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IIEWFP Chapter 32

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 32

The current situation was very unfavorable to the Domineering Mercenary Corps. As a last resort, the leader Tyron signed a payment treaty with Raymond for the losses and mental damage caused by their group.

Jin WoWo looked at the innumerable series of zeros with satisfaction. Only after Raymond uploaded and saved the electronic contract did he take his gaze back.

Raymond glanced at Tyron, who had a lame leg and broke an arm, and said, “Senior Tyron. If one day you want to join me, you’re always welcome.”

Tyron turned his head abruptly, staring at Raymond’s expression as if he wanted to eat people, “Raymond, don’t deceive people too much!”

Raymond smiled faintly: “There will be a time.” (T/E This refers to Raymond’s offer where Tyron will eventually relent at a later time or something)

Then, Raymond picked up the golden snail with a brisk expression and walked towards the mecha, before preparing to leave.

With his intact fist, Tyron blasted the tabletop away.

The deputy head came over boldly and asked: “Head, what shall we do now?”

Tyron said fiercely: “It’s all that dog stuff’s fault. How dare he lie to us that Raymond has been paralyzed.”

“Dog stuff” refers to Raymond’s second uncle who hired them to kill Raymond.

“Yes, his purpose was clearly to make both us and Raymond lose. He took this opportunity to seek the position of the Python clan head.” A mercenary gritted his teeth and said in agreement.

As the strongest interstellar mercenary group, they naturally had channels to learn about the internal news of major families on the Central Star. Besides, the mess in the Python clan was not a secret, and almost the entire empire knew of it.

Raymond’s second uncle fought for the attention of their Domineering Mercenary Group to kill Raymond. Even if they couldn’t kill him, Raymond was already disabled, and Raymond’s second uncle would still sit in the position of Patriarch.

The bad thing about the whole thing with him and Raymond was that Raymond actually reached Rank Nine!

Raymond’s second uncle did not inform them of the news in advance, and lied to them that Raymond’s energy core had shattered.

If Raymond really had an energy explosion, then a five-year-old little beastman could already kill him. Would they spend billions (T/E the author wrote 200K here but based on the conversation before the group is going to be paid 2 billion. So I changed this. Hopefully it’s a typo XD) to mobilize the crowd and invite them?

Obviously it was impossible, so it was Raymond’s second uncle who gave them false information and lied to them!

Tyron narrowed his eyes and said coldly: “Don’t let the dog stuff slip away. I will cut their dicks off!”

It was so tiring to dare to play as the head of the king of interstellar mercenaries.

As soon as the dick was mentioned, the mercenaries instantly remembered that the head of the group had been pierced by a syringe needle, and they all stared at the indescribable part of Tyronn.

The deputy commander looked at Tyron’s face and asked carefully: “Commander, how are you there?”

Was it still ok?

Could it still be used?

Tyron’s face turned dark. He had only been focused on fighting Raymond before, and hadn’t paid attention. Only now did he feel something was wrong there, it seemed to be painful.

Oops, it couldn’t be that the subbeast was too quick and injected some other type of energy liquid into him, right? !

Seeing that Tyron’s expression was wrong, the deputy head immediately realized something, and said quickly: “It couldn’t be…?”

“Tsk, I’m fine!”

Tyron limped away with a dark face.

Passing by the spaceship’s small toilet, he immediately stepped in and locked the door.

After half an hour, Tyron’s face looked extremely ugly.

A mercenary ran over with a syringe in his hand, “Boss, look. This is the syringe that the subbeast used. There seems to be nothing in it.”

Tyron was shocked, grabbed the syringe, and placed it in front of his eyes to take a closer look.

There was only the light of the backup power supply in the cabin, and the light was not too bright, but Tyron could still see clearly that there really was nothing inside.

Raymond and his partner sang together, and they both fooled them all!

Damn it!

Tyron clenched a fist and rattled.

After looking at it for half an hour, he really thought he was dying!

But they don’t dare to find Raymond to settle the account now. Then, this account will be counted on the head of Raymond’s second uncle.


The golden snail sat on Raymond’s lap in the mecha to facilitate Raymond’s operation.

Raymond’s heart was swaying. There was a beauty in his arms, and the external crisis had been relieved. He couldn’t help but replay the scene of Jin WoWo holding onto his arm just now, calling him “Dear” in a sweet voice.

The golden snail’s soft short hair was brushing against his lips. Raymond lowered his head slightly and sniffed the scent of Jin WoWo deeply.

There was a very special smell on Jin WoWo’s body. This kind of smell was very soft, and very good, making him enchanted.

“Oh, right.”

Jin WoWo suddenly turned his head. When he met Raymond’s soft pampering eyes, he couldn’t help being taken aback.

“What’s happening?”

Raymond’s low and magnetic voice rang in his ears.

Uh, the roots of the golden snail’s ears felt itchy and he almost forgot what he was about to say.

“Our spacecraft is damaged, how much do we have to pay others?”

The spacecraft was provided by the governor of Limestone Planet. When the spacecraft was attacked, they were not equipped with any defenses. Although the hull did not have any major damage, it would cost a lot of money to repair it.

After all, that super luxurious private spaceship is an all-interstellar limited edition one.

Raymond said: “You don’t need to pay, the insurance company will settle the claim in this case.”

Jin WoWo’s eyes brightened. Insurance companies are really a big step for human civilization.

He was pleasantly surprised: “Then the 3 billion is all ours?”

Raymond smiled and nodded slightly.

Jin WoWo thought for a while, and said, “This time we contributed doing almost the same, so it’s about 50-50.”

Raymond operated the mecha with one hand. His other hand had held back for a long time before he finally placed it on top of the golden snail’s head and rubbed it. “You don’t need to divide it, I’ll give it to you.”

Just as Jin WoWo was a little dissatisfied and wanted to protest, he heard the good news of a pie falling from the sky.

“Really?!” His eyes burst into light.

Raymond felt a little bit funny. He didn’t expect Jin WoWo to be a small money fan.

Jin WoWo felt that his performance was too obvious just now. Raymond was the one who operated the mecha, fought with Tyron, and got Tyron to sign the contract.

In fact, when he said before that the two of them contributed almost the same amount, he had already given himself a little more credit.

In the end, Raymond even said that all the money would be given to him.

Jin WoWo is the kind of person that if someone pick on him, he would pull the other side down, but if someone treats him generously and kindly, Jin WoWo would be embarrassed.

“No need, no need. In fact, your contribution is big, you should take more. How can you give it all to me.”

Raymond pursed his lips and smiled, “Then you deserve it. Without you, our spaceship would have been destroyed long ago.”

Even if everyone had time to get into the rescue capsules to escape. In the vast universe, if they encounter a wormhole electromagnetic storm or the like, there was almost no chance of survival.

Jin WoWo thought about it and accepted the 3 billion in peace of mind in the end.

With the three billion, he could open a hospital, and then specialize in the treatment of the energy explosions/shattered energy cores, and then study some healing drugs, and add his snail liquid. The effect was sure to be amazing, after all only those who have used it would know.

Oh, he also needed to buy energy liquid. With energy liquid, his cultivation speed will be accelerated by N times.

As long as his cultivation base increases and spiritual power increases, he can treat more patients and make more money.

And his snail shell will increase with the improvement of his cultivation. The space will also expand, producing more snail liquid.

With more snail liquid, he can create more medicines for healing wounds. The medicine made will be sold to the military in the future. Soldiers usually train or fight, and what they need most are medicine.

In this matter, let Raymond be the bridge, and then give Raymond a portion of the profits.

Jin WoWo instantly found the market for his products. Now, almost everything is not ready, but the money has arrived.

With the start-up capital of 3 billion, the things he envisioned just now will be realized!

While turning on the armor, Raymond locked the side of the golden snail’s face with his peripheral light. Seeing him squint for a while, frown, be excited, and bite his lip after a while, his eyes turned around. He didn’t know what he was thinking about.

Raymond thought it was cute, how could a person have so many rich expressions on his face in a short period of time.

The swelling feeling appeared in his chest again, which made him want to hold the golden snail, want to squeeze him…

“When will Tyron and their group’s compensation arrive?” Jin Wowo suddenly said.

Raymond suddenly returned to his senses, “Huh? Oh, within a month.”

He quickly looked away, what was he thinking just now? !

“So long?” Jin WoWo was a little disappointed.

In fact, before on the mercenary spacecraft, Raymond deliberately gave the Domineering Mercenary Group a long time limit.

Three billion was not a small amount after all, and Tyron certainly couldn’t put out so much working capital at once.

So, with Tyron’s temperament of eating but not eating, he would definitely go to his employer to get the money back.

And with the amount of 3 billion, even the aristocratic families on Central Star would take some time to collect so many mobile star coins at once.

At that time, he only needs to stare at which company has a sudden turnover of floating coins, and then he can lock in who the employer is.

Raymond heard the disappointment in Jin WoWo’s tone, he cleared his throat and said, “Do you really need money? I can give it to you first.”

Jin WoWo: “Huh? Are you rich?”

Three billion can be given as you please?

Raymond nodded slightly.

Jin WoWo blinked. It turned out that Raymond was so rich.

However, he still doesn’t know much about the world. Jin WoWo feels that he should learn more about Raymond first, learn more about the world, and then open a hospital and pharmaceutical factory.

He can wait for a month.

“I’m not so anxious, so I won’t use it for the time being.”

Raymond said: “Tell me if you need it. There’s no need to be so polite to me.”

“Okay, I won’t be polite.” Jin WoWo smiled, “You too. If you need my help, just tell me. As long as I can do it, I will even go through fire and water.”

Raymond: “…”

“What is that?”

The golden snail’s eyes stared at the faintly twinkling red dots in the dark starry sky.

Raymond glanced at the mecha detector. “It’s a spacecraft.”

He sent out a signal, which was quickly received and responded to.

Raymond was surprised.

Jin WoWo said: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s an acquaintance of mine., the captain of the guard next to my father.”

“Uncle Sandy.” Raymond spoke to the mecha video. The video was not three-dimensional, but was a small, palm-sized screen above the mecha instead.

Jin WoWo saw a middle-aged beastman with a serious face.

They were in a mecha, so of course they couldn’t put 3D video.

Sandy’s stern face was staring at the two people in the video at this time.

Sandy and the others were on the spacecraft. A three-dimensional video around the same height as a person in the air appeared in front of him.

And what did he see?

The little-spoken young master in their family who usually doesn’t think about anything else other than improving his abilities or studying fighting skills, who frowns when a female is mentioned… was actually holding a subbeast in his arms? ? ! !

Sandy rubbed his eyes, suspecting that he was seeing an illusion.

“Uncle Sandy?” Raymond called again.

“Ah! Master! The master asked us to pick you up. Why are you in a mecha?”

Sandyi regained his senses, and started recording the three-dimensional video, to besent to the old lady to see later.

The young master of their family has found someone he likes!

No wonder he frowned when females were mentioned. It turns out that the young master likes subbeasts!

“It’s a long story, Our spaceship is right in front. We will talk more about it when we board the spaceship.”

“Good good!”

Sandy was extremely excited.

After hanging up the video, he immediately sent the video he recorded to Ren and Doris.


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!!! Family meeting soon :))


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