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IIEWFP Chapter 31

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 31

Although Raymond did not use level suppression (T/E Can’t remember if I used this term the last few chapters but if not, it’s the same as pressure/coercion) on Tyron, the other mercenaries used level suppression on Raymond to prevent him from having time to pay attention to the golden snail. During this time, they took the opportunity to launch a sneak attack on the golden snail.

However, after the bunch mercenaries were suppressed by Raymond, all their legs trembled and they almost couldn’t stand.

Their ranks weren’t low. They were all high ranking beastmen around Ranks 6-7. And, they run around the battlefield all the year round, making them rich in combat experience. Even those who were one rank higher than them could be suppressed.

But now, not only could they not resist, they couldn’t even transform into their beast forms.

How could they not be terrified?

The giant python and the giant elephant fought in the cabin, scurrying from one area to another and scattering energy.

The golden snail’s body had defenses and naturally you can’t feel the threat of the two giants. But the mercenaries who were locked by level suppression were in bad luck.

Two different types of energy scraped them like knives, and their skin felt like it was about to crack.

The giant elephant had a large body, but it was very clumsy, except for the flexible movement of its nose. His other attack methods basically consisted of only trampling.

And how could Raymond let the opponent step on him?

He shuttled around the body of the giant elephant, fast and agile, pulling the other’s tail from time to time. He didn’t use his full strength yet because he wanted to fight with Tyron for a little longer.

Raymond found that the strength gap between the eighth and ninth ranks was far greater than the gap between the seventh and eighth ranks.

When he was in Rank 8, it had never been so easy to fight against Rank 7 intermediate and high-level beastmen.

The more Tyron fought, the more aggravated he felt, almost as if he was spitting fire out of his head. He has never felt so frustrated ever since he advanced to Rank 8 in the last few decades.

Tyron roared like a tiger and fiercely flicked his elephant nose. But, he couldn’t beat Raymond.

Tyron felt outraged.

There were still some tactics that he hadn’t used. He wielded his long nose and flung it around, and the surrounding mecha flew around him.

Seeing that Raymond was playing with the giant elephant, Jin WoWo stopped paying attention.

With a gentle smile on his mouth, he walked to the mercenaries on the outskirts of the battlefield and said hello. “Hello, I have a few questions I wanted to ask you. I hope you can answer them truthfully.”

The mercenary who had previously intended to seduce the golden snail saw the syringe in the hands of the golden snail and immediately tensed up and an unspeakable place inexplicably felt a little bit painful.

He quietly clamped his trembling legs, for fear that Jin WoWo would also give him a prick.

The other mercenaries saw the needle in Jin WoWo’s hand and couldn’t help making the same action.

Although the golden snail was a subbeast who had no power to bind chickens, they were still locked by Raymond’s level suppression. It was as if they were being crushed by a huge boulder. Just maintaining their standing posture had already consumed almost all their power, let alone do anything else.

Jin WoWo said: “Why did you attack us for no reason?”

“We are interstellar mercenaries!”


Ah, they are the group who take people’s money to help eliminate disasters.

These words were originally very powerful. But with the chattering teeth of the beastman who spoke up, it sounded like a group who needed counseling..

“Oh, I almost forgot. You guys are that…………..Dominator Mercenary Group.”

A mercenary shook his throat and corrected: “Yes-The Domineering Mercenary Group.”

“Oh, it’s all the same.” Jin WoWo said indifferently.

It’s not the same?

They, The Domineering Mercenary Group, were the strongest in the galaxy, no other group could surpass them because the head of their mercenary group was one of the few higher ranking beastmen in the empire. Other mercenary groups did not have a Rank 8 beastman.

However, seeing that their most proud leader, the Rank 8 intermediate-level beastman Tyron, was being played around with on the field by Raymond, the mercenaries collectively became silent.

Raymond must have not had an energy explosion. Otherwise, how could he be so powerful?

Ah, the boss who hired them must be guilty of something terrible!

“Who is your employer?” Jin WoWo asked.

A mercenary gritted his teeth and said: “We won’t say who the employer is. This is our professional ethics as mercenaries!”

“Alright. Alright. You don’t have to tell me. I respect your profession. However, we were still attacked for no reason and are also very innocent. I am a reasonable person. Since you abide by professional ethics and you won’t tell us who your employer is. Then, you’ll just have to pay for our loss, right?”

Mercenaries: “…”


No one has ever dared to make claims with them.

“I’ll do the math, our spacecraft has lost…Uh, sorry, I’m not very good at math. Let Raymond do the math.”

In fact, Jin WoWo didn’t know about the parts of the spacecraft, nor did he know about their prices.

The giant elephant on the court had two legs cut off by the giant python, and his nose was swollen. He roared and fell heavily to the ground, panting heavily.

Raymond turned into his human form and looked to Jin WoWo’s side.

Jin WoWo was holding a syringe in his hand, talking to a few mercenaries. The row of mercenaries was locked by his level suppression, and all of them were panting.

Raymond retracted his gaze, stood, with his hands behind him, beside the elephant’s head. While looking at him blankly, he said lightly, “Senior Tyron, you have improved.”

Tyron stared with his elephant eyes. He was injured by Raymond, and this guy still taunted him.

In fact, what he didn’t know was that Raymond was telling the truth.

When Raymond was still in the military academy, he had a fight with this senior who graduated with honors.

At that time, Tyran was already at the eighth rank while he was just at the seventh-intermediate level.

Although he could not beat Tyron at the time and was almost pressed by the opponent, Tyron has now improved a lot in terms of strength and fighting skills compared to the past.

Tyron turned into his human form and stared at Raymond fiercely. “How can you be so much stronger than me?!”

Raymond said indifferently: “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’m Rank 9 now.”


Tyron’s surprised pupils dilated.

Raymond was only upgraded to the eighth rank five years ago. He is now considered to be in the eighth elementary level at most, and he has been at the eight rank for more than 20 years. He has yet to reach the eighth intermediate level, yet Raymond is already in rank nine??

How could this be!!

Raymond condensed the powerful energy in his body, making people unable to feel his energy fluctuations, just like a waste man who had his energy core shattered.

Tairen’s voice trembled, “You-Have you really reached the ninth rank?”

Rank Nine! Tyron couldn’t believe it!

That is the ninth rank in legends!!

But Raymond’s ability to hide the energy of his whole body really is impossible for the eighth rank.

“Raymond? Are you finished?” Jin WoWo came over.


Raymond walked past Tyron and looked Jin WoWo up and down, ensuring he had no injuries before capturing Jin WoWo’s palm in his.

There it goes again. That weird fluffy feeling in Jin WoWo’s heart rose again.

What was going on with Raymond today?

He quietly drew his hand back, but the strength of Raymond’s hand, although not tight, still held on skillfully. Raymond seemed to have lost his senses.

Jin WoWo looked twice, but did not let go. (T/E IDK if I translated this right 他都抽了两下,对方也没有松手。)

Due to the presence of outsiders, Jin WoWo didn’t dare to make much movement and let Raymond hold his hand.

Raymond stared at Jin WoWo. Seeing that he finally stopped [trying to withdraw his hand], a strange emotion was hidden in his (R) eyes, and the level of suppression on the mercenaries was withdrawn.

All of the mercenaries’ legs softened, a “thump thump thump” sound could be heard as they all knelt down.

Raymond looked at Tyron lying on the ground, his tone still cold and indifferent. “Is it true that I have reached the ninth rank? Try me and you will know.”


Raymond has reached the ninth rank???!!

There were two high-level Rank 7 mercenaries who had insisted on standing. After hearing the news, their legs could no longer support them, and they too fell to the ground with a “thump”.

Raymond locked Tyron with level suppression.

Tyron’s eyes burst out of their sockets instantly, and he looked at Raymond in disbelief.

Between beastmen of the same rank, it was impossible to use level suppression on them.

Raymond had really been upgraded to Rank Nine.

Tyron was injured. So when Raymond locked him for less than ten seconds, Tyron was already sweating.

Raymond withdrew the level suppression and asked: “Who is this Julia you started talking about?”

This question must be clarified on the spot. That Julia, he really doesn’t know. He doesn’t want such an inexplicable female to cause Jin WoWo to misunderstand.

When mentioning Julia, Tyron immediately became angry, “Huh, you abandoned Julia back then and she almost committed suicide by jumping off the building. You forgot her because you have played with too many females, right?”

Raymond frowned and thought for a while. There seemed to be such a female in his memory, but he couldn’t remember much. He just remembered that the other party had confessed to him.

His father became paralyzed just when he entered adulthood. The young Raymond only wanted to improve his strength, protect his family, and find a partner if he had intentions.

Raymond refused all the females who confessed to him.

But there was a female who clamored to jump off the building after he refused.

But Raymond remembered that the female’s beast form was a bald eagle. As long as she didn’t really want to die, even if she jumped into the air, she could instantly transform and fly. It was impossible to fall to her death.

So when the female’s trouble spread all over school, he didn’t pay any attention at all.

Raymond remembered the incident, but couldn’t remember the name of the female.

Raymond said: “Julia you said, is the one with the beast form of a bald eagle?”

“That’s right! Now you remember rejecting her?! Humph!”

Raymond explained blankly. “I’m not interested in females. After I refused her confession, she was about to jump off the building. She is a bald eagle. Can she really fall to death by jumping off the building? It was just a play.”

Tyron was taken aback. It seemed that he had just had a major realization.

More than ten years have passed. The female has been married and had children a long time ago, and he has already let go. It’s just that Raymond’s ability improved rapidly, and has been able to match him ability in just over ten years. So, he has always remembered this thing.

Oh, wait no. Raymond is now Rank 9, surpassing him.

In this lifetime, he will probably never be able to surpass Raymond.

“I like subbeasts, and my partner is also a subbeast.” Raymond said and looked at the golden snail.

Jin WoWo: “…”

Now, he finally understands why Raymond has been doing those little intimate moves in front of outsiders today. It’s because he wants him to pretend to be his partner.

Make it clear earlier, he will cooperate.

Jin WoWo threw the syringe in his other hand casually, and suddenly approached Raymond. Jin WoWo hugged Raymond’s arm and sent him a big smile, revealing two pointed tiger teeth.

Raymond was stunned by his smile. Then, he heard Jin WoWo say in a sweet and coquettish tone. “My dear, they bullied us so much. Shouldn’t we ask them for compensation?”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond’s heart went “bang”, why did the golden snail suddenly…………

He felt a pinch on the inside of his arm, and Jin WoWo quietly blinked at him, at an angle invisible to the eyes of others.

Only then did Raymond react, and hurriedly withdrew his mind like a wild dog. He coughed slightly and answered, “Uh, yes.”

Raymond cast his gaze on the mercenaries who were kneeling in the distance, feeling half of his body become faintly hot.

The mercenaries wailed in their hearts.

It was obviously Raymond that broke several of their mechas and smashed their boss to the ground. The battlefield was also on their spaceship. Shouldn’t it be them who had suffered the heavy losses?

But they didn’t dare to say anything. Raymond was staring at them so closely, as if he would use that terrifying pressure again in the next second.

“But people don’t know how to settle accounts. You calculate how much we have lost and how much they should pay us. Oh, yes. I was also very frightened. They must pay for mental loss.” Jin WoWo said as he patted his chest.

Raymond quickly glanced at Jin WoWo. “Well, then three billion.”

“Raymond, don’t bully people too much!” Tyron yelled, lying on the ground with glaring eyes.

Their commission only totaled two billion, and the other party has only paid half as the deposit.

When Tyron received the order and saw that the person on it was Raymond, he was surprised. It was just a useless person, and yet they were using their galaxy’s strongest mercenary group for dispatch?

However, the commission from the other party was high. And, he and Raymond still had private grievances. So, they took the order.

Now, the order has not been completed, they have suffered heavy losses, and they still have to pay an extra billion?

How could they, the number one mercenary group in the interstellar world – the Domineering Mercenary Group, continue to mix in the industry in the future?

They were thoroughly humiliated!

Before Raymond spoke, Jin WoWo rushed to say, “Why are we the ones bullying people? It’s obviously you bullying people. You suddenly attacked our spaceship inexplicably, and I even had a miscarriage.”

Raymond: “…”

The “miscarriage” thing isn’t over?


Jules’ Corner

WAHAHHA JW IS SO RUTHLESS. Such a money maker, great at taking advantage of opportunities, etc. XD XD I love this story HAHAH

Also! I referred a lot more to the raws so – it takes a bit longer to translate (yay for every other day schedule) but I think it makes the translation better as well?

Anyway! That’s the chapter!


Extended Note:

I’ll probably have a sporadic schedule for the next few weeks because of academics :((. I seriously underestimated how hard college can be. XD See you guys sometime!



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    Thank you~ owo

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    JWW’s picture is next to ruthless in the dictionary! I love how he’s still taking advantage of his “miscarriage” to gain benefits. Hey, him acting so cute works on Raymond!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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