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IFMSW Chapter 1

Entering the horror world

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 1: Entering the horror world

At noon, a burly middle-aged man wearing a robe rode on a small electric bike to the mental hospital, the passer-by cast him a sidelong glance one after another.

The man was riding a bike with one hand and his other hand was making a phone call.

“Sorry, the call you dialed is temporarily busy…”

Chu Huai’s phone had been unable to get through which made Old Yue feel unsettled in his heart. When he reached the mental hospital, he suddenly heard a remorseful noise from the distance, and Old Yue’s heart could not help but thudded.

It was over, Chu Huai wouldn’t be dead, right?! Otherwise, why won’t he answer his phone call?

When Old Yue arrived at the entrance of the mental hospital, sorrows, and cheerful laughs were already echoing through the sky. Old Yue’s eardrum hurt for a while, and his head buzzed.

He hurriedly got off the small electronic bike, upon seeing the big black coffin placed in the courtyard of the mental hospital, he couldn’t control the tear that was rolling down.

“Brother Chu, I’m sorry ah!” Old Yue threw himself in front of the coffin and patted the coffin board, he sobbed while slapping his own face.

(T/N: “楚大= Chǔ dà” translate in English into “Big Chu” but it seems doesn’t make any sense so I decided to use “Brother” as address)

“Damn it! You called me back two days earlier but I just hate spending too much money so I take a fast train…”

“No, this can’t be blamed on me entirely, why didn’t you say anything about your serious condition during the call last time…”

The group that was hired to play suona1It is a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument began to blow loudly making the tune became chaotic.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! What kind of mess is this?!” Chu Huai was sitting in a wheelchair, he put down the conductor and held the loudspeaker before yelling.

“Brother Chu?! You’re not dead?!” Old Yue burst into laughter when he heard the sound. He gets up from the ground, patted the dust on his robe neatly, and walks towards the center of the crowd.

When he saw Chu Huai’s gentle and harmless face, Old Yue sighed in relief. Only then did he have time to admire the eight beauties that stood on both sides of Chu Huai’s wheelchair. One of the beauties was holding an umbrella for him.

Chu Huai was completely stupefied, he raised his eyebrow and asked him: “How was it? What do you think about my outstanding huge group of crying brigades?”

Old Yue: “…”

“How come you messed around with them? Also, why are you not answering my phone call? It scared me to death. I thought you wouldn’t survive”

Chu Huai turned his head and glanced at the phone that he was holding. As expected, there were seven missed calls.

“Sorry, it was too loud and I didn’t hear it.” Chu Huai smiled while took off his white gloves.

Old Yue: “…”

On such a scorching day, Old Yue was sweating all over. However, Chu Huai even put on a heat-absorbing black jacket over his white shirt.

“Alright, you already play for an entire morning, so you all rest first, and you follow me in” After Chu Huai finished speaking, he rolls his wheelchair and moved into the room.

Old Yue closed the door while Chu Huai turned his back toward him and began to take off his shirt, revealing his scary white back. Old Yue caught sight of the fox totem on Chu Huai’s tailbone at glance. The totem was realistic, the fox’s eyes emitted a strange red light.

“This is…heaven mark?!” Old Yue didn’t know what to said for a while.

“Heaven mark?” Chu Huai caught the meaning of the word.

Old Yue reached out to touch the totem, he senses that the temperature from the totem was about to burn his hand, therefore, he immediately retracted it back, and his face was colorless.

“This is extremely horrible! This time it’s going to complete its action”

Chu Huai was parasitized by a ghost, these years, he might think of a possible way to renew his life but during these days, the mark…

Chu Huai was curious: “What is the heaven mark? Have you seen it before?”

Old Yue smiled bitterly: “I saw it on the corpse a few years ago.”

Chu Huai: “…”

Old Yue managed to calm down and explained: “My ancestors said that the ‘heaven mark’ was used by the god to mark…on sinners who commit crimes and got punished, then the heaven mark would appear on their body. It is naturally the same as a…curse”

“Continue,” Chu Huai unhurriedly buttoned up his shirt.

“When the mark started to get hot, it means that the host is not far from…death” Old Yue was fluttering with fear, “Your heaven mark is heating up, look like it already happened a couple of days”

Chu Huai nodded, thinking that the old man region was really something. At midnight two days ago, there was a sudden burst of pain on his upper tailbone. He glanced into the mirror and found the existence of a ghost.

After the pain disappeared, a bloody word appeared in his mind:

[In three days, drop your blood on the totem and you will enter the horror world, otherwise, you will be hunted by evil spirits and you will not meet a good end]

Chu Huai felt strange so he phoned Old Yue who was wandering outside to come back and take a look at him. In the present day, Chu Huai had an old-fashioned black clock in his mind. Every hour, a human skeleton would pop out of the clock to notify the time which made him unable to sleep.

The deadline was today midnight, and now there were still eleven hours left. Chu Huai briefly explained the situation to Old Yue.

“Then are you going?” Old Yue asked.

“No,” Chu Huai answered without thinking.

“I have bought a coffin made of gold thread with Chinese rosewood, you also have seen the crying brigade and the suona team”

Old Yue: “…”

Chu Huai smiled: “Regarding my condition right now, do you want me to provide myself as a snack for the evil spirits?”

Being hunted to death in the real world, at least he could collect the corpse for himself. Old Yue’s face turned solemn, and Chu Huai’s worries weren’t unreasonable.

Chu Huai had always taken care of his own body, no one knew the true condition better than himself——He won’t live long.

During all these years of being parasitized by a ghost, Chu Huai’s internal organs have been damaged to an extent but that was not fatal. The harmful thing was that the yin energy that existed in his body had already reached a critical point and he was almost unable to hold it.

When the time came, Chu Huai’s death must have been extremely horrible.

“This is not necessarily a bad thing for you,” Old Yue thought for a while and solemnly expressed his opinion.

Chu Huai raised his eyebrows and waited for him to continue.

Old Yue’s expression was serious: “After entering the horror world, the ghost that parasitizes in your body might reveal itself”

Chu Huai suddenly became interested: “Then I can find a chance…to kill it?”

His eyes flashed with ruthless and he could not help but become excited.

Seeing Chu Huai hadn’t made any statement, Old Yue thought he was hesitating so he gave the other party a strong medicine: “Brother Chu, those corpses with heaven mark that I saw before…the qiqiao2七竅= qīqiào is the seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth bleeding was pretty decent and their stomach even cut opened revealed a rotten flesh.”

Chu Huai: “…”

“Can I not go?”

Old Yue still wanted to exhort him more but Chu Huai’s face suddenly turned pale.

“I’m going to take a rest, you can go, I already prepared some money for you.” After speaking, he turned his wheelchair into the bedroom and locked the door.

Old Yue knew that the ‘some money’ Chu Huai said was by no means a small amount. He stared at the closed door for a while. According to Chu Huai’s action just now, that ghost definitely flared up again.

When Chu Huai took off his clothes earlier, although he curled up his hand, intending to concealed it, Old Yue still caught a glimpse of his palm. The flesh of a soft and delicate palm was cracked.

How painful was this?

No wonder he wore white gloves. Old Yue didn’t understand why the heaven mark appeared on Chu Huai’s body. He had known this young man for fifteen years and never saw him do anything against the law.


In the gloomy night, Chu Huai opened the door that had been shut tightly for an entire day and sat in a wheelchair waiting quietly for a while.

There was still sweat on his forehead, his lip was pale, and his fingers turned blue and white. It was finally over, the dull pain remained in his blood vessels and his heart was numb.

Chui Huai had become accustomed to it. It was just what kind of hatred did that ghost had toward him, why did it have to entangle with him?

“One day, I will…kill you” Chu Huai touched his heart and smiled softly.

He changed his mind and was not in a hurry to enter the horror world. He just wanted to see what the so-called hunter looked like. The horror world gave them three days to settle their funeral and during this time the hunter had no right to attack them.

Chu Huai guessed that the totem was the same as a lock mark, and hunters used it to find their hunted object. Old Yue said he had seen the heaven mark on the corpse before so Chu Huai believed that the owner of the corpse might be the chosen one as well but for several reasons, he did not enter the horror world and was eventually hunted to death by evil spirits.

Therefore, it was not difficult to explain the saying that ‘everyone dies sooner or later’ —Because those who were alive have all gone to the horror world. The evil spirit who hunts Chu Huai also revealed its trace.

When the totem appeared on the first day, Chu Huai ate the longan but he found that the longan core had become an eyeball. He checked it carefully, it was a long and narrow cat-like pupil that stared straight at him.

It seemed to say: “I found you”

On the next night, Chu Huai had a dream in which he was strangled to death. He jerked awake and a graceful woman was sitting on his bed.

She had hollow eyes and a steady stream of blood surged out from it, the woman’s long black hair was wrapped tightly around her neck.

Then she disappeared in a blink of an eye, everything that had happened earlier seemed to be an illusion but the grimy red blood on the bed explained to him that everything was true, so Chu Huai especially wanted to know what on earth would happen on the third day.


Through the huge iron gate of the mental hospital, he faintly saw a red figure in the distance of the darkness. The figure walked up from afar elegantly like a dancing girl in the Republic of China.

The iron gate opened silently.


No one knew when the crowd popped out, it let out a harsh and sharp cried through the whole silent night.

Chu Huai finally saw the visitor clearly and he couldn’t help but sigh.

The woman in front of him was dressed in a red cheongsam. Both sides of the cheongsam were opened extremely high, revealing a pair of smooth jade legs. She was beautiful and gorgeous with long black hair scattered around her waist.

Her lips were incredibly red but she had hollow eyes. The woman waved the fan in her hand and approached him slowly, Chu Huai smiled silently after seeing the charming erotic pictures on the fan. He secretly sighed in admiration that her beauty was not shallow and he was very satisfied upon being selected by such a hunter.


There was a moment of blankness in Chu Huai’s eyes. When he woke up, the woman was already sitting on his lap, she touched his face gently with her hand.

Chu Huai was secretly surprised that the female ghost in front of him could interfere with his memory. In the last moment, she seemed to have infused herself with the consciousness of ‘tempting him’.

If he didn’t have any desire for it…

If he was deceived by a female ghost before midnight, even if he had decided to go to the horror world, it would be useless. The female ghost could kill him after midnight but this didn’t prevent her from catching her prey.

After all…the rules were to kill.

After thinking about this, Chu Huai’s eyes turned cold. The female ghosts seemed to be able to provoke people’s passion.

Yes, this was very thrilling. Thus, Chu Huai raised his eyebrows.

The female ghost thought that her prey had entered her trap smoothly, therefore her eyes flashed with pride, her soft and boneless hands went all the way down and Chu Huai quickly grabbed her hand.

The female ghost looked stagnant.

Chu Huai: “Get down, you are too heavy.”

The female ghost stayed: “…me? You want me to get down?”

Chu Huai said sternly: “I am impotent, and I have everything that can’t attract your attention”

Female ghost: “…”

Chu Huai smiled softly: “I’m very lonesome, can you accompany me to chat temporarily about life?”

Female ghost: “…”

Chu Huai discovered that his pants were damp.

“Elder sister, your lower part is bleeding and I haven’t done anything yet” Chu Huai glanced at the dark red bloody pool on his pants and because he was a clean freak, it made him felt uncomfortable.

When the female ghost heard his words, she lowered her head mechanically, and she grunted, then something with a round bulge shape rolled onto the ground.

She looks up again with hollow eyes, a bloody tear was formed at the edge of her eyes, Chu Huai knew clearly that the eyeballs were rolling on the ground right now.

Ai, the client is really a black heart spirit, she even gouged her eyes out, it’s really strange if you show mercy” He sighed, feeling that he was somewhat a bit too much earlier but the female ghost main reason for appeared here was to kill him and she wouldn’t be soft heart, just because of his miserable sight.


The female ghost’s hair slowly wrapped around Chu Huai’s slender and white neck. He smiled abnormally then started to strip off his shirt.

The button of Chu Huai’s shirt was torn, revealing his extremely thin skin and his chest rib could be seen clearly. Chu Huai was so annoyed because he couldn’t be exposed to the sun, however, his skin was three-thirds whiter than the female ghost.

The ghost grew sharp teeth, her eyes filled with vicious and hatred.

“I can only borrow your teeth to make use of it since I can’t do it by myself,” Chu Huai said by putting his slender fingers into the female ghost’s mouth and swept hard, thus blood started to drip from his fingers.

The clock in his mind began to make a cracking noise, 5, 4, 3, 2…1!

At the moment when the human skeleton jumped out to notify the time, the hair that wrapped around Chu Huai’s neck suddenly tightened!

Chu Huai had already prepared beforehand so he directly turned himself into a weird posture by putting his hand on his waist and rubbed the blood onto the totem. In an instant, he grinned when the totem started to burn hot.

“Bye-bye” Chu Huai smiled, his body began to appear like an illusion.

“You are good looking but the technique when you flirt was truly bad, my little brother is still stable as Mount Tai, let me tell you something, men are not easy to provoke”


The crow cried out again, then Chu Huai disappeared.

When he woke up, he discovered that he was hugging a man.

Editor’s note:

Hello, this is AlevXx~

It is my first experience as an editor. You can say that I’m just a beginner so if there are mistakes, do kindly tell me and I’ll correct them in the future.

Since Ariess gave me a chance then I will try my best and improve myself^^

Thank You<3

  • 1
    It is a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument
  • 2
    七竅= qīqiào is the seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth
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  1. Avatar says:

    Thanks for picking up this story, this looks very, very interesting!

    The what-do-you-call-it past/present times usage is off (has/had) in this chapter, but still, good work in translating!

    Oh oh ohh, the MC is a cocky one, eh? Have been rofling quite a bit couse of him.

    1. Avatar ariess says:

      Thank You for telling me this ^_^
      I’ll try my best to improve my translation and grammatical mistakes in the future >_<

  2. Avatar HDD says:

    Thank you for translate this novel! I really like it.

    Could you please let me translate this novel to Thai? If you don’t mind… I will make sure to put your credit too!

    I will wait for your answer calmly, thank you.

    1. Avatar ariess says:

      I’m sorry, I do not allow any retranslation. The reason is I’m using mtl, some part in the novel is already different from the original storyline, and if you translate it to another language then the storyline will be far more different from the original novel. Therefore, I recommend you translate it from the original novel^^

      1. Avatar HDD says:

        Oh… I see, Thank you for answer my question! I will wait to read your next chapter<3

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