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IIEWFP Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Before Teresi could react, Raymond had already flicked his tail towards his head fiercely.


Just like the clan, Teresi underestimated the lethality of this tail.


He dodged as fast as he could but was still hit.


Teresi felt dizzy. Before he could recover, Raymond attacked again. He couldn’t resist.


The people on the sidelines were going crazy.


Raymond’s speed and strength were absolutely impossible for a person who has had an energy explosion.


But the weirdest thing was that they couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations from the battlefield.


It was as if they were watching two ordinary giant pythons fighting, not beastmen.


Raymond didn’t give Teresi any mercy, nor did he lock the opponent using coercion. He only crushed Teresi by brute force.


Their family had previously wanted to leave the Black Python clan, mainly because they had been suppressed by the clan over and over again, which made staying in the clan disgusting.


As one of the five major families of the empire, the Black Python Clan has been entangled in the power and authority of the empire for thousands of years, to the point that their influence has spread throughout the interstellar galaxy.


With such power, had they left, they would have just given up all those years of hard work increasing the clan’s power and influence from their achievements.


It would be better to be the head of the clan directly, and then do a big purge.


So Raymond didn’t keep his strength in check at all. Teresi had no chance of fighting back. Within two minutes, he already had scars and fractures all over his body.


Teresi didn’t even have a chance to beg for mercy. He could only passively try to dodge. But within a second, he would be out of breath again.


Raymond stopped his attacks and transformed back into his human form. Looking down on Teresi’s frame on the ground, he asked, “Do you still want to fight?” 


His voice was not loud, but everyone still heard it.


Hearing his voice, the audience snapped out of their shock and immediately began to make noise.


“Raymond, how could you…how could you be so powerful?!”


Reagan was going crazy.


Doris proudly said, “Because my son has already advanced to Rank 9!”


“What?! How is that possible, how is that possible?!!! We can’t even feel any energy from him!!!”


“You don’t know anything about Rank Nine, do you? Rank Nine beastmen can hide their energy fluctuations.”


When Raymond came down from the arena, Jin WoWo swiftly removed the enchantment.


Everyone outside the court instantly felt a powerful energy that wasn’t there before coming from Raymond.


Outside the field, except for Jin WoWo, and Doris and Ren who were protected by Jin WoWo, everyone was forced to step back involuntarily by this powerful surge of energy.


This was the instinctive awe and fear of the strong.


“How is that possible? That is absolutely impossible. The video clearly showed his energy explosion. Otherwise, how could such a huge energy burst out in an instant?!!! The video announcement was even made by the military. It is absolutely impossible to be fake!!!”


“Yes.” Raymond walked to Reagan and answered loudly, “That video is indeed true, but the huge energy that burst out in the video was not because my energy core broke, but because, at that moment, I advanced. The energy that spewed out was the result of an energy expulsion from the advancement.”


When the strength of the beastman is upgraded, there are indeed bursts of energy. But no one has seen such a terrifying energy burst.


This might only happen when beastmen upgrade to Rank Nine, such a terrifying explosion of energy.


Since no one has seen what it’s like to upgrade to the Rank Nine, it was impossible to judge whether what Raymond said was true or false.


Despite that, the energy radiating from Raymond was indeed very powerful. And it was several times more powerful than the energy of the opponent’s previous eighth rank.


Reagan didn’t want to admit it, but with the information on hand, he had no choice but to admit that what Raymond said was probably true.


“Patriarch!!!” A clansman ran to Raymond and said flatly, “The Patriarch is so powerful that he has no rivals in the Empire. This is a great blessing for our Black Python Clan!”


“Yes, with the Raymond as the Patriarch, our Black Python Clan will become the first of the five major families in the Empire!!”


This was Rank 9!


Unexpectedly, their Black Python Clan produced a Rank 9 beastman!


Now with Raymond, wouldn’t the other four major families of the empire have to look up to their Black Python Clan?


When they go out, wherever they go, they cannot be suppressed.


The people present were extremely happy with the outcome.


“Raymond is so strong, he would be wronged for him to just be the master of the family. It would be better to make him Patriarch directly.” A beastman suggested.


“I support Raymond to be the patriarch!” The first one run over shouted.


“I support Raymond as the patriarch!”


“I support Raymond as the patriarch!”


The shouts came and went, exactly as how they did when they were supporting Reagan as the patriarch half an hour ago.


“You guys…………!!”


Reagan was about to faint with anger. He was probably the shortest patriarch of the entire Black Python Clan’s history in thousands of years.


Raymond smiled slightly, “Since it’s what the people want, then I’m will not be courteous. Starting today, I, Raymond accepts the nomination and has officially become the Patriarch of the Black Python Clan.”


The people cheered.


A clan member who specializes in managing the clan’s website excitedly opened the backend of the website and entered the news of the new clan leader.


The clansmen present were all big figures with certain rights and powers in the clan. They immediately scrambled to open their own terminals to confirm the identity of the new patriarch on the website, and voted unanimously.


Immediately, an announcement of the New Patriarch was published on the homepage of the Black Python Clan website. And, the photo of the Old Patriarch Stan on the homepage was replaced with Raymond’s.


On the Star Network, the people who were discussing the content of Ren’s live broadcast immediately discovered the announcement.


They were so excited to see who the New Patriarch was and it was only a few seconds alter that they discovered Raymond’s breakthrough.


The announcement also explained why the military released an explosion video some time ago and the misunderstanding of Marshal Raymond’s “sacrifice”.


The whole network was on fire.


However, Raymond didn’t know what was going on in the Star Network. He only felt satisfaction.



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