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Chapter 44

“Yuanyuan, I’m hungry.” Seeing that there was no one else at home, Guo Ming began to behave coquettishly.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll bring it for you.” Wu Yuanyuan looked at the snack cabinet in the distance with an innocent expression, fearing that Guo Ming would not remember what was there, still chanting: “Do you want something sweet or something salty? Do you want to eat the nuts that you bought yesterday? I’ll peel them for you.”

“Come here a little bit, I’ll tell you.”

Wu Yuanyuan walked over accordingly, but was held by Guo Ming in her arms. She reached out and lifted her pajamas, buried her head on her chest and muttered, “Yuanyuan, I want to eat this!”

Wu Yuanyuan was shocked and before she could react, she found that her blossoms were now in Guo Ming’s mouth and her tits began to harden uncontrollably. Before she could utter a word of anger, a moan escaped from the corner of her mouth. What to do, Guo Ming’s tongue was so flexible that it seemed to play tricks on her breasts/tits. After only a few minutes of rubbing, her legs became soft and she didn’t have the energy to speak.

“Guo Ming~~~Good~~~~Don’t~~~~ Hmm~~~~Not here~~~~ The sky is still bright and the floor-to-ceiling windows give a clear view of the living room.” Wu Yuanyuan was a little worried. What if there is a pervert who likes to peek at others and see the love making between the two of them. As soon as she finished speaking, Guo Ming released her mouth, hugged her in her arms and went straight to the bedroom on the second floor.

Throwing Wu Yuanyuan on the bed, Guo Ming was not in a hurry to strip her naked. She only slid her fingers under her clothes. As the fingers reached the two mountains, she didn’t reach the top. She just swiped around in circles and stroked her. Wu Yuanyuan’s body began to tremble slightly and she wanted to grab her hand and press it on.

“Baby, do you want me~” Guo Ming leaned down and whispered in Wu Yuanyuan’s ear, while blowing air into her ears at the same time. Wu Yuanyuan felt half of her body go numb and she could only nod her head in reply.

“Um~~~Um~~~ I miss you~~~ I miss you~~~ I miss you~~~~” looking at Guo Ming, she seemed no longer able to control herself anymore. The beast within her was released like a tiger out of the cage, she stripped Wu Yuanyuan in just a few strokes, then spread her legs and lowered her head between her……

When Father Wu and Mother Wu came back, they found that the medicine had been boiled and put out to cool. The dinner had also been prepared and put on the table. The two girls had taken their shower and were sitting on the sofa and watching TV. They felt very happy. . Mother Wu secretly said to Father Wu, “I think this little girl Guo Ming is pretty good. You said it would be great if we had more than one daughter like this in our family.” Father Wu also secretly said, “I also think this girl is prudent and has a good character. If you really like her, you can consider taking her as a goddaughter. But don’t be too anxious,no one will take in a goddaughter as soon as they meet! Let’s get to know her a little more!”

As for Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming, after learning and understanding each other’s body more, both are now having a satisfied aftertaste. So the four people with their own thoughts ate dinner together happily.

————————————————– ————————————————– ——————

In a blink of an eye, it was the New Year’s. Early that morning, Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan put on their newly bought clothes together and walked out of the bedroom. When they saw Father Wu and Mother Wu, they began to give New Year’s greetings. In fact, the four of them had nothing to do during the day. When they were young, they spent their New Year’s at Wu Yuanyuan’s grandparents’ homes. Later, when their grandparents passed away, they started celebrating the New Year at their own homes. After breakfast, there was nothing else to do but to go shopping. As there was nothing to clean up at home, the four of them discussed and decided to play mahjong at home.

It was the first time that Guo Ming participated in playing mahjong. Although she would see it in Hong Kong movies, this is the first time she actually plays it. Father Wu and Mother Wu can be said to be masters of the game. Wu Yuanyuan had no skills nor ability, just knowing the rules. However, Guo Ming was talented and smart. Father Wu taught her how to play the game. After only two experiment rounds, she was able to know exactly how to play. What’s more amazing is that in less than a lap, She was firmly in control of the game and mastered the skill of drawing cards.

“Oh, not only Xiao Guo is a very good doctor, she can also learn to play mahjong and draw cards so quickly!” Mother Wu couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Thank you Auntie for your praise. I am good at acupuncture, so the sensitivity on my fingers is better than ordinary people.” Guo Ming responded with a smile, then turned to ask her opponent to her right: “Yuanyuan, right.”

Wu Yuanyuan rolled her eyes, scolded her as a stinky rasca in her heart and replied: “Yes, yeah, her fingers are very flexible and her acupuncture skill is very powerful!”

“Hey!” Guo Ming was delighted after hearing these words and happily threw out a 70,000 card.

“Huh game! Guo Ming, you are the main loser! Pay up!” Wu Yuanyuan happily picked up the 70,000 card, displayed her card and started counting the prize.

So they eat, drink, play mahjong, take a nap and soon it’s New Year’s Eve. Everyone turned on the TV and moved the dining table to the middle of the living room.The big crystal lamp at home, the colored lights and red candles on the balcony were all turned on. The whole room became lively and prosperous.

The table was full of delicacies. Mother Wu and Yuanyuan Wu each had a glass of red wine. Father Wu and Guo Ming opened a bottle of Moutai and drank slowly. This was the first time Guo Ming has watched the Spring Festival Gala. She didn’t expect people here to make such a wonderful TV show. They really achieved the ultimate in the four words “World Celebrate As One.”

Guo Ming thought to herself. From now on, this is no longer a foreign country, but a hometown.

After eating and drinking enough, they removed the dishes and everyone started playing mahjong again while watching the Spring Festival Gala and so on. When the twelve o’clock sounded, Guo Ming asked Father Wu and Mother Wu to sit on the sofa, then knelt down to them. This action shocked the two of them and they hurriedly tried to help her up. Guo Ming smiled and said: “You two please just sit down. For more than 20 years, I don’t know who to bow to during the New Year. This year I am finally able to do it. Please grant me my wish!” These words made Mother Wu tears flow.

Guo Ming bowed and bowed to the two, when she raised her head, the two elders already had two big red envelopes in their hands and gave it to Guo MIng. Guo Ming smiled and took it: “Finally I got my red packet, I will keep it properly.” After finishing speaking, she pretended to be a wealthy fan and held the red envelope tightly in his arms, making everyone laugh. After laughing, Guo Ming took out two other thick red envelopes from her pocket: “Uncles and auntie, this is my new year red packet for you two elders, I wish you two to be healthy and young forever!” After that, she stuffed the red envelopes to the two of them. But Father Wu and Mother Wu tried to dodge them at first but they accepted them happily at last.

Father Wu looked at Guo Ming, smiled and said, “From now on, as long as you don’t have a husband, come to my house for the New Year! Although your aunt and I have just known you, we love you very much! Your aunt was still talking today. , If there is another daughter like you in the family, that would be great!”

When Guo Ming heard this, she was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “If uncles and aunts would not reject me, then let me be your goddaughter!” After that, she quickly brought two cups of tea and knelt down again.

Father Wu and Mother Wu looked at her and couldn’t help laughing. Both said yes to each other and drank the tea in one gulp. Wu Yuanyuan smiled and squinted.

It’s night and finally it’s a Happy Family!

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