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IIEWFP Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Raymond’s second uncle realized that Jin WoWo was on Raymond’s side, how could he believe the nonsense he’s spouting!


“It’s just nonsense!”


He has lived for more than a hundred years and had never heard of “epilepsy”.


Raymond’s second uncle completely ignored Jin WoWo’s words, walked over with a gloomy face, and pulled his son up.


Unexpectedly, when he touched Carl’s arm, his body turned numb and started twitching uncontrollably as if he were experiencing an intense electric shock.


“Oh, what are you doing? I said this disease is contagious. You didn’t believe me, and still came to try it.”


Jin WoWo quickly grabbed Raymond’s second uncle and took the opportunity to introduce more current into his body.


Raymond’s second uncle convulsed more severely, he fell hard on the ground, his eyes rolled back, and convulsed beside his son.


The people around were terrified and backed three steps again, for fear that they would also be infected if they got too close.


Raymond’s eyes were full of smiles, and he coughed with a fist against his lips.


Jin WoWo gave him a small triumphant watch-and-see look for a good show.


Doris looked happily at the two people on the ground, really thinking that Carl and his father had some strange illness.


The kid Jin WoWo really was too kind. He even said he would treat them and not let them stay “crazed”..


Ren glanced at his son beside him. Sure enough, he saw that his son had an extremely spoiling emotion hidden in his eyes, and he knew it in his heart.


His daughter-in-law really was extraordinary.


Jin WoWo looked at the old patriarch who was in charge, and asked helplessly: “Excuse me, old patriarch, are you going to let me treat it or not?”


The muscles on the face of the old patriarch twitched. He did not believe in that this subbeast who was together with a cripple, knew advanced medicine.


The old patriarch didn’t speak for a long time, and Jin WoWo sighed and said: “As parents, how could you bear to see them so uncomfortable? I really can’t bear it. I will tell you the treatment method. You can treat it yourself when you go back.”


“What treatment?” The old patriarch asked at this time.


Jin WoWo said: “The method is very simple, that is, put them in a relatively airtight room, take off their clothes, and then throw a hornet’s nest in and let the hornet sting them all over.”


Everyone sighed again.


The old patriarch looked even more ugly.


“This method is called ‘fighting poison with poison’. They got this convulsing disease, which is actually caused by a toxin in the body. The disease recurs. Maybe you find that they are cured after you go back, but in fact they haven’t recovered. Maybe someday it will happen again, and the disease is extremely contagious. As long as you have been in contact with it, you can be infected.”


Jin WoWo talked more nonsense without changing his facial expression.


Raymond’s eyes turned even more pampering. His chest vibrated violently as he tried his best to endure his laughter.


The golden snail really was too ​​naughty!


He felt that Jin WoWo’s little bad thoughts were not annoying at all. On the contrary, he thought they were very cute. It makes him want to especially hold him in his arms!


Raymond clasped his hands together secretly.


Doris didn’t want to let Jin WoWo treat the two people, but now that she’s heard of the treatment method, her heart was even more happy!




When she thought of Raymond’s second uncle and cousin’s noses and faces being stung by hornets, she wanted to laugh.


The tribesmen who had been serving Carl’s stinky feet before were frightened, terrified that they had become potential carriers of the disease.


One of the beastmen standing in the crowd shouted: “If they have to be treated, they should be treated here. If they go back for treatment, they will have contact with people along the way. What if other people get infected again?”


Jin Wowo nodded: “Sounds right.”


Then he turned his head to look at Doris, “Auntie, are there any vacant rooms?”


Doris’ eyes were bright. She tried to suppress her excitement and maintained her dignity, and said, “Yes.”


“Then who is going to get a hornet’s nest?”


The beastman who talked just volunteered and said: “I’ll go!”


A few beastmen stood up and said, “Let’s go too!”


They hate Carl now. He was obviously sick, and yet he ran over to talk to them. Now, they may all be infected.


Although the stingers of hornets couldn’t pierce their animal form’s scales, if they get this strange disease, they could only be stung by the hornet in their human forms, and it wouldn’t even get better if they don’t get stung.


Those few people quickly ran out to find a hornet’s nest.


Doris commanded the two robots to drag Raymond’s second uncle and Carl into the prepared empty room, and the robot picked them up right away.


Raymond’s second uncle and Carl could hear the conversation going on outside clearly. They tried their best to resist, but they couldn’t do anything other than convulse violently.


Even the sound that they were able to make was horrible.


The beastmen returned soon.


These beastmen were also ruthless. They actually got a super big hornet’s nest that was the size of a grinding plate.


They unceremoniously threw the hornet’s nest in their hands and the bag they were holding onto into the room where Raymond’s Second Uncle and Carl were being held, and quickly shut the door to death.


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah…”


Heart-wrenching screams sounded across the hallway, and everyone standing outside was terrified.


Even the old patriarch, Ren, Raymond, and other people who did not go out of the living room could hear clearly.


After Ren was treated by Jin WoWo, his body didn’t hurt at all even though he just had the surgery. At this moment, he was sitting in the wheelchair, listening to the screams outside, his depressed mood of many years after his energy explosion became happy.


Raymond placed a little bit more pressure on the two to give them more energy to scream louder.




Raymond suddenly realized that he seemed to have been influenced by Jin WoWo.

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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Hahahahahaha! So delightfully naughty! Serves them right for trying to drag the only good branch of the family down!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

  2. Avatar Rose says:

    Wow. No mercy. Swift justice.
    This isn’t so much “face slapping” as “catch this frying pan with your face, please.”

    1. Avatar A.S. says:

      Lol I have never heard that phrase but now I’ll use it everyday.
      Jin Wowo is so naughty, I like it! Thanks for the chapter!

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