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IIEWFP Chapter 9

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 9

After Jin WoWo (T/E literally the Golden Snail – 金蜗蜗) knocked the marshal on his forehead in the afternoon, Raymond stopped moving around.

Raymond found out that It was useless to move. He found that while he was in the place, not only couldn’t he transform into a human form, he couldn’t even exert his strength.

Even if his energy core is intact and the movement of energy through his veins are extremely smooth, he couldn’t release the energy regardless of how he moves the energy. It just won’t come out.

After the excitement of his repaired energy core and confusion, he gradually calmed down and started listening to the movement outside, trying to guess where he was.

Lying quietly on the “ground,” Raymond didn’t want to admit it but according to the conversations he heard, he really seemed to be in an egg.

And, this egg hasn’t been laid yet.

He thought about his situation again. His body didn’t become smaller, but even after stretching his entire body, there was still a lot of space left. How big is the egg?

And, how big is the belly to be pregnant with such a giant egg?

He even thought about when the egg would be born, what the military and politics would be like then, and who would take his place as the marshal.

And the four people who chased him in the primeval forest, who sent them?

Whoever wants his life, even if he became a useless person, would not let him go.

Just now he heard that a female he once helped out on Starcraft came to touch his porcelain. (Note: “touching porcelain” or Pèngcí (碰瓷 lit. touching or bumping porcelain) is the practice of crooks placing ostensibly expensive, fragile items (usually porcelain) in places where they may easily be knocked over, allowing them to collect damages when the items are damaged. In this case, Raymond is saying that someone wanted to benefit from his “death.”)

His parents probably wouldn’t believe it, but he isn’t 100% sure.

His mother, Doris, has long wanted him to marry. She would mention females in front of him from time to time, but he refused because he was always too busy with work.

After his father’s energy core shattered, he (Raymond;s father) stayed in bed all year round and couldn’t do anything. Now that he is suddenly “dead” and his parents aren’t sure about what happened, what will they do in the future?

Raymond was in deep thought when, suddenly, he was pinched by an invisible force, and then with a flower of light in front of him, he suddenly appeared in a bright room.

The sudden light was very uncomfortable, and Raymond’s vision was a little blurred.

“Da Hei (T/E Literally Big Black – Jin WoWo’s name for the python), are you awake?” said a clear voice.

This voice was familiar to Raymond. Ever since he woke up, he has been hearing this voice speak. The pronunciation of the voice is very awkward and slow, like a person from a remote planet who is just learning how to speak the Common Language for the first time.

“Don’t pretend to be dead when you wake up. Let me see you wag your tail.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond, who was still thinking about “the egg,” hissed and looked around the environment he was in now, becoming certain that he was indeed outside now.

The egg…it shouldn’t have been an egg.

Jin WoWo saw the python hiss his tongue out. Although he (R) didn’t wag his tail, it was still considered a response. Jin WoWo was quite satisfied.

After all, this python has a low IQ so he (JW) can’t be too demanding of him.

Luckily, the IQ of a demon cultivator who has awakened his spiritual wisdom will gradually increase as he cultivates. The current python is already many times stronger than his demon. If the other party’s IQ will also increase in the future…

Jin WoWo rolled his eyes and decided to brainwash the python first.

JW: “I have something to tell you, you had a fight with a big white tiger and a big crocodile yesterday, do you remember?”

Hearing Jin WoWo’s voice, the python’s face turned to the direction of the person.

JW: “Can you understand me? Nod your head if you can.”

After Jin Snail finished, the python nodded his snake head.

Alright. Da Hei is not too “illiterate,” so he doesn’t need to teach the other party from scratch.

Jin WoWo continued: “You were seriously injured yesterday and you were dying. I was the one who saved you.”

Raymond, who had guessed something vaguely, lowered his snake head slightly, and respectfully listened to the teachings of the “master.”

But then, what this “master” said next is a bit hard for people to say.

“The grace of life-saving is greater than the sky, therefore I am your reborn parent.” (T/E 救命之恩大于天,我就是你的再生父母)

Raymond: “…”

“Of course, our races are different, and I can’t be your real dad. However, your talent is so dull. If no one teaches you, it is estimated that you won’t become human for 800-1000 years. Since we are destined, I will reluctantly teach you and let you be my little brother instead.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond realized now that this “master” didn’t know who he was at all, let alone that he was a beastman. He (JW) treated him as an ordinary python.

And, what did the other party say about “transforming into human form?” Is it to make an ordinary python turn into a human?

Raymond listened quietly, motionless. The “master’s” ability against nature was incredible.

At this time, his (R) eyes had slowly adjusted to the light. Raymond’s dark green vertical pupils turned slightly, looking at the belly of the “master.”

The “master” was wearing an ill-fitted military uniform. His waist and abdomen were thin and flat, no different from an ordinary subbeast.

He slowly moved his gaze upwards and looked at the face of the “master.”.

-This “master” turned out to be the subbeast he encountered in the wild forest of the hidden star.

And… in the middle of the forehead of the subbeast, there lay a snake-shaped disc pattern approximately the size of the big thumb.

“Hey. Da Hei, you will be called Da Hei from now on. This is the name I gave you.”

Raymond slowly curled his body up and placed his head on top of his curled body.

Jin WoWo observed the python. He probably felt a little bit lost about why he could only be a little brother when he thought he was very powerful.

“Don’t feel bad. (T/E JW is referring to R’s self-esteem) Look at me.”

Jin WoWo pointed to the snail shell pattern on his forehead. “Humans with this pattern are very cherished. After you transform, I will also get one for you.”

Raymond raised his head and looked at the serpentine disc pattern again, and quickly started smelling around, trying to catch a scent of a beastman.

However, apart from the smell of Cory from the uniform, the subspecies only had his own scent.

It turns out that the snake-shaped disc pattern on the forehead of the subbeast was made by himself.

Seeing a response from the black python, Jin WoWo continued to say: “Don’t worry. In the future, I will become prosperous. As long as you listen to me obediently, you can follow me, drink, and eat delicious things.”

He (JW) curled his finger and made a beckoning motion.”Come here, I will check your body.”

In fact, as soon as Raymond came out of the “shell”, he (R) felt that his body had returned to normal. The energy could be released and he could easily turn into a human being, as long as he wanted to.


Now, he doesn’t want to become a human. At least, not in the presence of this subbeast.

Raymond slithered slowly to the bed and raised his snake head. He didn’t know how the subbeast would examine his body.

Jin WoWo was very satisfied with the obedient Da Hei. He (JW) sat cross-legged on the bed and put a finger on the python’s forehead, inserting a trace of spiritual power.

Raymond felt a gentle energy enter his body. The energy felt a little familiar, as if it had entered his body like this before.

The soft energy slowly wandered along his veins, and finally entered his energy core.

He thought that what this subbeast said was true. His own injuries, and even the broken energy cores, should have been repaired by the other party.

Jin WoWo retracted his hand and said: “Very good. I will help you find a few more spiritual stones tomorrow. Your body has been developed by me. If you practice hard, you should be able to transform into human form soon.”

The body has been developed…

…Raymond felt a little uncomfortable and turned the snake face.

Jin WoWo clapped his hands and said, “Look here, my name is Jin WoWo. From now on, you can call me Brother Jin and you will be Dahei.”

Raymond, who wasn’t black at all in his human form: “…”

“Oh, I have something to tell you. You will stay here during the day from now on.” Jin WoWo pointed to his belly. “At night, I will let you out to breathe, meet the world, and see how people enjoy life.”

Since his false pregnancy has to last for a month, he can’t reveal Da Hei for the time being.
The doctor named Nishizawa brought back a small instrument from the Legal Education Bureau, which seemed to be able to observe a pregnant person’s condition at any time.

Thus, Da Hei must continue to stay in his shell.

Raymond didn’t want to see where he was before and he turned his head silently.

Jin WoWo interpreted it as Da Hei not wanting to enter and stay in the shell. After all, you can’t do anything there except sleep. It’s really boring.

Pythons are not like snails. Snakes only hibernate in winter, while their snails sleep in both summer and winter, and they usually sleep when they want to sleep.

Teach the younger brother to not be spoiled and give some favors appropriately, making the younger brother be loyal to you. (T/E I think this is an idiom: 教小弟不能一味的命令,应该适当的施点恩惠,这样才能让小弟对你忠心耿耿)

Jin WoWo knows the saying well, and said to the python: “From now on, I will catch a chicken for you every night and let you have it.”

Raymond: “…”

“Okay, it’s getting late. Let’s go to sleep. The one that is on is an electric light. You haven’t seen it before, you can turn it off.”

Jin WoWo got out of bed barefoot, looked around the wall, but couldn’t find the switch.

He clapped his hands and slowly said to his little brother: “Now it’s time to test you. Turn off this light. Don’t ask me how to turn it off. You have to explore it yourself.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond slightly moved the tip of his tail, and the lights went out.

Jin WoWo: “…”

Jin WoWo said calmly: “Well, not bad.”

He went to bed in the dark, and in the darkness, a clear voice rang out: “You can sleep on the ground tonight.”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond laid on the ground and waited until the person on the bed breathed evenly before he quietly opened the door and slithered out.

The red eyes of the cylinder robot at the door flashed and moved slowly.

Raymond left quickly, the cylindrical robot turned its round head mechanically, and the red eyes flickered suspiciously for a while, before turning dark.

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