosts killed Wang Jie, they also discovered something.

Their hands were still stained with Wang Jie’s blood. Everyone stood still, making an offensive posture, looking at each other with wary gazes.

After Wang Jie died, in their minds was revealed…a new red dot.

In other words, someone had impersonated a ghost.

Aftwards, they all stared at Chu Huai’s group that was running away in some distance, accompanied by that miserable pair of mother and son.

They remember the word ‘summon’ that Lou Ming had said just now.

Everyone glanced at each other and had the same conclusion in their minds—there was a problem with those three people.

Song Chen looked at Chu Huai and the group, her eyes were a bit complicated.

Jin Tianyi really found Chu Jiao.

She was 100% sure that Jin Tianyi was identified by her as a ghost. But…what about Chu Jiao?

Was Chu Jiao truly a ghost?

Only Jin Tianyi knew exactly what Chu Jiao was. However, there was no doubt that even if Chu Jiao was a commoner, Jin Tianyi would never kill her.

Instead of killing her, that man might have stayed by Chu Jiao’s side and did every possible means to protect her.

Song Chen suddenly wanted to ask Jin Tianyi; would he kill Chu Jiao if she was a God, the only God? As soon as the God was killed, the ghost camp would immediately win and they would be able to leave the instance as well. Could he do it?

Chu Jiao had only one life, but they had so many lives here.

Honestly, she didn’t know who had identified her as a ghost, but her first reaction after being identified was ecstasy.

Because she was certain that she was in the same camp as Jin Tianyi.

With Jin Tianyi by her side, her chances of survival would be increased sharply.

However…right now, Jin Tianyi was on the opposite side of her.

The red dot position went further and further away, there must be a commoner or a God among them.

Jin Tianyi was a ghost, yet he turned against the ghost camp and partnered with the commoners or a God.

Song Chen pursed her lips.

She must go back alive.

This was her…last instance.

Her parents were still waiting for her return.

After being sick for so long, she’d a heart attack; her parents had cried so much that their tear ducts had almost dried up. Finally, she found a matching heart, then she had an operation and was discharged from the hospital. However, before Song Chen could have time to be happy, she found herself in this stupid world.

She must go back alive.

In the end, if she died here, then wouldn’t her previous struggles to survive be in vain?

As long as…as long as she could leave this world, she would be able to start a new life.

Companions? Friends? Sister? Boss?

Nevertheless, after leaving this world, there would be no chance for them to meet again.

Whoever dared to block her path must die!

With a dark expression, Song Chen put her left hand into her right-hand sleeve, then she touched a cold thing that had been hidden in there.

The ghost companions were already chasing after Chu Huai and the group, while Song Chen straightened up her clothes properly, and a sudden sadness hit her heart.

I’m sorry.

“You, don’t pull me…my hand is about to break.”

Chu Huai was gasping for breath, he couldn’t run anymore. Jin Tianyi was ahead of him while dragging him along the way. Chu Huai felt that his arm was about to become longer because of his pulling force.

Lou Ming followed suit from behind; he looked quite relaxed and he even had the time to whistle at the group of ghost companions that chased after them. Seeing his actions, the ghost companions were very angry.

Jin Tianyi’s figure paused, his slender and powerful arms suddenly stretched out and wrapped around Chu Huai’s waist. Chu Huai was stunned, he subconsciously hugged Jin Tianyi’s neck. His forehead touched the back of Jin Tianyi’s head lightly; Chu Huai was dumbfounded.

Jin Tianyi smiled, simultaneously carrying Chu Huai on the back.

“I’m running while piggybacking you, so hold tight.” He tilted his head and glanced at Chu Huai, his scattered hair gently brushing against Chu Huai’s face.

Chu Huai lay on Jin Tianyi’s broad back, feeling embarrassed for a while. Then…he accepted reality with a peaceful mind.

The feeling of not needing to run by himself felt so good.

Chu Huai rested his chin on Jin Tianyi’s shoulder and put his hands around Jin Tianyi’s chest.

Jin Tianyi ran very fast with a person on his back. His face didn’t flush nor did he feel tired, and his breathing seemed to be steady as usual.

Lou Ming’s eyes turned a bit odd, he ran to Jin Tianyi, and said while laughing: “Are you tired? If you are, then I can carry Chu Jiao on your behalf.”

Chu Huai: “…”

Jin Tianyi showed a smile yet not a smile: “We will talk when you catch up.”

Done speaking, he immediately sped up.

At first, Lou Ming was excited, but after running for a long while, his neck and face turned red, his breathing was also messed up. Yet Jin Tianyi’s appearance was still calm and composed, as if he was going out for a walk with his wife to admire the full moon.

“Are you a fucking human?”

“Am I heavy?” Chu Huai said, “How about you put me down? I’m not really tired anymore, I can run.”

Jin Tianyi: “It’s okay. You can’t see clearly, and it will be inconvenient for you, you might fall.”

Chu Huai was taken aback, and Lou Ming, who was following behind, immediately turned stupid.

Jin Tianyi’s statement made it very clear that Chu Huai was not a ghost.

Lou Ming smacked his forehead: “Why did I expect you to be a ghost? Chu Jiao, you are not a ghost at all. You don’t have night visibility.”

Chu Huai’s expression was a bit complicated: “How did you find out?”

“You squinted at me just now.” Jin Tianyi responded casually.

The group of ghost companions without a doubt couldn’t catch up with them.

Lou Ming sighed inwardly, his eyes were somewhat gloomy, and he was finally convinced.

He couldn’t compete with Jin Tianyi.

Not to mention the previous misunderstanding phone call, Jin Tianyi’s care for Chu Jiao was beyond his capabilities.

Realizing this made Lou Ming feel a little frustrated.

He said jokingly with a half-truth and half-lie: “You are Zhu Baijie’s wife.”

Chu Huai: “He said you are Zhu Baijie.”

Jin Tianyi glanced at Lou Ming indifferently, his lips arched up into a smile: “No, your focus is wrong. He said; you are my wife.”

The second half of the sentence put Jin Tianyi in a good mood.

Chu Huai stiffened.

Lou Ming slowed down his pace: “Jiaojiao, I remember you said he is the same as Mount…”

“What?” Jin Tianyi became curious.

“Nothing.” Chu Huai gave the troublemaker Lou Ming a calm look.

Chu Huai said: “He said that I’m the same as Mount Everest.”

Lou Ming choked, he did say this, and it was not easy to refuse.

Chu Huai leaned closer to Jin Tianyi’s ears, he couldn’t help but teased the other party: “So…do you want to spend a night with me?”

His light breath brushed against Jin Tianyi’s ear, making it reddened in an instant.

Chu Huai succeeded in escaping from the topic; smiling triumphantly, he asked with a clear voice: “By the way, is your ability similar to locking the target?”

Jin Tianyi’s face was still red, he nodded while looking at Lou Ming: “Your ability is summoning?”

Lou Ming was stunned, he also nodded. Then he suddenly realized something: “No wonder, you found Chu Huai by your locking ability! When you went to the west, the locking ability would be able to detect the nearby participants…”

Jin Tianyi raised his eyebrows: “Looks like you are not as stupid as I thought.”

Lou Ming was furious: “You!”

Jin Tianyi smiled: “Jiaojiao, let me ask you, what do you think about the purpose of the appearance of the two abilities? ”

“Killing each other.” Chu Huai also smiled and gave a quick reply, yet his eyes were cold.

When the ghost used the summoning ability, it would expose their coordinates, forming a red dot for those ghosts that had the locking ability’s mind, making them think that the locking ability was working and that they had found commoners or gods.

Perhaps, massacring each other was the ending that this instance wanted.

Chu Huai sank into deep thoughts.

At the end of the road, when Jin Tianyi was about to turn the corner, a figure suddenly showed up.

The figure seemed to be holding something.

Chu Huai’s eyesight was limited but his ears were extremely sensitive. He heard hurried footsteps on the other side of the road.

At that time, when the middle-aged woman noticed that something was wrong, she decided to sneak away with the child, using a different road from Chu Huai’s group. But, she didn’t expect to bump into them again.

The woman seemed to be exhausted. Nonetheless, she was still holding the child and ran with all her strength.

When she saw Chu Huai and the group, surprise flashed in the woman’s eyes. Her attention was slightly distracted, making her footsteps become chaotic, then she staggered and fell onto the ground amidst Lou Ming’s exclamation.

Two ghosts were chasing behind her.

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