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Chapter 40

The doctor standing by the bed was caught off guard from being sprayed all over and a strong stench immediately permeated the room. Even so, the doctor still did not want to leave. Instead, she plucked up the courage to “yell” at Guo Ming with an imposing voice: “Who are you! What are you doing! Get out now!”


    Guo Ming looked up at her again, lowered her head and flicked on the gold needles one by one. She then said softly: “Go and change your clothes. The poisonous blood will seep into the skin.”


    Looking at Xia Jianguo at this time, the original phlegm in the chest was gone. Instead, he started to breathe smoothly and the pattern on the ECG monitor returned to a calm state, drawing a regular fold line.


    Guo Ming just stood by the bed, guarding Xia Jianguo, flicking the golden needle with her  hand. And the doctor, shocked by the scene before her, went out to change her clothes obediently.


    After a while, the door to the ICU opened again, the old man and Zhang Renyi had changed into sterile clothes and walked in. Both of them had seen what happened earlier on. At this time, Zhang Renyi asked Guo Ming nervously and excitedly: “Dr Guo, Jianguo, he…”


    Guo Mingchong nodded and said seriously: “This uncle has been poisoned in the internal organs and has serious trauma. I have just purged some of the poison using my needles and his vitals are stable at the moment. But the poisonous smoke he inhaled has penetrated into his bloodstream and it is being carried all over his body. Uncle Liang has already gone to grab the medicine according to the prescription. If the medicine can be prepared as soon as possible, with the two-pronged approach, the poison can be completely removed.” At this point, she paused, “As for the trauma, there are trauma plasters that can be applied. Although it can relieve pain and grow muscles, it will not return it to the previous state.”


    As soon as the voice fell, another group of people stopped at the door of the ward, one of them had changed into sterile clothes and walked in: “Old Xia, we have come up with a plan. Commander Xia’s blood has been infected with toxins, so a whole body transfusion operation is currently required. .only….”


    “What?” Old Xia asked, staring at him with scorching eyes.


    “It’s just that the local medical conditions can’t ensure the success of the blood transfusion surgery. You need to transfer Commander Xia to another hospital immediately.”


    “No need. Let this Doctor Guo have a try.” Old Xia finished speaking, he then walked out with his hands behind his back.


    Guo Ming was still staring at the patient on the hospital bed and left the explanation of her identity to Zhang Renyi. Zhang Renyi held the doctor by the shoulder and whispered something as he walked out. When he was near the door, he seemed to remember something, then turned around and asked Guo Ming: “Dr Guo, what else do you need here?”


    “Uncle Liang’s medicine, the sooner the better!”


    ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————


    It was past 11 o’clock in the evening when Liang Jili came back with the medicine. Two of the medicines requested by Guo Ming could not be found from all the local Chinese pharmacies and major hospitals in this city. In the end, Liang Jili asked his old classmates to check with each other before finding them from a neighboring province. The Xia family helped by transporting it back directly by helicopter. After three hours of cooking, the first batch of medicine was finally readied.


    Guo Ming held the small bowl of medicine in her hand. Liang Jili and another doctor helped set up the bed so that Xia Jianguo was slightly tilted. Then they watched Guo Ming feed the medicine little by little to him while lightly inserting a long needle on the neck points. With this, Xia Jianguo managed to swallow the medicine bit by bit.


    “After about a stick of incense, he will start to sweat and excrete. It is estimated that it will be repeated several times. Someone needs to be here to clean and replace the necessaries quickly. Meanwhile, I will prepare the external wound ointment and apply it when the sweating stops. The second medicine will be 6 hours later and then the next one after 12 hours. During this period, the nutrient solution has to be continued or else the body may not be able to take it.” After that, Guo Ming removed Xia Jianguo’s whole body of gold needles and went out.


    “Dr Guo, you should write the prescription for the external plaster and I will find someone to prepare it. You have not eaten for twelve hours and have not rested. Go and rest first.”


    “It’s okay. There are a lot of requirements to prepare this medicine, which is difficult for ordinary people to complete. It is safer for me to do it personally.”


    So several nurses were arranged for Xia Jianguo. Guo Ming, who went to the Chinese pharmacy to prepare the medicine, was accompanied by a nurse whose sole task was to give her. . . . pizza–!


    By the time the ointment has cooled down enough for application, it’s already more than two o’clock in the middle of the night. At this time, Xia Jianguo had already been cleaned four or five times and the vital states had stabilized. No more sweating or excretion were observed. A doctor drew blood for him, but the test results have not yet come out.


    Guo Ming handed the plaster to a nurse and arranged for her to apply it to the wounds of Xia Jianguo. She then sat on the bench outside the ICU, took a deep breath, and rest.


    “Old Xia, Old Xia, the toxins in Commander Xia’s blood have been reduced by 40%!” The doctor who originally suggested that a blood transfusion was necessary ran over quickly with a piece of paper and a smile on his face. His voice was loud because of the excitement and so everyone around the ICU heard the good news.


    When the old man heard this, the nerves that had been tense throughout were relaxed, when he looked again at this time, his face showed an old manner. He had not rested for more than ten hours. Although he has been sitting on a chair, his heart was hanging and he has never relaxed. So standing up at this moment, a little trembling. He walked to Guo Ming and stretched out his right hand to shake hands with Guo Ming. Guo Ming hurriedly got up to respond. He took Guo Ming’s hand and shook it hard: “Little girl, you are good!”


    ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————


    After arranging all the follow up matters, Guo Ming went home. When she arrived downstairs by the army’s car, she looked up and found that although it was in the middle of the night, the unit’s lights were still on. Opening the door, Wu Yuanyuan was asleep on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and there was still a low voice program on the TV. The food was still covered on the dining table.


    Guo Ming first placed the food in the refrigerator, turned off the TV, then picked up Wu Yuanyuan and gently put her on the bed. Lying next to Wu Yuanyuan, smelling the familiar and warm scent on her body, suddenly, the word home emerged in Guo Ming’s mind.


    Home, when there is Wu Yuanyuan, is home.


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