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IIEWFP Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Jin WoWo played with his “own” hairy ears again, and he discovered that his ears could also change their shape according to his emotions.

For example, when a person is happy and excited, his ears would perk up and flutter; when depressed, the ears will droop down, which was really interesting.

“Huh? You…?”

Raymond: “Ah, I think it’s fun too.”

Jin WoWo circled him and touched Raymond’s tail, “Not bad, not bad.”

Raymond: “…”

The two finished dressing up and entered the mall as is.

The mall was no different from reality, and everything felt very real. Walking on the street was like shopping in the streets in reality.

There were a lot of people coming and going on the street. The male beastmen all seemed so tall and strong.

In the virtual space, there was no energy flowing between each other, and it was completely impossible to judge who was strong and who was weak based on appearance.

The female beastmen were tall and beautiful, with protruding fronts and raised behinds.

Some people, like Jin WoWo and Raymond, wore various animal ears and tails.

The two entered a high-end clothing shop.

Raymond wanted to buy more sets of clothes for Jin WoWo. The ones that Jin WoWo were wearing now were still the cheap clothes bought by Nishizawa at Limestone Planet.

Although the clothes were not bad, they were still not as good as the high-end clothes on Central Star in terms of style and material.

Raymond took the golden snail directly to the brand store he is used to wearing.

The clerk was surprised when he saw Raymond.

This customer was a senior member of their store. In the past, he used to wear all black and gold outfits. How could he dress like this today?

He even wore a fox tail and ears…………

These things were generally what subbeasts without a beastman do in the virtual space, in order to satisfy the desire to become a strong beastman.

There were also some people with weak animal shapes and low strength who wear powerful animal-shaped ears and tails to satisfy their ideals.

Senior consumers like Raymond are generally powerful, so how could he appear in such an outfit…………

He glanced at the subbeast next to Raymond, who was also dressed as a white class.

This was a real little white class. As soon as he entered the door, the other party’s consumption data was automatically transmitted, and it was clear at a glance how much consumption had been made before.

The two dressed up in the exact same way, and one was exactly two times larger than the other, making them look very shippable (CP).

This beastman wanted to accompany the subbeast around, so he dressed like this?

This was too spoiled.

Although he does not currently have a partner, even if he does, he feels it would be impossible for him to dress up like this just to accompany him.

Of course, the clerk’s professionalism was still very good, and he didn’t show what he thought.

He entertained Raymond and the subbeast warmly and decently as usual.

Raymond said, “Choose some clothes for him in season.”

The clerk went away.

At this time, two people came in.

A subbeast and a tall male beastman.

The subbeast gave himself a thick black python tail that slithered around his thigh.

Jin WoWo poked Raymond, pointed at the person with his eyes, and laughed in a low voice: “There are still people wearing your python tail.”

Raymond took a look and found that it was a subbeast and withdrew his gaze.

With just that one glance, he was discovered by that subbeast.

The subbeast glanced at the two white class consumers with contempt in his eyes.

“What are you looking at? This is Marshal Raymond’s tail!!”

Jin WoWo: “……???”

Raymond: “…”

After he finished speaking, the subbeast picked up his tail and rubbed it on his face with a satisfied look on his face.

Jin WoWo: “…”

Jin Snail whispered: “What’s the situation? Is that tail yours?”

Raymond felt a little upset: “No.”

It would be strange if Raymond could be happy to see another subbeast with his tail, especially in front of Jin Snail.

The beastman who came in with the subbeast said to another clerk: “We are here to try the custom-made outfit.”

Then, he turned his head and said to the subbeast, “Brother, you can try it out for a while, and let them make the necessary adjustments. This time Marshal Raymond has not only returned alive, but his strength has also risen to the ninth rank. You have to dress up. Beautiful and bright, it will definitely attract his attention at the banquet!”

When the beastman spoke, there was glint in his eyes.

Didn’t Raymond’s parents post a message on the Internet some time ago, saying that Raymond actually doesn’t like females, but likes subbeasts?

His subbeast younger brother was so beautiful. He could even be ranked in the whole empire. If he dressed up carefully, as long as Raymond likes subbeasts, it would be impossible for him to be unmoved.

Jin WoWo was confused: “Banquet? What banquet?”

Raymond was going to a banquet?

Raymond shook his head.

Jin WoWo spoke in a low voice, but the beastman still heard it.

He glanced at the two white-level consumers and said arrogantly: “Marshal Raymond returned in triumph, and he has become the strongest in the empire. The Marshal’s Mansion will definitely hold a banquet to celebrate!”

Jin WoWo nodded, so that’s it.

So he asked: “Has the Marshal’s Mansion already invited you?”

The beatman was even more arrogant and boasted, “Of course, they will definitely invite us.”

The clerk quickly searched the customer’s customized outfit from the back, and the first clerk also arrived and helped Jin WoWo choose a few sets of clothes.

Jin WoWo’s fox tail and ears were completely unaffected by clothes.

Trying on the clothes was super easy and convenient, he didn’t even need to do it himself. The clerk just clicks “try on” on the three-dimensional picture of the clothes, and the clothes would be automatically placed on the virtual person.

“Great, great!!”

The beastman made a sound of admiration.

Jin WoWo turned his head and saw that the subbeast had already put on the outfit. The outfit was well tailored. After putting it on, it pinched his waist slightly, lining the subspecies with brilliance and an amazing figure.

The eyes of the subbeast sparkled, “Brother, what do you think? If I am like this, would Marshal Raymond like it?”

“Definitely, he will definitely fall in love with you at first sight!!”

Raymond’s face turned dark, and he said solemnly: “I won’t.”

Jin WoWo glanced at him in surprise. Such a beautiful subbeast, and yet Raymond wouldn’t even spare him a glance?

This subbeast was really very beautiful. It was a beautiful man who can have food on his face and still fascinate thousands of little girls.

But when Raymond said so, Jin WoWo felt a little bit happy in his heart.

But that subbeast was unhappy.

He glared at the two little white-level consumers unhappily, and said contemptuously: “What’s the matter with you? Don’t look at your own ugliness and put it on me, peasants!”

These two young white-level consumers were just here to “try on” these brand-name clothes anyway.

There were some poor people who couldn’t afford famous brands, so they would rush to the virtual mall to try on them to satisfy their vanity.

Anyway, “trying on” doesn’t affect anything. The staff here would still entertain them out of professionalism.

Jin WoWo’s face sank, this subbeast had an inexplicable sense of superiority from the moment he walked in.

Now, he was insulting them as poor??

He has three billion, okay?

Although the three billion has not yet arrived…

But before Jin WoWo could answer back, the clerk who had helped him choose clothes spoke up.

He still kept a professional smile at the subbeast and said, “Hello, this gentleman is a senior member of our shop.”

The subbeast and his big brother looked over in surprise, with an expression of unbelief on their faces.

How could a senior member of this shop be dressed like this?!

The clerk smiled lightly, opened the membership level list in the store, and displayed it in the air.

This list has no private information of other members except for the member avatar, so it can be made public.

Raymond’s head was impressively ranked first.

The subbeast and his older brother stared incredulously at Raymond’s head for a long time.

This person is too weird. He is clearly a senior consumer but he wore a set of clothes that the mall gives to the small white consumers which offends them all.

Fortunately, this is a virtual mall, and no one knows who is who.

The subbeast and his older brother left hurriedly with their clothes.

The clerk turned around, still carrying his refreshing smile, and said to Jin WoWo: “Are you satisfied with these clothes?”

It’s not that he wanted to confront the customer. But the customer just now was just a junior member who occasionally buys clothes in the store. It would be impossible for him to watch a junior member offend a senior member of their store.

They would rather lose a junior member, but it was absolutely impossible for a senior member to be uncomfortable when spending time in their store.

Jin WoWo was very satisfied with the clerk’s “fair” approach, and couldn’t help smiling brightly at him, and said boldly, “I want all these clothes.”

After speaking, he remembered that he had no money at all, and couldn’t help looking at Raymond.

Seeing Jin WoWo let himself pay, Raymond felt very happy in his heart, and smiled at the clerk for an unprecedented time, “Pay the bill.”

The clerk happily went to checkout.

Jin Wowo whispered: “When my 3 billion is paid, I will pay you back.”

Raymond: “…no need to pay it back.”


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